EP 16 : Tips for magicians performing on television

On this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed (aka Graemazing) talk about Darren Brown's recent Slam Down experience, Carisa Hendrix Penguin Lecture Review, and tips for performing magic on television.

Episode 16 | Magicians Talking Magic

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Episode 16 of Magician Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce. Magic is a full time career, has been for 20 years or so.

Graemazing: And this is, my name is Greamazing and I am a recent turned pro. I have a background in television. That was my first career. I'm now my second career as they do these days.

Ryan Joyce: Woo woo. Yup. And fourth and fifth careers. Who doesn't have, you know, seven side hustles.

Graemazing: Yeah. It's all about having a side hustle these days. I mean it's the generation of podcasts. That's what we're in and we're in episode 16 I can't believe it. We've been doing this while I was the 16th time we've done this. This is pretty incredible. We're still doing it.

Ryan Joyce: We sure are. And we're a little late. It's been a hell of a couple of weeks and a, so we're here. It shows that we want to do this all the time and so we're glad you're here listening.

Graemazing: And it wasn't just a big promo for the Oh wow. Festival live there, which by the way, you should go back, check out the Halloween special. Sure. You've got to check out magic festival. There's some Michael Paul, you can rent the Michael Paul special now as well.

Ryan Joyce: Yup, absolutely. All available at https://magicfestival.ca boom, boom,.

Graemazing: Boom, boom. And if you don't know Michael Paul, he was also on America's Got Talent recently. He has the infamous tropical pooping bird. So you should check out his full act because it's all hilarious. If you like the pooping bird, you'll like the whole thing.

Ryan Joyce: It's so funny, I rarely get on Facebook these days, but sometimes when I do I get a chance to see some of Michael Paul's posts and they're usually like maybe laugh out loud or or like do a double take. And he had one recently. What was it was some girl messaged, some lady messaged about getting a small version of the bird for her daughter. Like it's just like, and it was like, I believe it was a touching story, but like it's not, it's a custom prop and people, it's just shows you people don't really realize the world behind, you know? Right. Ventriloquism and magic and all that effort. And it's like when that client says, well you can't, you just like, Oh I'll put a couple of sites in the box and then there's like a car or you know, make our CEO disappear or surrounded in the middle of the venue. Yeah that, what's wrong with that? Why, why can't we do this in the middle of a hall?

Graemazing: And you know what Michael Paul's so darn entertaining. Um, so I went back, you did a podcast with them. I went back, I re listened to it to get a little dose of Michael Paul. It is a very good interview because he, you talk a lot about writing comedy writing and some character development. I don't know if you remember but it is very good. And he was also on, there's another podcast too, the Variety Artists entertainer podcast. He was on there.

Ryan Joyce: I listened to that and it was very, very enjoyable. I like being like a little fly on the wall and Michael Paul's career cause he's such a dear friend. So I definitely creeped that out and everybody else should cause it's amazing. He's so much got so much value and the guy is just so quick on the wit. In fact, I chatted with him relatively recently and we're definitely gonna have a chat on the podcast. Um, so we're going to do some things on Magician's Talking Magic.

Graemazing: That's awesome. So that is so awesome. That's so awesome.

Ryan Joyce: We should start, and I remember I had chatted with, I don't know if I mentioned to you but Michael Close as well. I asked if he would be a on, so I think we should maybe start to do some, maybe some interviews or such reach out. What do you think?

Graemazing: I think that, I think I would love that. I'd love to do some interviews. We got to get some more uh, street cred on the show.

Ryan Joyce: That's right. Yeah.

Graemazing: Street cred. Yeah, we need some. Uh, but we'll do that for sure. I think we should get some more interviews.

Ryan Joyce: What do you guys think, what do you guys and girls think, let us know cause we're going to try some experimental stuff. We've got some ideas that we want to play with and uh, it would be super fun to hear what you think of along the way and we'll do the stuff you're liking.

Graemazing: And maybe the topics too, like I don't know, but there's all kinds of topics from, I mean there's tricks of course, but do people want to learn about character? Do people wanna learn about business? What aspects do you want to know? Because we know a bunch of different entertainers and performers that have, that are basically pros in different aspects of magic. So it'd be great to get them all on and talk about all those unique, uh, things with you. So that'd be fun.

Ryan Joyce: It's so true. I mean, we keep rambling about the things that are important to us at our, you know, positions in our career. So hopefully those are poignant to you in yours. If not, well, there's something you can do about it and that's leave a comment or send us some DMS.

Graemazing: Slip into those DM's. Yep. So, it's been like a week since a OWOW.

What have you been up to this past week? Real quick.

Ryan Joyce: Cleanup, cleanup, cleanup, and I've got to prepare a big final report for the Township. So that's taken a lot of my time right now. Um, yeah, so that's been, it's been good. It's nice to sort of put it to bed. It will be nice to put it to bed and then, uh, we'll start to think about next year, next year.

Graemazing: For sure. For sure. Which next year. Next year for sure. Absolutely. And if you missed OWOW it was maybe one of the best magic conventions, magic festivals.

