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Filming Paul Harris Deep Clear

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

A sneak-peak behind Paul Harris magic trick Deep Clear plus watch FULL PERFORMANCE with NO CUTS. See the trailer for Paul Harris Deep Clear and more. Watch here.

Here's the official trailer:

Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear

Paul Harris creates incredible magic. Graeme Reed and Ryan Joyce recently worked with Paul Harris on Deep Clear-- filming elements and editing the trailer. The full feature performance below was filmed on campus by Graeme. Watch the full edit of his performance below.

Watch full performance of Paul Harris Deep Clear

The trick got incredible responses and it was a blast to shoot. Watch until the end of the video to hear how they thought the trick might be done.

This was an excerpt from the Touring Tricks Podcast Magicians Talking Magic episode 3. To watch or listen to the full episode, see below.



Graeme Reed: When you say, I'm ready to take the next step, what's probably is suggested is Paul Harris.

Ryan Joyce: His books are incredible.

Graeme Reed: So creative, like so poetic. All the tricks and everything. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: It should be included on everybody's.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Everyone should have all three Art of Astonishment. There's Close-up Seductions.

magician playing with cards on campus

Ryan Joyce: Now. I figured like when you got asked about this originally, I figured a little envelope who wrapped in leather would arrived, right?

Graeme Reed: Yeah.

lady responds to magic trick
People were genuinely astonished by the trick

Ryan Joyce: There'd be a hooded character that hands it to you right in and have the initial or the, the the signature on it and you open up and it's, this is the invitation to work with, you know,.

Graeme Reed: Written out on handmade paper.

Ryan Joyce: That's right.

Graeme Reed: Yeah.

lady reacts to magic trick called Paul Harris Deep Clear
An authentic reaction to Paul Harris Deep Clear


With Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed

Episode 3

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. A little bit of dust.

Graeme Reed: Like a quilt pen. Out of it. Yet all the pressure points that he wrote,.

Ryan Joyce: I figured that that isn't how it happened. Right.

Graeme Reed: As a hundred percent how it happened. Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: True statement. You heard it right here on Magicians Talking Magic

Graeme Reed: So if you're waiting to work with Paul when you get that fancy envelope, that's the sign.

Ryan Joyce: No weather changes or anything before.

Graeme Reed: I can't talk about that part.

Ryan Joyce: Sorry.

Graeme Reed: That's the part you can't talk.

Ryan Joyce: It's a great trick. Yeah. And you should check it. We'll leave the,.

Yeah, so the check-out the trailer.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. The trick is dynamite. You filmed, you helped found the demo.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. We've had a beautiful day in fall last year and we've in Guelph universities. Yeah. Room around to do magic on.

Graeme Reed: And pretend to be students.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, it was great. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. We kind of, I don't, ah, hopefully, Guelph doesn't see this but I think no one will from Guelph but um, it was fun cause we just kind of ambushed the students there and I think we pitched it as, so this is like a good tip if you're filming a product for a trick, right. Um, we went in there and we just said, hey, uh, my name is Graeme slash Graemazing, cause that's how I'm going to introduce myself all the time. And we presented it like "I have a brand new magic trick that I want to share with the world. It might end up on youtube, it's going to end up online. Are you okay with being in the video?" And by that point you'd be recording. We get all this on tape so that we have that confirmation everything, and then I present Paul's trick. And this trick is a, it's a really good effect. It's a full routine. You get a cute little magic trick at the start. Is that right? The kind of breaks the ice, helps bring people in and opener. An opener, a perfect opener, followed by an incredible mentalism piece that you do close up where you're predicting someone's thought of word and it's on the back of playing cards. He had clearly in a wallet the entire time. It's really to take off his original, uh, Deep Astonishment.

Ryan Joyce: The reactions during all of the filmings was solid. Like every one of them was that one that were on the bench when we were filming the, the group or the bench. It was great. Yeah, total authentic, just like totally fried.

magician is performing a card trick for a male spectator
TIP: For magicians filming their own magic

Graeme Reed: And when we'd asked them like, how do you think it happened? They all, a lot of people are like, I don't know, maybe you tapped into my brain somehow. Or then that's if you're doing this kind of stuff. That's the reaction you're aiming for. Right. I've seen some comments online of people questioning the routine. Like I don't get this, this first part to get there, but if you really analyze any of Paul's work, it's all kind of cute and fun and then becomes so amazing cause to get to get to the amazing part, like on stage, you've got to like build rapport with the audience and you can't just go "who was the first person you kissed?"

two males reacting to a magicians trick with amazement
More reactions to Paul Harris Deep Clear

Ryan Joyce: Right.

Graeme Reed: It's creep show, right? That's Creep show. It's a well structured or yes, absolutely. It gets everyone on your side and then you reveal the incredible magic word and then everyone's floored. It's perfectly set up. I mean, great piece. It's Paul, so, right.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Great piece.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, totally.

Ryan Joyce: It was still so much fun to film. I enjoyed being part of that. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: And it's fun to get to talk magic with Paul. Cause I remember when you talk about the routine and talk about the editing of the trailer and everything like that, um, and I would bring up ideas like, "well what do you think about this? Should be, show that." And Paul would be like, well, "let's talk about that." And you know, as a kid that grew up on his books, like, um, I'm chatting magic philosophies with Gandalf right now. Live on the phone. Yeah. So that was a real treat. Super cool that we got to do that. Um, I highly suggest the trick. I think it's an awesome trick.

close up of playing cards being placed on table

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Penguin and check it out.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Yeah. And you got to give it at least a couple of good performances.

Ryan Joyce: We're not affiliated with Penguin, we're just,.

Graeme Reed: There's no affiliation with any of this. Like we're done with the project. There's no, no reason to do this. I just, we just wanted to talk about it. I think it.

Ryan Joyce: Its a great piece, yea, It was a lot of fun.


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