Where to pitch your virtual magic shows? Ideas, Process and Suggestions

Today we are discussing an essential next step for magicians who are trying to proactively establish themselves as leaders in the virtual performing world.

This might freak out a few magicians, especially those like cruise ship workers or magicians with agents.

In addition to providing a starting point for building your own lists, we discuss the clients and groups you SHOULDN’T approach.

Warning signs to run the other direction!

Once you’ve defined your target list, what do you do next? What are the steps from research to outreach? This is a great episode for those who are motivated to shift gears and start moving forward in the new virtual space and how you should approach clients.

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Today’s Feature Topic: Where to Pitch My Virtual Magic Shows?

Right now everything is new again. We all have so many possible opportunities before us; even a few you might not have considered.

The event-industry has really changed. The magic industry has changed.

In this episode, we are going to give you suggestions and thoughts to consider when building a list of prospective clients to start pitching your virtual services.

The clients you DON’T want to target

Here is a list of things to consider when approaching your ideal clients. That also should include a clear understanding of who you DON’T want to target.

This will be something that every performer will define differently, relative to a unique style and personality.

If you aren’t prepared to be a part of tech support and teacher, we’d also recommend avoiding clients and organizations that may require considerably more hand-holding than others.

A few client warning-signs:

  • They don’t have a website, or it’s clearly neglected,

  • Their Facebook page has 12 likes and no engagement

  • They ask “What’s ZOOM?

  • Our internet connection is really spotty


Spending some time to do a little research and creating a strategy will save you tons of aggravation and frustration. Listen to Fenyx Fyre discuss mental health in episode 61

The one thing that NO LONGER matters


The major shift that will forever impact our industry is that geographical boundaries are gone. Local is everywhere.

Virtual platforms mean everyone’s living is a front-row seat.

However-- in the beginning when you are developing and refining your show, stay local. Reach out to clients you aren’t afraid to make a few mistakes without impacting your reputation.

If you already have a solid show-- aim for your ideal target clients and aim high!

This particular moment in time provides a rare opportunity-- the technology is very new. You can be leader right out of the gate simply by being proactive and providing a little education

Is there a client you’ve been wanting to work with? Everyone is so accessible right now, aim high!

Here is a list of suggestions for Close-up performers, Mentalists and Children’s Performers

Close-up & Card Magicians:

Say you are one of those gambling, card cheats, where would your virtual show fit best?

Think of the atmosphere you are trying to create and pitch to those markets - right now everyone is short on entertainment options.

  • Distilleries - local, national or international (Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch etc)

  • Breweries - local, national or international

  • Cigar Companies

  • Haberdashery (Hat Makers)

  • Poker Table manufacturers

  • Poker Celebrities


You’re mysterious, you predict and reveal secrets. Almost everything above applies but here are some specific targets to try:

  • Watch Companies

  • Digital Security Companies

  • Clothing Brand: What clothes do you perform in or want to perform in

  • Beard Oil

  • Tattoo Parlours *Larger named shops

  • Jewellery Brands

Family/Children’s Performer:

Pull up those checker pants...or leggings :) Let’s aim high here!

  • Toy Companies

  • Play Centres and gyms

  • Puzzle companies

  • Kids/Parenting Magazines - Owl, Today’s Parent

  • Candy Brands

  • Party Supply Stores

*Of course libraries, museums, camps

Thoughts for Restaurant Magicians

If you regularly perform at restaurants and your restaurant has a strong online presence, you could consider approaching them for a special event or consider recording a video. Everyone now needs content.

Listen to the episode for a great suggestion for magicians who are "resident magicians" during non-pandemic times.

Thoughts on Service Clubs

This is a pivotal time for services clubs, many who have failed to evolve will suffer big loss over the next decade. Similar to magicians, some people fall into stubborn mindsets.

Every group can benefit from our services but be prepared that education and training is a potential extra step in the magic show booking process.

Pitching Strategy: Crafting Your Approach

When pitching. make sure to have a plan in place. Make a Google doc and define a strategy.

  • Pitch Email

  • Follow up conversation - Pre-write and templates

  • Follow up email with more videos, documents


Magicians have a great opportunity to position themselves as leaders in the virtual space. Do the right research and strategizing for the types of clients you want to work with, be proactive and reach-out. Find ways to provide value and make it easy for them to hire you. Be a thought-leader. Aim high. You’re a magician-- you got this!

▶ For more information about marketing your virtual magic show services, make sure and Listen to Ep 62 & 58 of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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Tell us how your virtual magic shows are coming along??

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