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  • Music & Magic with Nicholas Wallace & Tafelmusik

    This week on Magicians Talking Magic Podcast we are chatting with Nicholas Wallace and Tafelmusik about the upcoming release of Music & Magic! Nick has been working on an exciting project Award-Winning baroque orchestra from Toronto, Tafelmusik, and in this episode heshares details about the upcoming virtual concert and magic show! In the episode, we chat with Marco Cera, the musical director of Tafelmusik. I was thrilled to be a part of this massive collaboration that magicians around the world can watch and enjoy. Get your tickets here. Let’s jump into this conversation with Nicholas Wallace who shares his appearance on American’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, how he developed his eerie style, the best piece of advice he received, staying creative and more! Watch Episode 149 of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Music & Magic Nicholas Wallace & Tafelmusik About Music & Magic Open your eyes and ears to the world of illusion and enchantment in this new digital concert blending two captivating art forms. Musicians and magicians may use different tools to create their art, but for both, the goal is to delight, spark our imaginations, and create startling moments of intense emotion. Inspired by his lifelong fascination with magicians, Tafelmusik oboist and visual artist Marco Cera has conjured up Music & Magic, a mesmerizing new digital program for all ages featuring the award-winning magician Nicholas Wallace. Music & Magic delves into the world of 18th-century English conjurer Isaac Fawkes, a contemporary of Handel. The first magician to take his act from the streets of London to the stage, Fawkes performed before King George II at the Haymarket Theatre — the same venue where Handel presented his operas for royalty and the public alike. This film combines magic vignettes with music by Bach, Handel, and Purcell, along with a performance of Spring from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Get Tickets: WHAT TO EXPECT Whether you’re returning or joining us for the very first time, here’s what you can expect from Tafelmusik’s digital concert experience: High-resolution video and audio A digital Pre-Concert Chat to learn more about the music and artists featured A digital House Program with repertoire and program notes See the orchestra members and their instruments up-close and personal Watch on any compatible browser—or, connect or cast to your television PROGRAM Henry Purcell Excerpts from The Fairy Queen Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for violin in E Major: Spring (from The Four Seasons) George Frideric Handel Aria “What passion cannot music raise or quell” from Ode for St Cecilia's Day (arranged) Johann Sebastian Bach Andante, from Sonata for solo violin in A Minor G.F. Handel Overtures to Flavio & Ode for St. Cecilia's Day Credits Conceived & programmed by Marco Cera Scripted by Marco Cera & Nicholas Wallace Stage direction by Ryan Joyce Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra Directed by Elisa Citterio Nicholas Wallace magician Quinten Melo contortionist Online Premiere: October 28, 2021, 8pm EDT Get Your Single Ticket or Digital Season Pass at

  • Introducing the Elora Magic Lounge

    The OWOW Magic Festival is EXCITED to announce TWO MAGIC SHOWS this October in Elora during Monster Month!!! Featuring two magicians as seen on television and YouTube! Introducing the Elora Magic Lounge at the Gorge Cinema. The two scheduled shows are almost sold out! This is such a treat to be able to perform in my own community! Centre Wellington is the most magical township in Canada-- home of the Canadian Associaton of Magicians and the OWOW Magic Festival! This is a 55-minute magic and mentalism show happening steps away from the monsters of Elora.* The Elora Magic Lounge features magician and illusionist Ryan Joyce and a level-seven wizard, Graeme "Graemazing" Reed. These two magicians have dazzled around the globe and host the popular magic podcast, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast. They present a jam-packed show filled with comedy, magic, mentalist and mind-reading! As of October 9, theatres in Ontario can return to full capacity for fully vaccinated, masked individuals. Come and join us at 9:30 pm on Saturday, October 23 & 30. Very limited capacity! Tickets are 25$ and only 30 tickets per show! A perfect ending to an amazing day in Elora. Explore Monster Month, enjoy our area's incredible dining experiences and then experience pure wonder. Not to be missed! Elora Magic Lounge Saturday, October 23 at 9:30 pm Saturday, October 30 at 9:30 pm Gorge Cinema Tickets: $25 *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED arrive five minutes early! You don't want to miss the pre-show that starts at 9:25! Come for the monsters, stay for the magic!

  • FISM North American Championships of Magic RECAP

    The FISM North American Championships of Magic has just wrapped in Quebec City and we've got all the magical details. Featured Artists at the FISM North American Championships of Magic included Julianna Chen, Aaron Crow, Shawn Farquhar, Carisa Hendrix, Billie Kidd, Jared Kopf, Luc Langevin, Ondrej Psenicka, Ted & Marion Outerbridge, Spidey and more! In this episode, we share a detailed recap of the recent FISM North American Championship of Magic, incredible line-up, the qualifying competition for the World Championship of Magic, and an amazing line-up of special guests. Get all the details with a special co-host and long-time friend of the podcast George “Kid” Oldman. Listen Now in your favourite podcast app or watch below. Don't forget to like and subscribe to Magicians Talking Magic on YouTube FISM North American Championships of Magic Contest Winners In the back row are Nicolas Dutel, Stuart Macdonald, Yannick Lacroix, Erik Tait, Ed Ripley. In the front row are Elliott Hunter, Simon Coronel, Shoot Ogawa, Shane Cobalt. Photo Credit: Vincent Bernard

