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Penn & Piff leave a splash at Genii Convention, FISM Details, Conversations about Conversation with Michael Close and OWOW Magic Festival updates and magic news!

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Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to episode 13 of Magicians Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce magic as a full-time job for me for the last 20 some odd years.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing, magic has been a full time gig for me for only the past couple. I have a background in television full time and now we are talking a magic together.

Ryan Joyce: We are. Ta-da's and Tadoozles. I think mine's going to be Shablazam! Was that a thing? Was that a published thing? We've always had ship lies him on the tour and I can never remember if ShaBlazam! I've ever heard chip blossom from you. I don't think it's a, I don't know. Great. Then that would be fun. If we ever got visual representations, my shirt should say ShaBlazam! and your should say TaDoozle!. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, that's for sure. That would be super cool. Actually right now currently I handed a pamphlet at my shows and a, if you can learn magic tricks from with a password on it is to, Tadoozle. It's spreading. It's spreading like butter. Ah. This is episode 13 of the podcast. Lucky or unlucky, depending on how you see it,.

Ryan Joyce: I wouldn't be walking around bananas if I were you listening to this, just to be honest with ya. You know, don't go on a walk under ladders. Don't make these silly mistakes like if you do the disclaimers, it's your decision making. It has nothing to do with the podcast. Listen at at your own peril and episode 13.

Graeme Reed: Technically to, this comes out on Fridays and it's the 13th episode. Friday the 13th that means we hop on motorcycles. We had to port Dover, we grab hot dogs, we grab ice cream and we celebrate with all our other hog Ryden friends. Am I right? I am I right. Southern Ontario motorcycle. Can you believe that? There's never been a these, these.

Ryan Joyce: I've never been on.

Graeme Reed: Mine either. Yeah, yeah. Reading either. It's like a family thing. No motorcycles anymore. Yup. Leno, like all the accident in the family. No one does motorcycles now, even though.

Ryan Joyce: I fell of a bike as a kid and that was about the agony that I want to experience on two wheels. You know, I don't want anything worse than that.

Graeme Reed: I'm cool sitting and standing.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Like you know, so we're in central Ontario. Where we are located. I wouldn't want to drive a motorcycle to Quebec city, but I certainly would like to do the drive to Quebec city.

Graeme Reed: Ooh. You know what? That drive through Northern Ontario to Quebec is amazing. And you know what? It would be a great time to do such a drive or a travel trip like in the spring, spring, spring time.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, that'd be cool. I've been to Quebec may time. It's beautiful. I mean it's beautiful year round, but what that sounds like a convention might be unfolding.

Graeme Reed: Wait, let me just do a quick, a little Google search here on the Googles. Look at all those typing. Oh wow. You know what? If we to go in May in Quebec, this is, this is, I didn't even know this has happened. FISM North American Championships of magic 2020 happening in Quebec, May 6th to

Ryan Joyce: So we've got a little bit of clearing up to do I think for some people because either some people are acknowledging like, yes, we already know that FISM is coming, ShaBlazam or they're thinking, um wow FISM is coming. That's so exciting. Well the third option that many people don't quite understand is that yes and yes, that's they're both correct. There. There's actually two FISM coming to Quebec back to back 2020 is the North American qualifying championships for magic, which they decided to hold in Quebec, uh, in 2020 and then of course FISM the every three year convention that for the first time in 73 years is coming to North America, uh, and decidedly coming specifically to Canada, which is so great for us as Canadians. Um, that's also happening on 2021. It's two very different conventions and a lot of magicians, including myself, didn't really understand that until a couple months ago.

Graeme Reed: So wait. Okay, one more time. So one more time for me and maybe a couple of other people listening cause it's kind of a mind blowing. So FISM 2020 is the North American championships, correct?

Ryan Joyce: That's right. That's where, you know, like the pre qualifiers where our, our continent decides, you know, between Canada and North America will, we're doing it the same way. I'm hoping I have this all right, because you know what, I, on Saturday I'm going to be chatting with the individual who knows all these answers Renee-Claude. So I cannot wait to talk with her and, and I will, I'll, I'll prepare some of the questions that even come up in our discussion.

