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Attention: Other Magicians Are Getting Paid More! 

If You Are a MAGICIAN, Stop Leaving Money on the Table! This PROVEN Solution Will Turn Every Show into a Cash Machine ...Without Booking More Gigs!

Finally, Earn More From Your Magic Shows INSTANTLY Without Booking More Gigs or Working Any Harder—Guaranteed! 

From: Ryan Joyce (on a cruise ship floating in the Atlantic)

Date: May 20, 2024

Dear fellow magician,

If you want to exponentially grow your revenue from the magic shows in the fastest way possible from the shows you have already booked, this is the most important letter you'll read this year.

Yes! Earn MORE $$$ at Every Magic Show!

Okay, buckle up because I'm about to tell you something crazy.


For the past 30 years, I've done it all—birthday shows, fancy events, and even magic on cruise ships! And you know what? The ONE thing that's made the most money isn't some fancy trick. It's a simple idea that changed EVERYTHING for my magician business.

More Profit, Less Grind

I've used this solution for decades to boost my earnings.  This past month alone, I made an EXTRA $2460 in less than an hour-- without hustling for more gigs.


Imagine what that could do for YOUR bottom line!


I've doubled (even tripled!) my fees dozens of times over my career with a simple secret--  and I will share the secret of how you can do this, too.  

Read on!

Nothing Beats the Feeling of Easy Money

Look, I get it.  Seeing other magicians thrive when you're struggling… it sucks. That feeling of being left behind?  I've been there.


Ready for the hard truth? Some magicians ARE earning way more than you. But here's the thing:

❌ It's not about their tricks or show being better.

❌ It's not even about how many years of experience.

There's a secret most magicians don't talk about... and it's the reason some earn loads more money while others just scrape by.

The Secret?


It's about changing the game. It's about getting more out of the shows you're already doing without changing your act at all.


Imagine finally getting paid what you're worth without begging for more clients or learning new tricks or complicated marketing strategies.

Sound good? Then this is for you.  


If you're done feeling stuck, done watching other magicians cash in while you work twice as hard ... if you're ready to FINALLY boost your income without the endless hustle – keep reading.

You MUST Earn More Money From the Shows You're Already Booking!!!


You know the feeling, right?  You pour your heart into creating amazing magic shows.  The kids are thrilled, and the parents are happy, but you're still exhausted, checking your bank account and worrying about next month's rent.

These days, it's even tougher.  


Everything's more expensive, and it feels like everyone's squeezing their budgets tighter than ever.

Profit Boost, Work Smarter

The old ways just aren't enough anymore.  You're putting in more work to find gigs, spending more on marketing, and still seeing those fees barely cover your costs.

It's enough to make any magician want to give up.

Good news: there's a way to finally get paid what you deserve without the constant hustle. A way to boost your income from the shows you already have while actually making those gigs EASIER.

And no, you won't have to become a cheesy salesperson or risk driving clients away with higher prices. This is about creating win-win magic.


So, let me ask you-- and honestly:


Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

You work hard to create unforgettable magic experiences. You deserve to be compensated well, no matter where you perform.

But here's the problem: tight budgets, cutthroat competition, it feels like the whole system is stacked against you. Raise your rates, and you risk losing clients to someone cheaper or to a DJ playing some tunes.

It's a lose-lose situation, and it's not fair. You want to offer amazing entertainment but also need to pay your bills.

So, how do you break this frustrating cycle? How can you earn the money you deserve without pricing yourself out of the market?

The answer isn't just about charging more. It's about offering MORE. It's time to rethink what it means to deliver value at those kids' events and create a solution that benefits YOU and your clients.


Unlock Hidden Magic Show Profits

Picture this: what if you could magically boost your show earnings without the uphill battle of higher fees? Forget cramming in more low-paying gigs or spending months on expensive marketing tactics.

This isn't some pipe dream.


There IS a way to unlock more income from the shows you're already doing.  And yes, the world's smartest magicians have been using this secret for years.

The best part? It makes clients LOVE you even more!  It's about becoming indispensable – the magician everyone wants to book.

Ready for the trick?


