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Magic Live 2019 Convention Review

Full-time magician Peter Mennie stops by talk Magic Live 2019 Magicians Convention. Plus we real-life magicians topics: confidence, anxiety and growing as performers. Listen or Watch.

TOPICS COVERED: Magic Live 2019, Magic Conventions, Performance Advice, Learning New Magic, Stage Introductions, Confidence on stage, stage fright and how to deal with your nerves.

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Magicians Talking Magic Episode 6 | Touring Tricks Podcast

With Guest Peter Mennie

Table of Contents

00:00 | We had an OWOW Magic Festival Meeting and...

04:00 | Schrodinger's cookies & Choose You Adventure Magic Show

07:32 | Magic Live 2019 recount and review from Peter Mennie

10:35 | Storytelling and magic

12:00 | Magicians from all over the world need to see this person

14:10 | One person and a suitcase magic shows

15:00 | Highlights from the stage shows

16:00 | Who was the stand-out performer at Magic Live 2019?

18:45 | There was a zebra appearance, again?

19:45 | What did you learn at Magic Live 2019? Biggest Takaway

21:45 | After 45 years in magic-- here's why Peter attends Magic Live

23:10 | Being bitten by magic, dragging a Table of Death and Rick Thomas

24:00 | Graeme tries a new market for his magic shows

24:45 | The best thing about restaurant magic

25:30 | When do you stop learning new magic?

26:30 | Confidence on stage, where does it come from?

28:00 | Two factors that affect confidence and anxiety

30:00 | A tip for stage introductions

34:00 | Final thoughts struggles all magicians face

Magicians Talking Magic Episode 6

With Guest Peter Mennie


Ryan Joyce: Well what we found,.

Graeme Reed: We found a Peter.

Peter Mennie: Yeah. I was just driving by.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, just stopping by and.

Peter Mennie: I was like two and a half hours out of my way. We found many people. We were here at Brown. I was here, I was here for another reason. Yeah. What a big needs make meeting again. A big, big festival, which is a big, big surprise later.

Ryan Joyce: OWOW.

Peter Mennie: It's not a surprise.

Ryan Joyce: Presto.

Graeme Reed: It's not a surprise. I think we can tell everyone about it. OWOW. Yeah. That everyone should know.

Ryan Joyce: Meeting time. That's what we blasted through the whole thing. It's all solved. It's like a Rubik's cube.

Graeme Reed: Are we allowed to talk about the whole lineup and everything?

Ryan Joyce: Oh yeah!

Graeme Reed: Can you, can we, yeah, is that real? Who wants to talk about it?

Ryan Joyce: So headliners wise, you mean.

Graeme Reed: Ya the two main shows, to the big main shows.

Ryan Joyce: Gala shows that we're going to do. A Friday night is going to be the Canadian gala show and that's going to feature a, I can't wait to see Carisa Hendricks,.

Peter Mennie: Lucy Darling. But that's her new stage name, Carisa Hendricks is her real name. But Lucy Darling is, Kay is the darling of, of the magic right now. And she's coming up, a Canadian. Yeah. Who else? Canadian. Jay Sankey.

Ryan Joyce: Jay Sankey He's, well, he's incredible. I mean, just close, who does doesn't know Jay Sankey?

Graeme Reed: And Canadian, uh, Paul Paul Rohmany, as you can tell I'm promoting Yeah. This is, this is how you spell magician in Canadian. So, you know, yeah. There you go. And a Canadian, Greg Frewin. Greg Frewin yeah, he's an up and comer from Niagara Falls. Right? I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Don't, don't listen to this. Uh, and then those of you probably, you don't know Greg Frewin is FISM grand champion from how many years ago? A his own show in Niagara Falls for ever,.

And he's got tigers and birds and, and, oh my, he is like, you know, master magician.

Ryan Joyce: He does it all. He does the, he, it does, it always.

Peter Mennie: Continued continuing to do it every Friday and Saturday night.

Ryan Joyce: That's right. What other magicians do you know, have their own theater? I mean, especially in Canada, I mean, wow. So that's the Friday night. Oh, wow. Oh Wow.

