American Magicians on Penn & Teller Fool Us

The CW Network's hit television show Penn & Teller Fool Us has been renewed for an eighth season and we wanted to know all the American magicians who appeared on the Fool Us stage and fooled the famed magic duo. Here's a complete list.

Penn Teller Fool Us American Magicians
Penn & Teller has featured hundreds of magicians during it's production, here are all the American magicians who have fooled Penn & Teller

No American magicians appeared in the first season of Penn & Teller Fool Us. The season was produced and filmed in the United Kingdom and foolers nationalities from the first season include British, Canadian, and Swedish magicians. American magicians began appearing on the second season after production moved to the Penn & Teller Theatre in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel & Casino for all remaining seasons.

Penn & Teller Fool Us has been renewed for an eight-season.

Penn & Teller Fool Us is a magic competition and television program in which magicians from around the world perform tricks in front of the American magician-comedian duo, Penn & Teller. The 1hr format television show features four magicians per episode and one segment featuring Penn & Teller.

The coveted prize for magicians on the Fool Us stage is the FOOLER award, bragging rights for fooling Penn & Teller and an opportunity to perform in Las Vegas.

A total of 175 American magicians have appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us in seven seasons and 37 American magicians have fooled the magic duo. The first American magician to appear on the CW Network's hit television show was Jon Armstrong and the first American magician to fool Penn & Teller was Steven Brundage.

Here's a list of all the American magicians who fooled Penn & Teller:

American Foolers: Magicians who have Fooled Penn & Teller

  1. Steven Brundage

  2. Leon and Romy

  3. Handsome Jack

  4. Greg Wilson

  5. Kostya Kimlat

  6. Joshua Jay

  7. David Roth

  8. Eric Jones

  9. Rick Lax

  10. Francis Menotti

  11. Suzanne

  12. Dan Harlan

  13. Jibrizy

  14. Vinny Grosso

  15. Paul Gertner

  16. Wayne Hoffman

  17. Chris Rose

  18. Ivan Amodei

  19. Richard Turner

  20. David Parr

  21. Jeff McBride

  22. Eric Mead

  23. Stuart MacDonald

  24. Adam Wilber

  25. Vinny Grosso

  26. Paul Gertner

  27. Danny Cole

  28. Emily Victoria

  29. Bryan Saint

  30. Marcus Eddie

  31. Kevin Li

  32. Doc Dixon

  33. John Walton

  34. Wes Iseli

  35. Keith Kong

  36. Garrett Thomas

  37. Tony Clark

The most-watched American Fooler on YouTube is Paul Gertner. Watch:

The most-watched American magician on Penn & Teller Fool Us is Paul Gertner who appeared on season 3. The most viewed fooler is Shin Lim, a Canadian FISM Grand Prix close-up winning magician.

The first 3 American magicians to fool Penn & Teller Fool Us

Here are the first three American magicians to fool the famed magic-duo, Penn & Teller: Fool Us

  1. Steven Brundage

  2. Leon and Romy

  3. Handsome Jack

1. Steven Brundage

2. Leon and Romy

3. Handsome Jack

List of Canadian Foolers

Here are all the Canadian Magicians who have appeared on Penn & Teller Fool Us (including the most-watched Penn & Teller magician)

Find magicians and foolers from all seasons:

Penn & Teller with host Alyson Hannigan

Who is your favorite American magician?

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