EP 15 : OWOW Magic Festival

On this episode, Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share their experiences at the first annual OWOW Magic Festival in Fergus, Ontario.

Episode 15 | Magicians Talking Magic

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magician Talking Magic. This is episode 15 post. OWOW Magic Festival recovery zone. My name is Ryan. Joyce full time magician. You can tell by the bags under my eyes. And this is

Graeme Reed: Graemazing. I am a recent full time pro with the background. My career before it was TV and now I do tricks. Yup. Yup. That's us. That's editors with tricks. Wizards with tricks and we are here. This is episode one five 15. That's kind of crazy that we are in the 15th episode of this podcast. We have kept it going. Good for us.

Ryan Joyce: Yay us and perseverance.

Graeme Reed: Um, and real quick, if you are driving your car, walking the dog, doing the dishes, let go of the steering wheel, let go the dog. Throw the dishes across the room. Everyone big random applies to Ryan Joyce for it. OWOW Magic Festival. The first Ontario Week of Wonder is done. It's in the books in the books that could over.

Ryan Joyce: Keep that round of applause going for everybody. Whoa. We need clappers. Double snaps. Snap. Yeah. Snaps for hardwork.

Graeme Reed: If you're on a bus, if you're in a Greyhound bust, hit your neighbor, just tap them and tell them all about Ontario week wonder.

Ryan Joyce: Yep. And come next year cause it's gonna be twice as fun.

Graeme Reed: Right. Ooh edge. And we'll see again. are gone. But Justin's a gun. Yeah. Magicians came and went

and it's all over. Uh, I have to say, just off the bat thousand here is an incredible experience. That's what you set out to do was do create an one incredible magic experience in Fergus because that's part of creating an experience where you are too. And I think super the way the town was set up, there was a house, there was a parade of kids in costumes the one day. And so man,.

Ryan Joyce: Somebody got a great photo. We'll, I'll do a little blog post of course to follow up and I'll post some of our favorite photos. Somebody got a great one. I don't know if that was you or not, but out w during that day, cause I mean the sun was shining and it was just the best day ever. It was warm enough to be outside walking around. It was great. And everybody's in costumes. Kids go on business. It's a businesses. There was Al also one of the registering DJ Carrol who was there. He has a, um, like a company, a F of wizards, essentially I suppose actors, but this time they were wizards. So they were out doing the whole Harry Potter and stunt show and everything with like flaming ones.

Graeme Reed: And is that real? I missed this. I didn't see all of it.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, I know that's a bummer because it was between 10 and 12. I think they did several runs, but we were all in the, in the lectures learning, you know, magic stuffs and, and doing magic things.

Graeme Reed: That's true. That's true. It was that, that was Paul's lecture, uh,.

Ryan Joyce: On the Saturday. Yeah. That was Paul's right in the morning, so we're, yeah.

Graeme Reed: Use some Paul Romhany the day after his birthday to be surprised.

Ryan Joyce: That was fun.

Graeme Reed: You and Joan surprised him with the cake and probably the worst singing ever for happy birthday. Oh my gosh. Yeah. When I started, I had to sing. When I realized that I could hear myself in the room. That's not good. That's so bad. I tried to just mouth the words and I think we're in a room filled of magicians that all pulled that same trick,

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, it was, it was a great, it was a great day. I mean, just all in all just to welcome everybody and to finally like be in go mode rather than prepare mode. I don't know. It was, and now it's like recover mode at that first day after I slept I slept a long time. Yeah. At least seven hours. So,

Graeme Reed: Oh, I had a solid sleep and then that whole day after I still felt real groggy and a little angry and then I was fine. The next day after that.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. I'm groggy today if for sure. Just post Halloween special day. Too much adrenaline.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. So many, so many elements to the Ontario. So Ontario Week of Wonder really started, uh, last Thursday, I guess. Right? That was the thing first show. Was that the first show for you?

Ryan Joyce: It did. It did. And so like just for those that didn't attend, I mean our numbers were good. They weren't amazing. It was the first year. So, um, it started off Thursday doing the Hypno show with just a, the numbers stacked against me, I would say. Um, you know, and do still w w pulled it out of the bag and put on there a good show.

Graeme Reed: A hypno show. And you also had special guests. You had a special guest and yeah,.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, I was gonna say, and that was thanks to of course Cody, because he's really set the tone he opened with those two pieces of magic, which were just killer, killer, killer, killer.

Graeme Reed: And he was also in the magic special last night. And if you only saw him and those two things, uh, and didn't realize he helped out behind the scenes throughout the entire festival.

Ryan Joyce: It's trooper and so much more. I like triple snaps for Cody for sure.

Graeme Reed: Throw those dishes. Like go the dog crashed the car, Cody.

Ryan Joyce: Just a, there's so many people that are going to deserve triples snaps for sure yourself included in there. And then we've got, Peter is in there and category of the Joan is in the triple snaps there. Sam Pearce is in the triple snap category. Look at all these triple snaps. I can't even snap anymore. Can't leave that day. And David Tanner, yeah, our technical director over the theater. It was, yeah, it was wild rush. So that Thursday.

Graeme Reed: Jenna was there a lot too helping out.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, triples snaps for Jenna, of course. How could I forget it's, I'm, I'm not even thinking straight right now to be honest with you. So tired. But uh, that Thursday was great too because for me, one of my favorite parts was, you know, when we're done we had no loadout or anything. So that's a little, that's a huge win for those that know. And we just went right back to the house and it was, I set up for a Halloween party and blessed my mom, my God, my mom and her husband went around and got like Costco runs a goodies and stuff and they okay. Scooted the head and they set up a, some of that stuff on, you know, around the house. I wish I had decorated. So, um, yeah. So it was really nice to them to stop in and, and do that for, for me. Cause I yeah, there's just so much to do. So we were able to have a little house party and that was fun because it was first time we met Carisa and Paul and it was just a really wonderful night.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And I got there right at the end of the whole thing cause I sh I had a gig that day and then I came up to Fergus after everything had packed up for the whole festival and I drove up that night preparing for the massive rest of the festival. Ms unfortunately missing the hip. No. And Cody and everything. But yeah, I came up and then I I'm your house was decked out for Halloween. It was so awesome. It was so, hello.

