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    • S.A.M. The World's Oldest Magic Organization

      It's no secret that magicians have secrets. It's our industry. Like other trades and crafts, magicians have societies dedicated to advancing the art of magic, connecting like-minded magicians, and sharing industry trade-secrets. The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) is the world's oldest magic organization. It was founded on May 10, 1902, in the back room of Martinka's Magic Store in New York City and now has over 5000 members that meet in 300 branches (called Assemblies) around the world. Annual dues for a SAM membership range from $55- $79 USD annually. The Society of American Magicians is one of the five North American Member Societies of the World Championship of Magic (FISM) The Society of American Magicians represents members around the world including some of the most famous magicians in history, like David Copperfield, Lance Burton, and Mat Franco. Notable names like Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston and Dr. Harlan Tarbell served as SAM National President. The official publication for the SAM has changed many times over the Society’s 115+ year history. M-U-M Magazine has been the Society of American Magicians official periodical since 1951 and the first newsletter was published with the acronym M-U-M due to a misunderstanding by the printer. The intended title was “Magic Unity Might” from the Society's motto "Those who love Magic will, through Unity, gain Might." In addition to a monthly publication, the Society of American Magicians hosts an annual convention and magic contests. Magicians can compete in both close-up and stage competitions. Winning magicians earn cash prizes and endorsements by the Society to advance to Nationals and the World Championship level. The SAM has a program dedicated entirely to magic's youth, aged 7 to 17 called the Society of Young Magicians. The Society of Young Magicians was established in July 1984 and has SYM Assemblies throughout the world for the purpose of promoting the interest in magic as a hobby. There are many benefits to joining an organization like the SAM, including their monthly publication, online learning opportunities, live and virtual lectures, networking, convention and magic contests. Let’s take a look at the World’s Oldest Magic Organization, the Society of American Magicians. Here’s a quick link to the topics covered in this article: Annual Magic Convention & Contests Why join a magician organization like S.A.M? Current 2021 S.A.M. President Famous Past Presidents of the S.A.M. National Magic Week Do you need to be American to join? International Assembly 272 Virtual Assembly V1.1 How to join the S.A.M. How to connect with the S.A.M. Brief history The Society of American Magicians was founded on May 10, 1902, in the back room of Martinka's magic store in New York City. Martinka's Palace of Magic was opened in the late 1800s by The Martinka brothers, Antonio and Francis. The 6th Avenue magic shop became a popular hang-out for some of the biggest names in magic. It even had a stage in the backroom where only "initiates" were allowed inside. It was in "the little back room" of Martinka's Palace of Magic a decision was made to establish the Society of American Magicians. On April 26, 1902, a group of 13 magicians met to discuss the by-laws, constitution and the Society's purpose. Within a week 23 magicians had joined to help and on May 10th the Society of American Magicians was formed with the following mandate: "To promote harmony among those interested in magic, and to further the elevation of the art." Dues in 1902 were set at $2, payable in advance. First Member & First President of SAM Dr. Saram Ellison is the first member of S.A.M. and Dr. W. Golden Mortimer became the second member. Dr. Mortimer would become the first President of S.A.M. He created the first draft of the constitution, designed the emblem and seal. Early support from famous magicians Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, Harry Kellar and among the long list of early influential magicians who contributed their time, energy and personal finance to support the organization. The most famous, Harry Houdini, served nine consecutive terms as SAM President from 1917 until his death in 1926. Since its founding, the Society of American Magician's membership exceeds 45,000 members around the world. SAM’s Mission & Goals "It is the mission of The Society of American Magicians to promote an environment for the worldwide magic community that fosters fellowship, preservation of the magical arts, ethical standards, education, and personal growth." (Source) The 5 Goals of