Graeme Reed: You are correct. So I'm looking on this on online right now. I'm, I'm did a another Google search. Uh, this podcast is not brought to you by Google, but uh, that be a fun FISM championships. The world championships, the magic 2021 happening July 26th to the 31st 2021 in Quebec again. So.

Ryan Joyce: I'm already registered!

Graeme Reed: Lightning strikes twice in Quebec with magic with FISM. I did. That's, that's unbelievable. How's that happening? Twice?

Ryan Joyce: It's spectacular. It really is. So, I mean, big things, it's, and people who haven't been to Quebec, Quebec city is just remarkable. And think about the times where it was founded. It's one of the first discovered ports, you know, the easiest from the European countries. So there's so many like European features that it's like, it's just wonderful stone cobble streets right on the top of that Chateau, the famous huge, huge hotel for Fairmount. It's our, sorry, it's um, Frontenac is that Oh, Chateau Frontenac I believe, but it's owned by Fairmont. Anyways, it's, it's a five star, I believe. Full service looks like a castle. Top of the Hill probably was. There's cannons that guard that. It's just, it's captivating. It's magical. it May, it's going to be incredible. Uh,.

Graeme Reed: And, and yeah, if you're young, if you're a young magician, you can drink, you can drink there.

Ryan Joyce: Oh wow. There's, there's, we see that think about.

Graeme Reed: It little, it's all in the details as Dia Vernon would say.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. And then 14 we're talking 18 you got be, Quebec's not that lose on the liquor laws. Is that right? I don't know. I, this is new for me.

Graeme Reed: but no, it would be a, and I know the, what's the festival that happens every year? There's a magical festival that happens every year.

Ryan Joyce: See, this is why I cannot wait to chat with Renee Claude because she also runs the Festival De Magie. Yeah, that's right.

Graeme Reed: We talked about, um, we talk a lot about ad campaigns, business cards and things like that. And uh, their ad campaigns, they're posters that they do the wall takeovers. They do a lot of street art takeovers. Uh, I don't know if you've ever seen the things that they've done, but it's so creative, so fascinating. I'm just starting cheek magic stuff. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: I'm really just starting to do, I dive in and do that whole world cause it's not just these events. She's sent me some links to some of the other things that they do in produce. So I mean really talented people.

Graeme Reed: Uh, so this, um, the North American championships, uh, it is five days of magic. It's the 2020 North American championships, 2020 Canadian magic competition. There is a like cocktail party gallery show closeup Gala show eight lectures, workshops. There's a dealer's room, which is always a bonus and there is magic J AM's happening in the evening so you can always get together and it's FISM. So these are, yeah,.

Ryan Joyce: We should, we should qualified this way. Just FYI. FISM NA and FISM. That way we know which one is.

Graeme Reed: The 2020 this is 20 2021 2021 is, is the real is a real deal FISM happening? Yes. Which is crazy. Like what's,.

Ryan Joyce: What's the element for NA is that sodium? So this is FISM SODIUM. Yeah, we'll just call it sodium. Oh boy. Chemistry slipped from my mind. That's a really jam packed list of stuff. That's a really, I mean four days. Is that what you said? It's going to be incredible.

Graeme Reed: Five days. Five days of magic. Five days of magic. And I see, just real quick here, I'm looking at some of the artists. You got Matt Johnson, you got Billy Kid, Shawn Farquhar, you got tons of magicians here, lots of Canadian talent. It's really, and you're going to have international talent as well for sure.

Ryan Joyce: That's amazing. Yeah. This looks, this looks really great. I'm looking at this now myself as well. Like I looked at it awhile ago, but it's, there's so much going on with my own festival work and stuff.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. With working on your own convention, talking about conventions too, just the convention that just happened, uh, was the Genii convention and there's been a lot of magic news and buzz. I'm not sure if everyone has heard all this magic news and buzz, uh, cause I've seen it on Facebook from some fellow friend magicians as well as hearing some stories on the Magic Word Podcast about the Genii convention. Yup. Have you heard of it? Did you hear about what happened Genii?