Ryan Joyce: We heard lots of comments.

Graemazing: It was incredible. Right? It was really incredible. So unique. Such a unique, amazing experience and is incredible that you put that on for all of us that you created that and um,.

Ryan Joyce: Planting seeds. Yep. Magical, magical seeds.

Graemazing: And then this past week I hopped on a plane and I went on a rare vacation, something that I haven't done in so long. And my girlfriend, Alicia and I went all the way to British Columbia and enjoyed Whistler and Vancouver are jealous. It was so much fun. The landscape's, everything is on believable. Unbelievable.

Ryan Joyce: Also hit up unit also had the coffee. What's their coffee chain out there? Coffee bean? No.

Graemazing: I didn't ha I know that when you're talking it starts with a J. It's a J bean or something. I don't know. I didn't have that. I didn't, we were at all these others swanky brunch places drinking their coffees and everyone had their own like, you know, specially brewed, you know, like elephant and tusk, whatever. Coffee grow. I don't know what they were, but it was amazing. This whole place. I think, um, there was a, uh, a place in the West end, Vancouver, if you're there for brunch, it was called green horn. Best coffee. Best brunch. And they have lunch to green horn. They're there. And yeah, if you're a magician out there, check that out. If you haven't, I bet you have any different from a blue horn or like blue horn. We went to blue horn. Don't go there till Nakoda blue horn. Don't mix it up. Don't mix that up. Yes. The color of this horn.

That's the chair test of 2020 the guests. The color of the horn. Yeah, sure is. I'd say that was a motive. If I had to guess that last horn, it was a mine that was a metal form of horn. Um, and I also am using, I hit up, there's a physical magic shop in Vancouver, which is a rarity in Canada to have physical magic stores. And this is clowning around. It's on Grandville Island. It's in layers like a building for kids, but it's a well-stocked magic shop. They have new tricks, new book. So of course I had, I bought some tricks. I bought, um, a book, it's called be more funny. It's by Chris routine magician. If you're into kids' entertainment or you're just looking to have some creative inspiration in your magic in general, I would check out any of his books. I have two of them just for fun and be more fun in the name of it.

Again, this one is called be more funny and it's by, it's actually his real name on here. So it's Christopher, uh, w Barnes. I want to look that up. And then his other book is called just for fun and that's by Chris routine magician. Um, and that one's through vanishing ink. They're both incredible reads. He puts in basically DIY magic routine. So if you want to print up your own cards for like a kid's routine, he tells you how to do that easily and build your own props and have fun with routines. And he likes to take a different approach on magic routine. So he'll take a Zig and zag. So if you're used to the classic, say slammed down, he'll have a different idea, which I've done this before too. I think it's a, it's a Jimmy fingers idea as well, where you slammed down just one of the bags and the rest are all sharp and dangerous.

So it'd be crayons. They should be crayons, they could be crayons. I've done it with cupcakes for kids. So you don't ruin the cupcakes for them. That's good. Yeah. Super fun. Originally I had an idea of doing with hot pockets and you were trying to avoid the molten lava squishy hop hockey kind of thing. But I feel like, I think that sounds funnier in my head than it really does in performance. So I love that. Um, where to shoot and pay all comedy special from, I can remember the name of the damn special, but I can't remember his name. Hot pockets routine. Jim Gaffigan, isn't it? Jim Gaffigan, Jim GAF gear. I forget his name. Yep. For sure. Yeah. Fucking hot pockets. And if you want rainbow, but it'll blue. And if you watch the, a popular live streaming, a YouTube show, getting Doug with high with Doug, they've taken that thing and they, they do, um, hot topics. Oh yeah. And they'll talk about like the high news of the week, like what's going on in legalization and stuff like that. Really fun.

Ryan Joyce: Oh yeah. Are we going to need to get some kind of category headers in our podcast now and do it in a full set Oak kind of voice?

Graemazing: I think we'll need to get some, yeah, we should probably get like a music breakdowns and intros for all our segments. We should really create more, uh, segments, I think for the show. More breakdowns. Yeah. And have them in falsetto voices. Um, so when w so like this, we're about to, okay, well let's try it. We're about to enter into kind of news topics of the week. Uh, what, what do you think we should call stop the week. Boom. Okay. They all damn home run. So starting off with the news always in the news of course. Is the man himself, Darren Brown. Yeah, that was

Ryan Joyce: did. Now we saw this clip. Where did, where did we see this? We were all together at the festival and this was happened.

Graemazing: I don't know. It's true. I saw this. I didn't see this during the festival. I saw it on my, on Facebook feed. Um, that's where I saw, but uh, gone wrong. Yeah. You want to describe around

Ryan Joyce: well, I kind of watched it between like several other people, my experience. So I seem to just remember it was basically slammed down with an extra nail going into his hand.

Graemazing: Yeah. Any of his legs.

Ryan Joyce: A good thing to do, but unless you want to get some PR, I don't know.

