Make Your Magic Spooky

Halloween is in the air and David Copperfield is all over the YouTubes. In episode fourteen we talk about making your magic spooky, vintage magic, Copperfield specials and more.

TOPICS COVERED: FISM, Renee-Claude, Eugene Burger, Halloween, Costume Magic Shows, Justin Flom, Paul Daniels, Tony Hassani, World's Greatest Magic, David Copperfield

Episode 14 | Magicians Talking Magic

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Episode 14 of Magician's Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce. I'm a full time magician. Magic is the only job I've ever had.

Graeme Reed: And my name is. I have a background full time in television, but I recently became a full time pro pro pro pro.

Ryan Joyce: Pro in the city. Yeah. It is a busy time to be a magician right now.

Graeme Reed: Oh my gosh. We are in, it's the holiday season, so that means T two holidays where everything's confusing. You go from spooky times. The Halloween shows right into Christmas shows. Super weird.

Ryan Joyce: This is my Christmas. Halloween is my Christmas. I just love Halloween. I go all out for it. I mean festival size. I used to have a, you'd be Halloween parties and smoke. I just filled this house with so much smoke. Oh, read. It looked like it was from a nineties movies, you know, bouncy car.

Graeme Reed: I've only ever, I've only ever heard of your Halloween parties. I've never experienced them. Oh, it's going to be, yeah.

Ryan Joyce: We'll do another one. Some point and there'll be lots of Halloween things to do and see. Have you ever done a Halloween show?

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I always have about a couple of Halloween shows that happen. Um, usually it's ah, it's fun. So I D I do a couple of kid shows sometimes like a for golf clubs and things like that and maybe a couple of corporates. And I do basically my kids act and I do. So we just had our, our monthly lecture or a club meeting for the KW magic society.

Ryan Joyce: I couldn't make it. I hope it was a great meeting.

Graeme Reed: It was super fun. I wish I could have been there mini lectures. so everyone had a moment to talk about different, not everyone but various people. So uh, Darryl Hutton of course he talked about their all.

Ryan Joyce: Darryl the Wizard,

Graeme Reed: He talked about how you can Halloween-ify your show, which are things I already do anyhow and I bet a lot of us do. But you hit up the dollar store and you change it, you know, you changed your change bag to a Halloween bag and you change, you put some stickers or deckels on some of your other things around your case. So you just have Halloween props on your backdrop and things like that. And I change all my music to goosebumps. Remember the theme song as fun. Yeah. Goosebumps. And then of course, um, stranger things. I use all those things and like, um,.

Ryan Joyce: Eighties retro music. Yeah. All that sort of stuff. So that's, and I, I change basic card tricks. I have a deck of cards that I printed out on my home computer, which is cardstock and it's all Halloween costumes, so I can do different tricks with that. I've done different things with that. So yeah, I've done a lot of fun Halloween shows. I had been asked though most recently do a spook show, which has always intrigued me. Right. Spook theater.

Yeah. That's the old, old, old vaudeville style. Like as in are you talking like the, they had traditional ones where like they turn the lights out.

Graeme Reed: Well, so I think they just want like a spirits. Yeah. That's kind of what, but I think they just want a spooky magic show. I don't think they want a full seance Yeah. Type of deal. But.

Ryan Joyce: It used to be big. It was like hypnosis shows in the days, you know, like, I mean back in the early days they used to sell those things with that same phenomena of like actually experiencing real life ghosts. Right. You know, and yet it's some guy in a black hoodie. Yeah. Hold the fluorescent boot. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Oh, don't look at me. While I was watching as watching a ton of Eugene burger lately because of Halloween time and being asked to do.

Ryan Joyce: The Shiva Dance, the dance of 10,000 angels. I don't know if that's the actual quote, but I have to said that. Sorry to cut you off.

Graeme Reed: I wish I could do from the gypsy threads, Eugene voice. Like I could register that deep, but I can't do that. I can't do that.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, he does go real like, yeah. And his, he has an amazing voice. It's perfect for the magic that he does. It totally fits. And he does the classic,.

Graeme Reed: Oh, like when you have a punctuating line in your sentence that really magnifies your point. Yep. That really magnifies your point. He always repeats it again. He pauses and repeats it again. Yes. And does that little head shake, shakes it and wiggles the beard, get a little beard.

Ryan Joyce: The beard wiggle.and Oh, he was amazing. He was amazing.

Graeme Reed: And he was always for some reason like 70 years old, right? Like he was 70, uh, 30 years ago.

Ryan Joyce: Absolutely. I agree. Yeah, I agree. His magic was incredible because it was such great storytelling. I mean, Oh, so what would you say your favorite one? W w what is your favorite Eugene?

Graeme Reed: My favorite piece, um, is the coin thing. He does, I don't know what it's called and it's not even his, he, I think it's a Japanese magician, but, um, it's, I mean, you imagine three coins on the table and you pick one up and you hold onto it and he goes, that's imagination and this is reality. And he has the other two coins in his hands. Yeah. Yeah. I forget what that trick is called. Bed. He, it's on his penguin lecture at bed. It's in a bunch of his material too. That's one of my favorites.

Ryan Joyce: My favorite for without a doubt is Eugene burgers. Uh, the gypsy thread without a doubt that I saw that first time I believe on Paul Daniels special. Oh wow.

Graeme Reed: Did he use the little birthday candle too?

Ryan Joyce: I think so. Yeah. And that's, yeah, that's where that quote comes from. The, I think he says the Shiva dance, the dance of 10,000 angels. I don't know what he says, but that's what I've probably said, you know, for the last 15 years. It's like one of those telephone games. I wonder what at the end of it, what did it actually, he says, no, this is a candle and this is a piece of string. But now I've said this, Shiva dance, a dance, whenever I'm asked about like early childhood magic and learning it, I always think of, but I never bring it up because no one's going to relate to it except for very specific magicians.