S.A.M. Improve program and member services Provide opportunities to learn magic Provide leadership Establish standards of ethics Preserve and honor the history of magic and magicians Famous S.A.M. Members Harry Houdini Harry Blackstone Sr & Jr Gay Blackstone Kellar David Copperfield Siegfried & Roy Mat Franco Mac King Notable Past S.A.M. Presidents The Society of American Magicians has many recognizable names who served as National President. Typically, modern-day SAM Presidents serve a one-year term but in the early years of the organization, it was common for Presidents to serve multi-year terms. Over its history, the Society of American Magicians has had many famous magicians serve as SAM National Presiden, including Harry Houdini, famed escapologist who served from 1917 - 1926, Howard Thurston, an acclaimed stage magician who served from 1927 - 1929 and Dr. Harlan Tarbell renowned teacher of magic who authored the Tarbell Course in Magic served from 1949 - 50. Houdini's brother, Theodore Hardeen also served as the Society's National President from 1929 - 1930 and so did Houdini's Lawyer, Bernard M.L. Ernst. Ernst was elected following Houdini's death. "Thurston the Great, Magician, 'The Wonder Show of the Universe'" by Halloween HJB is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 President Houdini Houdini's influence on the Society of American Magicians was enumerable. Harry Houdini was a champion for the SAM who often used his own finances to support the Society's early endeavors and boost membership. However, Houdini's relationship with the Society of American Magicians wasn't always cordial and in the founding years, there was a tiff. In fact, Houdini resigned from the organization for several years before returning as an Honorary Member and eventually National SAM President. Houdini resigns In 1906, Houdini started his own magazine called Conjuror's Monthly. He wanted to establish this publication as SAM's official magazine but was defeated by The Sphinx. In 1908, Harry Houdini resigned from the SAM out of protest and ongoing public feud with The Sphinx editor, Dr. A. M. Wilson. Wilson vowed to never publish Houdini’s name in his magazine: “I will never again mention his name in The Sphinx, no matter how great the provocation." The two magicians eventually healed their divisions, "I apologized to Houdini; he made amends," said Dr. A.M. Wilson, stating, "Now we are friends, as we should have been years ago." A yearly subscription to Houdini's Conjurer's Monthly cost $1 and the magazine ran from September 1906 to August 1908. Harry Houdini would return to the Society of American Magicians six years later, in 1912 as an Honorary Member and five years later serve as National SAM President. Recommended: “The saga of Houdini and Dr. A. M. Wilson” Harry Houdini becomes President In 1917, Houdini became the National President of the Society of American Magicians. During his first year of Presidency, Harry Houdini would embark on one of the largest magic club recruitment efforts in SAM history. He set out to inaugurate groups of magicians in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Toledo. Houdini's sudden death Harry Houdini served nine-consecutive terms as the President of the Society of American Magicians until his sudden death on October 31, 1926. He served from 1917 - 1926. Houdini's Lawyer and amateur magician, Bernard M.L. Ernst was elected Society of American Magician President following Houdini's passing. Every year a Broken Wand Ceremony is performed at Houdini's grave on the exact time of his death, October 31 at 1:26 pm. The first 6 Assemblies of the Society of American Magicians New York City, NY - Parent Assembly San Francisco, CA - Golden Gate Assembly Chicago, IL - Werner F. Dornfield Assembly Philadelphia, PA - Detroit, NY Baltimore, MD Fighting magic exposure Throughout the 1920's many large magazines and newspapers began producing content that exposed magic. An Exposure Committee was formed by the Society of American Magicians with Servais Le Roy as its chairman. Le Roy proposed changes to the SAM constitution regarding "Easy Pocket Tricks," a term coined by Thurston. Houdini gained a large amount of publicity by condemning exposure of magic tricks and in 1921, he authored an open letter to editors which stated: "Noting the epidemic of exposures in the various scientific and daily papers, might I call your attention to the fact that by so doing you are taking away the bread and butter of honest, hard working, ambitious magicians." Source: National Magic Week October 25 - 31 was established as National Magic Week in 1967 by the Society of American Magicians and has origins dating back to Houdini's death. It's a tradition