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  • What MAGICIANS Actually Think About VIRTUAL MAGIC SHOW (Survey Results)

    The pandemic hasn’t completely shut down the entertainment industry. Magicians have been adapting to virtual magic shows and performing through their webcams. As we progress into year two of the pandemic, what do magicians think about the future of virtual magic shows? Are they here to stay or will they vanish as soon as live entertainment returns? QUICK LINKS: Virtual Magic Show Survey INFOGRAPHIC (Download) VIDEO: Watch Survey Results DOWNLOAD List of 30+ Virtual Magic Tricks MAGIC TRICK Ultimate Virtual Magic Show Opener MAGIC TRICK Air Lock Virtual Magic Trick Magician Masterclass recently posted a survey asking magicians around the world to share their thoughts about virtual magic shows. Here insight into virtual magic shows, what magicians think about the future of performing virtually and how magicians have spent their time during the pandemic. Magician Masterclass received survey responses from magicians all over the world. Those magicians were very closely split between Hobbyist (31.6%), Semi-Professional (33.3%), and Full-time Professional (35.1%) with the majority identifying as Close-up (48.3%) magicians. Over half of the magicians surveyed had performed at least one magic show (52.6%) The average number of virtual magic shows performed by magicians during the pandemic is less than 10 shows. 60% of magicians we surveyed had performed between 1 and 9 shows during the pandemic with only 26.7% performing over 25 shows. The average magic show length is between thirty and forty-five minutes long (60.7%). The overwhelming majority of magicians preferred ZOOM (82.1%) for their virtual software and the most popular software for running virtual performances was OBS (33.3%) However, the majority of magicians didn’t use extra software for their virtual shows (46.7%) WATCH: Virtual Magic Show Survey Results Virtual Magic Shows Infographic: Magicians and the Future of Virtual Magic Shows Download Virtual Magic Shows Infographic | PDF & JPG Download the PDF Virtual Magic Show Survey Results Free Download List of 30+ Virtual Magic Tricks Here is a free download from Magicians Talking Magic Podcast with over 30+ virtual friendly magic tricks you already own or perform! Free download! Virtual Magic Tricks & Effects Air Lock by Ryan Joyce Here is a stunning card penetration that GETS INCREDIBLE REACTIONS! Download 'AIR LOCK' from your favourite magic shop. It's a surprisingly solid-though-solid that's easy to perform and a SHOCKING VISUAL. A great fit for any virtual audience. You openly push the spectator's freely chosen playing card into the centre of a packaging air bubble. It's a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and MIND-BLOWING moment for your audience PLUS it makes a KILLER ENDING to one of YOUR ALREADY EXISTING CARD ROUTINES PURCHASE AIR LOCK HERE Ultimate Virtual Magic Show Opener One of the keys to a successful virtual performance is to let your audience know exactly how to interact with you. This is the perfect magical way to do just that! The audience watches as one card changes unexpectedly to an Ace, immediately followed by the others! This is UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU ARE CURRENTLY PERFORMING! This is a very fast, uncomplicated routine that you'll keep close to the computer at all times! This is the Ultimate Virtual Opener! PURCHASE ULTIMATE VIRTUAL OPENER HERE What do you think about Virtual Magic Shows? Share your comments.

  • 28th FISM World Championship of Magic UPDATE (APRIL 2021)