Peter Mennie: And the International Show is is, well Canadian-American Mike Close, .

Ryan Joyce: Illinois based. Right. That's where I believe he says home was, so he's definitely,.

Peter Mennie: Who else Stephen Bargatze taking time off from his son comedy tour. You know he opens for his son his, that's a cool idea. That's awesome. So cool. Dads going along on the tour just to make the sure of the son behaves. Warming up the crowd for his son who's the headliner.

Graeme Reed: Well, it also adds context to a lot of the jokes that he'll probably tell later on. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. We'll all the magicians will know. Like he'll be, it'll be like one big family.

Graeme Reed: He's also done magic conventions too, Nate. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Ryan Joyce: You've talked about him MagiFest. Yeah. That's great.

Peter Mennie: Yeah. But would you want your dad opening up for you?

Graeme Reed: Uh, sure. You know what? If depending on the, if I played at Ancaster town, I would get a lot of people to come just the same, but whatever my dad's doing.. Yeah. Right. Lift a car.

Ryan Joyce: See your dad is-- Your Dad's a teacher, so it's got, you've already got that kind of.

Graeme Reed: He's a gym teacher guys gym every day. So he would do like the strong man stuff. I bet you.

Ryan Joyce: My dad's an engineer and he was never in my life too. I know him ever being on stage.

Graeme Reed: So he would do one of those talks with the slides.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Well yeah, I don't think, God, I don't think anyone in my family would ever.

Peter Mennie: My dad would go play golf on the, if he was alive. Right.

Ryan Joyce: Right. On the international show. There's also Rick Merrill.

Peter Mennie: Rick Merill. Sharp act, sharpie act.

Ryan Joyce: Talk about proof that like seven minutes can change your life.

Graeme Reed: Yep. Right. Oh yeah.

Ryan Joyce: I mean this, I love, I've seen- Rick a handful of times and I just, he's so an incredible. That's, that's sparked my interest in what he's going to do. And we don't want to talk too much about what we're going to show is. so good.

Graeme Reed: Is nick Wallace from really far away a Canada again?

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Steel town boy.

Peter Mennie: He's from AGT. He did a AGT.

Yup. And, uh, that's Anyone's Got Talent and, uh, sorry, I, you know, I maybe, maybe we should edit this fine. Sarcastic. I've eaten a I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Nick. Nick is great.

Graeme Reed: I've been cookies with Nick Wallace. You're really, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh that was quite the experience. I get to do that. I have, I went to a show and I have a keepsake box too. This are, have you ever seen a show at like a fringe or Hamilton. A stage show, but there's a whole thing that has this box and there's something inside the box and he teases it up and at the end of the show he gives you, and I was like the volunteer by random, which is fine cause that's when I first kind of met Nick too, was in a show, uh, you're allowed to disclose what's inside the box or keep it to yourself. And uh, I kept it to myself because I figured that's what sort of what's in the box. Like.

Ryan Joyce: Cookies.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Yeah.

Peter Mennie: Cool. I love that concept. It was this finger, this finger. I love that concept cause I was,

I was a volunteer for John Allen. Those of you who don't know John Allen, he's the, he's the Silent Treatment guy

Ryan Joyce: Great.

Graeme Reed: Yeah.

Peter Mennie: And uh, yeah, I was, I was involved in his.

Ryan Joyce: Such a good piece.

Peter Mennie: Ambitious card or silent treatment

Ryan Joyce: Silent treatment. Silent treatment.

Well his ambitious card is called Schrodinger's card. Okay. You know, Schrodingers cat?

Graeme Reed: I know the concept of Schrodinger's cat, let's call shortage cart. Yeah,

Peter Mennie: because he, you know, he brought me up, I signed the card. You did all the ambitious card routines and moves and all that stuff. Brilliant. And then he reaches any does it doesn't move. And he reaches in and pulls out an envelope and he holds up the light and says your cards in the envelope or maybe not and you have a choice. Now you can open up the envelope and see if your cards in there. I'm telling you it is, but you can see if the cards in there or not. It's up to you. Now. If it's not, you're going to be really disappointed. I'm telling you. It is. And if you opened up and it's in there, then you just found proof. But all the mysteries gone. All the suspense has gone. It's up to you now and it's still on my bulletin board. Still sealed. I will never open it up. Cool. Leave that. That card is in there and I'm kind of ruin it. I don't care. Cause the entertainment value and the mystery was so cool.