It's all about giving organizers something they desperately need, beyond just the show itself.  Imagine solving a problem they already have, AND boosting your bottom line in the process...

Here's Your Secret Weapon


Imagine having a secret weapon that turns every show into a profit powerhouse. That's what I finally discovered after years of frustrating holiday seasons. Sure, those gigs could pay the bills, but that nagging worry was always there:  "Am I leaving money on the table?"

Parents loved my shows, but when budgets were tight...well, you know how it goes.


I wanted to do more for those families AND build a thriving magic business.

Then, one day, everything changed.


I was having coffee with a fellow magician who now performs as a stage hypnotist—a seasoned touring professional with five decades of success.


When he dropped a bombshell, I was venting about the usual budget struggles: "Ryan, have you ever thought about selling something after your show? Back-of-room sales were my secret weapon. With the extra income I earned at my shows, I bought myself a new Cadillac every year."

Honestly, my first reaction was resistance.


Selling stuff? It didn't feel like 'real' magic.  Plus, I was mostly doing birthdays, not big stage shows where that seemed to make sense.

But Paul connected the dots for me.


"Think of it as offering MORE value, not hard selling," he said. "This is something you can sell or upsell.  Parents LOVE goodie bags. What if you offered something different?  Something the kids would truly get excited about..."

He saw it clearly when I didn't.


"A magic activity book!  Packed with fun puzzles and tricks, they can learn right away! Parents are desperate for goodie bag ideas and fun ways to keep their kids engaged after the party hype fades." Paul said, "You'd be solving their problems while making the event even more unforgettable."

He Was 100% Correct... 

But There Was ONE HUGE Problem

Still, I had doubts because I wasn't a graphic designer--- PLUS the idea of creating something this big from scratch was overwhelming.

But Paul saw right through my excuses.

"Look," he said, "you don't have to create a masterpiece. Years ago, I sold a simple coloring book after my stage shows. Kids loved it, and it was a breeze to put together."

He even dug up an old copy to show me. It wasn't fancy, but it was the spark I needed to start creating!  I decided to work on 16 black and white inside pages and a color cover.

Let me tell you, my first version was rough and took WAY longer than I'd like to admit, but.... it was cheap and easy to print on demand.

It wasn't even done when the perfect chance to try it came up! Would parents see the value? Would they even be interested?

Spoiler alert: I was about to get the shock of my life...

My Next Show Profits... DOUBLED!!! 


For the next birthday party inquiry, I was committed to DOING this.  


After giving the usual show details, I channeled Paul's wisdom. "And hey, if you want a special takeaway, the kids will love – I've got these magic coloring and activity books!  They've got tricks they can learn, and..."


I didn't even finish my sentence. "YES!" she practically shouted.  "How much?"



Just like that, I'd earned an extra $60 with almost zero effort! 


At that time, I was selling the books for only $3.00!  Right then, it clicked: This wasn't about being a salesman. This was about giving MORE of what they needed.

Here's ONE Important Secret That Turns EXTRA Profits to GLOWING REVIEWS!

During that show, I performed a trick from the activity book.  

The kids' faces when they found out they were all getting a book for themselves?  Magical!  I told them it was all thanks to the birthday kid and their awesome parents.  




Afterward, the parents couldn't thank me enough.

I couldn't believe I had never done this before.  The extra income was incredible, yes. But knowing I was making those events even MORE special was the biggest win of all.

Stop Struggling with Low Fees!


There's a way to boost your income, deliver unforgettable experiences, and build the thriving magic business you deserve by making MORE MONEY from your shows by offering MORE.


It can unlock a whole new level of success.

You'll see the difference:

💲💲 in your bottom line

😄 the smiles on kids' faces


💖 and the glowing reviews from happy parents.

Whether you're a full-time pro looking to scale your business, or a passionate hobbyist wanting to turn your magic into a serious side hustle, this is for you.

How Technology Made It EVEN Better!


My early attempts at creating the perfect THING that I could sell at public shows or use to upsell for birthday parties was --- meh. They sold well, but I knew it could be much better. I wanted to offer something truly special, something that felt like real magic, not just another flimsy handout.

Year after year, I kept tweaking and improving the designs as the technology and my skills got better.


