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A list of 30+ magic tricks professional magicians can easily add to their virtual shows and livestream events

The 3 Magic Books That Changed Us

What books influenced your interest in magic?  Here are  the 3 Magic Books that changed our careers

How to Structure a 15 Minute Magic / Mentalism Set

Tips and advice for structuring a solid fifteen-minute magic set.  Virtual or Live. 

Is Your Magic Business Ready for 2021?

the most important things you should be doing to book more shows and gigs in 2021.

Virtual Shows! How Magicians Survive & 10 Things We Didn't Expect

Get up-to-speed on how magicians can create more interactive and engaging virtual events plus how to effectively use livestreaming to earn money and survive in 2020. This is the final of our five-part series Reinventing Yourself in 2020.

Comedy Writing & Tips for Better Jokes

Comedy can be sprinkled into any magicians performance.  How do you write jokes?  We talked with a comedy writer (Late Night talk shows) and performer as seen on AGT, Michael Paul!  

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