Graeme Reed: I always bring up Tony Husseini because I got this VHS tape of like easy to master tricks or something like that. Totally has. Tony has Sini and I just remember his salt shaker vanish and it was just like a very like, wow, salt shaker is gone and that's just burned in my head forever and I just don't bring it up cause it's probably a little fad. I don't know, but hear it though. I brought it up. so that is that, that to me is like first few magic tricks that I was learning because I remember that VHS tape, it had six card repeat on it, all that sort of stuff. Oh man. I classic.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. I wonder which ones I've burnt most like burnt rewinding the most. I would absolutely. Without question say the piece of magic or Bradley I've watched more than any during my childhood was the floating Rose like learning aims. Well Copperfield's special. Oh, the special, yeah. I watched Jay Sankeys airtight right before that, the two I would, that moment there was the piece of music they played in the transition, just lead in right into the, it was just wonderfully executed. I, I've watched it probably 400 times.

Graeme Reed: The special I always watched was world's greatest magic to. Yeah. Oh, Derek Arthur starts it off right. You can see behind in front and all around, let's play it again in slow motion. Right. And he produces that white tiger and we said, okay. And it has a spinning the Spinney one. Yeah. Yeah. And it's got the jazzy music and then it's got Jeff McBride in the masks and it starts off with Alan Thicke standing in front of him. Uh, and then he walks away right in. Jeff has the light, the light mask with the eyes. Yeah. Don't, don't, didn't dude, don't, don't, yeah.

Ryan Joyce: That was like the listing to me as a kid. And then now when I watch it again, I'm like, yeah, it's still really fun, but not a lot of magic. Like it's, it's a lot of acting and mime work. It's really, yeah. It's super interesting. Uh, David Williamson does Rocky the raccoon on that one with, uh, he shoots through the fire hoop of the people's like, Oh, right, right. The lighter blue with that. Yeah. Into DDS, a coat or whatever at a DDS purse. Amazing. Jonathan's on that one. It has bill Malone. It's got Paul Gertner with the steel cups and balls. Um, that one is like one of the, it's my favorite for sure when I was a kid. Watch that. I think it was one of the first ones I saw. And then also the Lance Burton special where he does the, um, he fights the guy, you know, he does the sword fight with the sandals.

Right. Cut. I remember that right? Yup. Yup. Oh I that was a neat switch and he would went and the reveal was fun cause it was like the first time T V sort of did them like it didn't they reveal it and it was more like he was saying it almost to camera, didn't he? Like yeah they did it. They jib pulled out cause they, he did this right Dakota chair. Right. And they had pulled out and he was standing there in the audience and then he does his like throw to the next thing and it was so perfectly executed. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That was really great. It kind of reminded me just the nicest smooth term. Like remember when Copperfield, did you watch Copperfield's early? Stuff like, yeah, did the over Niagara falls. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like the stunt is silly.

I mean you're looking at back now, it's not silly, but it's like it was perfect for the time. He was things kind of insane, but it is kind of insane. Yeah. And that moment was so great when he's on that rope right at the, you know, it goes over the edge and the music is perfectly edited in and it's just a big crescendo. And then like dark, he comes in with that helicopter swinging from the rope. And as you know, it was just really great. Kind of, it was just, I had felt TV and magic took a different reveal, took an editing for my guesses, how I felt with that one. Right. I used to be like a full burdens. It used to be a full encompassing live production and it was available on production timing and everything. And now there's a little bit more play, uh, with maybe pre show and editing and which is fair game, but it's just not as exciting.

It'd be cool to see one of those classic, I wish Copperfield had a new TV special, I guess is what we're all saying. Yeah, that's would be fun. It'd be fun to see how he would story tell now. Like, I mean, I've seen his show in Vegas a ton of times, so I, I know, but I'd be curious to see how he would, have you seen the most recent show with the dinosaur and the alien? Yeah, it's fine. I haven't seen this. It's so fun. It's, his show is spectacular. Like you can't not go see Copperfield and think like, wow, that was, yeah. EV. Everything you would expect to see in Vegas. You're right. He's like, well, he's cool. He's like Walt Disney on stage in a magic form. Exactly. In his own movie way. He's a, he's a walking a cinema. So talking all this stuff.

Should we jump into news of the week? Absolutely. All right. Let's see. All above all sorts of things in this Newsweek over all over everything this week. So coming out, uh, this is released yesterday, Thursday, uh, Liberty, mother of exiles, and that's a new HBO documentary. Uh, it's all about the statue of Liberty and its importance and all this, uh, and uh, features. David Copperfield. So David Copperfield popped up on the build series on YouTube and he was talking mainly about, mostly about the statue of Liberty and his involvement with the whole thing. And he got to do some incredible unique things. Like, I don't want to spoil all of that. The interview is incredible because David is amazing to listen to, but he does mention that he got to stand up by the torch. He got to be up there and there's only been a couple of people that are allowed up there besides a couple of workers.

Uh Oh, that's wild. I haven't gotten the whole here, the whole thing. I, I that's, I had no idea. I'm sure he, yeah, he doesn't really, he's been kind of hidden. Yeah. And you can tell he's so proud that he got to stand in the statue of Liberty. Right. Cause he's, uh, he's like a New York guy and he says the only other person that's done this to is Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York. So it's just so of course be proud about that. Um, but yeah, this build series for sure. It's an amazing interview with David Copperfield talking about all the little details to make that impossible thing happen. Right? Like when you look at all the illusions, those big things that he would do, think of all like, I mean, think of all the little, all the production details, all the historical details. Cause he's done things with the statue of Liberty, great wall of China, all these, there's so much Alcatraz, he asked it so much fun content getting, he's getting special access to all these things. I mean,

Graeme Reed: yeah. Well and that's just it. I mean, in terms of like what's the takeaway from a regular mad J, the use and MES, what's the takeaway of all like these big stunts that other people do? And I guess I would have to say like, you try to find something that you can claim yourself and associate yourself with some kind of accomplishment. Like look at, I'll go the buddies that we've got with within our little SoCal social circle, like Doug hunt is got the world record for tallest stilts and stuff and that that is now a permanent fixture for him and as his brand and everything. So, and same with, um, um, amazing, amazing Mike. I almost said magic Mike, which is totally different. Awesome. Mike. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Oh, awesome. Yeah. Record holder there as well, right. For yo-yos and glean roles. Yeah. Yep. And it's not about breaking records and all that, it's just about finding something that you can say is kind of unique to you.

