How To 

Become a Magician

How to Become A Magician

For centuries, magic tricks were taught and shared one-magician at a time.  Anyone with an interest in magic can now learn magic. 


Here are some fun crafts and DIY projects for kids and beginner magicians!  Enjoy

Step 1

Create Your Magicians Tools




How to make a Magician Wand - Three Versions


Top Hat

A one-page magicians top hat printout & that's perfect for craft time!


Magician's Stage

Build a magicians performance pad & secret backstage


Step 2

Learn Magic Secrets

Here we learn and share some of the magic's finest secrets and crafts for kids and young magicians.  You won't find these in any other wizarding worlds!

Let's start making magic:

Playing Card Box Template

Playing Card Box Template

Create your own playing card box! PDF

Growing Magic Wand Trick

Growing Magic Wand Trick

There's a hidden magic trick in the magician wand PDF template. It's super easy to make, all you need is some glue and your newly created magic wand.

Harry Houdini Coloring Page

Harry Houdini Coloring Page

Harry Houdini is one of the most famous names in magic! Here's a free Harry Houdini Coloring Page to celebrate this magical legend! Download Now!

Magic Wand Template Pro

Magic Wand Template Pro

A magical upgrade to the basic Magic Wand Template!
6 Vibrant Colors
3 Unique Patterns
Canva Template (provides unlimited colors!)

It's easy Craft & DIY for the kids!

No software needed
No fancy papers required
Customizable with free Canva account

Step 3

Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the most important things a successful wizard or magician can do is to practice.  Learning a magic trick is very different from performing a magic trick.  


Ask Your Magic Questions

Do you have a magic question for Magician School?  We'll try and conjure and answer for you:


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