Ryan Joyce: I did. I was, well, I read the post. I thought it was fascinating for sure.

Graeme Reed: Right. So, uh, I guess this year at Genii, um, first of all there's a bunch of people that like tons of top talent at Genii convention. Uh, Carissa Hendricks, who was coming up to the Oh wow. Festival is there. Oh, what? Oh, wow. And I'm pretty sure she was supposed to do a show was a Zubrecky but I think he could not go. So there was a last minute change in the show that she was doing, but it's still, I've I heard on Scott Walls the Magic Word Podcast, huge reviews for her show. So that's fantastic news. Wow. This guy. But also Penn and Teller were there, Teller was live via Skype I guess or you know, satellite feed or something is super kind of late at night. The thing that I've heard most about the most unique thing is Piff did a show. Right. And Penn was there too. Yes. And uh, I heard most of this through Nathan Coe Marsh I think on his Facebook post. And then he talked about on the Scott Walls podcast too, but they did a signed spectators urine to impossible location.

Ryan Joyce: I mean really that's five-year-olds have been doing that for centuries easy.

Graeme Reed: You just pee in a tube or a bag and you hide it under the, the, you know what for your Grant's couch that before you start.

Ryan Joyce: Yup. Easy. My dog before she died. She did that every two hours, uh, route two. Right. Um, um, so I heard that it was great. I think this is, yeah, I think this would have been phenomenal to experience too. Or truthfully. Like this is where when you divide a room in half in opinion, uh, you're gonna really, people are going to either really love it or you're, they're going to hate it. And so I'm sure there's a lot of haters, but for me, I think this would have been really tense in the room. I think it would have been fun. It is supposed to be fun. Come on, people don't get offended. What is the outrage? Is there outrage? I'm assuming there's,

Graeme Reed: I haven't heard any, I haven't heard any, I haven't heard any our age. The only thing that I heard was that, so they asked someone to come up on stage and pee into something. And at first no one wanted to do it. Do this. Right. And this is at the Genii convention. I feel like if something like this were to happen at a convention, like magic live or, um, magic Fest, right, there'd be some young magician that was like ready to go. Like, yep, I'm on board for this. Anyhow, Dana, I'm getting a female. And apparently the story as the story goes, clearly they were not like, Oh right, Oh, we thought we were going to get a guy, we'll still do this. We still got this. So they protected her with like a screen apparently. Um, so she could safely pee into the tube. So I don't know what the whole trick was in the whole thing, cause I just heard it from the podcast and through story posts, like, I don't know where it ends up and where it goes and all that sorts of business. But all I heard was, uh, this is something that you can only witness at a magic convention. Conventions. There's so much fun.

Ryan Joyce: Well, and let's be honest, there's a, there's a history of this and that's what makes it so fun. Like we've all heard the other stories, which I won't read. Like, I don't know how public say Arizona am I going to be saying them on a podcast, but the stories from past, it's, it's, it's just fun. This is what makes it fun. Right? This is it. Also, these are those things that create those moments where you're like, you should have been there at that thing at the Genii convention. Yep. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. How fun. It sounded like.

Graeme Reed: So super crazy.

Ryan Joyce: So like the sound, as I heard it, I was like, I was like, you know, part of me was, I mean like, like God, you'd never, I wouldn't, that's not my repertoire at all, but I just thought that's really cool. That was kind of a for wait, wait, hold on. You that you don't do, I don't do urination. I don't your, and I really don't. It's no, you know, I, it's the latex. I don't like wearing the gloves.

Graeme Reed: Wayne Hetchins kiss with the urination. Right? Where you in the mouth and in the mirror. Why.