Ryan Joyce: Right. And you know what I've been doing on my, uh, on my emails now I can cohost of magicians talking magic podcasts. Yeah. Which just gives you a little bit more street cred too, I guess the average Joe.

Graeme Reed: That's true. I think I added that on my LinkedIn profile too. I don't know if you have to your LinkedIn.

Ryan Joyce: Well, on a long time I don't have LinkedIn. You don't have LinkedIn? I've never had LinkedIn. I don't know. I don't know why I would need it. I get it. I realize there's some people at home that are like, you need link. I don't need LinkedIn. I'm not going to do it. I don't

Graeme Reed: put any effort into it at all. I know it's probably something that should be, but yeah, I don't, I think I don't. I don't. I have a LinkedIn page. It's definitely for business for sure. And everybody's saying that video gets picked up on LinkedIn right now because Facebook is all out of date and stuff.

Ryan Joyce: Really I just used, I just use Facebook and Instagram right now. That's the only ones I use. Yeah. I don't even use Twitter. I should probably use Twitter more.

Graeme Reed: I enjoy Twitter but I lately I've just haven't been able to do anything I have, which is I guess I enjoy Instagram. I just, I feel so much social pressure T w for myself cause I want to post a nice picture. I put too much thought into it. It's terrible. It's terrible. That's why I like the stories because it's so engaging. You can just be real and like in the moment and all that. I don't know. I put a lot of pressure on my, I like a lot, so I

Ryan Joyce: overthink it immensely. But you're allowed the Oh wow. Festival account has so much crazy content on it constantly. You really did an incredible job. Uh, dot com. Yeah, thanks. Yeah, that's all I did at the beginning of the month. I made like 300 pieces of content in my, like just, we've got one amazing uh, lady helping us out with the social media and she's all plugging in, helping him run all that stuff. Cause I, I man, I hate, can't even keep up with my own, nevermind all of the other stuff with this. So the social media is so crucial for all the magicians. So those are the things that we're doing on talking about, of course, are on a different level or scale I guess. But they all boil down to everybody's businesses. Like, everybody should engage in the, you know, the Instagram and the social media and stuff too for shows.

I mean it's about providing some kind of a voice to the world and you've got Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to do it. So yeah, and these are free to choose video. They're free tools to use to promote yourself. It's so easy. And if you think about if you're a magician, now this, I'm so excited lately cause I finally I kicked it, I had a couple Lucy free cut like a freelance contracts still kicking around and they are all kind of gone now. And then now I'm just like, I'm just, I'm just the thing, I'm the product now and I'm just, the thing magic is the thing. So it's so fun to now be able to just focus on my own advertising, my own brand and creative. Uh, super exciting. So keeps me businesses and I guess while we're on the topic, we probably talked about it before.

That's a free tool. I've been using that a lot lately. I even designed a quick business card on there. They have business card templates you can print from Canva. It's expensive, but Vista print of course is always super duper cheap and fast. And I had a, as a little promo tool, um, what's, uh, from Ottawa, Kris? Um, pills worth Nope. Piling. Oh Ryan Ryan piling right piling. Yes. Yeah. He's coming to the convention. I'm can we do hang out with him? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Ryan, yes, of course. So I bought his, uh, he has little pamphlets. He has this website where he has little pamphlets, teacher trick things and you get video tutorials. So I bought the package cause I was doing a convention, I think I talked about this before, but now I've ended up the link and URL on a little business card and I designed that on Canva within like a minute, had it printed on Vista print so fast.

And I have like a ton of these. So now I want to meet people. I'm driving a lot of traffic to my website now with just this simple business. That's great. Yeah, Canva is certainly a great tool to do all that stuff with. And the printing is so cheap. And also to check your local printer too. Don't forget that I learned that lesson. The local you can. Yeah, cause they're actually the fastest is the local printer. Yeah. And the quality has gotten amazing. I'm used to running everything in such high numbers and such. So the, I usually end up having, you know, get 5,000 or something. At

Graeme Reed: least I used to. So I had never really considered my local printer much. But yeah, definitely if you, you have a local printer shop around the, you would be amazed at what they can do with even, you can have the appearance of the four-color for over four processes. They would say edge to edge. Look, they'll trim it for you and everything. So, and this is coming from somebody who lives in a small town and so they have that near you too. So yeah. And this is a promotional material and all that stuff is all these are just extensions of us as you have the name of the print. The print shop that you're using right now are in our print shop is the company's right downtown Fergus and I'm the program I put probably printed in Fergus, Ontario to just to, that's awesome. For the festival cause I've for the last couple days, weeks, well just, it's a slow trickle I guess of just constant work.

I've been working on those, the program for the festival and I remember really happy with it because we want our guests, you know, when you see a magic show you want them to, to be kind of dazzled on every front. At least. That's always been my goal. When they come to the show, they experience should be nice and smooth. Of course you w as a corporate kind of identity. You want them to experience a nice entrance and exit and you want to, while they're seated in the theater. I always tried to find ways to entertain them just in the boring times when other people don't, you know? And then in the show it's just always about adding 10% more than everybody else, I think. Isn't it? Isn't that the real secret of this? It is that, that's all the secret of always trying to do a little, little extra little lights.

LightStream you know who talks about that too a lot. Do you know the magician? John gusta, Pharaoh, you, John Guastaferro, he's a creative guy and he has lecture notes called one degree. So he always says, just take your magic further by one degree and just add a little, a little something else or, and you can even add that doesn't, doesn't have to be the trick itself. It could just be the experience and how you, um, enhance the whole experience. Cause really that's what the service we provide is an experience, not just magic tricks. It's true. Back to the news tables side or yeah. In front of a stage. Yeah. Back to the news. Back to the news. That's the good trends as expensive transition two, there is a lot of to diesels, um, that wasn't no Cobb common creative copyright free transition. Yeah. But you can't issue, I think that's now on magic magic pixel. You can get that news transition. It's called the MTM transition. Oh four. Yup. Um, so in the news, there is a new kind of YouTube series that, uh, is a partnership with Justin Flom in the NHL. Kind of interesting thing. Um, it's like a six minute short, little short little diddle and Darcy do that. Did he do that? That might make sense. I could see that happening and they'd have to, I thought Darcy, I already did that in Canada. CVC, wasn't he doing hockey and magic? I imagine he would have, he has that connection. Hmm.

