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What (REALLY) goes into successful magic posters? Modern Rules for creating your poster and everything you need for your next magic show. Watch here.


Magician Poster Tips and Tricks


Ryan Joyce: Today we're going to talk show posters.

Yup. The art of displaying yourself and getting attention.

Yeah. And trying to like get butts in seats.


But Butts in seats where your gigs and shows.

I'm opinionated on this thing? Cause I mean show posters are necessity, but they're also an ego piece. Yeah. Or almost redundant. I mean, especially now in digital era where you could put $5 in a Facebook campaign.

Graeme Reed: Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: That's the new poster.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. For our Secret Shows, we found that all you have to do is get that right Facebook ad, which you probably, another episode would be specific Facebook kind of.

Ryan Joyce: Sure.

Graeme Reed: We've talked about it on, it.

Ryan Joyce: Sounds like we're doing Instagram, so it makes sense to do a Facebook.

Graeme Reed: I think the Facebook ads don't, they sometimes trickle into Instagram too because it's all the.

Ryan Joyce: Same company. Yeah. I mean that's, I have a business accounted on. Yeah. They've got their creator studio now. I mean Facebook is really trying to make it so you can do one portal, you can manage all of your content. It's really quite neat what they're doing behind the scenes. I love that kind of stuff.

Graeme Reed: It's always changing to how it all works. Yeah. I remember a year ago it was a totally different and now even targeting, but they make it easier and easier to like it's less wordy and simple. Simpler to manage and understand the statistics.

Ryan Joyce: It seems to be more making sense. Like there was a period of time with all of web presence in marketing, it was about hacking the system and now it's about servicing the needs of people. Like literally how can I create stuff that's going to, you know, help.

Graeme Reed: And appearing like real deal and authentic and not salesy. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: I mean establishing presence on your, on your own website and such. I mean none of those have anything to do with posters, but they're still great tips,.

Graeme Reed: Right? Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Show posters from a distance. You got to think we, if I was walking past a poster in the grocery store, what is the first thing that I see? And you can try that and the next time you walk in someplace and see what jumps out at you. Um, and it was really, I'll give you one or two things. The headline, the most important thing, what is this? So I would put a MAGICIAN I would put magic show or magician. Yeah. And a thing. Uh, and then like as the name, I mean at that point, at that distance, nobody knows who I made that magician's going to be, but they know what a magician, the magic show is. And then the date, I would presume. Um, and then other details would be as you get closer.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, yeah. Um, yeah. And don't get like, don't go overboard with a crazy big to silly title. Keep it simple. You can use it. You don't have to use magic or magician. Keep the words magical, you know, so that we understand. But don't get too cutesy with it and probably have a great image, like either one big hero image. Sometimes if you have an ensemble group you can do like the little pictures but make it, you know, like of uh, the full cast of who would be on the magic show.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, I think I see posters sometimes for like those ballet companies and I think that'd be a hard thing to brand, right? Because you got like 80 people on a single. How do you make that poster great? And you notice they always zoom into one because that's the way you got to sell it. And you, same approach for us, for magicians, it's the same stuff. You got to emphasize the biggest! Right? The loudest voice. And that's magic.

Graeme Reed: And then like design, when you start designing a poster, the best way is probably started on like a piece of paper or on a word document or if you're in the a in like Photoshop or Canva, Canva, Canva would be good. Uh, just build out your copy first so you know what you're working with copy wise and then put your images in. I found works best. So I think you'll start off with your main title. Your maybe a quick zippy slogan that describes the main title, right? It's like we do secret show and it's an evening with a magicians, mentalist and variety acts cause that's what we have. We have like a juggler and.

Ryan Joyce: Which is nice because you don't have to identify who it is either cause you keep it a secret. That's part of the.

Graeme Reed: Is kind of online. You can find it but it's not like we're not, I.

Ryan Joyce: Don't have to put that content on the poster.

Graeme Reed: And the poster is supposed to, cause it's called Secret Show supposed to be mysterious. And the title, the idea of this poster is when you see secret show, you want to know what that show is like, is it a band, is it comedians? And then we need to get in and maybe you're interested that, oh it's a magic show. I want to check out this. And mind reading and variety acts? Like what could happen at this. That's the idea. Um, and then so you do your build and then you have your catch phrase. And then you would have your image and then at the bottom all your details, date, location, price, where you can get the tickets and then throwing a social media.

Ryan Joyce: Yup. And that usually that's called the date stamp. And usually you're like getting a ton of these printed is usually blank. And then you used to be photocopied over. But nowadays it doesn't, it's everything so accessible. Uh, yeah. So from a distance, so you can see the biggest points in one major image on the front. Uh, those are the kinds of things and the websites and all the important details of the bottom. Yeah. No need to put a ton of details on a poster because people are probably standing somewhere where there's a queue or something. So you all the fast bits of information website. Yeah. Probably good to have. Nice and big.

Graeme Reed: Also, the poster is supposed to be a call to action to go somewhere to get all the information, which would be like your.

Ryan Joyce: Good point.

Graeme Reed: Whenever you're selling tickets, event bright yourself or however you do that. Yup. Um, don't put it, you don't have to overdo it. Right. Right.

Ryan Joyce: And I put a QR code or something in the corner. I love that kind of stuff. But nowadays iPhone and Android are pretty much out of the box. Just pick up the phone and use the phone or the camera app and it goes, yeah, your Samsung has Bixby vision, but it's still the camera app. So you just click the top corner at an ad or a iPhone is just ready to have their camera up. Just hold the camera where I'd do and Oh,.

Graeme Reed: Ooh, that's a speaking of QR goes. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan Joyce: That's the sound it makes when it follows through. Yeah, it's fun.

Graeme Reed: And if you really wanna Hustle, actually a simple thing to do is if you design your poster eight and a half by 11 so you can print it out easily from your own computer, you can then take that and duplicate it four times and then get it on one page. That's fun. Cut it into form. You have little handouts now, so you can be like the annoying Las Vegas guys. And again, just say, or.

Ryan Joyce: They're not allowed to touch.

Graeme Reed: Right. But when I do the markets, that's what I do for all the other show posters. I have recreated them in that size and then smaller so that I have all these little flyers and people asked me about the shows. I promote the Smooth comedy and Secret Shows and OWOW Festival you, you have rack cards in business?

Ryan Joyce: That's a little, yeah. That's cool. I if you guys have anything show poster wise that we're missing here. What, what's where some tips.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I think one more thing would be like sometimes you would have a show that is maybe sponsored, so you have a bunch of logos you want to showcase. Oh yeah. Yup. Um, the best way to do that would be either create a little white rectangle, right? Or just like a line that, you know, the bottom portion of the posters just for logos or is we, I w we used to call them logo soup. Oh, right. Yeah, yeah. Just to pull the logos.

Ryan Joyce: For the Photoshop nerds. You want to change your blending mode if you didn't want to do a white thing. Right? Yeah. But that's Photoshop nerd stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Graeme Reed: You can find tutorials for like the specifics on dealing with those logos. If you, that's the really.

Ryan Joyce: I heard, that's how it was done. I don't yet have the. Knows how. They weren't really sure. I'm not sure. Yeah.

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