Ryan Joyce: It's a very esoteric. Routine it. Oh, it works really great in like those Swedish kink farm. I don't know what we're, where we're going with this, but it's this one. So this when, yeah.

Graeme Reed: Anyhow, Genii convention. Crazy. I should've have been there. We were there, that joke that I could possibly, I'm sorry, I should have had a better, much better punchline, but I didn't know how for how far to take it on this episode. It's just, it's talking magic. Um,

Ryan Joyce: um, so talking, um, peeing into things and putting in a known possible locations. Yep. Just recently, Darcy Oak, which is, that's not, that's the worst transition though. That doesn't work. Yeah. Do you want me to cut out? It doesn't work. I just want to try and make it, cause it's going to very serious. There's no way to do that smoothly to go from P two amazing, heartfelt performance, et cetera. Uh, but Canadian Darcy, he was on Britain's got talent and he, uh, on the champions and he did this amazing performance. It was very Copperfield. I thought it was great. It was great. Straight storytelling. And it's, I mean, it's a touching piece in here. Like I, my, I felt it. I, my that lump built up, I thought it was great. And I, I met Darcy a handful of years ago and I just thought he was a great guy, so I wished him, I think he's doing great. I just wish him the best. This was really great storytelling and it's different from what everybody else is doing right out there. So we had to go, I thought it was great. Yeah, it was different. There was no Rubik's cube and there was no like, um, super kicker reveal at the end. It was a classic performance piece where it was just doing storytelling and using magic to enhance the story, which is very Copperfield as that's how that works. Yeah. It was fun. Just tell,

tell the story, don't think about, I mean full of people at the same time, but that the key part is in a, how do we do a kicker with a kicker, with a kicker inside of a, your torn piece of card and name is on my chest. Look at that. How crazy is that? Yep. What? Um, and it's a sincere piece of story that he's told multiple times. I've seen different versions of this. Like he's told this story in other, uh, specials as well cause it's a real story that he can tell it. Right. Uh, and it's great to see him do it here. And I thought, you know what, I hadn't, we, I watched the full piece just before the episode and I thought it was a really great, really clever how he did the whole thing and this looked incredible. That red, it was visually captivating. Like they really, all the details were there that made to make it great. That red is very, that background is very Oh wow. Yeah. And what's fun is it doesn't hide anything. And I mean, of course it's necessary for method of course. And that's what makes it great. Like there's a well lit stage like well, like there was just no shadows anywhere. It's great. You know, it was great too. He wasn't the magician throughout the whole thing. Like he told the story exactly. But it was actually this, he, he is this young

child magician that does the whole thing. But he is still the focal point on because he's telling the story. It's really great, uh, as, um, to know that like, I don't know when you're doing magic tonight over do it for yourself, right. Like not blow yourself too much while you're doing your own show kind of thing. Yup. Those Swedish guys, sorry. Um, any I thought I thought it was pretty neat. It was cool to watch that and that's cool that he's representing Canada really well at Britain's got talent. Absolutely. A big fan. A big fan. Um, I don't know what the clapping was for. I, yeah, let's that's something here that we do. If you're sitting at home, clap your hands out loud for no reason of your head. Fun double snaps for Darcy double snaps. If you're walking the dog, if you're doing your dishes, if you are driving the car, just clap or snap

Graeme Reed: on. Um, and we were flipping through. We are flipping through the Reddits my fingers are hurting. One page was sharp. What's that? Flipping through the Reddits at one Patriot's sharp. I go, let me just, can I just, can I just complain to here part, write it for a minute. Because Reddit is its own beast. It really is its own beast. I don't know if any of everyone listening has dabbled in the Reddits but so I posted a picture on like one of the candidate forums or whatever and they like banned me.