Graemazing: Yeah. Like, um, he seemed like, so it was filmed candidly like he was practicing a new method or a new, uh, way to go about doing the classic smash and stab trick where you're trying to avoid the sharp object and right away he slams his hand down on a styrofoam cup, I think with a nail and it looks like he really does it and punctures his hand. Yeah. The only, now I F I feel like the way we were talking about, we're already tiptoeing around like is this pro wrestling what's going on? And I think that's what's the most interesting thing about this, it's like kind of David Blaine asks when you see things like this that are borderline real and I, I mean I think we agree. I think we agree that he for sure slammed his hand down on a nail. Yup. The thing that, the thing that we kind of think, and I bet a lot of magicians, first thing it was like, did he, he knew he did that right? That's kind of maybe the thought like is he

Ryan Joyce: that I can't, just because, and only because I know how intense of a person, like a character, he isn't magic that that assumes certainly something that an intense character would be willing to do.

Graemazing: But I don't know. I don't know who would want aid. Well, he's at, he's at that like a prolific level, David Blaine or Copperfield and they're all known to do bonkers, crazy things. Well too. Recently they extend into February as well. Like didn't that also just happen Derren Brown show? Yeah. Oh wow. Well, I know he just, so I know the video was promoting him to do this trick with Lynn. Well, Miranda, right? Yep. Um, and then when you watch that video, it looks as if you were to watch that you would, you would assumed yourself as a magician, you probably know that there are two different methods happening in the candid video and what's really happening with the YouTube video.. So then that kind of completes that full circle gas of like maybe he did a real crazy thing to really actually tell, help tell the story of, of the magic trick, which is a super pro wrestling thing to do, which they do sometimes, like, you know, when you see a guy bleed in the wrestling, it'll take a razor blade to their head or something, which is a crazy thing to do, but it helps tell the story that you're trying to convey to the audience.

So it's a very classic carny thing to do, I guess. Things so further with blood. Sure, sure. Fascinating to watch them. Even the vampires could never do that. Sorry. Uh, Oh, those days. Uh, I gotta be honest with you, I really, really in my soul of souls, and I don't know that to be true, but I think it was, I think you had to have been done for publicity, right in this, like you say, the setup and the, and at the benefits are fast and you know what event, even if he didn't, he's got us all taught. He's got us talking about it. Yes. So, you know. Yep. It's interesting. I don't, Hmm. Would you do it for, I have done it. Stabbed yours. Oh great. I've stabbed myself by accident in practice cause I was stupid. I made this huge stupid, but I didn't get myself too bad.

I got myself a little less worse than Darren Brown did, but I did get my hand real good, but I didn't film it. Uh, so that sucks. So I always tell him your practice, always filming your rehearsals. Yeah. Just in case you get good content. Yep. For PR gold. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's a really interesting, um, thing is like w the aliens and the Elvis. We'll never know for sure. Exactly, but we all believe it to be true. Yeah. I know. We know for sure that Elvis is an alien and he lives in the center of this flat earth. Yep. And he's, he's in control of the number 33 people. and he's one of those like lizard. Yeah. We all know the broccoli people,

Ryan Joyce: him and him and Andy Kaufman. Of course. It's intense folks. Check it out. It's out there. You can find it and you can also find a fun clip of a satanic lady screaming at Dan Sperry, uh, in China somewhere. Um, that was quite bizarre and unusual to watch. I was quite amused that I watched the whole thing. Um, her whole chant was about, you know, another alien. Um, Jesus, Jesus. She says, Jesus will cure you. And she didn't like his, like makeup and stuff. So wow. It was weird. It was just weird. And he just eventually had to walk away. Like it was super weird. Did he do it for dancing? No, you didn't at all. He just stood there and took this woman's abuse for about four minutes, I would say. And then eventually was like, I'm outta here, man. This is brutal. The whole time.

It was just intense. Oh man. And where did you find this? It's a, I Trex. Yeah, it definitely go check it out on my tricks. M E. w it's just weird. It's just weird. It shows you we share the planet with some weird people. I mean damn Sperrys in full makeup and everything, right? So he's certainly attracting some, some attention and they're filming so there's definitely going to be attention. But that's the whole point. And it's, she's the one that looks say tannic, right? Like it's so weird. It is so weird. It's always that weird like, Hey person shouting at me. Do you not understand your weird set of morals and values right now? Yelling at me for just being a regular person and expressing myself. So weird. So strange. Super strange. But yeah, that's over a nitric switch. You can catch a lot of amazing magic news and a lot of cool. They had been flooded with a lot of shit and Lim. He has been all over the TV scope. Yes. Flipping. He's going to stab himself with a nail.

You know what? You know what someone's who's next to do it. His next to, well let's get a chart. We'll get a chart, a pie chart. Let's list all the mentalist with dice in their hands and stuff that are doing like the, the, this is, this is a combination of hypnosis and all that stuff. Yep. We'll get that. We'll put them on a list and see what the first culprit is to do the real stabbing of the danger. Yep. Yeah. Although you know what the big trick is now with the wheel of pain and we like, yeah.

undefined: Will it be, Oh, this is going to be weird.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Y'all know he doesn't say y'all. Howdy. Howdy. Howdy. Yeah. And then he smashes a fig Newton into his eye. Yeah, absolutely. Newton style. I think we've just come up with a new bit. This, this is our new thing we want everyone to do with their version of smashing stab. We've got to reach out to celebrities and get them to do a ridiculous smashing stab. Totally nation.