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  • Magician Masterclass & Magicians Talking Magic

    Learn the art of magic. Become a magician. LEARN MAGIC Popular for Amateur & Professional Magicians How to Make a Playing Card Box Template If you are looking to make your own custom playing card box, you're in the right spot! Making these card boxes are surprisingly easy and... Learn Now 5 Ways to Force a Playing Card Over ZOOM Here are 5 methods you can use to force a playing card over ZOOM events or virtual magic shows. Learn Now 30+ Virtual-Magic Tricks You ALREADY OWN Get our list of 30+ magic tricks professional magicians can easily add to their virtual shows and livestream events. Learn Now LEARN MAGIC Popular for Kids & Beginner Magicians Magic Wand Template (Free PDF) It's magic wand craft time! Easily print-out these exclusive magic wand print-outs and step-by-step video instruction Learn Now Easy Magic Wand Tricks Here's a fun magic wand trick included with the magic wand template. Download the magic wand template PDF here and Learn Now How to Make a Mini Magician Top Hat (Craft) Here is a fun and easy craft for magicians and wizards alike! This one-page DIY magician top hat template download requires minimal supp... Learn Now MORE ...

  • Magician School - Easy Magic Tricks & DIY Magician Crafts

    How To B ecome a Magician How to Become A Magician For centuries, magic tricks were taught and shared one-magician at a time. Anyone with an interest in magic can now learn magic. Here are some fun crafts and DIY projects for kids and beginner magicians! Enjoy Step 1 Create Your Magicians Tools MAGIC CRAFT #1 Magician Wand How to make a Magician Wand - Three Versions Let's Start MAGIC CRAFT #2 Magician Top Hat A one-page magicians top hat printout & that's perfect for craft time! Let's Start MAGIC CRAFT #3 Magician's Stage Build a magicians performance pad & secret backstage COMING SOON Step 2 Learn Magic Secrets Here we learn and share some of the magic's finest secrets and crafts for kids and young magicians. You won't find these in any other wizarding worlds! ​ Let's start making magic: Playing Card Box Template Create your own playing card box! PDF Download Now Growing Magic Wand Trick There's a hidden magic trick in the magician wand PDF template. It's super easy to make, all you need is some glue and your newly created magic wand. Learn Now! Harry Houdini Coloring Page Harry Houdini is one of the most famous names in magic! Here's a free Harry Houdini Coloring Page to celebrate this magical legend! Download Now! Download Now! Magic Wand Template Pro A magical upgrade to the basic Magic Wand Template! 6 Vibrant Colors 3 Unique Patterns Canva Template (provides unlimited colors!) It's easy Craft & DIY for the kids! No software needed No fancy papers required Customizable with free Canva account Buy Now! Step 3 Practice, Practice, Practice One of the most important things a successful wizard or magician can do is to practice. Learning a magic trick is very different from performing a magic trick. BONUS Ask Your Magic Questions Do you have a magic question for Magician School? We'll try and conjure and answer for you: Submit Thanks for submitting! How tall are Penn & Teller? How To Make A Magic Wand Out Of Paper (PDF) How do magicians levitate? (VIDEO) How do magicians know when to approach people eating at a restaurant? How did Houdini die? What Magician Walked on Water?

  • Magicians Talking Magic Podcast!

    PODCAST Magician Business Advice, Interviews, Performance Tips & Advice for Magicians Latest Episode Join Us in Discord Check Out Our RedBubble Store Meet Your Hosts Latest Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Episodes Loading episodes.... MAGICIANS TALKING MAGIC PODCAST HOSTED BY Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed ​ ​ THE EFFECT Magicians Talking Magic is a weekly podcast for magicians , mentalists and fans of the art of magic hosted by Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed. ​ Magician Business Advice • Magician Interviews • Performance Advice, Tips and Magic Tricks • And More ! ​ Tune in every Wednesday for the latest episode and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. ​ As seen through the sleeves of two professional magicians. ​ THE SECRET Magicians Talking Magic provide helpful tips and discussions for magicians who want to be better magicians. ​ From interviews with the world's greatest magicians to deep-dives into magician topics including magic tricks, latest news for magicians , and magician business topics. ​ Magicians Talking Magic Podcast is your magician podcast. Subscribe Now! RYAN JOYCE Ryan Joyce is a Canadian magician who wears many top hats. ​ As seen on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Executive Producer of OWOW Magic Festival, Wonder Town & Co-Host of Magician's Talking Magic Podcast ​ Ontario-based magician Ryan Joyce is a headlining magician, illusionist, hypnotist, filmmaker & content creator. Visit Ryan's Website GRAEME REED Aka Graemazing Graeme "Graemazing" Reed is a professional magician specializing in close-up & stage entertainment - serving Southern Ontario with over 10 years of experience. ​ Graeme has performed for multiple Corporate Events, Fundraisers and various private parties throughout Canada. ​ He has performed for such corporations as John Deere, The Home Depot & TD Canada. Gaining recognition as a TEDx 2017 Performer and featured on CHCH Morning Live. Visit Graeme's Website

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