Ryan Joyce: Halloween man. I just love it. It is my favorite. Like honestly last night was just the, it was just my F I just loved it. Everything about it. I was just on cloud nine. It just would've been better cause there's like 12 or 15 people here in a party format. That would've been the only thing. But I mean that's next year's plan. Next year. Yeah. Next year. Which there's lots of thinking to do for next year to be honest, because Halloween falls on a very awkward date. October 31st next year is on a Saturday. And so know how to structure that for the festival next year. Yeah. That could be a tricky, no pun intended. yeah. So, um, so this'll work. I'll also be sending a feedback forms. I really want to hear feedback from former everyone that attended. So as I always do all just try to collect some anonymous data. Yeah. And see what people liked and didn't and didn't like. But um, let's go to Friday I guess. Probably jumped to Friday. I that covers, I mean in short detailed, that covers Thursday pretty decent. Um, Friday was kind of like, yeah. Our beginning, we started with like loading everything into the, the secondary venue.

Graeme Reed: We had a massive load in, in the morning and everything. And then we also got the uh, library ready for the sessions cause we basically, it was so convenient to be when you, if you looked at it on the website, you're like, ah, three locations for all this stuff. That's a lot of, but the theater, a couple doors down is the library and a couple of doors down from that as the brew house and in between that or other restaurants, cafes across the street, unique shops. So I think people, the people that came out, they really got to experience Ferguson. Understand why Pete is a destination town in Ontario that you've maybe just heard about but never really gone to. So I think they understood

Ryan Joyce: for magic festival too. Yeah, it really is a good spot. I mean that theater's charming. It's tiny enough that you feel like you're getting an experience and then all the rest of it is just like awesome. Like those that's just extra, I suppose for most magicians. That other stuff is just the extra. I was also Carissa, just a did the, she's, she's an podcast and interviewed Steven Barg, Etsy who is also at the convention. I loved him. I listened to that too. Fantastic episode. But she even brought up how great the audience is in Fergus and then we know that from, well you know this because you're, you live there, but we've done them magic masterclass, a Michael Paul special, which you can also rent now too and you can check that on on demand, but all these specials and that is an incredible local audience that you get in Fergus.

They are one of the best theater if you get, you know that building used to be a, I believe it was an old CBC, T V S like studio or something. Like it was an actual way, way back, way back when. That would be a thing even in this area. Wow. Shows your how old. So it's great for like acoustics. It's great. Five it's the footage that we were able to get is awesome cause like our cameras are pretty much right online with, with the stage. It's just so fun. It's a perfect place to do what we did. I think it really to be on, it really wasn't. I, I keep getting, I've been messaging personally messaging the people that I met at the convention, asking them great, what their favorite part was. And everyone keeps talking about how unique the experience was. That's great.

So special. So on the Friday, the welcome session, I remember it started off, didn't it? It was, um, it had Chrissa and Nick Wallace and Jay Sankey, they helped popped in talking about their experiences with 'em on TV and everything. But it was exciting to hear about Chris talking about her fullest experience. I thought it was great. Yeah, it's really great to meet her and hear her stories. Right. She's, she's very knowledgeable about theater. She's, she's got a lot to share. So it was, it was great. I was, I was so thrilled. Nick Wallace did an incredible talk to you about his America's got talent experience, which I think was fascinating to understand how much, uh, and I'll like, I, I think we can expose a little bit, but if you bump into Nick, if you see him in any conventions coming up or anything like that, you have to ask him personally. Uh, cause he's, he tells it great too, but how manipulated and not manipulate it, but just how much post-production goes into the show. How much of it didn't really happen in real life possibly. Yeah. Wild seems like that's just so much extra work to do for, there's so many people that have to work on that show. It's true. I mean, so many, I mean, we both know editing, so there's, I mean it's, sometimes there's logical splice stuff together, but you can really see how they benefit from having

more and more content on as on a person. But it's basically like, it seems like they have the show written they have in mind already and they're just going to force it. It's very pro wrestling. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's, yeah. Yeah. That's a good way to say it really is everything we expected it to be. I suppose all the more reason I have no desire. I mean my God. But he also gave the contrast to his experience on Phyllis and how wonderful that was. Right. That was so great. And so true. I had an amazing experience. Krista had an amazing experience. And you shared your fullest experience to which you've talked about on, you've talked about in former podcast episodes, right? I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Little bits here and there. Yeah, I've definitely shared on the podcast, I didn't share too much at the festival cause they definitely didn't.

I, you know, and that the big things that I wanted to make sure is that I didn't want it to be like the Ryan choice festival. Like I really needed to be something for everybody. So I tried to keep my input as minimalistic as possible. You know, it was just trying to balance that, just being forthright. I mean, even on the PI, that was one thing I really want to strive for is not to make it so like one person. Yes. So we, yeah, we, we stared with that bang session. We heard from some really great acts. I, I had acted as me, I guess, mediator in there a little bit. So then on and then surprised chocolate cake with no forks, which is always a fun mess. Yep, that's true. That was a lot of fun. And I mean, my gosh, it was such a moment.

It was really nice and I think Paul was really, I think so really thrilled by that. So that was a really great start and a really great way to begin the Oh wow. Magic festival. And then after that, when people had like about an hour and 20 minutes or so before we had our, you know, welcome to this yet, welcome to the theater. Let's have some fun gallery show at 7:00 PM and uh, that was, we started off with a very ambitious television taping project. Yeah. Which I didn't really talk a great length with everybody because they didn't want to call a overwhelmed them. And I didn't want to confuse anybody either because I knew we weren't, we're not gonna use anyone's footage is we record for our cargo purposes. But, um, while soon as we have this perfect opportunity to have a really fun, um, video at the end of this.