Graemazing: Yeah. So one Tamar as we'll just basically try not to crush his own hat or the little car. That's that. That's how we actually drives around as the little tiny car. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Or a violin. He tries not to smash his violin is air violin. Yeah.

undefined: Yeah.

undefined: Oh my God. Who else was, yeah, I was enjoying this game. Why did we stop? Sorry.

Graemazing: You mean to say the max Maven is smashing a mascara bottles.

undefined: He's smashing nothing, of course. Nothing. Absolutely nothing because he doesn't need anything to do with show. He just slams it on the table and screams the screams of 10,000 angels. Triple snaps for those angels. Oh boy. Yeah. So, um, Copperfield. What is he smashing? Snap.

Graemazing: It's Copperfield ready without a doubt. Stature. He's, yeah, he's got all the puzzles. Three D's. He has various PPAs. Three DS of all the landmarks that he's made. Disappear.

undefined: Yep. We're a little tiny like Las Vegas size. Statue of Liberty.

Graemazing: I really like that little tiny under one of the bags. Right. Um, Landsberg and his dad were both on the or the Ferrari.

undefined: Oh, huge

Graemazing: boxes. And he's just dropping like a bag of cement blocks on different boxes hoping that he's not.

undefined: Right. Yeah. What are these under one of these bags is alive. Dove.

Graemazing: I guess Penn and teller, you can't really do it because I feel like teller would be totally cool with Penn being in something and Penn would be totally okay with teller being in something. Taylor would be under the bag tailoring. Yeah. This is a fun game. This is a fun game. What about, um, what about a Hans clock? Hm? Would it be like 30 illusions on like a freight and a trying not to sync each battleship with the one with all those illusions or a fan? It's just a fan. It's just a fan. Yeah. Yup. Yeah. We, my first instinct was absolutely nothing, but I was going, my first was the fire. Sparker was fire spiker Ellucian that he does. I just love that one. That's probably my favorite. And in that, I think the one girl were gold bralette like bra, bra sequency thing. So my first instinct was either the fire spikers or a gold bride. I don't know why that was the first thing that came to my head, but, and then I realized the fan was the most obvious. So yeah, that was my thought process on Han's clock. David Williamson is of course Rocky, the raccoon, right? Yes. Or spring. Yup. Yeah, just like a rack. Rocky. The raccoon that's old where the spring has come out of the raccoons face a little bit. So it's sharp and dangerous. It's got a little sign this fuck off.

undefined: I don't want to be squeezed.

Graemazing: Any bar. Yeah. Or maybe there's, there's three Rocky raccoons and then a real raccoon. That's what he's doing with rabies. Yeah. Old school. Magic 17. These are really coming to your YouTube soon. Yeah. So guys, if you want a new creative smash and stab, I'm pretty sure we labeled about 10 ones. Yeah, that's a good one. Let us know when you think in the comments and, or send us a video and we'll pass it along to all he faithful. What about Tony Sini? What would Tony has Sini use? Oh, those awards without, uh, without a doubt. You'd have to buy it though. Usually you'd have to buy the award. Yeah, they the 13 grand and put it on the table and Bernie and down there. You go to hell. Duh. I'm totally Hussey me. Whoa. Salt shaker is gone. That's all I remember. Um, so, Oh, you want to try something brand new on this show? You want to try a, maybe a magic review. You want to try magic product review? Okay. Do we need to go?

undefined: Oh, I bet you proud of Craig magic rule view

Graemazing: this weekend, magic review a penguin magic.com they always have amazing lectures and downloads and all sorts of new stuff, but they recently they had, and like, I mean she was at the magic festival set, but happen to have just had her penguin live lecture, her live act really it was live acts plus lecture. This if you, if you are, I mean everyone knows what these things are. If you're a magician, you know these penguin lives. Yes. This is when you have to get, I would say this is probably one of the best that has come out. You get, not one but two live acts. You get Chris at doing Lucy darling, which is her newest act. She's been touring around with. She shared that at OA magic festival. Yeah. And then she has amazing, also does a DD here kind of kids act where she does some of the exact same routines that she does as Lucy darling.

So you can see them with different Edo, you see them in different character personalities. Right. Oh, that's so neat. And then she also teaches a bit of her bubble act. She talks about character work, she talks about travel and packing. She talks about unique ways to describe your show so you can get booked more. There is so much cool value and she is a DIY wires so she builds a lot of her own stuff. She gives away a ton of huge secrets like that book production that you've would've seen on fool us. She teaches you how to do that, which is me, a DIY, you bright. I think love that you would actually really love this book because I know you've actually created something similar. You were, you created pack flat book that you were using for a different purpose or prediction style. Yeah. This thing if you saw so you be like, Oh and yeah, it can be used.

