Rudy Coby Coolest Magician on Earth: Magic Video of the Week

This week's Magic Video of the Week is Rudy Coby Coolest Magician on Earth! An essential part of the millennial magician's childhood. Watch this week's clip of the week below.

WATCH: Rudy Coby Coolest Magician on Earth

Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share a weekly magic video on their podcast Magicians Talking Magic. This week Graeme choose Rudy Coby, Coolest Magician on Earth.


Listen below: Episode 30

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Magicians Talking Magic Episode 30 - Audio Transcript

Hosted by Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

So there is your clip, your teaser, your guess? If you are listening to the podcast, make another mental guess of what you think this might be. Do you remember it? Do you know?

These are all flashbacks! I'm seeing green on this one. Neon green. I'm seeing green. I am seeing the 80s I am seeing the early nineties sunglasses. I am seeing the highest, most anti-gravity hair on the planet.

Here's Rudy Coby on America's Got Talent in 2012

It's none other than Magic Labman himself, Rudy Coby!

The hair gel! King of the gel. The four leg labman routine. If you've never seen this, Oh my gosh. If you don't know anything about Rudy Coby, because I know there are magicians that start later in life, right?

Like they don't, we grew up with this stuff, but there are magicians that have missed decades of things that are incredible. If you've never seen Rudy Coby high, gosh, you've got to go back and watch. This is, Rudy cubby is one of my favorites cause I, it's fun when stuff's visually weird, right? So I remember this was around the time like this is the nineties and this is when you have pro wrestling is really awesome. This is when game shows are really crazy and weird with slime falling on people. You've got the Rudy Coby with his outrageous magic show where things are exploding. He's got the most dangerous card trick. Have you seen where he's got the TNT thing and things Explorer like everything and Sylvester the Jester is out at this Amazing Jonathan with his loud jackets. Like what? An incredibly vibrant time and magic. Yup. But visual with.

Watch Magic Labman Rudy Coby - The Coolest Magician on Planet Earth

Rudy Coby with the three legs, just so visual. It just hits you so funny because it's so weird. I remember first seeing that on because in Canada we get the just for laughs festival in Montreal and they would always show that on TV. And that's where I would always watch that. And I saw that all the time. The magic labman's butt. Oh, so good. And also he had his, he had a Fox kit a special as well. At night he had a Fox special. Oh wow. I don't think I've seen that. It's like if I will just watching his clip in the background and I can't help but think to myself, man, I wouldn't want to travel with that chainsaw saw through the airports these days. So he did a show. He, he had this story. So he, he did a penguin, um, live lecture and he probably lectures about this story, but he, you people, a lot of people haven't seen him perform in awhile.

What Happened to Rudy Coby?

Uh, or for like he's performing again now, but he had to rebuild his entire act. He was doing a music festival. He's very like, related to the music industry. Like he has consulted and lived with Marilyn Manson. Um, people like Alice Cooper. He's done incredible things. So he does consult on their stage show to create magic effects and he's just into cool stuff. That is cool. Yeah. If you don't know anything about Rudy Coby, Oh my gosh, you got to check him out. He has a great lecture on just developing character because if you look at labman, like Oh my God, super awesome character. That's where, good. Anyhow, so he was doing a music festival and um, he has in his rider that he'll send his props and the props have to be like, you know, shipped or whatever. And then they also have to, after the show he's got to fly out somewhere else and he had a news writer that perhaps would also have to be sent out after the show or something.

And I guess after he was done a show, all his props were left in the middle of this field of the music festival or something. Or it might've been before or after. I don't remember the whole story was this is the fire festival. But, um, it might've even been like a burning man or something, but it was out in the hot sun and all of his stuff was melted and stolen and destroyed. Oh, that's awful. Yeah. All of it. And all of you remember what podcast or what resource you heard was Franklin magic penguin. There's a lecture there that you can listen to. I've got it while I have to go back and listen to it and we can give you the real, the real scoop on that for next week. Um, I've got a billion stories too. That's the thing, by the time, whoever, where whoever, wherever you're listening, whoever you are, whatever manager you do, by the time you've been doing this 20 years, you're going to have such crazy stories.

But that one is, that one is certainly, yeah. I think Rudy Coby's one of the most interesting, you know, who else is on the same wavelength of being very interesting in the same weirdness. A Sylvester the Jester as well. Right. The lighter. If you never experienced your seen Sylvester before, he is a cartoon in real life. Like if you think Acme cartoons in real life, that's what he is. That's what he does with the sound effects, the motions, everything. Awesome. I can't imagine what the show set up is like. He also has a penguin lecture too. He is a penguin lecture too, which is a great, great lecture to those two guys. Rudy and Dan, Dan Sylvester.

That's great.

Penguin has got such great stuff and that's our new penguin lectures and that's our magic clip of the week.

You know what, if you guys have an idea of a magic clip of the week send us a voicemail.

Did Rudy Coby's magic get you inspired in magic?

Let us know in the comments!

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