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  • What tricks are magicians performing virtually? (SURVEY RESULTS!)

    Here’s a list of popular magic tricks magicians are performing virtually. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asking Canadian Association of Magician members and our listeners of the Magicians Talking Magic Podcast about the tricks they’ve been performing virtually. We wanted to know if they had one “go-to” effect or a favourite virtual effect? We also asked magicians to share ONE piece of advice for performing virtual magic! You can find these survey results and other incredible articles in the July 2021 edition of VANISH International Magic Magazine! Let’s get into the results and key virtual takeaways! First, we asked if magicians if they had one piece of magic that performed virtually more often than other tricks. 60% of magicians who responded had ONE piece of magic for their go-to effect and 50% of those tricks were mentalism. The magicians who responded to our survey included 35% stage magicians, 35% hobbyists, 10% Close-up & Stage and 10% Children’s performers. We also asked magicians if they had a second favourite virtual magic trick, and 66.7% of those magicians said yes! Here is the list of magicians favourite virtual magic tricks (sorted alphabetically) BM Project by Bakore Magic 4D Burger Board by Magzaic BWave by Max Maven Decisions by Mozique Deepest Sympathy by Jim Steinmeyer Invisible Deck by Joe Berg Kirigami by Max Maven Cardboard Connection by Paul Harris Looch prediction/ mystery solved by Looch/ David Penn Manifest by Danny Weiser Matrix by Al Schneider Outside the Box by David London Peekaboo Bunny by Silly Billy Pointless by Greg Wilson Prementaliction by Chris Dugdale Rope Evolution by Juan Pablo Nine Card Problem by Jim Steinmeyer What advice do you have for magicians about performing virtually? After one year of the pandemic and virtual magic, we were curious to hear from magicians what their biggest lesson or advice for performing virtually. Here's what they told us: ▶ "Commit to Camera" - Steve Valentine ▶ Don't sit to perform your virtual shows! ▶ Interaction! Lighting and good mics. ▶ Be personable - don't be that stage character because this isn't live performance - it's like television. ▶ The show should be more variety instead of just card trick ▶ Engage! ▶ Find a way to involve the audience. Otherwise, I can just watch YouTube. ▶ Look into the camera ▶ Invest in PRO Gear otherwise, you’ll look like an amateur. ▶ Get a quality camera and separate microphone ▶ Make it simple! ▶ If your show is for kids (zoom or in-person), do not do more than one card trick. (I have watched zoom magic shows for kids where the magician only does card tricks. Boring.) ▶ Use the borders outside the camera ▶ Lighting is of utmost importance ▶ Don't BE a virtual magician. Be a magician that can perform under nearly any condition. ▶ Don't do too many card tricks. ▶ Make sure you are lit well and have good audio. Do you have a favourite virtual magic trick? Share it below!

  • Here's How to End Your Virtual Magic Show...