Ryan Joyce: Cause his dad, well this is great to see more magic, especially in that, you know, a demographic of that's not really associated with magic ever bleeds into a new audience. It's real fun. I watched the clip, it was fun to have the little cameo. Yeah. But you guys appearance, you get Mark Wahlberg in there. Yep. Shizam and then, uh, yeah, but I guess, yeah, it's a, it's a win win situation doing magic for these young hockey players. So of course you're gonna get a pretty good reactions out of these guys. Uh, this first episode is with max Domi. I hope I pronounce his name right. Not a hockey fan at all. Uh, but he's a Montreal Canadian. Oh yeah. I will. The F the number one comment, uh, is like, why the heck is NHL posting a joke or video? Cause the guy does look a little bit terrifying in the thumbnail.

Oh my God, I'm so glad you said that because I, I wasn't gonna mention that aloud, but I thought he looked like maybe he had a little too much work. Uh, look a little, they maybe the makeup artists went overboard or something. I'm not sure. But yeah, I see what you're saying. Cause there's another video on the side with him and he looks, he looks like Cara top. That's where I thought I said, Oh, is this kid on top? Originally I was like, Oh wow. Good co za hockey player. By the way, I know you probably haven't because this is also kind of maybe the last news topic, uh, in theaters right now is the joker movie. And I haven't seen it, but I've heard it's crazy good if you get a moment in time. It is a Alicia and I saw it the other night on a cheap, cheap movie night and yeah, it was fantastic.

I've heard great things. It's so good. And appearance is by playing cards. Is there playing cards in the movie? You know what, I didn't know. No, I don't think so. There's not damn, maybe at the, actually I don't want to S I'm not gonna say anything. Yes, but I don't think, I thought for sure there would be a little, and the anther was, I didn't pay close enough attention, but the movie is phenomenal. It's very, uh, intense and real. All right. I'm, I'm pumped to see it. Let us know if you've seen it in the comments and let us know what you thought about it. Cause I will watch it, but it's like the doubt now B movie. I want to watch that. But that's now like out of theaters. I know that that's still an area that's who is it? Yeah, it's still in some theaters.

It was still on the, on the bill. The bill ski in an caster. Oh, well I, well I'll, I want one of these days I'll get around to seeing a movie. Um, yeah. God man. Oh man. Is this? Yup. Well, so what's next on the magic news? What? Oh, well let's, you know what it is time to flip it over to the Reddit topics of the week. I just flipped it. Yeah. You can get that transition to on the magic pixel. That is a MTM underscore a slight transition. Oh six, right? Yeah. Not to be confused with those seven which is a little bit more like, yeah. Yeah. It's an inhale. Yup. You can get all these transitions in more at magic pixel. Yeah. It's mystic pixel. Oh. Like you should have corrected me way earlier on this design. It's fine. You don't need to plug.

All right. Well we're still a mystic pixel. You're a row to free solutions for your graphic needs. A Reddit. I have, again, I'm kind of living vicariously through you on some of these magic topics just cause I haven't been able to get by. I got caught up on some of the, we wouldn't tell what, yeah. This interview with another interview. So this is copper field is everywhere right now. Copperfield has everyone else. So if you haven't listened to the magicians podcast, there's a full podcast there with copper field and he talks a lot. It's so much fun. They play a game or they pull out a different magic special and talk about it. Oh, that's fun. It's an amazing, I think it's almost like two hours long too. It's really good. But listen to this podcast, I still haven't listened to it, so yeah. Okay. So he is on GQ talking about his most iconic illusions and he talks about them in depth in the behind the scenes of what made them so much difficult and challenging from a production standpoint and from a magic standpoint and all the unique things he got to do. And the editing in the cause. It's GQ is top notch. They made him, they made him look dynamite in this thing. How do you know how old David Copperfield is?

Okay. I think I've, I'm going to guess which, she doesn't look this, but I just have insight. I think he's about 65, 63 he is 63 years old. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Think of all these things that he has done so many things. He's done so many incredible crew. He talks about all the big illusions he did. So you were talking about Niagara falls, like the start of the episode, he talks in depth about Nagra falls and has, did you see this on the GQ thing or know some of the clip? Yep. I watched some of that clip. I skipped through some of the ones that I was interested in. C for sure. So just really well done. So yeah, I was watching, uh, I watched most of it and um, he talks about how he had a stunt man practicing the, the rope thing from the helicopter coming up.

Oh wow. Because he was like, I was going to do it for real the day of, but we're having a stunt man so they could figure out the production and the, you know, it was like a stand in basically, and the stunt man did at once and they came over and he's like, I'm not going to do it again. And he was like, white, well, why not? And the helicopter pilot in the stuntmen were like, well, there's no out. There's no out. Like usually you do stuff above the ground. So like you can wobble the helicopter back to safety, but here you're like three feet away from Nagra falls below you or Rapids and rocks and everything and just danger. There's nowhere to go. So he was,

Graeme Reed: he just had to do it. Copperfield, just wow, that's intense. And he said, uh, he talks about like, is one of the most amazing things ever. It looks terrifying, but he says he's three feet away from the falls and it's just splashing on you. And at the end he ends. Yeah, yeah. At the end with a smile, he's like, yep, my hair was still dry. Yeah, I saw that. Yeah, it was great. Yeah. Yup. Uh, so I had a really great interview. I'll watch the rest of it as well. It's about 40 minutes as well. Like he's, it's a nice long interview. Really detailed. And out of all the David Copperfield illusions so far that you have seen, what's your favorite, what are your, what's your favorite out of all of them? Tornado fire. No, I'm kidding. Sorry. That was, uh, you're talking like the big scale ones, right?