that continues today and National Magic Week has received Proclamations in Alaska, Washington and New York City by Mayor Bloomberg. “It is no illusion that New Yorkers are some of the most generous people in the world. This week’s events are a wonderful opportunity to recognize the talented and dedicated magicians who lend a helping hand" - Mayor Bloomberg National Magic Week celebrations are designated by the Society of American Magicians as a time to celebrate and share the art of magic. Magicians and SAM Assemblies are encouraged to offer free magic performances for the less fortunate, including VA Hospitals, senior citizen groups, and daycare centres. From Houdini Day to National Magic Day The summer following Harry Houdini's death, Ms. Bess Houdini declared "Houdini Day" to honor the life and legacy of her late husband. Several celebrations were organized by magicians across North America without any official mandate. It was Chicago SAM member Les Sholty who sought official sanction for a "Houdini Day" and permission from Mrs. Houdini to proclaim October 31 as "National Magic Day." On July 20, 1938, the eighth oldest radio station in the United States, known then as KQW, broadcasting from California became the first radio station to air details with Mrs. Bess Houdini about National Magic Day. From National Magic Day to National Magic Week National Magic Week became an official function of the Society of American Magicians in 1967. The efforts were heavily influenced in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair who hosted “Magic Day” organized by Parent Assembly 1 and featured tribute to magician Mark Wilson. Annual Magic Convention & Contest The Society of American Magicians presents an annual convention in a different host city each year. The multi-day convention is typically held in July and features lectures, dealers, stage performances, close-up shows, and magic contests. It is not required to be a member of the Society of American Magicians to attend SAM magic conventions, however, members receive early discounts and incentives for registration. 2020 Magic Convention & COVID-19 Cancellation Due to the global pandemic COVID19, both the 2020 and 2021 S.A.M. Magic Conventions have been postponed until 2022. The organization has opened registration for its January 2022 convention return to Las Vegas. 2022 SAM Convention The S.A.M 2022 Convention will return to Las Vegas in January 2022. The previous conventions in Las Vegas were 2012 and 2003. Registration is now open for the four days of magic happening at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino including magic, lectures, dealers, contests and Mac King Banquet & Roast. Interest levels at magician conventions vary from hobbyist to professional and some magicians attend solely to compete among their peers. The Society of American Magicians hosts stage and close-up magic competitions. Winners receive cash prizes and may be encouraged to compete at the National Championships of Magic (FISM NA). For registration to the 2020 S.A.M Convention visit: World Championship of Magic (FISM) Member Society The Society of American Magicians is one of five North American member societies of FISM NA and the World Championship of Magic (FISM). In order for a magician to compete at the World Championship level and earn the title of “World Champion” they must compete and win nationally. Here are the 5 North American Member Societies of FISM: Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle) Canadian Association of Magicians Club De Magie Du Québec International Brotherhood of Magicians Society of American Magicians How North American magicians compete at the World Championships of Magic (FISM) Magicians must first win the North American Championships of Magic (FISM NA) before they can enter the World Championship competition: National Contest - Magician must compete and win a place against contestants at the FISM NA qualifying contest. World Championship Contest - Once a magician wins at the FISM NA national competition level they received an endorsement to represent North America at the World Championships of Magic (FISM) The highest award a magician can earn is the coveted “FISM Grand Prix World Champion” Current S.A.M. President The 2020-2021 president of the Society of American Magicians is Joel Zaritsky. List of past 20 years of S.A.M. Presidents See the full listing of Society of American Magicians Presidents here 2000-2001 Jann Goodsell 2001-2002 Warren Kaps 2002-2003 Ed Thomas* 2003-2004 Jay Gorham 2004-2005 John W. Apperson 2005-2006 Rich Dooley 2006-2007 Andy Dallas 2007-2008 Maria Ibanez 2008-2009 Bruce Kalver 2009-2010 Mike Miller 2010-2011 Mark Weidhaas 2011-2012 Vinny