Was it essential for the activity book to look better to make money? No. But I knew a high-quality product would practically sell itself AND let me charge more with confidence.

Then-- EVERYTHING changed.


Times have changed soooooo fast since I first started using this system to pocket the extra cash from my shows, BUT -- what worked ten years ago isn't good enough anymore.


This amazing money-making system still works perfectly, but my activity book had to change because of how quickly technology has evolved.


Kids are video-savvy, and parents want lasting value.

My solution was SIMPLE and immediately skyrocketed in value! I redesigned the product to combine traditional, easy magic tricks, coloring pictures, puzzles, PLUS video instructions and extra downloadable bonuses.


That's right: a high-quality physical product, the immediate fun of easy-to-learn tricks, and instant access to online videos and bonuses directly from the product!

A secret ingredient that would transform this from a great product into a must-have for EVERY magician:

QR codes! These sneaky little squares had the power to bridge the gap between the physical book and the online world...

These QR codes weren't just a gimmick; they solved problems for me AND my clients. Suddenly, I could:

✔ Charge More! Parents immediately see the extra value of interactive video lessons.

✔ Drive Traffic to my Website!  Boosting online visibility and getting more bookings.

✔ Extra Value! Offer even MORE value with downloadable bonus activities parents loved.

The results? Mind-blowing. Kids went wild for the videos, parents were thrilled with the lasting fun... and my income? Through the roof!

Magician-Made, Easy Money-Maker


Here's the scoop: It turns out I've got a secret talent for design! But being a magician is what REALLY made this magic happen. I knew exactly how to create visuals that were fun, engaging, and totally magical (no cheesy clipart allowed).

This isn't some generic magician-themed activity book.  You get a professional, polished product you'll be proud to put your name on.

Every page is designed by a magician.

The best part? You don't need to learn fancy design software or hire an expensive pro. You can customize the template online in minutes! 

🛑 No Extra Software Fees!

🛑 No Subscription Fees!

🛑 No Graphic Designer Fees!


It's a breeze to customize everything to your brand! It's so intuitive that you'll have a stunning, ready-to-sell coloring book in no time.

Done-For-You Upsell Success!


That's when the lightbulb moment hit. Why not share this system with other magicians?


So I created the ultimate Magician's Back-of-Room Toolkit:

✔ Stunning Customizable Template: Add your name, website, and branding in minutes. No design skills are required!

✔ Print-ready Files: Simple and easy to get these printed at your local print shop.

✔ Cheap to Produce: Maximize your profits by printing only what you need!   

✔ Pre-made videos: Teach the tricks without revealing your own face/identity. It's like having an extra assistant!

✔ Step-by-step guide: Get set up and selling quickly, even if you're tech-wary.

Why I'm Releasing It

For years, this was my little secret weapon, and honestly, I was a bit hesitant to share it. But recently, a good friend and fellow magician came to help on a tour in Canada. 


He saw the quality AND the sales firsthand and gave me a nudge.

"Why keep it to yourself?" he asked. "You should release this to the magic community. It could be a game-changer for many magicians."

He was right.  Magic is a community, and it's time to pay it forward.

After a few months and many weeks of

I know the feeling of leaving money on the table. This toolkit isn't just about

Think about it: we've uncovered a lot. You now know:

  • Budgets are tight, but there's a way to earn more beyond just raising your rates.

  • Magicians must offer a unique solution that solves multiple client problems, justifying the extra income.

  • Parents crave ways to keep kids engaged BEYOND the show, event, or party.

  • Modern tech creates exciting new possibilities for magicians to add value.

  • You don't have to create everything from scratch to make more money at every show or have a successful back-of-room product.

Now, ask yourself:

✔ Are you ready to stop leaving money on the table after every show?

✔ Do you want to make parents and event planners LOVE you for solving their problems?

✔ Would you feel excited seeing kids learn magic tricks YOU designed?

✔ Can you picture yourself earning more, booking more gigs thanks to stellar online reviews?

✔ Are you tired of struggling while other magicians thrive?

✔ Wouldn't it be incredible to have a streamlined system, ready to implement today?