Yeah, I like that kind of from, they would say it would be on this GQ thing. Probably like cause iconic ones I have to say oriented express yeah, it's really well executed. Really, really, really well executed. And it, I mean it's big but big in believable enough. Whereas like, I mean statue of Liberty maybe was, would have been efficate as time I didn't have the magic, a little bit more visual I think. And that that train thing was just like, I dunno, I just was awesome. I F the levitating train and just when you factor in how I zoom, they accomplish the magic. That makes it even cooler. I have no idea. I have no idea. Yeah. And that's the fun thing is like we get to appreciate the other side of it. So our magician's version might be different for many different reasons. I figure.

What do you, what do you, what is your favorite? What one do you like the most? My favorite is portal where he takes an audience. Oh my God. Of course. Audience member from the audience and it's fantastic. Yes, of course. I was thinking like, yep, Nope, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. So portal you of course, which is like maybe on his last, was that his last special that he did? Yep. Yeah. Tornado fire special. I love that special. And then I would've seen that live as well a couple of times in Hamilton. Yep. Um, and it's an incredible stage holding of light. Where are you really? Yep. Wow. I'm in Vegas and I got the one of the bouncy balls. Um, I always muster. I don't remember what theater it would have been here in Ontario. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. Oh, that's so cool. Um, for the kid audience was that the audience vanishing won both times. Yep. So, Oh, so you got to experience the whole audience Spanish, which she had done unfortunately reveal on the news. Right, right. That's a shame. But it's just like everything else. Pupil. Nobody's really, I mean if you're seeking it, you can find it. Well he's got things patented so you can look it up on Google. Right? Yeah. Right.

Ryan Joyce: Um, but with his, it's really, I dunno, I don't, it's so great like portal. It is, he goes above the audience and that little flat tiny platform thing. Yeah. Fanish is with someone else.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I also really sorry. That's right. I've been on stage for that one. And for the vanishing the people. Yeah. I can't help. It had met my favorite opening of di David Copperfield's without a doubt is one. And that was the, what opened that special with the sheet there holding the big sheet. Here's how we opened this tour as well or holding the sheet of metal that is, and then the sheet flies in, the fabric sheet flies in from the ceiling and then he's standing on top of that, that big pieces. It's just great. Oh yeah. Yeah. Cause it's like you, the theater was shot in the round, which was just another, that's why it would be amazing to see what Copperfield would do next. Because like just that move alone was you just ended Copperfield's extra 10%. Right. Like he could've shot it in any other theater, but that is significantly more than 10% more difficult to shoot that thing in the round.

Ryan Joyce: He talks a lot. He talks in depth about that special shooting. Yeah. On that magician's podcast. Oh. And, and how like there was no plants if you were there, you experienced the magic the exact same way. And he also talks about how stressful a lot of these things are. He'll have like a lot of backstage fights creatively about how to execute something and they're not sure if it's going to work, but they just gotta go do it. Cause they have to the show still going cause the show still has to be an experience to the audience there as well. And they'll go do it and nail it.

Graeme Reed: And by they are you referring to Homer and Chris?

Ryan Joyce: Uh, either or anyone that was on his team cause he's had different teams over the past years to write. But yeah, he talks a lot about Homer and um, yeah, Chris Kenner and actually they were also on the magicians podcast. They were the last three. You get Chris Kenner, Homer and then David Copperfield. You get the whole team, which is really fascinating. Basically all those guys, they work, uh, kind of like yourself at 300% all the time. I see. Yep. So they're all so exhausted. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. I think so. I don't think there's any sleep. Um,

Graeme Reed: amazing. I hope now I will dive into this out of Paul's things to listen to in the background. Is it, this would be a fun list and while you were, you're doing something mundane like yeah, yeah. Stuffing packages and, and writing labels and things. Yeah. Sounds, what are those, where do you listen to it and your row routine? Where do you listen to

Ryan Joyce: yes. Oh, so I got to walk the dog a lot. And so when I walk the dog, I'm always listening to podcasts. Driving to gigs of course is a great time to listen to a magic podcast. Yeah. Get in the magic mode, get some, you know, insightful material like non material, uh, uh, concepts or ideas. It's kind of like listening to lectures, right. Little lectures. Uh, so I think it's super fun to do with them. Um,

Graeme Reed: I'm always video editing so it's hard for me to get into a concentration of a conversation and edit another conversation. So that's why I just typically haven't found a routine for, for podcasts in my own existence.

Ryan Joyce: I also will do in the dishes, cleaning the house chores, anything that's boring, I'll listen to the podcast. Um, out of all the copper field bits. Yeah. What do you think is like maybe the weird, one of the weirdest things that you remember?

Graeme Reed: well, I think it's, well, my initial instinct was to go with, but I really enjoy it. The, the, you know, this is a piece of the moon. I think that, yeah. Yeah. I loved that. The tides, I think that was called, I love that so much putting, yeah. Yeah. There's, there's no bad about it. I think it's, but it's, it's just different. It's like, it's, it's a different visual is there's no cards, you know? And so I guess that would be not arguably weird, isn't that a good description? But how are you, what do you think?

Ryan Joyce: I've never really understood Alcatraz. Like I don't, I get he escaping Alcatraz, you know what I mean? But it's just kinda, it's hell. It's for that table at the end. That's the visual. Yeah. But I just found it a wicked visual, but yeah. Yeah. But there, I don't know, I guess it would make sense. It was very movie ask and it's kind of like, ah, okay. It was a little bit like Lance Burton's roller coaster thing where he's on the roller coaster tracks in the straight jacket. Um, right. I agree. I feel like maybe that's when, when you're, cause they emphasize so much in those specials that everything's happening live on stage and if you were here you'd experienced it the exact same way. And then when you go to these weird kind of prepackage moments, they seem really funny. And I get that they would still be magical there if you were their life too. But I think it's maybe just the way it's produced. I'm not sure. But for the time it, those always probably over. And I always remember to like when Copperfield did the red couch and the alleyway.

