Smoke & Fire Images for Magicians

Smoke & Fire Images for Magicians

The Magicians Smoke & Fire Image Collection!  Incredible royalty-free images for magicians to grow their magic business!  The Smoke and Fire Collection features over 100+ perfect images for backgrounds and featured images.  Smoke, cards on fire, lasers colored fog and haze.  All things magical for your promotional & marketing needs! 


Included are also PNG files of images extracted from their background.  You can drag-and-drop them onto your designs!  Instant Magician and Graphic Designer! 


You won't find this collection on any stock photography site.  Save huge with our Mystic Pixel Images for Magicians. 


Mystic Pixel is ​Exclusive to Magician Masterclass!  Our collection of HQ, royalty-free photos and Pixel Packs are graphic solutions for magicians you will use everyday!  There are literally thousands of uses.

From Instagram Stories to you next business card or as stunning flyer backgrounds. 


You'll use these over and over.


Create stunning designs in seconds.  Drag-and-drop simplicity.  No special photo editors or graphics layout software required. 


Use what tools you have available to you.


Stunning photographs from Mystic Pixel and exclusive to Magicians Masterclass.  You won't find these anywhere else! 


Unleash your creativity


  • Specifications

    • 550MB
    • 50+ Photographs & Graphics
    • Featured Images, Backgrounds, PNG cut-outs
    • 100% Royalty-free
    • Print quality JPG, & PPNG
    • MAC, PC, & Mobile friendly
    • USD Dollar
  • About Mystic Pixel

    The Mystic Pixel is a collection of royalty-free images and graphic solutions for magicians.  A digital toolkit you'll use all the time to help grow and promote your magic business.

    High quality JPEG and PNG suitable for digital to print.


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