Ryan Joyce: What banned me for posting a picture. Oh you know what? So I got banned from my own neighborhood Facebook group. Holy hell. Because I posted just like, Hey, who I had messaged the admin saying like, Hey, can I just advertise that I do kids magic shows. Yeah. I want to provide really great entertainment for the local kids here. Yeah. Offer them a great deal since some local. Yep. I understand. That's very salesy. And whenever I did not hear back from the admins, so I posted it and like at the end posted like, you know, posting without permission out the lead if unwanted. Right. And then I, I got banned.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. There is no zero. Let me start there. That's right. That's right. That's right. Zero to one. It's on or off, it's, yeah. Wow. So I have a little bit of disdain. So what I did is I then went to another forum in Ken and I posted the same picture and then they blocked it and banded, but then they were like, Oh, that's actually really nice. And then they posted it and I let it go through the Gates and then it got to have like a decent amount of likes on it. So it was like, I don't, I, I feel burned. Obviously it's a Fergus, right? Yeah, absolutely. Like the first time I posted it w genuinely was an interest article. It was, um, I put, it was on the magic festival website and it was about the monster month that the neighboring town did. I did a video, like I always do, I put, I create a lot of video, social content and something along the lines of like, all of these monsters seller coming to this, like the one of Ontario's most Halloween towns or something. Like they was just a general interest article and they were like, um, and they, when they banned me, it wasn't even like, like, um, just abandoned. Like they sent some snarky fucking remark too, and it was like, wait, a nice attempt is said sell tickets or something. And it it like legit. I had planned to do

that. I didn't know it was. So that was the lesson learned. But this was like a, this like the softest approach that where I thought I was legitimately, Oh, I like this. This is, so I felt so deeply offended because I wanted people to see this monster month. I think it's really incredible. I have no direct impact by any of that, but Oh gosh, I was burnt by Reddit. All right. Reddit, Reddit, I've got, I've shed my emotional baggage. That's what you came for, isn't it? Uh, so, uh, this week and flipping

Ryan Joyce: through the Reddit news, um, we have three 11 playing cards are now available in Walgreens in the States. That's good news for your marathons, not aspect. Great. And they're already in a target. So now they're in target and Walgreens. So theory 11 is taking over the playing card market with their cool design playing cards. These are like, you know the Neil Patrick Harris ones, the cool art Ozan ones, the really cool high end playing cards. It's amazing that you can get them at these cool local stores now instead of having to order them online. Deal with hype shipping costs, you can get them right away right now. That's fun. That's so much fun. I wish as a kid that I could get cool. All you could find were just bicycle and aviator and garbage cards. Right? Yeah. It would always be great if you could find these cool designer playing cards in the stores. Cause I'm a huge fan of designer playing cards. Would you remember always going through like the toy shops and like looking to see if they had the magic aisle or the magic grow? I still do so I still look in the magic section just to see what's happening. Just to see like maybe if just like, cause we now know magicians, right? Like maybe Justin Flom really well. It's for real. He's on Amazon. I got hit. I'll do this, that we're not promoting this, but I got hit on Amazon

with this little box set called everyday magic from Justin Flum and you get a credible deck deck of cards in there and 10 fun free tricks. And I'll tell you what, there's a trick in there that I did a kid show on the weekend, like a birthday party and it was Harry Potter themed and I took one of these tricks and I re themed it, repackaged it, designed it, created myself in a Harry Potter theme. Like it came from an apothecary, I think in the book. It's like used peanut butter, pickles and jam. And instead I used a pot. So I had like elephant eyeballs and spider parts and dead bumblebees or something. And uh, that was what I used for the trick instead of what they suggested. And I taught that trick and I think this is a great little indie. This was like 10 bucks, 10 bucks, and you get this cool little goal and this deck of cards in here, it's better than most garbage decks that you get to. It's really fun. Oh, that's great. So that's like, that's just a little bonus. Uh, but that's fun about three 11, uh, through the Reddits. Yeah. This for blank grits. It's good to have more exposure and the magic's friendly. Obviously there's demand. That's what it means. There's demand. Why do you think that is? Do you think people are like, I, I have my thoughts on it. Like people are obviously, first of all, we