Grosso 2012-2013 Christopher Bontjes 2013-2014 Dal Sanders 2014-2015 Kenrick Ice McDonald 2015-2016 David Bowers 2016-2017 Jeff Sikora 2017-2018 Dick Bowman 2018-2019 Ron Ishimaru 2019-2020 Steven Spence Publications The Society of American Magicians has embraced several publications in its history. In September 1902, the first column for the Society of American Magicians was distributed in a publication called Mahanta. Mahanta was an existing monthly magic periodical printed at Martinka’s where the SAM was founded. Two months later the SAM also adopted The Sphinx magazine for western magicians and in 1909 The Sphinx became the SAM “Official Organ.” In October 1911, the first M-U-M monthly print magazine was published and since 1951, the Society of American Magician’s official publication is M-U-M Magazine. Timeline of S.A.M Magazines 1902 - 1906 Mahatma - First Official Column of the Society 1906 - 1911 The Sphinx 1911 - 1927 M-U-M Newsletter 1927 - 1942 The Sphinx 1942 - 1947 Genii Magazine 1947 - 1951 The Sphinx 1951 - Present M-U-M Magazine M-U-M is a monthly magazine now offered digitally for members. Members can pay an additional fee for printed editions of M-U-M on the SAM website. Magic store Members can support the S.A.M by becoming a member and also by purchasing official Society of American Magicians merchandise such as clothing, accessories, insignias and previous M-U-M Magazines. You can visit the SAM store here: Life Membership "Lifmbers enjoy the special feeling in their hearts that they have done something real to help the S.A.M. and the advancement of the art of magic!” The only criteria for Life Membership enrollment is a good standing with the Society of American Magicians. A single contribution of $1500 or more payable for a solo member or $2500 with a spouse. Life Members include David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Seigfried and over 400 others. Why join a magician's organization? There are many reasons a magician should join an organization like the Society of American Magicians including: Learn the art of magic - acclaimed opportunities to learn and share magic A Community of Magicians - Join an assembly of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the art of magic Interact with some of the biggest stars of magic - SAM offers multiple platforms to engage, interact and ask your questions to some of the biggest minds in magic Use the Logo: proudly show the world you're a member of the SAM Exclusive Society of American Magicians International Assembly Facebook Group Enter Contests - competing and winning a stage or close-up contest can dramatically change a magician's career. Annual S.A.M. Magic Convention - An opportunity to be part of our annual magic convention talent line-up. M-U-M Magazine delivered to your inbox - Receive a copy of the digital magazine (or pay additional for printed copies) Access to exclusive SAM Content - including special Vimeo Showcase How to join S.A.M. Are you interested in joining the World's Oldest Magic Organization? Join the Society of American Magicians: How to join - International Member Introducing the International Assembly 272 You don't need to be an American citizen to join. This world-wide-organization openly welcomes members from any country to join its International Assembly 272. Past-Presidents of SAM have been International Assembly 272 members. Two requirements to join Assembly 272: You must have a genuine interest in the art of magic You must be a member of S.A.M. Virtual Assembly V1.1: How to Join The SAM Virtual Assembly In the era of COVID-19 and the 2020 global pandemic, members are encouraged to visit the Virtual Assembly V1.1 for online content, magic instruction and lectures. How to connect with S.A.M The Society of American Magician has several ways you can connect and all major social media platforms, you'll find below: Society of American Magicians (Official) Website Society of American Magicians (Convention) Website Society of Young Magicians Official Website Parent Assembly #1 Find your local S.A.M. Assembly Social Media for S.A.M. Facebook Facebook (Members Group) Twitter (Main) Twitter (News) Instagram YouTube Additional Sources: The First 100 Years Conjurers Monthly Magazine 1906 September Vol. 1 No. 1 – Part 1 IMAGE CREDIT: "Thurston the Great, Magician, 'The Wonder Show of the Universe'" by Halloween HJB is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    • Top Magician Societies in the USA & Canada