I'm so inspired. Yeah. So, um, and it's a neat way to just think about magic props and stuff too because she teach, she shows you a lot of cool things and she's developed to the props. So they'd go with her style and talks all about that character. Really it's one of the best depending when live editable really sounds incredible. What would you say are the top one or two takeaways that you took from the whole thing is a lot to digest cause there's character, there's right, there's actual tricks and theater direction. So I think my fate, the top was actually just watching. It's super entertaining. Just the performances and seeing her work with the audience. That was a huge takeaway and I think that's what's really valuable about watching the uh, penguin live acts. You get to see them perform and then how it's taught.

So you get to see these performers and you're like, you can really see who's a real performer and who just kind of does magic lectures. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Some magicians just developed stuff for magic lectures so it doesn't really work for an audience or on a wide scale. Yeah. And then I think just she does a conversation about how you can rebrand and pitch your shows a little bit differently to make it more appealing and more bookable, which I think is a huge, maybe just cause where I'm at in my, what I'm doing. That was great. You know, different ways to describe what you do. So you're just not the guy that walks her into card tricks. Right. Yeah. That sounds great. Cause I mean writing is at the core of everything so it sounds like something that'd be right up my alley for sure.

And it's also over five hours long, which is nuts. Wow. That's five hours of content. So great in one full sitting. Like did you have two meals? Well I watched it so I watched most of it on the plane cause we, I flew in from Boston so that was like a five hour flight. So I watched most of it, most of it there. Wow. That's so cool. And so, um, I never, wow. Never had thought about bringing a penguin live lecture. Yeah. Yeah. I just toss them in my Dropbox. I make it available offline. On my iPad so I can just watch it in the sky and I just tune out to the, I like, why don't you not, I was watching this, I watched Eugene burger on the way over cause I'm doing a spook show tonight. And I watched Chris a Hendrix, uh, on the way back, which was awesome.

That is wicked. What is this? Well, the show tells you, how did you have, Oh, that's tonight. I thought that was, Oh, so, so last night I did a show and it was a birthday show and weird small circle story. I was doing a trick and I have like a coloring book, but it's a comic book, right? It's a comic book coloring book. And one of the girls was like, I know how you did that. You're just turning the pages on the bottom corner first and then you're turning your my top second. And I was like that sh she was like, my dad's a magician. And I was like, Oh, that's cool. I was like, who's your dad? And she goes, Brandon, Larry. And I was like, excuse me? And she's like, Brandon, Larry. And I go when I was eight or nine years old and I had a magician come to my house, it was Brandon, Larry, that was the first birthday magician. I hadn't, it's her dad. And it was like my brother's high school friend. And I was like, that is so wicked. Yeah. Super crazy small world that's been happening to me a lot lately. All these small, Jill told her to tag pass along a message to her dad to see that her child should be better suited in a magic show. I stabbed a nail in her hand. Yeah. You should've. Or the coloring books.

uh, yeah I I uh, yeah for sure. And I have, I hope to hear it from, from brand. It'd be cool. That's so neat. That is so cool. But tonight I'm doing a spook, a spook theme show. Um, uh, so I'll be sure to be how the show is 45 minutes. It's a 45 minute uh, experience. That's the way I describe it. And uh, so I'm going to start off with, I've been thinking about it a whole lot. I watched a ton of Eugene burger cause I basically want to do that, but I'm not him. I don't have the beard. I don't have the voice, the cadence yet. So I was trying to think like how would I describe this? So tonight I won't be Grameen using, I will be Graham and I leave and mentioned that off the top like this is, these are gonna, it's going to be kind of a real estate show and I'm going to bring things with me that'll be artifacts of relatives of people that have power associated with them. So just, but nothing that goes over the line of talking about ghosts or religion or anything like that. That's a key thing that I got from Eugene burger. Just keep it light.

Ryan Joyce: Right. Keep it superior. Take these tears of Jesus in your hand.

Graemazing: Yeah. Right. Okay. But basically it's just like, here's an object and this is the backstory and it has this unique, you know, I don't know why, but this happens with it. So I'm going to try some storytelling with that. And then, um, I'm going to start off the show though. Boom. With some mind reading things that I do in my show already to kind of set the tone that magic is going to happen. I'm a legit performer and everything like that. And then kind of tip toe into, uh, not spirits but spirits. I'm not going to ever mention spirits or ghosts. I always ease into your spirits that I agree 100%. I don't know. Yeah, never just do a couple of shots and just, you know, you never know. And then you're dealing like, then you're sticking a fig Newton in your eye and doing a tequila shot, right? Yeah. You've got to swallow a goldfish

Ryan Joyce: spirits. Are you going to call to the spirits? Are you going to have a moment where you're like spirits or like are you gonna yeah.