So I set 10 minutes aside at the beginning of each show to, to film. Um, I was, we were supposed to have two elements that made it into the taping, but it just shows you how all this shit goes down, right? The, uh, we, we filmed cut in half and the, I don't know what it was, I reviewed the footage and I don't think the caster was locked. The trick went well. The, the illusion went well, but it was fine, but the, something wasn't allowing it to spin. So I couldn't really separate her far enough and it was always skewed to what, it just wouldn't shift. And the board fell. I don't know, it was just something went down. So I, it wasn't camera friendly. It could have, I could have salvaged it I suppose, but it just wasn't like it worked. It was fine.

Speaker 3: The trick was great, but it just was like, why was it a little weird? Yeah. But I didn't even notice that you would have, I didn't know that I was struggling at the time. So yeah. And probably a lot of people probably wouldn't. It was just a little details like when you go to put the blade, like you've take the plate out and you put it on the trays under the illusion. Well that one tray was just for some reason off of his angle and everything just kept sliding off. So it was just a little details. It wasn't anything revealed. But, uh, and the response was great. And there's a lot of the people, you know, the letter said that they'd never seen it before, especially down like that. Of course. And this is Jonathan and Charlotte Penn Dragon's version, clearly impossible. So built by Dan summers. Incredible. The best builder and one of the best builders on the planet. Super cool. Illusion looks amazing. It's so fun. It is such a, it has such a great moment. And again, Adele about so well you and Jenna do itself. Oh thanks. Isn't she great? Isn't Jenna great? Yeah. Everybody got a chance to meet Jana this week and that was, that was fun. In fact, I'm going to see her in very short amount of time actually. Yeah, right after this. Yeah,

Graeme Reed: but so you guys opened up the show with the taping, which you can see. That is the opening of the Halloween special that aired last night streaming, which is so awesome. That was the opening up of the first gallery show, the Canada Gallagher Rose

Ryan Joyce: for the streaming. Less nervous for the field or for the filming. There was a lot of that was,

Graeme Reed: there's a lot of moving parts in that opening bit. You'll see there's animation that was created. You do, you're basically doing a a Hans clock. How many illusions can I do in a minute kind of routine where you're just like, trick Shizam trick. Shizam dubstep. It was the dubstep of magic. Just remixing it. Throwing it in there. Yep.

Ryan Joyce: I hope it was great. Of course, when you watch it, you're going to notice I had to audio Deb over, I hope. Was the audio dub better on the second round? I did it again. Was it a little better?

Graeme Reed: I think what we talked about it because you'd done it before and I said run around your house and make it seem like you're actually running. And then there's more anxiety but at

Ryan Joyce: the same time too in the background. And I just tried to duplicate it and for the YouTube, which I just uploaded now it's live now. I actually pulled one more sound byte out so yeah. But um, that's the, one of the things that I was super disappointed about with the, and the in my side of is the audio recording for the, for the festival. Outside of that, I think we knocked it out of the park across the board because we hit some really, really talented people. So look at that lineup for the,

Graeme Reed: we're Krista come out or sorry, Lucy darling Lucy darling. Knock it out of the park.

Speaker 3: Bang, bang, bang. Unbelievable. So great is Andy was so lovely to work with her. So

Graeme Reed: friendship, you know, magic friendship for life. So much hands on learning cause she's a strong theater background person. So she had a lot to share with everybody. Uh, in a very honest and upfront about things if you ask her. So that's very, yep. Good to know too. But super cool to meet uh, both Chrissa and Lucy. That's right. And she introduced, uh, J J Sankey was next. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. So we had J route not to go to the park. Did the, did a closeup session as Jay would do if you were filming with the bring big old ring light. Yeah. There crazy ring light and the holding that for those sets, that's a, that's a workout. And then a Nick Wallace, we had the creepy Nick walls, which I think looking back at the week, like the most magical moment, uh, I mean there were actually that's not true. There were two very strong magical moments. The other ones in the other gallery show and we'll talk about that, but when he does this trick where there's something special in a kid's hands and that kid is sitting up on stage and I don't want to split it cause you have to see Nick show to see this. And then something happens in the theater with some borrowed objects and then when that kid looks inside his hands, the expression he had was pure magic

Ryan Joyce: was so good. It was, her face was gold and I got to sit in. I was sitting in the audience, this is, he's set was the only time I got to sit in the audience to watch anything. Oh yeah. I just loved it. It was so magical. I'm so creepy. He's just such a great character.

Graeme Reed: And he brought the creepy rocking chair. Oh my God. Oh yeah. One all loud and I can't thank them enough. It was just awesome. Awesome. And then we also got to experience that moment backstage. We're sitting in the wings in the darkness and he sings the reading rainbow theme song to us.

Ryan Joyce: It was definitely goes down in history for one of the top moments that, Oh wow. Magic festival behind the scenes curtains stuff. Totally. The reading rainbow singing Fest. And then if you had a flashlight under his chin, it would've made it even better. Like,

Graeme Reed: and then closing out the show. Gripe. Fruin dazzled, dazzled, dazzled, man. What a what a star. That was just awesome. Perfect. Total pro. Yeah. Brought a classical illusions. Um, he was doing origami with his mirror. Right. The mirrors. His is the mirror, his thing that's his addition to that. Totally original. So yeah. Oh wow. And I think that's his first, but he said that's his first illusion. Oh that was fun. It was the origami. Yeah.