      Magicians around the world have organizations, associations and society that unite together for sharing the art of magic. Magicians regularity meeting for lectures, performances and competitions. Did you know, just like atheletes, magicians have an Olympics? It's alled FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) or the World Championship of Magic. Magicians compete against other magicians for World Champion and the title FISM Grand Prix winner! In North America, there are five member-societies of FISM that unite to award the World-Championship title. FISM magician competitions happen every 3 years and represent over 80,000 magicians from 105 countries around the world. FISM's origins begin before the second World War but it wasn't officially founded until 1948. FISM is considered one of the most respected organizations in the magic community. In order to compete at FISM, a magician must first be represented by one of the recognized member societies of FISM. These magic organizations are membership clubs that host their own annual events, conventions, and magic competitions. The member societies represent their qualifying magicians on the world stage. Here are the five magician societies in North America. North America has 5 magician societies of FISM World Championship of Magic Academy of Magical Arts Canadian Association of Magicians Club de Magie du Québec International Brotherhood of Magicians Society of American Magicians Any North American magician who wants to earn the title of World Champion must be a member of one of these representing member societies. All the contact information for the magic societies is below. Magicians can compete under the following categories Magicians who qualify to compete at the World Champion level can compete in any of the 11 categories of magic. In order to qualify at FISM, a magician must first win one of the conventional member society competitions. The categories of FISM range from close-up magic, mentalism, comedy, stage illusions and manipulations. The 5 categories for FISM Stage Magic Competitions* Manipulation General Magic Stage Illusions Comedy Magic Mental Magic The 3 categories for FISM Close-Up Magic Competitions* Card Magic Micro Magic Parlour Magic *For detailed descriptions about FISM categories see below or click here. Other Notable FISM Awards Most Original Act Most Original Close up Act Creativity & Artistic Vision History, Research & Scholarship Theory & Philosophy FISM location changes every three years Just like the Olympics, the World Championship of Magic changes its host city its convention. Since its founding in 1948, FISM has never appeared in North America. Here are the locations of the last 7 World Champions of Magic 2000 Lisboa, Portugal 2003 Den Hague, Netherlands 2006 Stockholm, Sweden 2009 Beijing, China 2012 Blackpool, England 2015 Rimini, Italy 2018 Busan, South Korea Canada makes magic history FISM has hosted 27 events around the world since it was established in 1948 but there has never been a World Championship of Magic in North America. Canadian magicians made history in 2018 winning the bid to host FISM in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in 2021. Due to COVID-19 the North American Championships have been postponed until 2021 and FISM World Championships of Magic convention has been postponed until 2022. Both events are being hosted in Quebec City, Canada. The announcement was made live at the 2018 FISM World Championships of Magic in Busan South Korea (XXVII World Championships) Let's take a look at the five magician member societies of FISM in North America Magic Organizations in Canada Canadian Association of Magicians The Canadian Association of Magicians celebrates members from coast-to-coast. The newly-refreshed organization is dedicated to helping provide opportunities and connections for its members. One of CAM's goals is to get the art of magic officially recognized as an art form by the Canadian Government. Publication: Northern Peeks is published electronically four times a year. Annual membership fee is $35 CDN Club de Magie du Québec The Club de Magie du Quebec is dedicated to bringing together amateur and professional magicians in Quebec who share a passion for the Art of Magic. Club de Magie du Quebec meets regularly and offers tools and opportunities for magicians to practice and improve. Annual membership fee is $30 CDN Magic Organizations in the USA Academy of Magical Arts The Magic Castle is the clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts. As a private club, entrance is given only to members and their guests, or through courtesy invitations which are available to magicians visiting from out of the United States. Don’t be surprised to look over your shoulder and find somebody performing a minor miracle. You’ll soon understand why your visit will be one of the most amazing evenings you’ve ever experienced. Members of the Academy of Magical Arts