can ne shout people. We can discover small niches like hardest dreams such, but like there's, I think we pull a lot of time to fidget. Oh, there's always a lot of time to fidget, but there's two like ki it's always pop culture related, right. What makes these things popular? And I think there's two key things that are going on. One is shin Lim. One Americans got talent and people know his name. Like when I go out and do magic, people bring up shin. Like they get close. Right? They either get it right or they get close, but they're close enough. That's right. The like sh shin, shin rim. It's like that's racist, but close. That's close. Yeah. Yeah. You know. Um, but, uh, and then another thing too is full us, it's on Netflix and I will meet people and they go, Oh, the whole family we've been watching fullest. These kids, they know they're on top. They know what you're dealing. Which is so funny. Like hat I don't understand the correlation they are from Penn talking in code about how tricks are revealed to kids now knowing how to trigger perception of knowledge. It's the perception. No, you just need to think that,

Graeme Reed: you know,

Ryan Joyce: which Lake. Then when you see magic in real life, it's way even more amazing because they're now seeing TV stuff in person and all you have to do is, you know, magic regular magic stuff.

undefined: Yup.

Ryan Joyce: That's great. Triple. That's great. And there's also a huge abundance of podcast blowing up and a lot of people are getting into those tons of magic podcasts going on. Like there's discourse and magic. There's the magic word. There is a, this podcast, magicians talking our numbers each year and we've, they've gotten just up and up and up and up and up in every, is that real? Yup. Legit. Oh, that's cool. I'm really impressed. So thanks everybody for tuning in and listening and yeah, shit. I've gotten a couple of, I've been getting some messages from listeners and stuff. If people have messages, always a slip it, Oh, Alicia had this conversation. Like when did it become DMS? Like direct messages. Does that just mean Instagram and Twitter? Is that what that means? Well, doesn't, isn't that word just everybody uses, I don't know. I mean, I use messenger, Facebook purely pretty much. I guess I use messaging on Facebook all the time. I F but I'm beginning a lot of Instagram messages now even from people that listen to this. And uh, I booked shows through Instagram as well, which is really bizarre. And I know even there's, um, a market for selling things on Instagram too. People just have Instagram accounts where they'll post a picture of something they sell and you can message them and, you know, get a deal on it or whatever. Anyhow, podcasts, I didn't know this pod. I feel terrible. I didn't

know this existed until you were on it. And now after this, and likely there's only 15 episodes. So it's easy to go back and listen to all of them. I'm going to go back and binge this, but there is a podcast out there and called conversations with clothes, CWC starring Michael clothes and you were on this episode 15 this just happened. So if honored to be on, I mean it was just a great great

Graeme Reed: conversation. And we started from the beginning like the realization that I had no magical influence from parents and such all the way, you know, briefly, nothing of great nauseum cause it's sort of up to where we are now with the festival and everything. So it was a really great dive and I also, I to newly aware of it, I wasn't like a podcast for me. You sort of brought me into them. So I'm behind you even in that, in terms of that. So I'm going to be listening to, to all of these as well. I can't believe like just to see the names of the guests he's had. So I'm just thrilled and honored and I thought it was a great conversation. I didn't hear it all. I don't rarely listen to my own stuff when I'm in the do you, what do you do on that front?

Ryan Joyce: Well, so I do a full disclosure. I listened to all the episodes that we do. Yeah, you do. Wow. You hear them? It's weird as crazy. But then I hear them because I'm editing them. So you're at, you put them together, which is remarkable. So if you're at home, again, if you're driving hands off the wheel. A big round of applause for Ryan. Joyce, don't pressure. Don't crash the car. We all need that snaps. Wheel snaps. If you're walking, the dog dropped the leash. Hopefully the dog does not run away. He or she, hopefully you can keep um, Roxy or Luca nearby and clap your hands. Big clap for Joyce. Putting that together, but appreciate it.