    At the 27th FISM World Championship of Magic, in South Korea, the FISM International President Domenico Dante revealed a historic announcement about the upcoming 28th host city. "Here is the vote. Spain 180 votes. Quebec City 232 votes." Huge applause! It was a proud day for Canadian magicians and an important day in the history of the art of magic that brings the FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in July 2022. What makes this decision so significant? Since its founding in 1948, the FISM World Championship of Magic has never appeared in North America or hosted by any North American magician society. The multi-day magician's convention and competition are the most prestigious globally-- representing over 80,000 magicians in 106 countries. The upcoming 2022 FISM in Quebec City, Canada, will bring over 3000 magicians and 150+ contestants from over 50 countries. Magicians recognize FISM awards as the highest honours in the magic industry. Magic competitors compete in 8 categories—each one seeking the title of FISM Grand Prix Award Winner-- a prize not consistently awarded. However, before magicians can compete at the FISM World Championship of Magic they must first qualify in a regional contest organized by a FISM recognized magician society. Pandemic Impacts and Updates Like all events, the pandemic has impacted the FISM World Championship of Magic. Initially scheduled for 2021, the FISM World Championship of Magic rescheduled for 2022. Many other regional qualifying conventions worldwide, including the North American FISM Qualifying Championship, have also been moved one year. Rescheduled FISM Dates The FISM World Championship of Magic's new rescheduled date is July 25 -July 30, 2022, and the North American FISM Qualifying Championships from September 30 to October 2021. Both events are hosted in the same city by the same organizers, Renée-Claude Auclair and Pierre Hamon. Renée-Claude and Pierre Hamon are no strangers to producing magic events, together they have produced Le Festival De Magie / Quebec Magic Festival since 2011. I chatted with Renée-Claude for our Magicians Talking Magic Podcast, and she shared essential updates for the FISM World Championships of Magic and the North American Qualifying Championship. WATCH: FISM 2022 & North American Championship Update with Renée-Claude Auclair Important Links Here are the links for the official FISM NA 2021 & FISM 2022 Magic Championships FISM QUEBEC 2022 World Championship of Magic Website North American FISM Magic Championship Website FISM International Website Le Festival De Magie De Quebec / Quebec Magic Festival Quebec City, Canada Photo Gallery Have you ever thought about entering a magic competition? Share your thoughts in the comments. ARE YOU A MAGICIAN? If you are a magician and you like to keep up to date with magic news and topics for magicians, join me and my co-host, Graemazing Reed, on our weekly podcast, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast. You can also find valuable tools and resources here at Magician Masterclass by joining the Inner Circle for free.

  • These Las Vegas Magic Shows Are Reopening (April 2021)

    Restrictions are beginning to change in Nevada. What does that mean for the return of live entertainment and specifically magic shows in Las Vegas reopening in 2021? Magicians and magic shows are a big part of Las Vegas and most have scheduled reopenings. Many magician's shows are opening as soon as April 12. There is one notable Las Vegas magician who has not announced reopening and all online events are marked "CANCELLED." Las Vegas has more than 100 casinos. Many of the casinos including MGM Grand, Caesars, Planet Hollywood and New York - New York have been open for gaming operations since June. Some casinos like Encore Resort and the Rio All-Suites Hotel have chosen to open only on weekends. While social-distant gaming has resumed, live entertainment has been almost entirely shut down. A few larger Las Vegas showrooms attempted to open during the pandemic, but due to restrictions, they closed. David Copperfield’s 750 seat showroom at the MGM Grand opened briefly in November 2020 but closed when restrictions were reduced to a 50-person audience cap. 50% Audience Capacity or MAX 250 People Business capacity changes in Nevada were recently announced that bring optimism for a safe return to Las Vegas shows-- but don’t expect all shows to return this spring. Larger cast production shows in Vegas are not expected to return until later in the year. The new business capacity rules allow for a return to 50% capacity or a maximum audience size of 250 people, whichever is smaller. David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Matt Franco are just a few of the magicians set to open this April. Many Vegas showrooms like Copperfeilds at the MGM have booth-style seating and could see a rise to 375 seating capacity soon. Criss Angel's newly opened rock concert-style magic show Mindreak at Planet Hollywood was suspended and no new dates have been announced. Criss recently announced he's working on an all-new show that combines electronic music and theatre. The City of Las Vegas tweeted a “Roadmap to Reopening” on March 14 2021 that outlined their steps leading to reducing further restrictions. Health and Public Safety Changes All casinos and resorts have been making safety changes increasing their sanitization efforts including hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations throughout their properties. Mask-wearing is mandatory in public and all hotels and casinos must follow Health and Public Safety guidelines. Let’s take a look at the Las Vegas Magic Shows Reopening in April 2021. (Showroom links and more information below.) Las Vegas Magic Shows & Schedule Reopening Dates David Copperfield (April 12) MGM Grand Las Vegas Times: Sun, Fri, 7 & 9:30pm • Sat 4, 7 & 9:30pm Price: $89 Penn & Teller (April 22) Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Dates: Th - Sun - 9 pm Price: $82 Piff The Magic Dragon (April 12) Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Comedy Magic Price: 78 Mat Franco (April 29) The LINQ Hotel America’s Got Talent Winner Times: Mon, Thu- Sun 7pm • Sat 9:30pm Price: 59.00 Criss Angel Mindfreak - Not Scheduled Luxor Resort & Casino Not Scheduled The Mentalist - Gerry McCambridge (April 12) Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Comedy, magic, mentalism & hypnosis Times: Mon & Tue : 7:30pm • Thu - Sun 7:30pm Price: 64 Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show - (April 13) Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Afternoon magic show, magic illusions and comedy suitable for the whole family Times: Tue & Wed - 4pm • Thu - Sun - 4pm Price: 59 V - The Ultimate Variety Show (April 12) Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Magicians, comedians, acrobatics and athletic performance Fast-paced high energy talent Times: Mon-Sun 7pm & 8:30pm Price 79 Murray the Magician (April 15) Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort Semifinalist NBC’s America’s Got Talent Afternoon Times: Thu - Sun 4:00pm Price 55 Mike Hammer Comedy Magic (June 1) Four Queens Resort and Casino Las Vegas Canyon Club Times: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat - 7:00pm Price: 27 Alain Nu - The Man Who Knows (April 15) Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hypnosis, Magic Times: Thu, Fri, Sun - 7:30PM Price: 36$ Late Night Magic (April 16) Alexis Park All Suite Resort Times: Fri, Sat, Sun - 10:30pm Price: 42

