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Over 1000 story-starters and unlimited design potential.  Stunning backdrops for your creativity.  


Sometimes all you want is a starting point.  A canvas for your day-to-day social media.  Mystic Pixel Story Starters are a collection of over 1000 textures and backgrounds you can use to instantly stand out.  The collection consists of 115 story starters in nine colours.


These stories are an assortment of textures, interesting backgrounds, or canvases.  Two images from Mystic Pixel Collection are also designed into some Story Starters!  In this collection, we feature the magician's Top Hat and Cups & Balls that establish "magician" in a unique and modern way!   


Combine these 1000+ story starters with Instagram filters and your creativity-- there's unlimited potential for magicians to build their social media presence.   


Instantly stand out with no design experience needed.  A lifetime of social media graphics in one download.


High-quality images resized to fit comfortably on your phone.  

Instagram Story Starters for Magicians "Cups & Balls and Modern Top Hat"

  • File Size 274 Mb



Exclusive Collection of Stunning Images, Graphics and Templates for Magicians and Magic Themed Designs

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