Magician Crossbow accident, Magic Rumors, Failures & Promotional videos | Magician Podcast E02

Two magician hosts talk about the latest magic news and discuss important topics for magicians and fans of the art.

In this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about magician's soundtrack choices, complicated decisions for modern performers, magic injuries are back in the news, rumors on Reddit about Dynamo, show failures, worst moments on stage and the essentials of promotional videos for magicians. Watch or listen now:

Magicians Talking Magic | Touring Tricks Podcast

Episode 02

Topics Covered: Magic rumors, Magic News, Danger Magic, Failures on Stage, Worst show ever, promotional videos for magicians | *PG-13 Adult Language

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Table of Contents

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01:45 | Magician Soundtracks "Sum up magic from the nineties with this one song"

02:40 | Complicated choices for modern performers

03:40 | Graeme's pop culture question for a magic trick

05:45 | The other Will Smith

06:25 | Magician crossbow accident in South Africa (Newsweek)

07:04 | Danger in Magic

07:46 | Death Defying Escapes. Is it magic or endurance sports?

09:48 | Magic rumors - Dynamo as a BGT Judge?

12:15 | Reddit Magic Question "Card Magic on Stage"

16:04 | Settling into your own stage personality

16:50 | Failures! Stage tricks going south

23:18 | Worst show ever

26:20 | What is stage freight and why it impacts the first moments of your show

27:37 | Promotional videos for magicians

34:10 | Free video editing software :

35:36 | Should you have separate websites and material for different services?

37:00 | Curve ball question: Would you ever shake-up your career?

40:00 | Big takeaways for magicians promo videos

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Videos Mentioned in this Episode

Andrew Grasso from Illusionists Tour

We went to see the illusionist

The Illusionists In Toronto Full Feature

Matt Johnson - Will he ESCAPE? Life-threatening act

What are your thoughts on Dynamo possibly becoming a BGT Judge?

In this episode I referenced these two video:

I Paid Artists on FIVERR to Finish My Drawing...


I Hired $5 Logo Designers - This is what I got

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