receive free access to Genii Magazine ⚠ Membership Requirement: Members must first audition to be part of the. Publication: Genii Magazine International Brotherhood of Magicians The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world's largest organization dedicated to the art of magic, with members in 88 countries. Since 1922, our official publication, The Linking Ring, has linked magicians throughout the world. Hundreds of local branches of the I.B.M., or Rings, meet each month. Our Annual Convention features top professional magicians in our spectacular evening shows, while our Gold Medal Contest for stage magic and Gold Cups Contest for close-up magic attract some of the best up-and-coming magicians from across the globe. Publication: The Linking Ring Magazine is electronically produced Society of American Magicians The Society of American Magicians, founded on May 10, 1902, in Martinka’s famous magic shop in New York City, New York, is the oldest and most prestigious magical society in the world. For over a century it has promoted the ideals shared by Kellar, Houdini, Thurston and more than 50,000 others world-wide who have held membership in the society. Those ideals include the elevation of the Art of Magic, the promotion of harmony among magicians, and the opposition of the unnecessary public exposure of magical effects. Members meet in Assemblies and SAM publishes an electronic magazine called M-U-M Annual membership fee is $55 - 70 USD annually Publication: M-U-M Magazine Support the future of the art of magic and join a magic organization.

    • World Championship of Magic: 2022 FISM

      In 2018, at the FISM World Championship of Magic XXVII in Busan, South Korea a historic decision was announced that Canada won its bid to host the world’s leading magic competition in 2022. A first in the magic organization’s 74-year history. This will be the first FISM held in North America. FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) is an international organization that represents over 80,000 magicians in 6 continental regions and 106 countries around the world. Similar to the sporting Olympics, FISM is presented in a different host country every three years and provides magicians with the opportunity to compete for the title “World Champion Magician” Canada wins historic 2022 FISM bid In 2018 at the 27th FISM World Championship of Magic in Busan, South Korea it was announced the world's leading magic competition’s next host city was awarded to Quebec City, Canada. A historic decision that brings the World Championship of Magic to North America for the first time in its 74-year history. This multi-day convention and contest draws thousands of magicians from all over the world who compete for the title of World Champion Magician and the coveted Grand Prix. Awards are presented in Close-Up and Stage Magic contests and magicians must meet a judging threshold in order to place. The coveted "FISM Grand Prix World Champion" is not always awarded. Magicians are given only one opportunity to present their routines in front of a live audience and panel of judges. All winning magicians’ acts must be between 5 - 10 minutes or face instant disqualification. All acts are judged on the following criteria: Technical Skill / Handling Showmanship / Presentation Entertainment Value Originality Magic Atmosphere Points are decided by a jury of FISM recognized judges and scores are based from 0 to 100. A first-place winning magician must exceed an average score of 80 points from the panel of 7 - 9 FISM Judges. Any contestant with a score below 50 is disqualified. The title of FISM Grand Prix is regarded as the most coveted award for stage and close-up contests and the title is decided by the same jury of FISM judges in a second judging process. A few other notable FISM awards include: Most Original Stage Act Most Original Close-Up Act Magic Invention Creativity and Artistic Vision The FISM World Championship of Magic conference and magic contest draws thousands of magicians and is the largest assembly of magicians in the world. Events for magicians take place over six days and feature world-class magic instruction, live-performances and opportunities to explore the host city. Thanks to Canadian magicians Renée-Claude Auclair founder of Club De Magie Du Quebec and Canadian Association of Magicians founder, Joan Caesar, this historic event is coming to North America for the first time. Let’s take a deeper dive into the FISM World Championships of Magic Here are some of the topics we'll cover Big win for Canada and North American magicians How to become a World Championship Magician A Brief History of FISM: A World-Wide Organization of Magicians Competition