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Ryan Joyce: So on the terms of marketing and and like success of magicians, what would you say, if you could pinpoint one thing that would make a magician stand out and succeed versus magician who doesn't, what would you think? What would you say?

Graeme Reed: That one thing that would, would one thing be like.

Ryan Joyce: If you could point to one thing that successful magicians do that others magicians might need to learn how to do or to figure out.

Graeme Reed: This is a deep question right here. I feel like, um, one thing that you can do is, or coming up with kind of your your brand, right? That's,.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, that's what I was going to say for sure. Your brand.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, the brand. Cause it's, but it's, it's all those things together. And how simplified you describe it to someone.

Ryan Joyce: Spot on like, I think I've always thought branding has been like the, the core focus. So it distinguishes you from everybody else. It makes you unique and it tells your clients while you're unique. I think that's where it works. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't mean to put you on the spot there. No, that's totally branding. I had the same thing,.

Graeme Reed: But it is totally down to the brand and um, how easily you can describe yourself to someone without saying too much.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So that takes thought. That's the thing is like a, it takes this stuff takes that people look at magicians that have successful brands and those are probably successful magicians. They put a lot of thought into it and, or in some cases like, I'm sure there's been PR companies and stuff paid to do that, but sure.

Graeme Reed: I think in a lot of the cases though, the best ones, like if you think of like the simple, like the, the, when you hear their name, you know exactly what they're all about. Like Mac King you know what he's all about.

Ryan Joyce: You see plaid. out immediately. Don't use his brand. It'd be the, yeah.

Graeme Reed: Lance Burton, the birds, right?

Ryan Joyce: Yep. The birds.

Graeme Reed: Greg Frewin kinda similar with the birds, but also a totally different look that you would get.

Ryan Joyce: That's right. Leather Cape,.

Graeme Reed: A little more purple, purple and green in there. Um, but even like Rudy Colby, right lab man, he has his complete Amazing Johnathan.

Ryan Joyce: Yup. They all have their one thing that you know instantly you can recognize.

Graeme Reed: Right. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: And that's what you gotta do too as well. I gotta do this. You gotta do so we.

Graeme Reed: All work on all the time.

Ryan Joyce: It's not like it's not like boom, there it is. Tada.

Graeme Reed: No that's what it takes. all the stage time, all the practice and all that to figure out all those little bits and pieces.

Ryan Joyce: Yup.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Cause it all comes out through and all the jokes you tell the material you choose, the clothes you wear and the way you talk to everybody. All of that represents your brand.

Ryan Joyce: So I think, to bring this full circle with the books, what we should do is in the show notes, I've read a ton of marketing books. Right? I will, I'll choose one my favorite one that I think is good. I'll put it in the things you had. Do you read any of the marketing books or is just me?

Graeme Reed: I don't really doesn't.

Ryan Joyce: How about even like a video that you were recommended. Like a, even a youtube.

Graeme Reed: I have a great, I have a great source. A, if no one's ever seen Everything's A Remix. That's the best thing to watch when it comes to branding and coming up with creative ideas and not feeling too weird about it.

Ryan Joyce: is where we want to go to find that. It will be episode seven.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Awesome.

Ryan Joyce: That'll be fun. We've cooled that in the show notes.

Do you have a brand for your magician business?

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