Graemazing: Uh, so I, I was actually trying to find a bell, you know, a classic like bell, like bong and just have a bell ring out. Couldn't find the bell. I do have a dinging bell. I'm not sure I might do that. A zoo works cause you works. Yeah. Or, or hit up taco bell before. True. I mean, that's true. Sound of eggs built in and Ooh, it came a little literally, I'm sorry about that one. Uh, but then I'm gonna finish with, uh, and any card at any number, but I'm using a tarot deck for it. So I'll do, I'm going to do a positive future taro reading at the end of the show. That's kind of Eugene burger ideas. Just always read the future, nothing in the past or the present something in the future and always make it positive and generic so that people can leave happy.

But what I'll do is, um, I'm gonna use a method that actually, uh, Patrick Jovan shared at the magic club locally recently. Yeah. Uh, I'm going to use a method that he shared, which I also saw a Tom stone shirt as well. Uh, it's in his maelstrom thing. So I used the same method, but I printed up my own deck of tarot cards from the computer the same way I did for the Ella magic festival and my triple mouth pumpkin thing. Um, so I have a whole custom deck of tarot cards that'll do this trick with and that'll be the finish. And that'll be kind of the whole thing. But it's going to be more, a lot more, a lot more storytelling, less tricks. So that's the Eugene

Ryan Joyce: to have theatrical like flare in your voice at like are you ever gonna slam that taro deck down on the desk? Cause if you do, make sure you record it cause there might be a nail in there. Just say and just always be recording. Always be recording.

Graemazing: um, you could get like a hundred likes so I bet if you had there. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone pull out your phone right now. Oh scheisse yeah. Jack ass magician stabs his hand at spook show on November. Weird time. Like it's so weird to do a Halloween show. It's November now. Like remembrance days in two days.

Ryan Joyce: That is a bit unusual isn't it? Yeah.

Graemazing: Shoot. I dress as like a, like a war veteran. Zombie

Ryan Joyce: your pumpkin from. Oh wow. Is still out front. If you want to take that moldy thing there that it would probably add to the flare.

Graemazing: I have. I have mine here too. Mine is still there. I could do triple mouth pumpkin again. It's very gross.

Ryan Joyce: If you guys haven't seen triple Mo's pumpkin, you've got to go check it out. It's awesome. And you can find that at.

Graemazing: Ah, that's on chch.com right now. I haven't put it on my own website because I've been on Facebook or anything. What's on my, you shared it on your, yeah. Yes. Yeah. You took a Grameen using his Facebook feed. He's good. Yeah. It's posted there and eventually it was going to be on my website. It'll be on my website. I haven't done that yet as I'm vacation. Oh, I see. you the hardest part. Oh, sorry. You were in the middle of the thought. I was going to ask you. We should go back to TV stuff. We should talk about the TV saying like handling TV. That's how we should, we should, we should, Oh, like being on TV. Yeah. Yeah. You want to talk about being on TV, like magic on TV or the local news specific. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Where did conclude

Ryan Joyce: our thought previous before I add my jacket again. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause um, you, I remember thinking while I was watching it live, they went, you got time for one more. And like that phrase in my world would be like, screw.

Graemazing: Right. That'd be like, I just put a nail in my hand. Yeah. Right. It's like, come on, what am I gonna do,

Ryan Joyce: do with these fig Newtons to get your attention? And so I would've lost it. I mean, internally I would have figured out something and it would have worked. But like if I go with three pieces, I do three pieces. I don't know. They, did they shock you with that or

Graemazing: uh, yeah, it was, I was legit stunned at that point. But, um, I dunno, I do enough card tricks, closeup magic that I can just like, uh, I would figure at that point you just go to Darrell's card revelations. So you just need to get a card selected and find it in the most fun way you can cause you really don't have that much time. So I do at restaurants all the time, a lot of for card fines or multiple card fines and have a lot of fancy dancy ways that have always done to find cards like a hot shot cut one handed and you know, shoot it out of the top shot thing. Yup. That's why, cause it's visual. Honestly. That's why it works because yeah a double lift into someone's hand. Yeah, that's totally fine. Say your card out loud, give it some snap or some power to it and then it's, you know, it's magical.

Throw the card on the table, ask them to slam their hand down on the card but always be recording and have a nail there ready to sneak that nail. Like it will be good under the repost hand. And you got yourself a real good piece of content. Just so I've been thinking about this on the next time on the news. I thought about this this morning. I've been on there seven times now on ch morning live. Wow. I was, I was thinking, and I'll reveal this on the podcast because I know we're all magicians. We're all talking inside shop. I was thinking, uh, should I let the host in on a secret like completely just have like a duplicate card planted in his pocket and if I do something with two hosts, the other host doesn't know and maybe the host doesn't know the whole trick. Like how or just let them in on it cause we're all making good TV together. Right? It's,

Ryan Joyce: yeah. Where do you get to hold play the line? That's an interesting question. Yeah, that would be fun. I'd say go for it.

