Steve Wyrick RPLA - Magic Video of the Week

Magic Flashback! We go way back to the World's Greatest Magic Days with a classic moment featuring Steve Wyrick. "I bet you're wondering what RPLA stands for?" Watch this week's clip of the week below.

WATCH: Penn & Teller Blast Off!

Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share a weekly magic video on their podcast Magicians Talking Magic. This week Graeme choose Penn & Teller's classic illusion, Blast Off!



Steve Wyrick makes girl appear underwater

Steve Wyrick makes an Orange County Chopper Appear

Except from YouTube

When the Teutuls of Orange County Choppers - Paul Sr., Paul Jr. and Mikey --put a custom bike that they had built for Steve Wyrick in celebration of the illusionist’s 1,000th show at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino into a glass box on the Las Vegas Strip, they, as well as the 5,000 spectators, expected to see the chopper in plain sight. However, Steve had a few tricks up his sleeve. When he pulled the cover off the clear box, to the Teutul’s shock and the audience’s bewilderment, the box was empty!

The bike reveal was filmed for a one-hour episode of American Chopper.

Did Greg Frewin's magic inspire your magic career?

Let us know in the comments!

Magicians Talking Magic Episode 35 - Audio Transcript

Hosted by Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

Transcript from Episode 35

Ryan Joyce: Let's do the video of the week first. Here's a little reminder of last week's video of the week.

Steve Wyrick: I bet you're wondering what RPLA stands for.

Steve Wyrick: let's show him guys.

Graeme Reed: Do you know what do you know? Did you have any guesses?

Ryan Joyce: That famous clip.

Graeme Reed: I mean we both know this one is Steve Wyrick. We had Steve Wyrick and I bet you're wondering what RBLA stands for.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Oh my gosh. If you haven't seen this, go back and watch it. really fast. Illusion as usual from World's Greatest Magic, um, shiny shirts.

Ryan Joyce: Probably wearing competition pants too.

Graeme Reed: Ooh, definitely competition pants.

Ryan Joyce: To win this one in your own mind, cause you're the only winners here. You have to know who it was. You can't just be like, yeah, I know the illusion. You've gotta know who it is. Did you know? That's Steve Wyrick.

Have you seen this illusion from Steve Wyrick before?

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