Magicians PUBLICITY STUNTS! The Art of Attention Getting

Harry Houdini was the pioneer of publicity stunts. We discuss publicity stunts for magicians, tactics and ideas for getting attention.




Getting Noticed with Publicity Stunts for Magicians

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Episode 09

Listen to the Podcast Here

In this episode Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about publicity stunts for magicians, getting attention, and setting world-records.

They cover the latest magic news and what's happening in online magic communities like Reddit, The Magic Cafe, Vanish Magazine.

Links Mentioned & Audio Transcript

Ryan Joyce: One thing we haven't talked about festival wise, some of the like strategies we're doing to marketing it, of course is content. Which is a strategy for any magician that's got any kind of event or just a general business, I mean content. So we're going to be doing a lot of that, do a lot of filming and stuff taking place. But one of the things that we talked about was that like a publicity stamped the possibility of doing something. I, I, the only thing that immediately in my world that as the, you know, the E.P. (Executive Producer) is the insurance. That was freaks me out. So we really haven't explored anything too much. But look who we've got in our areas, think there's a handful of people could go to right away.

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Max Maven's Fool Us in the Middle East

Graeme Reed: Well, we know Doug Hunt who has done, I don't know, he has the record for the world's tallest stilts. Yep. And he's just in Branford and he's one of the best lockers around.

Ryan Joyce: Incredible. And he's nicest guy dedication to his art and he suffers for it too. He's got like a full knee brace and everything.

Graeme Reed: Wears it all the time.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, he's incredible. He's a really great guy. And we've got Scott Hammell, i used to call him Scotty Hammell, is there a Y

Graeme Reed: Scotty Hammell. I think anyone that has the name Scott, you go Scotty. Yeah, absolutely. Scott.

Harry Houdini was a pioneer of publicity stunts

Harry Houdini

Ryan Joyce: I'm sure he gets beam me up all the time.

Graeme Reed: Oh that's it. Well I get Graeme Cracker all the time too.

Ryan Joyce: I get why you are Rye guy. I don't know.

Graeme Reed: Rye guy?

Ryan Joyce: I dunno.

Graeme Reed: Who says Rye Guy? Some.

Ryan Joyce: Some people says Ryan guy. My friend Vic.

Graeme Reed: Okay, that's fine.

Ryan Joyce: There's a couple a couple people. The first one that pops up, Rye Guy. Yeah. I know.

Graeme Reed: Crazy stunts. You know more about.

Ryan Joyce: I mean we should chat with him just in general cause I'll fail terribly at giving any kind of a proper summary of the accomplishments that he's done. But I remember him training a ton to be suspended. I believe out of a hot air balloon. Basically it was super high up without, and it was a straight jacket escape, I seem to remember it was a straight jacket escape without any kinda safety. Crazy stuff. So, and I'm, I'm sure that's it. I could be wrong, but he's also done some other things. I remember he did something in Toronto for awareness, I believe the Food Bank or similar food driven cause. He's great. So He'd be, and he's a worker full time magician. It'd be great to chat to. I've known Scott for years. We, when we produce Variety Shows and things, we'd bring him in to,.

Graeme Reed: He's done bullet catch and milky and escapes. Yup. And then I'll be also Marc Correia, he's done a straight jacket-- he was in a straight jacket for a week. Was it a week?

Ryan Joyce: Oh yeah. Right!

Graeme Reed: To raise money for Parkinson's.

Ryan Joyce: Oh right. That's, so, that's great.


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Publicity Stunts For Magicians with Joe Diamond

Joe Diamond Magician Business Podcast

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Joe Diamond goes into great depth about publicity stunts, check his podcast out above. Here's some of the topics he covers:

  • How to use publicity stunts to benefit you and the venue hosting the stunt

  • Understand the difference between radio, newspaper, TV and online media platforms

  • What type of personality works best?

  • How do you come up with ideas?

  • How much money do you have to spend on creating a publicity stunts?

  • What are the downsides to stunts? What happens if they go wrong

  • How do you get the attention of the media?

  • What’s the best time of day to send press releases?

  • What tricks should you use in your stunts?

The Magic Cafe Forums:

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Graeme Reed: And then we also know Awesome Mike Michael Francis. Yup. He's got multiple world records with Yo-yos and a coin rolls and he says, um, I remember talking to him and I just, I assumed, cause I met him after he had done these things that he just like, you know, it was full of confidence to do this. He's like, no man, I'm terrified every single time cause they build such a big crowd. The news comes, everyone comes and they want to report it and then you have to try and break this record. I was like oh interesting.

Ryan Joyce: Pressure.

Graeme Reed: It is a lot of pressure. But these are all people that are really close by that we can totally consult with. Yeah. Cause I know other classic publicity stunts or blindfold drives. Have you ever done that?

Ryan Joyce: I've no. I've never, I remember listening to John Calvert talking about it at Abbots Magic Convention once. Cause he used to do it.

Graeme Reed: Cause again the insurance on it.

Ryan Joyce: Right.

Graeme Reed: How do you do that?

MAGICIANS: Have you ever done a publicity stunt?

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