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This class is filled with wisdom from a leading thinker, creator, performer, and consultant in the world of magic.   In this masterclass, Michael Close unleashes his thoughts on magic, performing, writing and creating new material.  This focuses on theory and show development.  It's class for serious students interested in learning the art of crafting workable magic.

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Adding New Material

How to Engineer Great Magic

It's Time to Talk About Openers and Closers

Thoughts on the Future of Magic

Is YouTube or Hurting or Helping Magic?

Recording Your Ideas

Scripting Your Performances

Are Illusions Dead?

Ethics & Magicians

Using Television as a Method

How to Get on Penn & Teller Fool Us

Thoughts on Working Magic Conventions

Michael Close

Teaches Crafting Workable Magic

Workshop Sessions

Workshops teach magic wisdom. These workshops give you a front row seat to Michael Close’s thinking and approach to crafting the best possible magic routine, they are the foundation of Magician’s Masterclass.

During this course, Michael Close is presented with four original ideas for dissection and discussion.  This is where the real magic unfolds.  Secrets and methods are not the focus in Magician’s Masterclass, these workshops teach you how to think.  Four workshops with four original ideas:

1) An opener
2) A closer
3) A character piece/new concept
4) A routine already in performance

Michael Close’s wisdom and attention to detail are on full display while workshopping these ideas.  Learn Michael’s personal approach as he helps craft strongest magic moments for each routine.

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