Ryan Joyce: I think that's so fun.

Graeme Reed: Doesn't JJ Abrams have a tannins mystery, but my box of magic that has never opened yet. Oh Wow. And that's like the cause he likes the mystery but he loves it.

Peter Mennie: It's like twice. It's like $50 worth of material or $50 worth of props and tricks and whatever that he paid $25 for it and he doesn't want to know what's in there.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I think it's done a ted talk on it or something.

Peter Mennie: Yeah, he does. He has any, here's a great segue cause I know we're going to segue into something else. Tannens was selling those mystery boxes at Magic Live. They're boxes with a big question mark. Yeah, they were. They really were. And, and I saw it like a whole bunch of magicians going down the escalator with these boxes. Sure. Yeah. And I was going, you can open it. And he goes, well of course I'm going to old, but it's like $50 worth of stuff in there for that. I paid just 12 bucks for it. I said, no, don't open it. Right. Why would you open it? You know, and believe it is a mystery.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. By two.

Peter Mennie: No, just leave it. and I tried to explain to them about JJ Abrams. I don't get it.

Ryan Joyce: I this is giving me an idea that I'll talk about it afterwards. Yeah. That's so fun. It is cool. It's fun to leave people with this. It's like the closest you could get to like a Choose Your Own Adventure live, ever.

Peter Mennie: Totally choose your own magic show. I think that's been done.

Graeme Reed: Um, but yeah, you are just, you are fresh from Vegas with the Vegas cough and everything.

Peter Mennie: Yeah. Don't talk to me about that there's, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well this stupid thing, you should have stayed there. Ugh. Yeah, no, I got, I got a cold in Vegas and I were like manifested in Vegas.

Ryan Joyce: Oh you were just so ironic. It was probably 140 degrees.

Peter Mennie: Right. But I don't know, I never went out. Right.

Ryan Joyce: But it is when you, if that's the thing it would Vegas in August is like when you go outside it's like Bam. It's like, yeah, a sauna high. That's the outdoors.

Peter Mennie: Yeah. We went, we wanted to do, the Orleans has a little walkway between the food court and the in the registration desk is like, let's cut that way. Oh my God. Getting swimming through humidity and then aw, but it's better than the air inside the casino. Yeah. Talk amongst yourself.

Ryan Joyce: I'll, while you cough while you breathe it out. I got it. Just regale a quick story, cause I use my photo from last year's Magic Live is the ones that they retweeted, the New Orleans, The Orleans sorry, retweeted. Yeah. Yeah. I was so happy about it. I love, yeah, the hotel. Yeah. That's cool. So they, so when it wrapped, I said, I am scheduled a couple of posts and, and just said you know, I hope you've ever had a great time. And I included a couple of my favourite, cause I wouldn't up so early that in the morning it doesn't hit you like a wall when you go outside. It's so beautiful. We bunked together last year. So I went up and I was just grabbing some really great shots and so they used it. It was the one was so perfect because it's literally like the Marquis Empty I couldn't ever sell that because it's obviously like every day. But that's like a great shot for magicians to put their own not the right thing to do.

Peter Mennie: Totally steal that. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. So anyways, so Vegas 2.0.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. What was the theme of this year's Magic Live? Uh, it doesn't, there's always a theme, right? Wasn't last year as like ask questions now.

Peter Mennie: Oh crap, what was it this year?

Graeme Reed: I honestly usually get the.

Ryan Joyce: It was, you'll never remember the theme,.

