POOF! Vanish Magazine Article

After two months, and the hard work of a small army, we finally get to say hello.

I‘ve been keeping Magician’s Masterclass a secret for the past two months but behind the scenes, there has been an unimaginable amount of work for today’s release. 


What’s been really refreshing about working on this project is the level of enthusiasm from others.  Peter Mennie is one of those people.  Peter helped us film and I consider him a close friends.  He wrote this article introducing Magician’s Masterclass and send it along to Paul Romhany the editor and creator of Vanish Magazine which is now read by over 100,000 magicians from around the world.

I’m excited to finally share it with you!

-Ryan Joyce & The Magician’s Masterclass Team

PS: Big magic drama and an official introduction to Magician’s Masterclass is on the latest podcast (click here) and then go subscribe to Vanish Magazine.  It’s completely free and an incredible resource for magicians. 

What’s a good quality in a magician mentor?

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