Here are 10 Things We Learned after ONE YEAR of Podcasting | Ep 60

Hooray!!! Today on Magicians Talking Magic we celebrate one year in podcasting! What are the biggest key takeaways from the last three-hundred and sixty-five days?

Host Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed discuss ten things they learned after a full year and sixty episodes of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast! PLUS their favourite episodes, unexpected surprises and their three biggest fails.

If you are creating any type of content and you are a magician who is actively trying to book more shows, this episode is a resource on approaching a big ambitious project and how to speed up your process.

This is a great episode that you are not going to want to miss.

Listen Now to Episode 60 - Ten Things We Learned after ONE YEAR of Podcasting

Today’s Feature Topic: 10 things we learned from podcasting:

  1. Speaking & Communicating - Better by repetition!

  2. Writing is at the foundation of everything - Detailed notes is a roadmap

  3. Research and preparation - for every minute we spend recording the podcast, there are two minutes for research, preparation and editing.

  4. Improved Interview Skills - Learn to listen and react. Be prepared.

  5. Authenticity is Key - Fake is gross

  6. Finding our voices and audience - What the podcast has become vs original vision

  7. Introduce Your Story - Learn to tell your story quickly

  8. Build Your audience- Find ways to help people and don’t be afraid to ask for something in return, build your audience by providing value

  9. Continually develop your process - Your process is evolving and the goal is to simplify and safe time (started in Trello)

  10. Creating a Strategy - Think ahead. We like to know what we are discussing 5 - 6 episodes ahead

  11. Technology - you need a good mic in 2020, you don’t need a fancy camera

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