Graeme Reed: Oh right. Okay. Oh there you go. Yeah. Like that would be, I understand why they made the decision cause they're trying to like almost take a jab at the street magic E thing. But um, yeah, it didn't really translate amazing effort. It's still Copperfield so it's still great. Like I, but yeah, these are good. These are good ones. I'm forgetting about these. The Lance Burton one, I really thought that he, like, I couldn't tell how real it was because it looked genuinely like he just about got smacked by that thing. And so I didn't know how to take it if, if I was tricked or if he was like really that close to being, I feel like he actually really was that to, but

Ryan Joyce: I think too, the way they shot it, maybe he had a little bit more time than we felt, but still a stupid right danger, danger. And then Copperfield says something in that GQ interview. You're like, thank God I don't have to do this stuff again or say or do to do that again or something. Yeah. Yeah. Makes sense. Also in the Reddit topics, Frank Oz tweeted out that they are making a film version of Derek Delgado's in and of itself. Nido. How cool is that? How good the show was. Incredible. So yeah, I never got to see it. I've only heard stories, so, uh, it'd be amazing to be able to see it. What's that? Under the cards? Every one of the cards. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. My little drink is of souvenir box, which is now like 50 PO boxes in your little Eugene burger box.

Yes. My, my tshuva box. The box of 10,000 angels. I don't know. I'm sure Dava I think he says shouldn't have a dance, but I could be wrong anyways. Somebody correct me when you look it up, let us know in the comments what it is that Eugene burger quick, a quick plug ski too because I've been, there's a website, magic flicks. I think it's done by Rocco. Yeah. Um, and quick thing too. I learned this in graphic design. It's already done. I get it. It's called magic flicks. Flix is not a good a word to use because if you create it as a graphic, no matter how you swing it, when you step back from the screen, it says Fox all day long. And like we, cause we were PR, we were working on a channel at the place he used to work at and calling it something flicks.

I forget what it was, but flicks was in there. Yep. And we were walking past the, we'd walk past the screen and we all started just laughing because it was all like in different fonts and different layouts and stuff. If you make it lower case, upper case, just how it goes together. The L and the eye, it just makes it you and then so it's Fox. Yes. You never thought about it. But now that I'll only see that and same with the rest of the listeners. Yep. Burned forever. Anytime you see flicks you're going to see that. So any on magic flight or download that, that one's for free. So on magic flicks though, he's got, there's so much of the old, I haven't even seen a lot of these video tapes but like greater magic series and things like that. Like I mostly I'm mostly L and L publishing stuff.

Yup. Right. The things with David at the table and the same actors in the room and that confusing situation. But uh, yeah, I uh, I can now watch all these old school Eugene burger things on spirit theater and they have all the Jeff McBride carbon emulation thing. So if you're looking to expand your knowledge and magic, magic Flix is actually a pretty decent website to check out some old school material. Nice. Oh that's great. Yeah. Cause it's hidden otherwise really, I guess cause VHS copies aren't really right, unless like you're more unless you're like at a magic club and there's the weird guy that has everything bootlegged for some reason. Right, right. Which is a bad, bad, bad thing to do. Right. Yeah. But yep. Um, so we've already kind of talked about it this week, but uh, it is the Halloween season. We are at Halloween time. We've already talked about the start of the episode.

that is also on a mystic pixel. That one. Yeah. That's in um, holiday sound effects volume four. Yep. Funded under the Christmas section. Christmas. Yeah. Yeah. Holiday. I believe it's a haunt your spouse collection. Um, so Tim, how to make your magic spooky. Have you, so we talked about me doing Halloween shows. Have you done a lot of Halloween things? I haven't, I've never done one. Well I'm not that I can think of. Yeah. Have you? So you've never had to Halloween a fi a trick? No, never done magic in costume. Uh, no. I've done magic as the Riddler on the street. I've done magic is the mad Hatter at an Alice in Wonderland tea party, which was super fun. I have a deluxe mad Hatter costume now and a is pretty sweet. Riddler costume. Wow. Yeah. That's wicked. Yeah. I w I once had to have like a special jacket that was provided.

That's about it. A feral and three card Monte, uh, on, uh, basically taking people's money for charity. OK. w yeah, in there. They had decorated the whole thing up and it was nice. And so I had a jacket. That's what I did during that three card. Monte moved, I say Monte Monte. Yeah, I was gonna I was gonna say like, what do you, I bet I was like, yeah, I don't even want to have it that way both times month. It's just my brain is the old snaps from my brain. That was, um, Monty. Yes. And so that, it was a lot of fun actually. And it was a charity thing, so I didn't mind if you can't get caught, there's no pressure. But that's, you know, you bend the cards and then you, I overnighted the little extra bend in there. So, you know, follow the one with the band.

Follow, follow, follow, follow. Like that corner bend thing. Yep. Yeah. And then you could, you would duplicate with your pinky. Yeah. Yeah. That thing. Yeah. Class is great. It was fun. That's what I would be most Halloween ish I guess, experience I've ever had. And it was pretty sure it was at Christmas time, but that was the most color like costume. I've never done a show at Halloween that I can recall. Right. This one that I have coming up. Uh, it's actually after Halloween. It's like in November, which is bizarre. It's so miss shows in, I mean I a Christmas shows in January, January or even February sometimes. Yeah. Those are great though. It's really, really smart with them cause they'll get everything a little cheaper, a little cheaper. Yeah. And everything's available. Um, but yeah, so I have to do kind of a spook show and I've been really researching things, I'm not sure.

And like, ah, cause when you do it, you also have to relate to all the props you're using and your style and how serious you can get. So I've been thinking about creating a little bit of a character for this whole thing. Like if they want it to be a spooky show. I was thinking of just kinda like giving them the details of how the room should be set up before I come. Like maybe a little table w and a can sit down around the table and then, uh, I'm not going to talk to anybody when I get there and I'm just gonna open up a case and start like maybe light a candle light, some like insensitive, pull it one of those flicker free flameless one. Yeah. Yeah. Do like do like a fat light, some flash paper and throw it or something, you know, and just be all weird.