You Have Two Choices


You have a choice to make.

You can keep doing things the old way, hoping something changes. Or, you can:

  • Embrace the future of kids' entertainment and provide multiple profit-earning solutions!

  • Boost your income and reputation without burning out and spending more on marketing.

  • Position yourself as the obvious choice for anyone wanting a truly unforgettable magic show experience-- on and off the stage.


The choice is yours.

If you're ready to step into that second scenario, I have something incredible to share...


Introducing the Magician's Secret Weapon: Your Instant Back-Of-Room Product!


This all-in-one system transforms your kid's magic shows into revenue powerhouses! It's not just a coloring book; it's your key to increased earnings, happier parents, driving website traffic, and boosting your reputation.


I know firsthand how much time and effort it takes to design quality activities, film clear tutorials, AND build engaging resources.


I spent countless hours perfecting this bundle, so you don't have to.

Magician's INSTANT Income Boost!


With this bundle, you'll:

✔ Instantly Boost Your Earnings: Turn a single show into a significant revenue source with a valuable upsell.

✔ Drive Website Traffic: Each book sold directs families to YOUR website, boosting SEO and helping you get found online.

✔ Stand Out From the Crowd: Offer a unique product that makes you the go-to choice for unforgettable kids' events.

✔ Build Lasting Brand Equity: Delight kids and parents alike, earning repeat bookings and rave reviews.

Earn Extra Cash at Your NEXT Gig! 

(No Experience Needed!)


You could be selling this at your very next show! Everything is ready to use. Simply customize your template, print, and watch your profits soar.


Designed for magicians, not designers!


The easy-to-use Adobe Express template and step-by-step guide make this incredibly simple, even for those with zero tech experience. No expensive design software needed! No subscription fees!


[Include 2-3 short, impactful testimonials from magicians who've used the bundle with success.]

Other Social Proof

  • "Perfect for beginners AND seasoned pros – this bundle is a game-changer!"

  • "Sold out 20 books at my last show! Parents couldn't get their wallets out fast enough."

Customizable Magician-Themed Activity Book & Video Bundle! $1600+ Value, Yours for Pennies


If you were to pay a graphic designer, videographer, and photographer to create a similar high-quality book that was 100% original, it would easily cost $1600 or more!


With customizable templates, videos, bonuses, AND step-by-step instructions, this complete system could easily retail for $397 or more. 

Unlock $397 of Value for Just $197

(This Week Only!)

But I want to make this accessible to every magician struggling to make ends meet... So, for a limited time, I'm offering a special introductory price of just $197!


Don't miss this chance to earn more, build your brand, and create magical experiences that go the extra mile.


Get your bundle today and see the results in your very next show.

Get These 4 Incredible Bonuses!

Act Now and Get These EXCLUSIVE Extras (Worth Over $100!)

Order your Magician's Secret Weapon today and instantly receive these 4 incredible bonuses:

Bonus #1: "How to Sell from the Stage" Guide (Value: $47)

Overcome your fear of selling and learn the secrets of back-of-room profits! This exclusive guide gives you proven techniques for maximizing sales without feeling pushy or sales-y.

Bonus #2: Additional Resources & Activities (Value: $27)

Drive traffic to your website with even more downloadable coloring pages, at-home magic tricks, and fun printable activities.


Bonus #3: Magical "Starry Night" Font (Value: $15)

Add a touch of magic to ANY design! This unique font replaces letters with hand-drawn stars for a whimsical, eye-catching look. Easily change the size, color, and spacing for a custom touch.

Bonus #4: Ten Pre-Designed Magician Templates! (Value: $49) 

Instantly elevate your marketing with these stunning graphics for social media and your website. Just drag and drop your photos and text into the template for a professional look. Includes bold colors, high-quality design, and easy editing in Adobe Express (no subscription needed!).

Total Bonus Value: Over $139!


But remember, these bonuses are only available for a limited time.


Get your Magician's Secret Weapon Bundle today and unlock this extra magic for your business!

Booked Shows, Bigger Paychecks


This bundle represents over $400 in value, easily!


But with the introductory pricing and super-charged earning potential, this is an investment that will quickly pay for itself many times over.

