Magician Joan Caesar talks coronavirus impacts

Interview with Joan Caesar, Canadian Association of Magicians Founder and International Brotherhood of Magicians Past-President discusses the impacts of coronavirus on magician events including FFFF, FISM 2020 & FISM 2021.

Magician Joan Caesar talks coronavirus impacts

Interview with Joan Caesar, Canadian Association of Magicians Founder and International Brotherhood of Magicians Past President discusses the impacts of coronavirus on magician events including FFFF, FISM 2020 & FISM 2021.

Magicians Talking Magic Livestream discussing COVID-19 and the impacts on magicians, magicians conventions and events around the world.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves and magicians are forced inside now is the time to strengthen our connections together and support each other. Magicians Talking Magic podcast and Livestream will keep you posted, share stories, challenges, magic jams and more.

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Audio Transcript: Magician Joan Caesar talks coronavirus impacts

Ryan Joyce: Have you ever experienced anything like this in your life?

Joan Caesar: Absolutely not. Nothing at all. Even close to it. And, and we're old, you know, our, our, our kids have phoned on different days too to make sure we're okay. And half of me is flattered and grateful that, that they think enough of us to phone and, and half of me is really insulted because we don't feel that old.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. It's certainly like things are very real. I was listening today as we all are like Troy just trapped in the news and you know, New York City is closing pretty much at eight o'clock tonight and Vegas is shut down. Copperfield, all the, all the shows are dark. It's, it's going to be the hospitality industry. Well, my friends on ships and things, it's, it's really, it's really intense.

Joan Caesar: I worry about the people on ships and I worry about the, the small so-called magician, um, people who depend on birthday parties and the March break. Yes, for sure.

Ryan Joyce: Everyone's gigs are cancelled. Everyone that I know there, my whole Margaret's break season, I have one show presumably in Thunderbay on Thursday that I imagine it will be cancelled. It should be in, Oh boy. It's magic. Events have been cancelled everywhere across the board. Um, I know, uh, for F has been cancelled. Yes. And uh, and of course FISM 2020 is postponed. What is the, how does that decision get me? Like, I mean for our, it was easy. I suppose the government imposed it, but what's the,

is purse boned. What is the, how does that decision get me? Like, I mean for our, it was easy. I suppose the government imposed it, but what's the,

And so as far as the competition is concerned, people are still like in some way, shape or form. It's got to happen this year.

Joan Caesar: Oh, absolutely. It's going to happen. Right. So those are the wait to find out how, but I've contacted all the, um, the contestants to tell them that the contest will happen. We just don't know when or exactly how, because it depends on the virus and on what the government allows and what smart,

Ryan Joyce: yeah. Moving forward, I feel there's going to be a lot more of this style of presentation. We're going to be engaging a lot more in video conferencing and, and such. Obviously we'll still have conventions, I mean, but I think there'll be a little bit of a social paranoia after this. I feel like this is like the first time I walked on a cruise ship and was introduced to this whole environment of people saying it's like wash your hands, give parallel. I've had like 10 years of experience on what the world is now facing. I'm like, ads are always raw from washing because of paranoia. So I, I'm just curious to see the reflex that happens after the recovery. No matter how long or short that recovery is going to be. Okay.

Joan Caesar: I never thought of that. So what's the bird's name again? This one is Darwin. Darwin, she's Maya. It used to be the a couple of neighbour kids took care of the birds when George and I were both away. And so when we got Maya, I thought it was a good idea to have them choose the name. So that's how she got the name or she comes from Australia too. Or she would have been named after an Australian town.

Ryan Joyce: And do both of them have some kind of a talent, like you said, the one in your shoulders things or is he cherished?

Joan Caesar: Yeah, he, yeah. Any Wolf whistles end, he'll say hello as well. This one is like a beautiful blonde, an airhead. She has, you know the, the good thing about her is that she's very quiet so you can have her in an apartment and nobody know. But she's just there. She knows us. Yeah. But she never learned to, to talk or sing Beethoven's fifth sixth. Do you use them in their show? Oh yeah. Yes. Both of them. It's incredible. The first time I used them, um, uh, I you, I put them in a Duff cage and then make the dove cage disappear in earth. Then disappear in a rabbit appears. Well, I put them in the dog cage and the bars are about that wide apart. Well she went in there and immediately flew out and this was at a golf course in a huge auditorium. Oh no, stop the show raced after the bird. Oh wow. So George put, um, chicken wire around the cage though. We're good to go now.

Ryan Joyce: Well that's something I have never worked ever with birds ever or animals just in general. I have a fascination for each patient but, but they certainly are. That's why I'm so fascinated chat with Greg as well because with everything that's going on, he's got a lot of mouths to feed

Joan Caesar: and he's got, he's cancelled his shows, I would assume.

Ryan Joyce: I would assume so as well. So yeah, it's difficult and challenging times. So I guess as far as cam members are concerned, I mean, and as far as FISM updates, just everybody should stay on while the newsletter and uh, the FISM Facebook page in the camp Facebook page, I guess, right?

Joan Caesar: Yeah, I'm sure Renee will let everybody who had registered know what's happening as far as FISM North America's concerned. Um, FISM itself is, is good to go. And you'd mentioned earlier about the, um, the trip, the Indian tour, and there, there will be no problem with that either.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Actually TA, if you don't mind, is mentioned a little the details because this is for people that are coming to 2021 when life restores to normalcy and everything's fine. Again, if there's going to be a big world championship of magic, which it takes everybody to go back, one of the most stunning places in Canada. And then you have a whole other venture for magicians that want to be able to see an experience, a whole bunch of other things. Yeah. And ends in Niagara falls.

Joan Caesar: Yes. At Greg theatre, which is terrific. Well, we start out with a tour of Quebec, only BECU or Quebec city only because we figure most people will have not seen. Yup. But that day we go to a Buffalo farm. Oh, that's neat. Yeah. Yeah. And um, we go, we travel to Montreal and Ottawa. Um, and we'll be within sight of the park building and tour them. Um, go to Gatineau and Kingston and take a boat cruise down the Saint Lawrence river, go to, um, the Kingston Penitentiary and we're, it, it should, that should be quite interesting. Um, then we go to Waterloo and the farmer's market and uh, Laura because they're neat little shops and Laura and um, go to a Mennonite farm and um, and up in Niagara Falls.

Ryan Joyce: Awesome. That's it. And how do people get a hold of you to register and book the tour

Joan Caesar: and find out what's on the FISM website? But they could also just email me at what a great way to see

Ryan Joyce: like a lot of the, if only we could encompass the mountains, you know, it gets a great perspective of Canada, but this is a really good or a,

Joan Caesar: it would be prohibitive. It's from the first to the seventh, so it's a week.

Ryan Joyce: Right, right. That's great. And a great way to see Adam. That's such a great, that's the Saint Lawrence river trip, I think would be one of the highlights from that would be, it sounds amazing.

Joan Caesar: You know, a lot of these things I haven't seen, and I'm really looking forward to it. Like, Oh, the other thing we're doing is I'm going to a couple of wineries and before we hit great rooms, theatre,

Ryan Joyce: of course. So you'd be, I'll be nice and sauce just to see Greg. It'd be, that'd be great. Oh, well thank you Joan. I appreciate the updates. I know a lot of magicians will appreciate the update as well, so thank you.

Joan Caesar: Wish them all luck and hope this ends soon.

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