Peter Mennie: oh Geez, I don't working like a work in progress. I can't remember the name of it, but, but the, they changed a few things this year. You didn't get, you got a book, like it was kinda, it was a program, but there was space for notes in the program. You can make your own. And the book was like a drafting book. Okay. He didn't get a free tee shirt. You didn't get that. You could choose between a, a, a backpack and a Duffel bag. I chose the backpack and a, is that nice? Yeah. Well it was actually ripped a little bit, but that's okay. There's left a little merch Right. Um, and uh, of course you've got the name tag and all that, that stuff. Uh, and, and the, the key card cool was cause it was all Magic Live out, but it was all kind of a, a drafting thing wasn't completed yet. And you didn't get your, no, you didn't get the notes every day. It was at the end. You've got an actual book of everything included.

Graeme Reed: Right. That's what they do in Magic Live right?

Well, they used to do it. They used to give it to you at the end of every day and then collect them. But they said, no, we're not doing it this time. We're only printing one with everything. Sure. Which was, you know, we had to wait. Okay. Um, and, and there wasn't really a, there was a general theme, I just don't remember what it was. But uh, you know, the, the Ted talks one morning was all on creativity and another one was kind of on a storytelling, which was really cool. Just the whole concept of putting stories into your magic and making it yours. I know you're really into that cause you think like video and you, you have that through like story stuff.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Well and it's a little bit more theatrical, so I enjoy that. But it's also like, just to reiterate, as long as this story doesn't add to just WEIGHT you know, like,

Peter Mennie: well for me it really, it really spoke to me and they gave you tools to work it because that's cool. I've tried to, my kids show Kinda of, it does have a story. It has a character story and I've had that for a while, but my, my corporate show, my new standup show has never had a through line. It's never really had, there are pieces that are connected and they work as units. But I see now a way that I can make it great. My story. That's great. Which is, you know what it's all about.

Ryan Joyce: You know what it does too is it makes selecting materials so much easier or at least so much more poignant.

Peter Mennie: Yeah. Cause you can look in, you can immediately look at it and go, that's going to fit or it's not going to fit right. Yeah. You can just count. Yep. And a, you know, when you walk around the dealer room, which is 17,000 square feet of toys, um,

you can,.

Ryan Joyce: Was there a helicopter this year.

Yes. there, the Scorpion was there. That's fun. Um, the floating tables were there.

Graeme Reed: Like a helicopter illusion.

Peter Mennie: The appearing helicopter Mike Michael's appearing helicopter was there. Yeah. Is there, um, ProMystic was there with only, I mean everybody was there. Great. Great. Couple of new ones, which, which was interesting. Couple of, uh, new, uh, Michael Weber was there. Oh, one booth. He was selling his stuff. Oh Wow. Yeah. Which is, yeah, you, everybody goes, Michael Weber is actually pitching his stuff? Yeat it was cool. And, uh, Jonathan Levitt a brand new trick called The Stranger. It's a, it's an app on your phone. It's like we used to phone a friend who will tell you.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, Aaron Fisher was promoting that alive. Well, this conjuring community,.

Peter Mennie: This is kind of what it is. This is what it is, but it's an app that Levitt created. And he was there promoting it. Hense he wasn't, the emcee, the MC's were, were different. They used to be Julie Eng and Jonathan Levitt, but they rotated. Um, Steve Beam was one. Dan Harlan was another one. Uh, and I think it made it more fun cause they're not the, Jonathan and Julie aren't performers, but they were more moderators. I mean, uh, Steve Beam went out and he did 15 minutes of standup, which was killer, all about magicians and magic, like dug into stuff that was all in jokes. Right. And Harlan, just, he gave a really good talk on, on stuff. Uh, but the highlight I was telling you guys earlier for me, the highlight was the um, uh, the closeup. I mean, you book in your book into two fairly decent acts. I won't say who they were cause it's not fair. Uh, you don't know who I am. And they were good acts there. You know, one of them is a friend of mine, but uh, to put Henry Evans at the start and to, to hit a close with Dani DaOrtis, my mind just went at the end of that show. It was that good. I couldn't, I couldn't believe it. I, you know, I'd fly across the world to see your Dani DaOrtis. Now if I can afford it. He's that good. Right.

Ryan Joyce: I'm trying to think. You've ever seen him live? I mean it seemed like bought his DVDs.

Peter Mennie: Yeah. It's not the same.

Ryan Joyce: No.

Graeme Reed: He's going to be at MagiFest this year Ohio next year.