Let's break this down:

✅ $97 for a custom coloring book template... That's way less than you'd pay a freelance designer.

✅ $97 for videos you can connect with every coloring book template to help drive traffic to your website

✅ $97 for professional video tutorials... That's cheaper than a single hour with a videographer!

✅ $97 for a system that earns its cost back in your very next show? That's a no-brainer.

Grab Your Profit-Boosting Bundle Now!


Tired of struggling with low fees?


Want happy clients begging to buy your product after every show? This is your chance to earn what you're worth while giving parents the unforgettable experience they crave.

Get the Magician's Secret Weapon today and transform your shows into profit powerhouses!

100% Money-Back Guarantee


Your satisfaction is my top priority.


That's why I'm offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it, use it, and if you don't see the increase in profits you expect, I'll happily refund your investment.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The Math Is Magical!


If you sold 10 books for $15, it would cover nearly the entire cost! I'll average 20 to 30 books for every live event -- that covers the cost and earns you profit the very first time!


Plus, imagine the boost to your reputation when parents rave about the "extra magic" you provided.

This is a Truly Limited Offer! 

Claim Yours NOW Before It's Gone!


The special introductory price of $197 won't last long.


Demand is high, and I want to ensure everyone who invests now gets the personalized support they deserve. Prices will be increasing soon.

Don't Get Left Behind!


While you hesitate, other magicians in your area are already cashing in on this proven system.  Imagine them booking MORE gigs, earning MORE per show, and leaving YOU struggling to compete.

This doesn't have to be your story. The choice is yours:

  • Stay stuck in the old ways, watching your competitors succeed...

  • OR seize this opportunity and unlock a new level of income, impact, and excitement for your kids' shows.

Don't miss out!!! Get yours NOW!


The Magician Secret Weapon

What's Included

 16-Page Customizable Coloring Book Template: Professional design with puzzles, activities, coloring pages, and easy-to-learn magic tricks.

 5 High-Quality Video Instructions: Non-identifying video tutorials for each magic trick in the book, easily embedded on your website.

 Secret Bonus Page with Downloads: Drive traffic to your site with bonus coloring pages, the "Twisted Arrow" magic trick, a magic wand template, and 4 additional activities.


 Effortless Customization Guide: Step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to personalize the template in minutes using Adobe Express (no subscription needed).


 Print-Ready Files: Professionally formatted for easy and affordable printing. Produce each book for around $1!


 BONUS #1: "How to Sell from the Stage" Guide: Master the art of the upsell and maximize your back-of-room sales.

 BONUS #2: Additional Resources & Activities: More downloadable content to keep the magic (and profits) flowing!

 BONUS #3: Magical "Starry Night" Font: This unique star-based font adds a touch of wonder to any design.

 BONUS #4: 10 Pre-Designed Magician Templates: Elevate your marketing with stunning social media and website graphics.

You Get Everything You Need to Succeed!

The Magician's Secret Weapon is your ticket to a thriving business and happier clients. Don't let fear hold you back. Click the button to claim your bundle NOW, and I'll personally guide you to success!

Talk Soon,

Ryan D Joyce

P.S. Make sure you don't miss this incredible opportunity to INSTANTLY start earning more at the shows you are already performing!


Remember, when you get the Magician's Secret Weapon today, you're not just getting a magician activity and coloring book—it's a complete system with embedded videos that you can use to earn more from every show you do and drive traffic to your website! 


Think about it:

  • Instant Upsell: Start earning EXTRA cash in your pocket at your VERY NEXT gig. An INSTANT back-of-room product!

  • More Website Traffic: Every book you sell drives people to YOUR website, boosting your business.

  • Happy Parents, Happy Kids: You'll be the hero, offering fun that lasts long after the party ends.

  • PLUS, get over $139 in EXCLUSIVE bonuses – the "Sell from the Stage" guide, extra activities, the "Starry Night" magician font, and 10 pre-made magician templates – all yours FREE when you order NOW.

But don't wait! This special $197 price (a steal for over $400 of value!) won't last long. The clock is ticking, and spots are limited.

Click that button below, and let's unlock the true earning potential of your magic shows!

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