An Exclusive Opportunity to Discover High-Level Secrets from the Authority of Astonishing Magic

Learn directly from Michael Close, master magician, thought-leader, writer and  consultant for Penn & Teller's Fool Us.  In this masterclass he shares his approach to crafting ideas into workable magic.


Michael Close Masterclass:

Teaches Crafting Workable Magic

Master Magician Michael Close is Penn & Teller Fool Us Lead Magic Consultant and in this course he shares his thoughts and process for Crafting Workable Magic. 

In this one-hour session, Michael is asked questions from a room full of semi-profesional and  professional workers.  Plus you also get a real-time look behind Michael's process.  The class include one idea presented to Michael for his thoughts refinement. 


Michael Close freely shares his wisdom in away that's uniquely all his own.   Take an exclusive dive into the minds of an authority in magic.

Watch now and learn magic high-level secrets, performance advice and refinement from the best minds in the magic.


Michael Close Teaches Crafting Workable Magic

PRICE : $35


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This class is filled with wisdom from a leading thinker, creator, performer, and consultant in the world of magic.   


In this masterclass, Michael Close unleashes his thoughts on magic, performing, writing and creating new material.  This class focuses on theory and magic show development.  It's class for serious students interested in learning the high-level thinking behind crafting workable magic.

Length: 1hr

In this Masterclass You'll Learn:

Topics Covered in Michael Close Magician Masterclass​

  • How to Engineer Great Magic

  • Adding New Material

  • Importance of strong Openers and Closers

  • Thoughts on the Future of Magic

  • Is YouTube Hurting or Helping Magic?

  • How to Record Your Ideas

  • How to Scripting Your Performances

  • Are Magic Stage Illusions Dead?

  • A look into the Ethics of success magicians

  • A discussion about using Television as a Method in Magic Tricks

  • Thoughts on Working Magic Conventions

  • PLUS How to Get on Penn & Teller Fool Us


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