Categories for Stage and Close-Up Magic 6 Continental Regions of FISM 5 North American Member Societies of FISM What FISM strives to achieve Current FISM President Listing of all 27 FISM World Championship of Magic locations How to join FISM How to connect with FISM Becoming a World Championship Magicians can compete for the title of World Champion Magician in the Stage Contest, Close-up Contests or both. Entering both contests in the same competition is uncommon. Any magician who qualifies can register for only one category within each contest. The 5 categories for FISM Stage Magic Competitions* Manipulation General Magic Stage Illusions Comedy Magic Mental Magic The 3 categories for FISM Close-Up Magic Competitions* Card Magic Micro Magic Parlour Magic *For detailed descriptions about FISM categories see below or click here. In order to compete at the world champion-level, magicians must win a place by competing at the continental championships. There are 106 FISM Member Societies representing over 80,000 magicians in 50 countries. These Member Societies are regional magic organizations and magic clubs that host their own conventions and magic contests. Requirements for entry into the FISM World Championship Competition In order to gain entry into the World Championship of Magic a magician's must meet the following criteria: Be a member of one of the FISM Member Societies Obtain high marks at their continental FISM championship There are 105 Member Societies of FISM in 6 Continental Regions around the world. A World-Wide Organization FISM World Championship of Magic is represented by 6 Continental Regions and each region has its own Continental President. Here are the 6 Continental Regions of FISM: Africa Asia Europe Latin America North America Oceania The 5 North American Member Societies Any North American magician who wants to qualify at their FISM continental contest from any one of the following five-member societies of FISM. Within FISM North America there are 5 Member Societies: Academy of Magical Arts Canadian Association of Magicians Club De Magie Du Québec International Brotherhood of Magicians Society of American Magicians Brief History of FISM The idea of an international convention hosted in a different country each year was first proposed in Paris, France in 1938 by Dr. Jules Dhotel. Dr. Dhotel was serving as Vice-President of Association Syndicale des Artistes Prestidigitateurs (Association of Prestidigitation Artists) The idea was accepted and plans proceeded for the first international magic convention which was cancelled in September 1939 when the Nazis invaded Poland and began World War II. After World War II, in 1946, the first International Congress of Magicians convention in Amsterdam, the Netherlands debuted with over 300 registrants from across Europe. The event consisted of magic lectures, antique exhibits, public shows, tours of Amsterdam, and a magic contest. The first competition featured 20 contestants and no categories. The second annual convention in 1947 had 70 contestants and over 500 attendees and it was during this convention the idea of FISM was proposed. In 1948, FISM was founded. It is considered one of the most respected organizations within the magic community, growing to over 80,000 members in 105 international member societies in 50 countries. Locations for the last five FISM World Championships 2018 - Busan, South Korea 27th World Championships XXVII 2015 - Rimini, Italy 26th World Championships XXVI 2012 - Blackpool, United Kingdom 25th World Championships XXV 2009 - Beijing, China 24th World Championships XXIV 2006 - Stockholm, Sweden 23rd World Championship XXIII Full listing of the entire list of World Championships, click here How FISM is organized? FISM is an organization that represents thousands of magicians around the world through the affiliated Member Societies of FISM. These Member Societies have their own procedures and governance, including Presidents. These groups are referred to as the “General Assembly” FISM Board of Directors The FISM Executive Board of Directors consists of the International President, two Vice Presidents and a Secretary. Domenico Dante FISM President (Italy) Peter Din FISM Vice President (France) Sats Yamamoto FISM Vice President (Japan) FISM Executive Board The FISM General Assembly consists of all 5 Continental Presidents and the FISM Executive Board of Directors. General Assembly Members of the General Assembly are represented by the following five regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North American. President of FISM The current President of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM) is Domenico Dante from Veneto, Italy. He is an author of