    A stunning card penetration that GETS INCREDIBLE REACTIONS! It’s a surprisingly solid-though-solid that's easy to perform and a SHOCKING VISUAL. A great fit for any virtual audience. Your audience watches as you openly push the spectator’s freely chosen playing card into the centre of a packaging air bubble. It’s a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and MIND-BLOWING moment for your audience PLUS it makes a KILLER ENDING to one of YOUR ALREADY EXISTING CARD ROUTINES Effect: Tell your audience YOU HAVE A UNIQUE WAY TO KEEP SPECIAL memories. You introduce a packaging air cushion and their chosen card. You then openly and freely push their card into the centre which is shown from all angles I’m Ryan Joyce and this is Air Lock, I’ve been having a ton of fun performing this and I know you will too. It’s a SUPER EASY and VISUALLY SHOCKING In this download you receive: Full step-by-step videos Instructions PDF Download INCLUDING How to make the gimmick at home in just a few minutes PLUS Extra Routine ideas and Handling Tips Don’t forget-- after you download and watch the explanation be sure and check out the Bonus video with a few advanced tips and ideas for turning this into a souvenir your audience will never forget. You will ABSOLUTELY LOVE PERFORMING THIS and THE REACTIONS YOU GET FROM YOUR AUDIENCE! This is Air Lock. Watch Video Air Lock by Ryan Joyce Purchase Air Lock on Vanishing Inc Check out this review in VANISH Magic Magazine by Paul Romhany!! Air Lock by Ryan Joyce PRICE:$10,00 AVAILABLE: All magic dealers WHOLESALE: I love being fooled by great magic, and I was fortunate enough to see a show Online where Ryan performed this. It left me completely fooled and when it came up for review I couldn't wait to find out more about this. Airlock is a modern take on a card to impossible place. Imagine a coin in bottle routine where the coin visually goes through the bottle. This is that premise but you are using an airbag (these are bags that come with most Amazon parcels and are filled with air), and a playing card. You can use a signed card that you might have signed throughout your show, perhaps a torn and restored card where you visually pass it through the plastic in to the airbag at the end of the trick, etc. There are so many options and ideas you can do with this concept. You aren't limited to cards either. You could visually melt a small object in to the airbag that you had used during your show. This is a download with video tutorial and PDF files. The props can be made very easily and take only a few minutes. You will need to supply your own airbags and the extra gimmick can be purchased from any stationary type store. As with all of Ryan's tutorials they are professionally produced and the quality is extremely high. He does a great job teaching the trick, the handling and offers some bonus ideas where you can send the airbag out to the spectator as a souvenir. This is a really terrific idea because people love getting things in the mail and the cost of postage will out way the value this will have. People will not give it away and it can act like a business card that keeps on giving. I love the presentation ideas with this because everybody can relate to the getting parcels and seeing these airbags inside. We all know they are filled with air and if there was a hole in them they would deflate. At all times during this routine the bags are fully inflated and THAT is what makes this such a great routine. The bonus ideas on here are clever and enhance the routine. I particularity love the funny gag Ryan has included and you can make it yourself. I'm going to start doing this in my own Online shows and the final gag is an addition that is a must. If you are doing any type of Online magic show I highly recommend you check this out. It's unique, original and super easy to do. The visual effect of the card just going from your hand to inside the airbag will fool everybody. Purchase Air Lock on Vanishing Inc

  • What MAGICIANS Actually Think About VIRTUAL MAGIC SHOW (Survey Results)

    The pandemic hasn’t completely shut down the entertainment industry. Magicians have been adapting to virtual magic shows and performing through their webcams. As we progress into year two of the pandemic, what do magicians think about the future of virtual magic shows? Are they here to stay or will they vanish as soon as live entertainment returns? QUICK LINKS: Virtual Magic Show Survey INFOGRAPHIC (Download) VIDEO: Watch Survey Results DOWNLOAD List of 30+ Virtual Magic Tricks MAGIC TRICK Ultimate Virtual Magic Show Opener MAGIC TRICK Air Lock Virtual Magic Trick Magician Masterclass recently posted a survey asking magicians around the world to share their thoughts about virtual magic shows. Here insight into virtual magic shows, what magicians think about the future of performing virtually and how magicians have spent their time during the pandemic. Magician Masterclass received survey responses from magicians all over the world. Those magicians were very closely split between Hobbyist (31.6%), Semi-Professional (33.3%), and Full-time Professional (35.1%) with the majority identifying as Close-up (48.3%) magicians. Over half of the magicians surveyed had performed at least one magic show (52.6%) The average number of virtual magic shows performed by magicians during the pandemic is less than 10 shows. 60% of magicians we surveyed had performed between 1 and 9 shows during the pandemic with only 26.7% performing over 25 shows. The average magic show length is between thirty and forty-five minutes long (60.7%). The overwhelming majority of magicians preferred ZOOM (82.1%) for their virtual software and the most popular software for running virtual performances was OBS (33.3%) However, the majority of magicians didn’t use extra software for their virtual shows (46.7%) WATCH: Virtual Magic Show Survey Results Virtual Magic Shows Infographic: Magicians and the Future of Virtual Magic Shows Download Virtual Magic Shows Infographic | PDF & JPG Download the PDF Virtual Magic Show Survey Results Free Download List of 30+ Virtual Magic Tricks Here is a free download from Magicians Talking Magic Podcast with over 30+ virtual friendly magic tricks you already own or perform! Free download! Virtual Magic Tricks & Effects Air Lock by Ryan Joyce Here is a stunning card penetration that GETS INCREDIBLE REACTIONS! Download 'AIR LOCK' from your favourite magic shop. It's a surprisingly solid-though-solid that's easy to perform and a SHOCKING VISUAL. A great fit for any virtual audience. You openly push the spectator's freely chosen playing card into the centre of a packaging air bubble. It's a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and MIND-BLOWING moment for your audience PLUS it makes a KILLER ENDING to one of YOUR ALREADY EXISTING CARD ROUTINES PURCHASE AIR LOCK HERE Ultimate Virtual Magic Show Opener One of the keys to a successful virtual performance is to let your audience know exactly how to interact with you. This is the perfect magical way to do just that! The audience watches as one card changes unexpectedly to an Ace, immediately followed by the others! This is UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU ARE CURRENTLY PERFORMING! This is a very fast, uncomplicated routine that you'll keep close to the computer at all times! This is the Ultimate Virtual Opener! PURCHASE ULTIMATE VIRTUAL OPENER HERE What do you think about Virtual Magic Shows? Share your comments.