Speaker 3: And he also said he hadn't done it in awhile too

Ryan Joyce: cause he's got his own show set in his theater defected. He, you know, carted up some, some big stuff was just super of them. So I know that feeling too. I've definitely like, all right, let's pull this one out. A little track, haven't done it a couple, you know, couple of years. We'll see how this goes. Totally til it nailed it. And I actually, for a lot of great stuff, I was having to move stuff and get stuff around so I missed some of, but I will watch re watched some of the footage because he was talking about is this dual bit, which I can't wait to watch. I actually also missed the still a bit, so I would like to see this as well. We'll have to watch some of that.

Speaker 3: Yeah, I thought that was, I saw when I was just dumping the footage, you know, as it proxies everything. Um, I w it was rendering some of them and I saw the visuals and it looks really fun. So

Ryan Joyce: I'm actually pretty sure the stool bit was happening when we were listening to Nick saying, Oh, that's what, yeah, they're reading rainbow theme song. We just happen to be backstage congratulating Nick. Yup. Yeah. And so that was Friday to the gala show. And so from there we had what very short turnaround autographs and stuff in the halls and lots of pictures and all that stuff. Our social media girl, she's just incredible. She was there taking photos and stuff with everybody, so that was amazing. Uh, couldn't, can't thank her enough. She was super great about posting and sharing everybody's stuff and everything. Really good stuff. She knocked it out of the park and then behind the scenes we were hustling, grabbing equipment and whatever. So we could run just down the street to the brew house because there was uh, the late night show, the witching hour, this amazing closeup show, closeup slash parlor show that you put together with a bunch of the top pros that were in town and in the room.

And I had the amazing opportunity even host the thing, which was so your awesome thing. Yeah. And Peter did such a great job coming in with the sound and voice. Bless Peter. He came in with the sound and he had music for us. He had a great show opener and everything. Uh, so that was, that was a, that was a blitz to get in and that was a straight up blitz to get there and get that out. How cool was the energy in the room though? It was, I mean we've done the brewhouse before we do it with Michael Paul, right. We did the a puppeteering workshop. It is the perfect room and Oh, fun. Dennis and his staff, everyone is just the best. There's so like I know the waitresses were very tolerant of like, Oh boy, very tolerant, very tolerant. And Dennis is the happiest guy ever running that loves everyone there.

It's so like, Oh my gosh. So easy going. I, you know what my biggest fear is, is like if this gets any bigger like that, this was a small year. So what do we do moving forward? Because they seemed so few. I know that well they were, now we get to enjoy it. There were people in that, there's like a kind of over I guess a party room overflow room where they were looking through the doorway over and I did watch the show too, which was awesome. Yeah, it was so fun. And people just happen to be there too and stumble upon this amazing magic show. But, so at the late night show we had, uh, uh, Paul, he opened it up and we had Carissa and it closed at with Michael close, who I think did one of the most hilarious closeup routines I've ever seen. Oh my God.

I laughed and laughed and laughed that one moment, which, you know, uh, yeah, we were both in agreement, so that was priceless. I don't want to spoil it cause it's his, it's his fit and I, yeah, I bet you, I bet people will be seeing it as he, as you see him at conventions throughout the year. Cause I think it's a new bait he's doing. It sounds like so fun. We, Oh boy. He was so funny. Legitimate. Everybody lost it. It was, it was, it was wonderful. And the audience in that room was perfect. Everyone. Oh my God. I know. It was just there for the magic. So like there wasn't too much chitter chatter in the back or anything like that. Nothing ruined it. It was perfect. So perfect. Oh, also that night too, we had Scott Boyd, he was doing restaurant magic at the brewhouse before we all got there.

Oh yes. And Michael Craig, Francis. Um, amazing. Mike was there. Awesome. Mike. Awesome. Awesome. Sorry, sorry. Oh radical. Like, um, yup. Yup. Intelligent, ambitious. Mike was Mike. Yeah. Ambitious. Mike. That's the best. Which, which means like you just S rises to the top. All that's rising to the top. You can kick them down, but he keeps rising to the top. You can bend it in half and you'll still rise to the top. We had Al gross as well do Sunday and Saturday and Sunday. And I didn't get to see him face to face, but longtime friend, I heard people coming in the theater like, Hey, we just saw someone doing some magic and then we would ask who was his first name? Al. They're like, yeah, Oh, it was out. And you're like, great. Yes. People were raving so good with Scott too. And we also had JP come by.

We were supposed to do a busking, uh, outside thing, but he was terrible in rather cold. So, and nobody was there. I, you know, it was so fun or so odd that it was filled on Saturday. Like they were very, the vibrant downtown was packed. And then Sunday was because it was cold and rainy. It was like, it was ghost town just so it was kind of a quieter show. But um, yeah, but you know what the good turnout for, at least for the family shows too. So that's your family shows you had on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The first one, Owen and Peter. And then the third one JP thrown in there too because those guys did so great. It's so cool. So much fun to watch all their different styles and all how they get the kids going. Oh and his was amazing, wasn't he?

He was the first kids while he's the first magician I ever saw. So it's real fun to full circle everything. Yeah. It's cool to see him perform now. Cause I also remember seeing him as a kid cause if you come, if you grew up in Southern Ontario, Hamilton area, you probably saw when it, mr L you have formed some magic and he is goofy to the core. He is so great. So fun. And he plays usher, he ushers the kids in the literally winding them up leaking. I love that. That's a bit. Yeah. Wow. And then Peter had all this classics manana. Yeah. If you've never seen Peter live, his Menominee's six God repeat is super great. It's so great. He's got so many great touches on the balloon dog too, that he does. Um, but yeah, just scrapes, workers, workers. Yep. Total pros. Um, also on Saturday, we kicked off the day with the, uh, Paul Romani lecture.