magic books, producer, and honorary President of Club Magico Italiano. Domenico's involvement in FISM began in 1991 and he has served as FISM President since 2000. Domenico Dante's website: What FISM strives to achieve: FISM’s objectives: to be a leading platform, unifying magic societies from around the world, committed to the enhancement, promotion and development of the art of magic; to develop, elevate, promote the art of magic and to preserve the knowledge of the history of magic; to coordinate the activities of Member Societies, enhancing their authority and encouraging the exchange of reciprocal cooperation and services to fight against exposure and copies of acts, effects or inventions, presentations or original routines to organize international events such as the FISM World Championships of Magic and supervise Continental Championships of Magic. SOURCE: COVID Delay Due to COVID-19, the North American Championship of Magic and FISM World Championship of Magic has been postponed. Follow updates from the official FISM NA and FISM World websites. Qualifying for 2022 In order to qualify for the FISM World Championship of Magic, a magician must be a member of an affiliated FISM magic society and endorsement from the Member Society's President. Each region of FISM hosts competitions to determine who will represent their country at the World Championship. Competition Categories For magicians interested in competing at FISM, there are 8 categories in two contests. A magician can choose one category from either contest. Here are FISM two contests, categories and descriptions (Source: FISM) 5 categories of the Stage Magic Competition: Manipulation A magic stage act wholly or largely based on sleight of hand. General Magic A magic stage act that is, in most cases, a mix of several of the other categories. The props used are usually smaller than the ones used in a Stage Illusion act. Some performances using modern high-tech or video technology can also be categorized under this denomination. Stage Illusions A magic stage act in which huge props are used (even when these are not visible to the audience). Often several people and/or animals are involved. Comedy Magic A magic stage act of which the main purpose is to make people laugh. It can be based on any one of the aforementioned categories, provided the emphasis is laid on the magic nature of the performance. Mental Magic Branch of magic comprising demonstrations of apparent extraordinary or supernatural mental powers, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, telekinesis, super memory, lightning calculation and simulations of mediumistic phenomena. 3 categories of the Close-Up Magic Competition Card Magic the act is exclusively based on effects using playing cards. Micro Magic although playing cards are not to be excluded, the act is of a more general nature. Parlour Magic An act, midway between close-up and stage magic, meant to be performed for a group of people in a moderately sized room. All 27 FISM World Magic Champions 2022 Quebec City, Canada XXVIII World Championships 2018 Busan, South Korea XXVII World Championships 2015 Rimini, Italy XXVI World Championships 2012 Blackpool, United Kingdom XXV World Championships 2009 Beijing, China XXIV World Championships 2006 Stockholm, Sweden XXIII World Championship 2003 Den Haag, Netherlands XXII World Championship 2000 Lisbon, Portugal XXI World Championship 1997 Dresden, Germany XX World Championship 1994 Yokohama, Japan XIX World Championship 1991 Lausanne, Switzerland XVIII World Championship 1988 Den Haag, Netherlands XVII World Championship 1985 Madrid, Spain XVI World Championship 1982 Lausanne, Switzerland XV World Championship 1979 Brussels, Belgium XIV World Championship 1976 Vienna, Austria XIII World Championship 1973 Paris, France XII World Championship 1970 Amsterdam, Netherlands XI World Championship 1967 Baden-Baden, Germany X World Championship 1964 Barcelona, Spain IX World Championship 1961 Liege, Belgium VIII World Championship 1958 Vienna, Austria VII World Championship 1955 Amsterdam, Netherlands VI World Championship 1952 Geneva, Switzerland V World Championship 1951 Paris, France IV World Championship 1950 Barcelona, Spain III World Championship 1949 Amsterdam, Netherlands II World Championship 1948 Lausanne, Switzerland I World Championship How to join FISM There is no membership to FISM. Members join their continental member societies of FISM. How to connect with FISM FISM World Championship of Magic Official Website: How to follow FISM on social media FISM World Championship of Magic Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram Sources: Genii Magazine:

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