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  • Best Magician Photos & Stock Images (Deals!)

    Free Magician Stock Photos Hundreds of exclusive magician stock photos, vectors, illustrations and royalty-free images you won't find anywhere. An Exclusive Modern Collection of Magician Stock Images, Templates & Illustrations Powerful Images that Showcase Magicians and the Art of Magic FEATURE BUNDLE: Virtual Magician Stock Photo Pack SALE! 75+ Virtual Magician Photo Pack $45.00 Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price Check the Deal These are your ordinary photos. A bold collection of images, graphics & templates exclusively for magicians. NOT Single Photos (Royalty-Free) A selection of stunning Royalty-free stock-photos for your high-quality designs and marketing. Choose only the images you want. Exclusive Collection Magician Images & Photo Packs Save big with these exclusive photo packs featuring eye-catching collection that are exclusive to Magician Masterclass. Exclusive Collection Templates for Magicians The place to go for eye-catching magician templates. From Business Cards to Flyers. Explore the growing collection! Exclusive Collection Check out more samples

  • Magician Masterclass

    Learn the art of magic. Become a magician. Get free instant access to exclusive magician wisdom, magic tricks, interviews with the best magicians in the world, , magician crafts, DIY projects Magicians Talking Magic Podcast and more! ​ Magician Training, Tools & Resources for Beginners and Professional Conjurors. Join For Free Magician Definition and Meaning magician [ muh - - jish uh n ] noun ​ an in producing entertainer who is skilled illusion by sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc.; conjurer. a person who is skilled in magic; sorcerer. LEARN MAGIC Popular for Kids & Beginner Magicians Magic Wand Template (Free PDF) It's magic wand craft time! Easily print-out these exclusive magic wand print-outs and step-by-step video instruction Learn Now Easy Magic Wand Tricks Here's a fun magic wand trick included with the magic wand template. Download the magic wand template PDF here and Learn Now How to Make a Mini Magician Top Hat (Craft) Here is a fun and easy craft for magicians and wizards alike! This one-page DIY magician top hat template download requires minimal supp... Learn Now More... Magicians Talking Magic Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers latest magician news, magic tricks and current topics in the magic industry. Magicians Talking Magic Podcast ​ We share , and discussions for magicians who want to be better magicians. helpful tips, interviews with the world's greatest magicians ​ ​ As seen through the sleeves of two professional magicians. LISTEN NOW LEARN MAGIC Popular for Amateur & Professional Magicians How to Make a Playing Card Box Template If you are looking to make your own custom playing card box, you're in the right spot! Making these card boxes are surprisingly easy and... Learn Now 5 Ways to Force a Playing Card Over ZOOM Here are 5 methods you can use to force a playing card over ZOOM events or virtual magic shows. Learn Now 30+ Virtual-Magic Tricks You ALREADY OWN Get our list of 30+ magic tricks professional magicians can easily add to their virtual shows and livestream events. Learn Now More... Fool Us Episodes Join a magic club! Learn about FISM 2022, World Championship of Magic, North American Magician Societies and Links. Magic Clubs Join the Inner Circle

  • MAGICIAN CLIPART | Magician Masterclass

    Magician Clipart, Illustrations & Vectors Packages, Bundles and Value Deals SALE! Quick View 75+ Virtual Magician Photo Pack Regular Price $45.00 Sale Price $35.00 Quick View Magician Top Hat & Wand Stock Image Price $10.00 Quick View Magic Wand Template Price $3.95 Quick View Potion Prediction (Instant Download) Price $3.95 SALE! Quick View 75+ Virtual Magician Photo Pack Regular Price $45.00 Sale Price $35.00 Quick View Magician Top Hat & Wand Stock Image Price $10.00 Quick View Magic Wand Template Price $3.95 Quick View Potion Prediction (Instant Download) Price $3.95

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