Yes. Which was awesome. I love, we, we retreated to having breakfast with them too, which was very nice. That's true. We had a lovely breakfast that's right at two Burdell Delvin which was just steps away from downtown for and got to hear so many fun showbiz stories from Paul. Yeah, that's what, that's what I love. I say with the Thursday like the after the hip. No, that Halloween party was nice just to hear showbiz stories and talk. That's what we, cause you know, we're like, there's not a lot of like us, right. I guess like people that relayed on all sorts of levels about performing and magic and in travel and all of that stuff, events and yada, yada, all the same things that you, we bought like, but other pros from around the world with just crazy experiences like, like Paul's traveled the globe with, with that act and he remembers he flew from, what was it, back and forth to, to Australia every week for like three months.

Like just crazy. And he lost his luggage 14 times. Yeah. In one year. The last show he painted right in the last show. Right. Right on stage. Wow. I hope. I think that's, they got those details right. But just the idea of that kind of travel is just, just not, so he had, he was so great to get to enjoy and his lecture was, his lecture was so much fun, so informative. He's a real thinker and he's a practical thinker. He knows character, you know, he knows all of these extra details that not everybody knows it was, it was just an aside from being a wealth of knowledge, one of the nicest guys on the planet. And he probably had the most magical moment of the weekend. Really? Yes. It's so true. Do actual discipline. Yep. So this dates back a little bit. Peter was sort of giving me all the details and in the rent, like the acts and the rundowns and things, and I mentioned he, that Paul had mentioned these guys snow ending if we had video and such and such. So we definitely had video and I had two snow machines that I have boughten and forgot about like a lifetime ago. But they sat in storage for so long that they were all clogged and junky and stuff, so

Speaker 3: they didn't work at all. Um, and so I said to, uh, in the Paul, just a quick exchange, it was like, Oh, we're going to try. But like, I don't know. We'll see. We'll see. Cause I think that would look incredible to have this know on the stage. So sure enough, um, the day of, or the day before, Sam just cranked those bad boys open and did some scrubbing and pushing and

Ryan Joyce: cleaning and he rebuilt the whole thing. Yep. Rebuilt it in that and we made it snow in the backyard. It was great. So, yeah, so we jumped a, yeah, I guess we jumped a little bit on that to start. We, we did the, did we talk about what the family, so we, yeah, we talked about the family shit, family shit. So that happened after Paul session, right? So we, we welcomed everybody. Oh. And we did Joan, the award for Joan that happened as Saturday, the Saturday night. But we also had the Michael close lecture was Saturday. I am Oh right. Alright. I missed, I was in the, I was in the theater because I was doing some tech stuff for the gallery show. Uh, with all of that cause Paul, that's when we were setting, we were preparing the snow for Paul actually at that time. I remember what was that, what was happening? Oh that's, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Because at that point Rick and Steve and Mike, they had already come by and done their tech. So we just had to deal with 'em or make sure that Paul was all set. Cause he has a couple more things, aspects to his. Um, so that was the Michael close lecture. You were there. It was great. We had a shorter, sure.

Speaker 3: The normal, um, kind of a surprise, shorter than normal lecture because the library, you know, I guess wanted us out by five, which was not anyways originally agreed upon, but a little bit earlier. So we had to boot out of there. And to be honest, it was, it was great cause I just shortened my little set dramatically. I had a little bit of footage from Johnny Thompson, um, when I traveled around with Walter and captured some, it was probably a decade or so ago, I had some, some footage and we were at Johnny's and Pam's house in Vegas. So I had just a short clip of him explaining how he transitioned from being a straight act as they, as he referred to it to a comedy act. So it was interesting. Um, so I just, I kept it to that real short and then I'd toss it over to Michael to just, uh, to talk a little bit about Johnny and his influence and such like to whatever was comfortable for him. Cause I mean it's a dear friend, right. And then also to, uh, to share his thoughts on fool us. And it was just a really great wealth of knowledge for that whole session. You know, like Michael's just, he's just filled with so much. So we heard stories, we heard, you know, the last few moments we heard, um, you know, thoughts for the future. And it was just a very, it was, it was a great informative session for everybody because it is the top show

Ryan Joyce: of the season or of the, of the season. It is the top magic show right now. So, yeah. Yeah, I think we all hold it to the highest regard, right? That's right. Yeah. You can tell listening to him speak about it, how he and everybody else, including of course, Johnny held it with such high regards. And isn't that so true about magicians? I mean really, we're so detail oriented. When you look at it, it's no wonder that when magic shows in such a succeed, they really do because there's just so much that goes into it and they really put a lot of detail. So, and there was, that was why it was funded. Like there's so many of us there that I'd experienced the fool S, you know, whole taping. So it was really great to hear all sorts of stories that over the course of the weekend.

So, certainly a great treat to share here, Michael. Sure. Uh, all of that. Uh, and that was before dinner, so there was like an hour break I guess. And hopefully I hope the gas, cause I'm not sure about the people that came to the convention, but hopefully, I mean we got to share breakfast with some of the acts. Um, yeah. Hopefully the guests got to sit down and have lunch or maybe at dinner to grab a drink or something with them. That was kind of the intent of having end around Fergus was that you had bumped into them at the cafe and then you could also ask more about these intimate stories. Cause we also got that too when we would set up, you know, in the theater and we want that experience for everyone. And that's the point of a magic convention is that the magicians are there mixing and mingling with everyone, not just there for the shows, but they're there with everybody sharing their experiences.

Um, Steven Bergonzi made it clear. He was talking, we actually had breakfast with them on the Sunday, kind of jumping ahead. But he was like, that's why I like doing these things cause I get to come out and see all these people and know that's part of it is that, you know, that's, he was great. He was great. Yeah. I missed that breakfast. I had to go pick up the truck. Yeah. But, um, but I was, I was there in spirit. Um, where did that leave? Oh, we didn't tell shout on Saturday. The gallery show, which started off with, uh, cut in half. And then you also presented the first ever lifetime achievement award for the magic festival. Yeah. To, to Joan, of course. And that was a really, I was so honored to, to be able to present that to someone. So special. So that was, that was fun.

