Magician business cards, exclusive Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear and sad news for magicians

Magic inventor Don Wayne passes, our involvement with Paul Harris magic trick Deep Clear and nuts-and-bolts magician business cards talk.

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Magicians Talking Magic

Episode 03 | Touring Tricks Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed

In this episode: Justin Willman confirms Magic for Humans 2 on Netflix, sad news for magicians Don Wayne passes :( Ryan and Graeme talk about his legacy and illusions and illusion designers. Ryan shares a creative promotional photo on reddit and Graeme gives an exclusive look working with Paul Harris and release of Deep Clear.

In the world of show business, Ryan and Graeme talk magician business cards, why doesn't Ryan have a business card? How do you handle Facebook messaging running your magician business and what magic podcasts do you follow? A discussion about online magic communities and dealing with negative comments.

Finally, a discussion on show souvenirs and stealing ideas. There is a lot of magic to talk about.

Topics Covered: Magic for Humans 2, Don Wayne magic, illusion designer, Paul Harris Presents, Paul Harris Magic Deep Clear, Penguin Magic, Magician Business Card, Magician podcast, Magician community, magic show souvenir, magic ethics | *PG-13 Adult Language

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Table of Contents

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00:38 | Magic for Humans 2

03:03 | Don Wayne Passes

04:47 | The world of Illusion Designers. Who designs illusions?

08:36 | Reddit Discovery: Creative promotional photo

11:40 | Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear: Working with Paul Harris

17:16 | Magicians Business Cards

24:57 | How do you handle Facebook Messaging

26:16 | What non-magician influencers do you follow?

26:34 | Magician Podcasts

27:40 | Online magician communities

29:06 | Dealing with Negative Comments

34:06 | Starting in magic and stealing ideas

37:55 | Show Souvenirs

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Videos Mentioned in this Episode

Justin Willman confirms Magic For Humans 2 is coming to Netflix in 2019

Sad news that Don Wayne Magician Passes

Here are two of his most famous creations

Deep Clear by Paul Harriss

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Magic Tricks and a career. How magicians become magicians


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