Graemazing: Cause yeah, cause I do know from like they keep having me back. I do know because I'm easy to work with when I go on there. And a lot of the magicians that they do come on try to fool everybody, including the camera guys, the stat like and everyone, but that's the goal is that you're trying to promote something and make it easy for everybody. So I can go in there and just be like, you don't have to worry about a thing focusing on the PO. You know there's a pumpkin coming up. The trick will seem like it's going wrong, but it's totally okay. Totally. Okay. I haven't a tip

Ryan Joyce: from, from Joycey and that's when you, you get positioned and in on camera before I always stare at those light bulbs with my eye. They force my eyeballs open as much as possible and stare at those damn lights before the cameras roll as much as possible because like usually your often some dark room, right? Then it's like boom, you're here and now we've got S 4,500 Watts of lights in your eyes. I have sensitive eyes so it really throws me completely off. But right. If you stand there and just like or open, it's just less like impact right at the beginning when you gotta be on, especially in that first minute because TV's so important. So that's a small little random tip from Joycey.

Graemazing: Also, if you saw the the triple mouth pumpkin segment, I'm morning live. I did have a whole nother effect on the back, uh, table there. It was actually, it's Paul Romano. He lectured on it is a book test with the dictionary pages. Nieto from the journal? Yeah. Oh no, not the journal. This was um, you basically have two books and someone looks at a page in the book and then you go, you try to guess the word or someone tries to guess the word and go South and then you go weird and someone else has a dictionary and they go to the, that word in the dictionary and that page happens to be ripped out and it's in an envelope. Neat. So I had that if I, if time was permitting cause it's, you know, I know that it's always so always have like a couple plan things to do.

Ryan Joyce: Ready to go. Yeah, that's, yeah, that's smart. Well what can we do to beat BT? It was like Ooh, that was, stuff was all pre, they wanted to know weeks in advance what was being done. So I didn't think there was going to be any surprises in there. But my only thing with that interview was like, ah, there was zero direction. And so this is another huge tip that we should both chat about is that when you go on TV, you go to take control of the interview. If you don't is probably going to go South and shitty. Right? It's also you've got to, it's a weird line to play cause you've got to be able to toss it back to them enough that it allows them to say a sound bite. But now in packed you at all. You know what I mean? So it's something that's gotta be danced and it's really hard. It can be really hard if you've got somebody that's just difficult viewer.

Graemazing: Right. And sometimes like the interviewer is not even clued in or checked into what you're saying because they're there all the time doing news and interviewing people. So some of these people are just on autopilot. So it is kind of up to you to make sure you get the stuff that you want to say. They might ask you a question that has nothing to do with why you want to be there or it's like a little like, Oh, please tell us how you got into magic. Well just guide it into what you want to talk about. You know, start with their point by lead into a be a politician. Right. You know, politicians never answered the question cause they just want to get their crap out and start with it and then you, you guide into it because that's really six minutes goes by so fast. If that's your segment time, eight minutes, it's also fast. It is also fast. Um, but I guess also if you're going on local media to for the first time, yeah, it's going to go weird. So you'll learn after one too.

Ryan Joyce: It's true. I've just done so many terrible, terrible. And it's usually because they don't know what to say to magicians. Even on BT, the guys slipped up and said musicians and then corrected himself like they're used to. They're not used to magic they don't know how to like interact and what questions to ask. And that's kind of why I started calling myself a wizard cause it's easier to say than magician. That's, well that's a good, that's a good tip maybe for everybody, but it's also stupid in like, uh, in my room. Yeah. Yeah. This, it's an interesting thing to do TV. It's a lot of, uh, you've got to know your, what you're doing down. You don't want to be thinking about what you're doing cause you gotta be concentrating on what you're saying. So whenever you do, make sure you don't, yeah. Mess it up.

And even if you have to, you don't try something new on TV. That's really silly. Uh, make sure you get a little pride. I mean, triple mouth pumpkin was brand new, but I did do it twice, at least right before I got to do it on TV. I did it at Oh wow. And then I did it at Smith comedy the night before a reaction. It was priceless. Like when she was the mouth, she really sold the fact that like, Oh, this is a mistake. This right. This is going South on live TV. Yeah, they were super great. Yeah. It was lovely. It was great. And I'm glad I got both of them too. I got double energy instead of just one, one person. So there was a lot of playfulness between everybody. It was really fun. Segment my pop Cowan story. Can I say that?

And here you, yeah. What's, yeah, that's the, so we a you for this before, but, so this is for you listeners. Bob Cowan is, he's uh, you've worked with for years. He's a great guy. I don't know him personally. Fun, fun, fun guy. Let me tell you, he was a real hoot. He must have like 95 coffees before we got there. And we had this one taken. It was the super cheesy, like, I'm, I'm going to cloud my hands and let him, you know, we're gonna edit the shot film there and we're going to look like Bob disappeared. Okay, that's great. Um, so Ryan, you stand here and Kendra and Rebecca, you guys stay here and we're going to do blammo and then Silva and then you, Bob's going to clap his hands and run off the scene. We had to do it like 13 times.