Right. And if you don't know, if people don't know who, anything about John Caesar, I think if you look on Ryan Joyce's blog or a magician's masterclass, there's an incredible interview with Joan. Um, actually I, one of our highest listen podcasts is Joan. Yeah. So she's just accomplished and created so much for, uh, magic and Canadian magic. Really? Yup. W yeah. We wouldn't have FISM coming to North America, I suppose. I mean, if it wasn't for, for Joan, I mean if you, you look at the butterfly effect, none of that ever would have happened with that without, or even making it cam. And she even did it to make it easier for a magician, Canadian magicians to be part of Islam as well, right? That's right. Yeah. Yes. They have to compete under other countries before. Right. So it's a big deal. So yeah, it was nice to be able to do, hopefully start a tradition of some search.

Suddenly we'll have to discuss about the wow festival as we move forward. What does it all means and is, but as a first year, uh, that was a great award, I think, to, to present. So that was like the opening of the show and I wanted to do that after the filming of cut in half, which yeah, for obvious reasons. And then we brought out Michael close to BMC, who obviously nailed us. Oh, he's so good. So good on the phone and shaking and yep. And retained. And we had a special guest who was also featured on the, uh, Halloween special from Niagara falls. Ed stone and stone came and recorded a killer piece of magic. I think that's such a fun piece of mentalism. There's just a, there's a element of it that's just inquisitive, the whole nature through where the really fun surprise.

Right. And I, you know what the whole segment that you put together for the, the magic special where he talks about his background and everything. Man, he's so cool. He's such a, yup. He's, and he's great on camera and he's great on stage. She can really articulate it and he's got a great strong person. He's also really good if you just hand them a microphone and go, Hey, can you host the show real quick? He was real quick about that in a second too. We've got this idea. You, you, yeah. You want to give it a shit? Well we gave him, gave him more notice than that but sure. Um, and then so ed led into, um, we had, well on the show we had Rick Merrill, he was on there too doing his incredible, uh, FISM Sharpie and Coleen homeschool. It's called homeschool. Right? That's the name of the act I think.

And Oh it, I've just always loved to zag this so good. And his humor is so ridiculous cause his joke, the way he tells a joke and also the way he talks to you is the same CEO. I never knew all weekend. I just assumed he was always yanking my chain. Um, I never know. He's amazing and hilarious. He is so funny. It was so pure eye candy, pure eye candy with what he does with his hands to his sleigh. Absolutely. The official nature of what he does is incredible and like, I don't even think people can see it online or anything. Like you really had to experience it there in order to see it. I think it's very, his acts is very like exclusive. I don't know. I'm sure you can probably find it somewhere, but I bet you can. Just remarkable, remarkable. Seven and a half minutes that can change your life. Remarkable. No pun intended. And then yay. That's right. Yeah. That's good one. And then we stand by Etsy. Oh my gosh.

Graeme Reed: So far down the house to Steven was so, so well. If people have seen him at a convention before, you know what he's going to do. But he was so good. Yup. And perfect for that

Ryan Joyce: audience. It's so true. And I got to pull the curtain on the, yeah, that's my best. My, my proud moment for, for Steven's act wasn't the, he was just so, so good and funny and just everyone, he's got an edge to him too. So like you're always kind of on the edge of the seat, right. To know what he's going to do or say next. Just a brilliant character who's really, really nailed that. That was a real treat to see him on this stage.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. See I'm on the end on the stage and walk across the seats. Yeah. I didn't get to see that from where I was across the seats. And then I'm always fascinated because he did the thing, he brought kids up and he made the kids go, I don't want to spoil everything he does. Right. Cause you kind of want to see it, but I'm so fat. Uh, were you backstage for all that? I was for the, the auto house. Yeah. Yeah. You got to a, I want after you, I want you to tell me kind of why that's so much fun. Yeah. Handle that whole the whole bit. And then he just kinda, yeah. He, Oh, here's a really fun set, hilarious set. But I feel like it's one of those that you have to experience. And also, if you don't know his son, NAPE bar gets, he has amazing comedy specials on Netflix. Uh, I think the latest one is the Tennessee kid. Uh, we just rewatched it. He's hilarious. He talks about his, you know, his dad being a clown turned magician. He's also, if you went more a in depth interview with Nate, did a podcast years ago called, you made it weird with Pete Holmes. Uh, and it's all, it's probably like two to three hours long. So it's a couple of years ago, but you would get way more in depth interview stuff from Nate about, uh, growing up and everything. Oh, with the magic dad and

Ryan Joyce: really good interview. But I know he'd, I don't think that Steven didn't promo that at the festival, but that's something that I think everyone should check out too. Yeah, absolutely. I'll check that out. That would be great to listen to entertain my family. And then, uh, that gala show closed out with panic. Oh no, we still have one more. Yeah, sorry. My panic. They ended up, no, but the gallery show, our last act, the final headlining act was incredible. Oh, Shahar Romani doing chaplain and I've never seen that before. I didn't even, I tried to, I was going to check out YouTube clips, but I just wanted to see it and I yup. Amazing. Yeah, it was so great. And I, you would see him backstage and he was already in character ready to go. I would look so cool. So great. The whole costume, all the props, everything was so great.

Really incredible. Really incredible. Yeah. Backstage I w like, I, I don't know, I never wanna interrupt anyone's flow. So here we sorta just dance around and, but it was hard or weird like that Charlie Chaplin, he was really cool. He felt like the blue lights around and it just, yeah, he really, really mean he's got the slightly oversized shoes. The perfect, the suit is the right time period. And, uh, so good. And the magic was incredible. Oh, the magic was flawless. I really loved the bit with the red silk. Yes. That's so great. That's so going at it and the rope was, is also incredible. And then when he did the, he, uh, he did rope set the night before and the end of it, he threw the rope into the, to the front row and then sort of ended his set. And I thought, Oh no.

