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Impress your audience with our Magician stock photo. This magician stock photo features a white rabbit figure in a magician hat that is set against a smoke background. Use this royalty-free magician stock photo to create a poster for your magic show, birthday party magician initiations or for any other creative project that you have in mind.


Download this great high-quality magician top hat and rabbit stock photo that's perfect for magic-themed designs and signage.  

Magician Hat & Rabbit Stock Photo

  • The Mystic Pixel by Magician Masterclass is an inspiring collection of affordable royalty-free images, stock photographs, footage, stock video and graphic solutions you won't find anywhere else. 

    A resource for modern magicians or magic-themed projects and designs. Explore our exclusive collection of high-quality magician stock photographs: See the Collection

  • magician, magic, magic show, rabbit in hat, rabbit, top hat, magician top hat, red curtain, smoke, background, extra-wide


Exclusive Collection of Stunning Images, Graphics and Templates for Magicians and Magic Themed Designs

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