10 Things We Learned After One-Year of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

We started Magicians Talking Magic to connect with like-minded magicians around the world. Podcast episodes are like mini magic shows. Starting from just one episode to now over 100 episodes, here are a few things we've learned magicians might find helpful in producing their own live performances.

What are the biggest key takeaways from the last three-hundred and sixty-five days of creating a weekly magician podcast? It's surprisingly similar to the key pillars of creating a successful magic show, writing, authenticity, interview skills and research are among the most important skillsets we've had to refine and improve.

You can listen to the entire episode is below, we discuss in full length ten things we learned after a full year and sixty episodes of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast! PLUS we also share our favourite episodes, the biggest unexpected surprises and our three biggest fails

If you are creating any type of content and you are a magician who is actively trying to book more shows, this episode is a resource on approaching a big ambitious project and trying to help you speed up your process.

Listen to the entire episode here

10 things we learned from one year of hosting a magician podcast:

  1. Speaking & Communicating - Better by repetition! Writing is at the foundation of everything - Detailed notes is a roadmap

  2. Research and preparation - for every minute we spend recording the podcast, there are two minutes for research, preparation and editing.

  3. Improved Interview Skills - Learn to listen and react. Be prepared.

  4. Authenticity is Key - Fake is gross

  5. Finding our voices and audience - What the podcast has become vs original vision

  6. Introduce Your Story - Learn to tell your story quickly

  7. Build Your audience- Find ways to help people and don’t be afraid to ask for something in return, build your audience by providing value

  8. Continually develop your process - Your process is evolving and the goal is to simplify and save time.

  9. Creating a Strategy - Think ahead. We like to know what we are discussing 5 - 6 episodes ahead

  10. Technology - you need a good mic in 2020, you don’t need a fancy camera

Listen Now to Episode 60

Ten Things We Learned after ONE YEAR of Podcasting

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