Oh no. That's like a really expensive piece of rope. Yeah. Super nice, thick. Like, Whoa, how do you get that rope? Yeah. Yeah. And then he broke the, and made that joke. I don't know. I gotta take that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But that was real treat. I saw the first of all the footage I ran around and we were just before he sat and dialed the camera and cause the wide shot that we had was overblown for everything. I just, yeah. But for Paul set, I was the only time I got a chance to run around and just take an actual look. And so I dialed the kid so his footage looks incredible just from nice to end. Um, so I, yeah, I look forward to watching you from the front and I'll, I'll send him that produce too. So man, it was a really great way to end that first, you know, big.

Oh well that was the end of the big shows. I suppose we could put it. That was kind of, if you came for the just the gallery shows, that would have been like the end of your experience there. And that was, yeah, that's an incredible way to finish a show with chaplain. And the way he does it too. The whole theater goes slow black into a tiny circle, like a emotion pitchers ending and he's still, it's incredible. It's just was so lovely. Um, and then we had, I don't even know how many minutes, negative 20 minutes they up to then repeat what we did the night before and run from the theater, uh, after pictures and autographs and all that sort of stuff with whatever tech equipment we could to the brewhouse to set up for, which was maybe the most ambitious idea out of the entire thing was a magician versus yup.

Or ridiculous. I won't even do the intro, but do the voice. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It'd be great if you can. The thing about it was because like, uh, the show concept we've talked about forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and it just sort of had to evolve many times over the course of a year, I guess. Yeah. I feel like the thing originated with when we used to do dollar store challenges on your YouTube channel and we would just go to the dollar store graphs and things. And see if we could just make some fun magic tricks at a coffee shop. Yep. Or over. I've always had like,

Speaker 3: like all my videos have sort of been against a theme cause I've always enjoyed it. And I was saying, I think it was to Michael close actually. I was saying that when I was at Tannen's there was a lecture that was that this concept of like, alright great, a piece of magic was something unusual. And it was like a couple of props and weird stuff on a table like that. And that was really fun for me. Like I was what pushed my buttons. And so that was kind of the inspiration for all of the magician I guess versus in the end is that this concept of magic, can they make magic with non magical things, right. Yeah.

Speaker 4: Welcome to magicians versus a ridiculous magicians challenge show that pits reclusive, socially awkward magicians of Gainsco world. Can they create magic with non magical appearance? Ooh, no, it's Smith Jetsons. Birthers please welcome to the stage this evening's host Edwards. Do

Speaker 3: I? I, uh, I've always felt that you look at where you start with a project and where your end with it. And when I started with it was the effort and the work and all the failures along the way that sort of came up with the details. So that was where all those like poems and stuff started to enter into it. And little short, little every round would be something different. First round was magician versus Halloween. And so to intro that we had a little voice of God one this first round wizards be wary, conjures something plump orange and scary. And the script was on the TV and it would introduce clues that tell everybody in the audience what it was you're supposed to conjure. So we led them down this hole. There was supposed to be a pumpkin the first round. So you, mine was a twist, which I won't bother even sharing cause you had to be there

Graeme Reed: right. Mine. So I might, I mean I was a pumpkin, I just, I used a pumpkin and a piece. So like I came up with this piece for the festival where I was going to psychically predict a jack-o-lantern, well actually I wasn't even gonna. There's like I lead you down a lot of, there's a lot of rabbit holes that happen in their routine. The routines will seem like the whole thing messes up and then in the end is like a weird, let's create a new trending, new trendy filler, Jacqueline. Right. So I did this thing at the festival and it turned out really great. And then I did it again at smooth comedy, which I did this past week, which is a local comedy show in Hamilton. And then I think it was so much fun. I even did it on CHCH morning live just yesterday on Halloween morning. So if you want to see that routine and you weren't at the festival, we'll probably put sort of link somewhere

Ryan Joyce: that you can see all that. Yeah, absolutely. That was so fun. And it killed and it was like, I don't know. By that point we were both riding high because we were so worried. We were terrified all week and about how terrifying it is to try brand new material in front of your peers. Uh, and you're also like, there's a whole show and all the whole show is all new material. So this whole show could be terrible. And luckily was down concept kind of thing. Yeah. So we had, we had the gold, you know, on the mic be to, to intro us. Gosh, he's so great. And in that situation, man, it's, he, we were owned that room like freakin L backstage, backstage ish, miserable things. We were awful peoples trying to quickly get ready and ed would look at us. All right, we're going to bring out our first performer and we would just flag them down and flash up two minutes and then he would just casually go into a quick mentalism bit, which was fantastic.

He was so cool. Yeah. So great. Boom. So that was round one was the uh, the pumpkin Halloween. Yep. And see what I'm talking about. Yours or is yours an experience only situation? Ah, well, I don't know. I don't know. I think it's one of those had to be there cause you regurgitated wouldn't really, no, you missed it. Right. I don't know. I see. I don't think it would be anywhere near as funny to talk about it now. I fear it would know. It was something that you had to see. But there's, I think there's one good picture that uh, your, your mom, I haven't seen it. In fact, Cody sent, I think their video, I haven't even watched it yet. Oh wow. Wow. So they might want to yet. I dunno. So if you weren't there and you missed it, then you missed it.

