What Kind of Magician Are You?

Today Graeme and Ryan are discussing the fundamentals of the magical performer, We ask several fundamental questions every magician should be able to answer about their character. Do you?

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Ep 82 - What Kind of Magician Are You?

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Feature Topic: What Kind of Magician Are You?

These questions define everything about your performance from material selection to music selection. Here are several questions every magician should know their response. Do you?

How do you react to magic?

  • Does magic happen to you?

  • Are you in full control or surprised?

  • Do you share in the audience’s reaction or observe?

How do you present your magic?

  • Do you acknowledge that magic is a skill?

  • Do you maintain full wizard-mode?

  • Do you make your volunteers the star?

What is your Character looking for?

  • Why are you doing the magic

  • Is it for you?

  • Is it for them?

  • Are you seeking attention?

  • Are you a demonstrator of skill?

Is your Magic Sci Fi or Fantasy?

Science Fiction

  • Includes Superheroes

  • has some sort of backstory - an accident, mutation

  • Often In the future, involves technology


  • Magical powers

  • unreal creatures and beings

When it comes down to it - Who are you on stage? We had a similar discussion in our local magic club a handful of years ago and I remember describing my stage persona as “the best version of myself” and I still stick to that.

It is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others,

but to know yourself takes a lifetime.

-Bruce Lee

Thanks for listening!

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