The future of magicians organizations

In today’s episode, Ryan and Graeme share their perspective on the future of magic clubs and organizations. Does the future look grim for magic clubs? Listen Now

We have seen some of the bigger clubs go virtual. There are already resources in place such as Aaron Fisher and Adam Grace’s Conjuring Community.

Has your local club taken the steps to go virtual? Have you thought about “hybrid” club meetings?

This week we are demystifying virtual magic clubs. It’s easy and there are a lot of benefits!

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The Future of Magic Clubs and Magician Societies

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Feature Topic: The Future of Magic Clubs and Magicians Organizations

Here's what magic clubs are doing terribly

  • Boring

  • Not engaging

  • Stuck in Traditions. Not evolving

  • Not embracing younger generations and ideas

  • Not inclusive

Here's what magic clubs are doing right

  • A schedule

  • A commonplace

  • Coffee :)

  • A sense of community and belonging. Like-minded people working together on similar projects and objectives

  • Lectures. A network of magic clubs allows better speakers and lecturers, which increases diversity and overall quality of magic

  • Embrace the hobbyist

  • Celebrate together. Holidays and events, picnics and gatherings (now all is virtual)

Strategies of Successful Traditional Magic Clubs

  • Plan events and outreach to bring in new members

  • An updated website that demonstrates the club is alive

  • Embrace social media, adapting, modernizing

  • Ask their members for ideas and input on a consistent basis

Embrace Change.

Right now nothing is normal and that is the “new normal”.

As the news says, “this is a fluid situation.”

As Bruce Lee says,

“Be Formless. Shapeless. Like Water” - Bruce Lee

5 Benefits of going virtual with your magic club:

More people tune in

It’s more accessible

No long commute for some of us

We can attend MORE!

Have you thought about joining a club or tuning into one in another part of the world? Or letting others tune into yours?

Easier to showcase A+ Talent

Virtual means it’s easier to host world-class magicians

Stay Connected

We need to stay socially connected even if it is virtually.


No rental, no coffee. Spend more on the educational value.

Bring in a bigger name

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked,

while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

-Bruce Lee

How is your magic club doing? Maybe you should share this episode with them and start a conversation? Hope we can help. Let us know in the comments:

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