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How do magicians know when to approach people eating at a restaurant?

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

We answer, “How do magicians know when to approach people eating at a restaurant?” Plus, tips for magicians working restaurants.

How do magicians know when to approach at a restaurant?

It's a trick question! Magicians should never approach anyone at a restaurant to perform magic while they are eating.

Food is the highest priority.  

It’s important to work along with the servers and staff to provide an incredible experience.

Here are a few tips for magicians who want to start working in restaurants

How do magicians know when to approach people eating at a restaurant?

Recently, on the podcast, Graeme and I were discussing restaurant magic, strolling magic and table-side magic.

We were specifically talking about a question that we found on Reddit about how magicians should approach people while they are eating.

Bottom line: magicians shouldn’t perform during dinner service.

No one wants to see a magic trick with BBQ sauce on their fingers. It's not ideal for card tricks, either. The only way you could approach a table that has not been shown magic yet because it is really the key time, and you can pace yourself at a restaurant once

Let’s jump into the basics.

Strolling Magic: The Basics of Approaching Tables

It’s essential for magicians to realize that food and food service are a priority. Magicians help make the kitchen’s service appear faster by elevating the guest’s experience with a unique, interactive performance.

Magicians help cover kitchen mistakes and delays in service.

If you have never worked in a restaurant, be aware of the rhythm and flow of each individual restaurant and how the kitchen and serving staff interact.

It’s a magician’s job to be as unobtrusive as possible while elevating the guest’s experience.

3 Tips for Magicians Working Restaurants

Here are three tips for working restaurants:

  1. Follow the Menus. Once the menus leave the table, go and do your bit.

  2. Leave the tables tidy. Make sure you don’t make a mess. Leave and in good order.

  3. Keep your sets short. 3 - 4 minutes is a good amount of time.


Keep your routines simple and easy to follow. Restaurants can be loud places. Keep your instructions easy to understand, and learn to be a little more direct.

Sometimes, you’ll find a table with a lot of appetizers, or it's a restaurant with free salad or bread.

You can be frequently interrupted, and if food arrives while you are performing, wrap up your trick quickly and move to the next table.

Here’s how you can approach a table while they are eating

Sometimes, the occasion will present itself, and a table has been served food.

On the podcast, Graeme shared a little script he uses.

Walk over, introduce yourself quickly and tell them you’ll come back after they have finished eating.

You can say something like:

“Hi, my name is _______. I'm a magician. I see that you're eating. I don't want to share magic with you right now because you're eating, but can I come by after and share some magic?”

Here are a few tips for magicians who want to start getting into restaurant magic work.

What is your best tip for working restaurants?



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