I swear to God, cause when it was to clap the scenes, he sorta just froze. It, forgot about what he was supposed to do and then there'd be this long delay and then he'd run off. Oh, I always, we gotta do that again and we got to get it again. And again. I swear we did it like six. Like the crew were laughing. It was, it was fun. It was a fun, yeah. That was best absolute big TV ch TV too. Like what was that? What was that? Can I guess what that was promoting? Yeah. You, I bet you go. Yeah. Was that your Philharmonic thing? Yeah, totally was. Yeah. Yes. That was what it was for Phil. Hands out stuff that was, we're standing right by blammo cause we did this, the one lady, um, wrote this piece for us. It was so wild.

I S we sent her this illusion, it was like kind of like this squishy thing, you know, the girl goes and you squish her, she's gone. And then you open up and then there's two and we had the music in already choreographed and everything. And we sent that whole final video to this very acclaimed composer, Heather Schmidt was her name. And she wrote this piece of music. And I said to her, please don't listen to me. Don't listen to what the video or the audio then what I do because it is going to impact. And it's so funny she sent back this, this piece that we choreographed it at work too, but it was not anything that I would've ever of course naturally choreographed. And it was very bubbly and flighty, but it was fun and it worked. But it was, um, it's kind of a glimpse into what everyone else in the world thinks of magic. When you give them a challenge like that, cause think is it definitive vibe? It's got an energy to it. And if you don't really know what that is, it doesn't. Right. Am I crazy on that?

Graemazing: No. I mean like I was actually watching modern family and they'd poke fun of magic all the time, which is so hilarious cause they do it from like whatever and thinks of magic because Phil, like the dad and modern family is a magician. So obviously someone on the writing staff was a magician, but I'm right. And Canadian too. But uh, they were talking about how they're like in this episode, Luke, the son gets arrested and the mom was kind of happy because, you know, he's really, lately he's just, he's really into magic and stuff. And I'm a little concerned that like, and then the dad pipes and what he's turning into me, me because I was into cheerleading and magic and all this sort of stuff. That's hilarious. But really it is up to all of us as magicians to break down the perception of what a magician is these days.

And you know, the, like I was even at the show last night and aren't magicians supposed to have a hat? Sure. But I've got, I've got fantastic hair, so I want to show that off. That's crazy. You know, like, I don't know, but does different fun. But I think I've never enjoyed playing card print things. I think it looks like, and I don't want to offend any listener, but it looks tacky as shit. I don't care. It just looks so cheeseball weird as a magician to wear like a pattern. Like you don't have to do, like if you go to a restaurant, right, the chef doesn't have necessarily a food pattern and if they do it's like you don't want to be at that restaurant. That's not the restaurant you want to get it. I dunno. Like how think about it

Ryan Joyce: level of class, it has to be provided to the situation.

Graemazing: Right. And I think, I mean you do see some magicians wear top hats, like go out. Oh wow. Festival, own Anderson wears the top hat totally fits his character. He is a goofy to the core and that top hat is perfect. Same as stevenburg. Etsy wears the top hat. Yeah. It's hilarious to his character. It is so funny that he wears the top hat. Yes. So, so well and even one most people I wonder, I think it will be stigma stigmatized to us for ever. For sure. Right. And I know Mario, the magician, he wears a top app, but he has the image of like if you took out a hipster and you smashed it with a magician, like what does that look? How cool can you make that look? And he's made it as cool as it can be, isn't it? Yeah. He's got a really, really wicked look.

Ryan Joyce: Those are the people that magicians should be, you know, you putting up on the top and idolizing in terms of branding and stuff because they're so creative and unique and of course never stealing. Um, well we should actually wrap it there anyways. My life is gonna be crazy here in a second. So, um, this has been, I think it's been a very, a really great episode. Lots of value. Are they the TV, we had other plans and we totally went down the television road.

TV rabbit hole, which is cool. Yeah. Um, we'll save that conversation for, for later in the future. Yeah. But no, if you enjoy listening to this podcast, please be sure to share it with your friends a like, and subscribe to it. We want everyone in magic to be listening to this. If they aren't, uh, if you haven't checked out magic-masterclass.com there's so much content, so much information. If you haven't seen the imagine, uh, the Michael close masterclass, like right now they're doing, they're accepting auditions for the newest season of fullest, which is renewed yay magic on TV. That is so there's so much new magic on TV. Uh, but if you really want to think about applying, I would get this masterclass. I mean there's so many others resources out there, but we spent the weekend with Michael. You put together the whole thing. It's a full on course on really how to put together a great routine that's going to be perfect for fool us. Um, and then there's so much more of that content on there. Mystic pixel. If you want stock graphics to like where you're having the conversation, change your image, be a more current magician. Don't be the cheesy tacky dude. This is a great way to start with Mystic Pixel. We also have all sorts of podcasts, episodes, blog content on there, ways to change the game. Be more current. Be a better magician.

That's right. And if you've got a collapsible top hat and you put it on your table and you slam your hand down on it, make sure that you have something recording that. That's the final tip for this amazing episode 16 of Magicians Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce.

Graemazing: My name is Graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: ShaBlazam.

Graemazing: TaDoozle!

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