Why entertainers need to up their graphics game (EP 50)

In this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed discuss how to achieve better promotional and marketing designs. They share six essential design tips, how to start each page, how many fonts you should choose and more.

This is part four of “Reinventing Yourself in 2020.”

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Why entertainers need to up their promotional graphics game and how you show

FEATURE TOPIC: Why entertainers need to up their graphics game

Outdated graphics = back button

Is your promotional video on VHS? Prove it

Starting Point: Foundation

  • Toolkit

  • Folder Structure

  • Know your tools

  • Photoshop

  • Canva

  • Corell

  • What works for you.

  • Adobe Spark

Fast access. Graeme Reed shares how magicians should setup their folder structure.

Know your objectives before you begin

  • What is this graphic trying to achieve

  • What is the size/dimensions of what I am making

  • How will what I be making be used?

  • EX - Logo - Used everywhere - big and small

Do some research:

  • Investigate designs you like

  • I have a research folder in my toolkit

  • You could spend the most time here

  • Essential in the creative process

  • Janousky talks about this when it comes to animation

Here are four ways to improve your existing designs

  • Start with a sketch

  • Study trends and research designs you like (and meet your brand)

  • Always think from the perspective of your customer and their experience

  • Have a solid brand

Six Essentials of Good Design









Kerning & tracking & line-height

Divide your page into three

Design is about proper balance

Blank page space isn’t a bad thing

Negative space is a super great thing!


Fun & Exciting doesn’t need to include every colour

Match your style

If in doubt, don’t overdo it

Avoid unrelated colours


Current images

Appealing images

If in the background, don’t let it crowd or busy the space

Scale means dominance - Larger images we are drawn into


Don’t blur your message

It’s okay to skip shadows, bevels and glows


Black on White or White on Black has always been the most powerful and easiest thing to read, contrast is king.


Stick with the basic, clean and simple. Choose 2

Never stretch a font


Try and find shortcuts every time you design. How can you speed up the workflow or process?

Ask for feedback

Free Resources

Mystic pixel






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