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  • Magician Masterclass

    Learn the art of magic. Become a magician. Get free instant access to exclusive magician wisdom, magic tricks, interviews with the best magicians in the world, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast , magician crafts, DIY projects and more! ​ Magician Training, Tools & Resources for Beginners and Professional Conjurors. Join For Free LEARN MAGIC Popular for Kids & Beginner Magicians Magic Wand Template (Free PDF) It's magic wand craft time! Easily print-out these exclusive magic wand print-outs and step-by-step video instruction Learn Now Easy Magic Wand Tricks Here's a fun magic wand trick included with the magic wand template. Download the magic wand template PDF here and Learn Now How to Make a Mini Magician Top Hat (Craft) Here is a fun and easy craft for magicians and wizards alike! This one-page DIY magician top hat template download requires minimal supp... Learn Now More... Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Magicians Talking Magic Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers latest magician news, magic tricks and current topics in the magic industry. ​ We share helpful tips, interviews with the world's greatest magicians , and discussions for magicians who want to be better magicians. ​ ​ As seen through the sleeves of two professional magicians. LISTEN NOW LEARN MAGIC Popular for Amateur & Professional Magicians How to Make a Playing Card Box Template If you are looking to make your own custom playing card box, you're in the right spot! Making these card boxes are surprisingly easy and... Learn Now 5 Ways to Force a Playing Card Over ZOOM Here are 5 methods you can use to force a playing card over ZOOM events or virtual magic shows. Learn Now 30+ Virtual-Magic Tricks You ALREADY OWN Get our list of 30+ magic tricks professional magicians can easily add to their virtual shows and livestream events. Learn Now MORE ... FOOL US EPISODE GUIDE Join a magic club! Learn about FISM 2022, World Championship of Magic, North American Magician Societies and Links. Magic Clubs Around the World

  • Top Episodes of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

    Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Our Top Episodes Listener Favourite Episodes of Magicians Talking Magician Listen to the Latest Episode Interviews Scott Alexander Paul Romhany Jay Sankey Spidey Joe Diamond Matt Szat Andi Gladwin Ryan Schlutz Virtual Magic Tricks A list of 30+ magic tricks professional magicians can easily add to their virtual shows and livestream events Listen to this Episode The 3 Magic Books That Changed Us What books influenced your interest in magic? Here are the 3 Magic Books that changed our careers Listen to this Episode How to Structure a 15 Minute Magic / Mentalism Set Tips and advice for structuring a solid fifteen-minute magic set. Virtual or Live. Listen to this Episode Is Your Magic Business Ready for 2021? the most important things you should be doing to book more shows and gigs in 2021. Listen to this Episode Virtual Shows! How Magicians Survive & 10 Things We Didn't Expect Get up-to-speed on how magicians can create more interactive and engaging virtual events plus how to effectively use livestreaming to earn money and survive in 2020. This is the final of our five-part series Reinventing Yourself in 2020. Listen to this Episode Comedy Writing & Tips for Better Jokes Comedy can be sprinkled into any magicians performance. How do you write jokes? We talked with a comedy writer (Late Night talk shows) and performer as seen on AGT, Michael Paul ! Listen to this Episode Popular Topics on Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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