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This magical stock photo featuring an ace of hearts surrounded by smoke is perfect for use in magic-themed designs.


Drag and drop text, graphics or imagery to create a design within minutes.


This royalty-free magician stock photo comes in two versions (with bokeh & sparkles and without) and is extra wide so you can use it on any project.


This magician stock photo is perfect if you're looking to create a subtle but attention-grabbing effect. This image features a low-lying smoke coming from behind an ace of hearts, which creates an intriguing and mysterious feel. Use this card design graphic in your projects to capture the attention of your audience and make them wonder what's coming next! 

Magician Playing Card with Low Lying Smoke Stock Photo

  • playing cards, smoke, ace of hearts, magician, magic show


Exclusive Collection of Stunning Images, Graphics and Templates for Magicians and Magic Themed Designs

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