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In this first episode of Magicians Talking Magic, full-time magicians Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about the recent tragedy of an Indian magician who was killed performing a dangerous magic stunt, late-nineties magic, magic festival appearing in Ontario Canada, and we answer the question do magicians need a logo?

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Table of Contents

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1:00 | What do you think of "Ta Da" the word

1:30 | Danger Magic (News) Indian magician killed doing a stunt

6:30 | What audiences want to see and the future of illusions

9:30 | Hans Klok gets a new show in Las Vegas (watch below)

11:00 | America's Got Talent (Nick Wallace, Michael Paul watch below)

12:51 | Michael Paul

13:00 | Wonder Town

14:30 | Magic Festival OWOW

17:20 | Nate Bergatze Netflix special

19:00 | First Magic Experiences (Worlds Greatest magic 2)

22:00 | /r/magic Reddit: Souvenirs in magic

25:00 | Do magicians need a logo

29:30 | What free digital tools do you use for your magicians website? (StatCounter, Google Analytics, Google Search Console)

32:00 | Magician personality --Do magicians have similar character traits

33:30 | Branding for Magicians

35:45 | Where to get inspiration designing your magicians logo

38:00 | What should you focus on if you are a beginner in magic

40:30 | Magician Business Card Essentials

43:00 |Magician's Digital ToolKit - Essentials of the magician business

47:30 | Difference between magicians logo and magician brand

This is important (especially at 1:12)

Links & Resources

OWOW Magic Festival ( Ontario Week of Wonder)

Magician's Logos (essential read for magicians thinking about logos)

Canva ( online design utility)

Wix ( start creating your site for free)

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Videos Mentioned in this Episode

Hans Klok returns to Vegas

Nick Wallace on America's Got Talent Nick is coming to this year's OWOW Magic Festival (

Michael Paul on AGT

Michael Paul at Wonder Town:

Learn more about Michael Paul's episode of Wonder Town here:

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Ontario Week of Wonder OWOW Magic Festival


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