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The Most Disastrous Story in Magic

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Three magicians record a few stories during a social evening, discussing all things magic.

Our magicians are Matt Disero, Scott Boyd & Ryan Joyce.

Here is a story that Matt calls "The Most Disastrous Story in Magic Showbiz."


In this podcast, we discuss:

  • Discuss video and content creation essentials for magicians.

  • Electronic Press Kits: Ryan gives some great insight into the infamous EPK

  • Matt Disero shares his $5000 dollar website mistake.

  • Logos, promotional material, headshots and promotional videos.

  • The best advice Matt’s ever gotten from a mentor and his biggest pet peeve watching magicians.

  • We also talk about an in important issue: Misogyny in magic and why Matt almost didn’t get paid for a show.

  • But there is no better place to start our journey than here. Matt is about to tell the most disastrous story in show business.

Do you have a disaster story? Share in the comments.

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