Will Magician's Business Surge in 2021?

"What is that joke at the beginning of your show-- it always gets a laugh?" I was sorting close-up magic tricks and gimmick cards.

(Record scratch)

Holy #*@! I forgot my show's opening lines.

It took more than sixty seconds to remember. "What if you had a show tomorrow night??"

I was now openly talking to myself. "Should you start rehearsing?"

More curse words.

It was instantly apparent I've spent way too much time in front of a CHAT BUTTON.

Lately, I've been asking all my magician friends about the future, and if they think bookings will surge. I've also been curious what they think about the future of virtual magic shows.

Will bookings surge after COVID-19? The answer isn't simple. Rolling Stone Magazine recently published an article asking if summer concerts will return in 2021. The industry magazine was confident that "Most large-scale concerts and tours in the U.S. cannot return until 2022."

How does this apply to the magic industry? Most magicians I talked with were not overly optimistic that live performances will flourish this year; here are the expectations:

▶ Trade shows, conferences and large events will have a slow recovery. Expect next year to surge.

▶ Theatre shows will continue to suffer throughout this year and into the beginning of next year. Live Nation says 83% of fans have opted to hold onto tickets rather than ask for refunds, reflecting widespread fan demand for the return of shows.

▶ Corporate events will see a return to some live performances. Virtual demands will likely remain high for most of the year.

▶ Magicians who perform local themed events, schools, birthday parties and smaller social gatherings will likely see the first signs of returns as vaccinations increase and market confidence grows.

Everyone planning a live event is discussing backup plans. Cancellations are likely throughout 2021.

Regarding virtual magic shows, there are TWO distinct groups. Some magicians embraced virtual shows and others firmly acknowledged virtual shows will never be for them.

That seems fair.

What do you think about virtual magic shows?

Do you think virtual magic shows are here to stay? I'd love to know your thoughts. This survey took only 37-seconds and the results will be shared in an upcoming podcast episode and article in VANISH Magic Magazine.

Take the survey.

Tell us your thoughts about virtual magic shows. Do you think they're here to stay?

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