So silence. I dunno. Just put like a dead fish in. Yeah, the middle. Yeah. Yeah. There is one that is one trick that Eugene burger had where they, the witch's brew. Have you ever seen him do this? Oh, I don't know. He has a steel bucket filled with dirty water and it's the witch's brew and there'd be card selected from the audience and the cards are thrown in the bucket and you give it a stir and he reaches in and he pulls out the selected cards and when he gets the third one, it's a rubber snake. So he just kind of screams as he pulls it out. That's fun. I haven't seen that. The witch's brew, I think it was on one of his penguin lectures, but I imagine he it. It's got, he's got so much material that's out there everywhere. Did you ever see the Paul Daniels Halloween specials?

Those were awesome. No, I know we could find those. Do you think your online, I bet they are. I bet you could G and Eugene was on them for sure. Uh, that's why I like Paul Jangles. That's probably why I like Halloween so much because he kind of combined both together and he had these fun little Halloween specials. A yep. He's got a couple and there's some here. Yeah, that's great. Amazing Paul Daniels man. Yes. What a trendsetter. And he had all of those people that we talked about today have been on from the very beginning. Jeff McBride, you know, his act right from the beginning was on Paul Daniels. So okay. Um, I always, this is we, this is not in episode 14 show notes, but um, in wrestling right now, there's a lot of exciting, I'm always bringing up wrestling, but there's a lot of exciting new promotions out there and Billy Corrigan or the smashing pumpkins, he owns NWA wrestling, which is like old school American territory wrestling from like Atlanta small studio wrestling, right.

You'd see a blue curtain and like just a couple like I don't know, a hundred people in the audience just on like bleachers. And then you have beside their theirs, you can see the guys doing the commentating and then there's a little set where the guys can do their promos and cut to the camera and speak to the audience at the same time. And this is like, it's, it's all in, it's a lot of improv and they're shooting at the same way. Again, it's all old school. Wow. Eighties style and it's free on YouTube right now, but it is like taking over wrestling by storm. Right now everyone's talking about the rock has been tweeting about it, but it's just fascinating to think that and it's hitting the demographic about of our age, right? Yeah. Like the 25 to 50 something. I'll have to see a clip but it's so fascinating to see like cause it's got me thinking about magic as well.

Magic specials. I think it would be great cause we talk about all these old specials, Lance Burton and the world's greatest magic. If there were an, I guess masters of illusion is kind of like it but it's not there. Like it's not the right atmosphere. I don't even, yeah, right. I've never really seen a full episode to be honest. I only see the clips. I don't, yeah, the presentation I met. Yeah. I only see the clips because of the presentation. The whole show is a little weird but it'd be great to see the classic classic, classic illusion special like a Paul Daniels like you said. Or even like at Sullivan style show where you had that would be great host and here's an act and it's just a stage and you see it how you would see it if you were there live. Um, and like fun if some FM estate, you know, if something happens or a special moment with the audience, you get that in there.

And I think that's fun. I think that'd be so cool if magic went that way. Yeah, that was, Oh, that sounds fun. I definitely am curious to see it. We have all sorts of opportunities ahead of us with video and things. So there's old as new again is a typical trade. Yeah, right. I always dive into the old books and so should you, um, so I guess like you, you haven't been sleeping much. You have been working around the clock. You yup. I have been pumping it out like crazy because we are one week away from the S fluttered. When you said that legit. Oh, what? Oh, Whoa, Whoa. Oh wow. Yeah. It's going to be a blast to the zero to the last little details coming together and it's, I'm super prompt. I'm, you know, what I can't wait for is, it'll be nice to be through my, like I'm doing a hypnosis show the first day.

It'd be nice to be through that cause then it'll be like, like again, sort of just, I'll be into it like as far as like show mode I'll be on, I'll be mindset, we'll be in and then we've got all these great guests coming the next day and we're already set up. So it's just like, by that point we can just enjoy, that's what I'm looking forward to is to, is to be able to experience this with everybody because w it's going to be an experience. There's so much, uh, to that we've got like planned of course, but there's also what's going

Graeme Reed: to be probably some of the most relevant things that people talk about are the little suggestions and paragraphs of statements from the guests that we have that changed their magic. It's not going to be any one particular show or anything, any specific. And it's going to be on the way to the theater, walking with, you know, Stephen Bergonzi and Rick Merrill and my clothes down to the museum or pardon me to the library to S T for the lectures and stuff there. And you asked a question that's, that's the, what this is about is to be able to get a chance to be one on one and really experience, um, that level of professionalism and character in your own magic and questions. That's what, that's what this is really all about in my opinion. Um, and around that we've, we've designed events that are going to be super, super fun and super engaging and just meant to be, it's certainly a unique and different, would you agree with all of that?

What would you say? I think so. I've been to only a couple magic conventions, right? I've gone to Fest in Ohio, which is considered like a bigger one and a lot goes on. It's very exciting. And I've gone to the Brazzers bash in Toronto, which is like a one day magic invention, which is also like very big and super fun. The thing that I think is so special about this is what you just said, is that that you get that experience of walking around and jamming out and you get, you're going to local restaurants, you're going to other local places in various, you're not just in a hotel. And I, cause I listen to the magic word podcast with Scott Wells. They'll talk with the convention and they always go, that was a great hotel location they had. But imagine you got to like go outside, get some fresh air, you know, walk around a bit and see like you're not just in regular downtown or your classic place.

This is Fergus, Ontario. It's super pitcher. So it's going to be, and the after private events or PR are going to be a blast. Right? We've got the pub, ours is basically ours. And then of course we will have people that are muggles all around. So there'll be opportunities for magic all over the place. But we've got on the, on the Fridays are witching hour and that's going to have some, you know, close up show basically. We've got some surprises thrown in there, but we'll get a chance to see amazing magic from, um, well among, among several Mike close and, uh, Paul Romani are going to do some, some dazzle. We've got two, two or three special guests gonna pop by, um, that I'll, you'll, you'll see more, but it's a really wonderful place to grab an ice Brewsky or, uh, whatever you drink, your drink of choice, maybe a plate of fries.