But there might be a secret picture that pops up on some sort of blog post somewhere. Maybe that might be for sure. Yeah. Next year we'll record it. It'll be fun. Right. The second round was magician versus Fergus and a, it's a Scottish town. So our clue was, I don't know what you call a four line poem. I'm sure there's a name for it, high coup or something. I'm just not sure I, yeah, I'll buy anything. It was to lead in, it was for Haigis, which is basically you round two extra round Jews, this Scottish July, right. Grind your magic when the liver parts and wizardly slides, internal organs of a sheep and your sheets. I have a sack. Yeah. She part, uh, liver and lungs, liver and lungs minced up with like, Oh, it's in salary and carrots and spices and then cooked inside, wrapped in a sheep stomach and cooked like that. Yup. So that's haggis Oh yeah, I was, Hey guess, and I created it out of my factor that to be honest with you, um, I'll explain visually sometime because there's just a moment you have to, and that that is

just, it just, you have to see it.

Graeme Reed: That should almost be like a magician's masterclass behind the scenes. The working of your crazy vegan, vegetarian haggis done repeat her card to pocket kind of thing. And I did a chop cup based routine that kind of talks about haggis with little sheeps and the final load was a sheep heart. Uh, that routine will probably never ever happen again. So that's fine. One craze that happened once and it'll never happen again. Uh, it was, Oh, it was a, I thought the whole thing was fine. And then we had our last round, which was magician versus ego. And so we did our own bits, our own favorite pieces. Yeah. Yup. Which was a great way to take it home with like good material, good material that we can do safe and easy. And that room was so perfect for everything like that. Everyone was great. Uh, yeah. You could stand on a chair there, almost get your head buzzed off by a fan blade apparently. Yup. We're all drinking a Brewsky while drinking a brewski but was amazing though. The magician vs was totally a highlight for me. I mean, I have a huge reason why cause I was part of it, but, um, that was an incredible experience. We got a lot of great comments from the magicians that came that they love to see this at other conventions and things like that.

Ryan Joyce: Absolutely. That was definitely the highlight for me for sure as well. One of them.

Graeme Reed: And then on Sunday we wrapped up the whole thing with um, probably the funniest magic lecture I've ever seen with Rick and Steve together. Uh Oh my gosh. Priceless lecture. I don't know if they've done that and worked out all their bits or their just do at riffing on each other. I think they're just riffing on each other cause they know how to pull each other. That was hilarious. Super, super great. A combo lecture, uh, followed up by no second family show which we've already talked about. Um, and then last night was the final piece of the puzzle, the final piece of Oh wow. The live stream, the Halloween magic special that came out last night. Boom. If you haven't seen it and there's going to be a link somewhere, you've got to watch this cause this is a game

Ryan Joyce: magic festival.ca or Facebook go on our Facebook page. Yeah that was a lot of fun and I was more nervous about the live stream than anything else. And co co Cody just showed up too. He's, he's in the background. He was in the filming yesterday there the live stream as well. But that was, that was, that was super fun. T w I don't know if there was ever been another live stream like that with the magic show before, but I think we're going to do that again. Yeah, I don't think there's ever been anything like that as far as I've known so I'm not sure. I think we're gonna yeah, we'll have to do that on a regular

Graeme Reed: vases. I think it was super great. It was, you put together such a great product with a, as a host in between kind of leading everything in and you know, I know the

Ryan Joyce: truth and the reality of it, it's like what white set out to do and what was, is a slightly different and you know, because just of the timing of it, like we were supposed to fill in the whole bunch of different stuff and so I just, I've got like studio a here I call it just literally like four steps away from my microphone and easily a whole like black backdrop curtains stuff. And I just set it up with Halloween and two cameras and just literally I would just Mike myself and go from the editing suite. But what do I need here to patch this to that

Graeme Reed: but them in front of camera and just rail it out. So in the end, your, what you did there, cause I know you talked about something totally different, just more of a story to it and everything. How do you feel about your end product? That was kind of like a classic magic special but like hosted like you read the uh, better Dean Cain. Ah, that didn't look like you were, I dunno, I shouldn't say too much, but you know, we all know, right?

Ryan Joyce: All of the decisions I made in 10 years, so I'm not really worried. That's how I look at it and just do we, yeah, I'm, I he for last night I think it was super indefinitely moving forward and now that we all had some kind of idea about the overall vision, I think we'll, yeah, I think we'll be able to create some really great stuff and provide some really great fun value for people. Cause there's going to be round two I think. I hope he'll, the spoilation is coming.

Graeme Reed: Woo.

well I think that probably that's probably wrapping her up. Yeah. Cause you gotta it sounds like Cody's there. You guys are meeting up with Jenna. Yeah, I am about to head out to Vancouver. We're going on vacation off. It's going to be incredible.

Ryan Joyce: I am jealous of you seeing those mountains. You're going to. Um, yeah, I'll see ya. That's going to be amazing.

Graeme Reed: I really haven't been on a proper vacation in a couple of years and this will be the first time that Alicia and I go on a vacation together, I think in a couple of years, which is also awesome. So this would be very fun. Well live it up. It's going to be incredible. Lots of pictures and you'll be able to see those that years. Instagram feed. Yeah. Grameen, amazing. G, R a E M, a, S, N, I N, G and a. If you are looking for new stock photo stock material for your magic content, you have to make sure you check out mystic pixel pixel mistakes, right. So

Ryan Joyce: great. Uh, you know graphics are required so you can eat something that doesn't look like crap. Let's be honest,

Graeme Reed: if the Halloween livestream was not enough for your magic entertainment Fergus fix, if you were at the AOA festival, you want to experience more, you can now get Michael Paul on demand. You can buy that thing or rent it and you can get that ware and magic festival that CA festival death CA. Yup. Boom. All there. And then there is so much magic content always coming out at Matt magicians masterclass and you got to check out the Michael Close thing too because Fool Us is coming up again. If you were interested in applying to Fool Us check out the Masterclass. He's always offering up eBooks and things like that. But the masterclass has it all right there. This has been.

Ryan Joyce: A crazy opportunities ahead for magic. We got lots to see and do. Thanks so much for listening.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: My name is Ryan Joyce.

Graeme Reed: Tadoozle

Ryan Joyce: Shablazam.

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