It's a gastropub and it's just cool. Your, you're gonna fall in love with it and the insight is great. Overlooks the water. Um, so it's just wonderful. Uh, and so magical or all over, all over, all over, uh, the shows. I think we're going to the people that are muggles that coming to the festival, I think you're going to be blown out of the water. I don't know that they expect the people that we have coming. I'm, that's what I'm excited about to see is the, the reactions after the show is there's so much to be excited for. Yeah. These are, these are high class magic shows with performers from all over the world. So these aren't just, I mean, I'm not just saying these aren't jazzed, but there's a, you've handpicked all these performers and put them together in these amazing shows that are only happening this one time.

These lineups have never happened like this before. So it is super special and super unique to Oh wow. Festival in year one. Very fun. There are so many people that are making this possible. Like it's more than just one version of Joan. We've got Cody, we've got yourself, we've got Peter who poor guy, he's working his tail bone off. Let me tell you. And not only that, he lives two hours away. So it's, it's um, it's, it's, it's a lot of commitment. So we're, we're really working our faces off to, to put something really great together here. And it's for the magicians. It's also for the community as well because hopefully this will be a year or two thing, but I got a chance to chat with someone on the weekend for the convention. Um, and that's Renee Claude who is going to be, um, hosting FISM 2021 and 2020.

And so after this is done, I'm going to record something with her as well and see if we can do that. Cause she's got some really exciting things to share and magic conventions, uh, in the future. 20 and 20 and 20, 21, you've got to make sure you register for those magicians listening cause it's going to be some really exciting events that are unfolding in Quebec city. So that is also something that you've got to keep on your radar. We're going to share inside details at the convention. So we recorded, I did a, she's on vacation right now, otherwise we would've tried to do it live at the convention. But, um, we recorded a 15 minute interview to get an inside scoop of what's coming up in 2020 and 2021. So that's one of the little things that we'll also be sharing at that convention, which is nice.

A little inside scoops all over the place. Just a little brief peek behind the curtain spoiler and yeah. Nice. Yep. Yeah. So it's gonna be great. It's Colussy lots, lots. It'd be like, um, like a little extended magic news version of the podcast, but there'll be great line keeping you up to date in the magic world. Oh, and talking about kind of the podcast and the festival right now, because if you have been under a rock and you're listening to this podcast, you obviously know about the festival. Uh, but with a podcast might not happen next week. We might be delayed on the podcast just because we will be in festival, uh, full mode, buckle up, get ready for forgiveness. We may not have a podcast next week. Um, but of course, let me be back. We will be back. That's right. We'll be back that week after if you, in lieu of, if you don't want to, or if you're really missing dramatically our magician Saki magic, we are going to be having a live stream, magic E special on October the 31st at nine 31.

Facebook. It was the place to really find that. Um, but magic we'll have all the details. There's even DC. It a little bit of details including one of those fancy counters that Wix provides right now. Yeah. This is going to be so excited or first to first magic special. Oh my gosh. And this is, we haven't really chatted much about it. Do you want to just, do you think we should let it happen and then talking about the entire thing afterwards? Kind of grieve it is like a little, I'm down. You think that's cool? Yep. Yeah, totally. It's a little piece of mystery that we just trapped there. Like what this magic stream thing cause we'll start with beer and revealing information about that on the socials soon. That is um, on the mystic pixel collection, M M underscore unknown. And you can find that under a grocery store. Sound effects, right?

Ryan Joyce: Oh this is a bit of jam packed episode. Did we get in like what we set out to do and what we accomplished? Are they in line with what we expected? I think so. I think we got in even more than we had planned looking at her show notes. We have. So we talked about so much more stuff, so much more content for you guys. The listeners. Ooh, quick shout out to a couple of listeners that came up to me. Dino Strickland of Owens owned. Yeah, what a great, yeah, we met Dean and yeah, back. We did a show up there. Not too long. Was it that you used this year or last year? That was last year. Last year. This time or was it earlier this year? Shoot. Wow. That was earlier this year. Earlier this year, right. Even started this year I think. Oh, well that's great. Yeah, it'd be nice to meet Dean. He's coming to the convention. The convention and festival. Yeah, former pro skateboarders. Super cool. Now magician. Awesome stuff. And Wilbert Cortez, he also listens to all the episodes. Oh, that's awesome. Super cool. And magician in a lot of the secret shows. And I will also be doing a theater show. He's got a show coming up called Halloween experiences.

Graeme Reed: Yup. At the KW little theater that's on the 23rd and 24th I am there on the 23rd cause the 24th there's another gig. And then we are in. Oh wow. Why was the mode, um, and then of course you have the entire festival coming in. Yeah. Yeah. That'll be 24, 25, 26, 27th and yeah, I'll be catching me on BT breakfast television presumably. Um, this week, the 23rd, yeah. I've never been in the BT studios. That's cool for, I'm going to be on the CHCH morning live on Halloween morning. Also talking about our magic stream in special too, which is giving me fun.

Ryan Joyce: That's amazing. So do I, lots of magic in Ontario media anyways, hopefully wherever you're listening, wherever that might be, you're also pushing out and seeing if you can get yourself on some TV cause that helps get you more gigs and profile and all that stuff.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. So if you like this podcast, make sure that you subscribe to it, share the episodes with your other magic friends or even if you know someone that would just take value in what we're talking about for some reason. Share it with them too. But we appreciate it. Like, and share all the stuff. If you have questions, you can message both of us on our personal accounts. Is that right? Are you cool with that? I'm.

Ryan Joyce: Absolutely, yeah. Forgive me if I'm delayed for those that I might've messaged me for giving me.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, for sure. Um, and but yeah, message as if you have any questions, if you want us to go into more specific details, but thank you so much for listening to this episode and all the other ones, guys,.

Ryan Joyce: Thank you so much. This has been a blast. A lot of news update. The key takeaway. David Copperfield's still awesome. My name is Ryan Joyce.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: Tado...Nope, ShaBlazam.

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle.

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