Graeme Reed: It like, what's so interesting is that it is, we've discussed this before, it's part of what we've got to do. All these like things are extensions of us. And Michael is a perfect example of that because I mean his, one of his strengths of many is writing. So he's got also a newsletter that everybody should join into and it's free. It just, I mean, he provides great and valuable information and it's, it's a link to all of these resources and more he interviews people. So really check that out. He's got a lot to offer. Of course he's got so much wisdom behind it, but will, he's the guy that like if you were to apply to fool us, right? He's one of those, he's one of the top advisors, magic advisers that's watching these things to see if you can make it, make the cut for the show. So that's incredible. And look, if scrolling through the episode list of his podcast, you have Tim Toronto magic producer and creator right behind like, um, a Murphy's in penguin. Uh, you got Anthony Owen who unfortunately has since passed away. I'm not sure if you're very familiar with Anthony Owen, a mentalist magician from the U K a R Paul Wilson,

Ryan Joyce: prolific card handler. Matt King is on there and he's got Matt King, Andy Gladwin and Josh J. You know, they're the brains behind vanishing yank. Uh, and Madge I fast on the sessions and everything like that. He has Jeff Pinski on how great ha ha, that's great. Right. He owns browsers. Dan like one of the oldest, the oldest magic shop in Toronto. It is the oldest magic shop in Toronto cause it's the only one in Toronto. Now he's got Matt to Cerro Harry Lorayne. Uh, the Thompson's Johnny and Pamela. Oh

Graeme Reed: Harry. Lorraine is somebody I would love to meet someday or you just feel like, um, I've read his books from a kid. Like I was always fascinated with memory. So my introduction to Harry Lorraine was through memory first, magic second. So it just always thought he was a fascinating guy. Um, yeah. So this is, look at this list. This is really

Ryan Joyce: when I walked into a Morrissey's magic shop and I like been doing magic for awhile and I said, I want a book that's like, has so much stuff. It just a lot of an unique thing, different things. And he handed me halo reigns apocalypse, which was like, you know, the collection of his magazines, the apocalypse magazines. So there's so much unique magic in there and it's often like the seventies and eighties, which is fun. And I still flip through it cause you find these old little hidden gems in there. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It's like a J. It's like a J Sankey book. Little hidden gems as to books. And then he's got Paul V. Hill, David Regal and

Graeme Reed: RJ scenario. Right there is, yeah. Mine's short. 36 minutes. Don't, don't judge me.

Ryan Joyce: don't judge for 36 minutes. But if you're listening to this, you've already been judging for 13 episodes. Hopefully. And let's do listen to this episode for the first time. Go back and listen to all of them and check the videos that are on YouTube too. Cause we did some in video form a tree. Hope to get back to the

sure. Uh, after, cause we yeah, we are approaching, we are in the cusp. We are in the edge. Oh, what uh, what, what, what? That's right. Testable things are getting, yeah, getting close. It's, it's a lot of world planning. Don't know yet you that's right. Getting close. Yeah. Yeah. It's a lot of work. It's, it's going to be a blast. We've, I'm just so thrilled and excited. Like the more that I talked to Joan about Jeanie, she was at Genii. Um, and I've only gotten to chat with Joan very briefly since she's got back. I believe she drove all the way down there. I, my low back could not do that than Florida. Yeah. She's, she's a, she's a driver. It's amazing. In fact, true facts. True story. Uh, my driving technique that I use now, which freaks everybody out, is Jones driving technique. And I'm sure it's everybody else's that drives long term. And it's the weirdest thing. But I have a little while, I'm gonna reveal a little bit here, but so I don't see out of one eye. So I, I can kind of choose which one I wanted the, at the time. So I'll, when I'm driving I'm just sort of closing my resources, so I'll just close it cause I'm not using it anyways. Um, and the other Jonesville thing with driving is she always says her head against the headrest. It's leaned back. So if you were in the

back seat and you looked over glance and you saw the driver with his head against the back rest and as I closed, you would maybe have a moment of panic. And so I've had that occurrence on an occasion or two driving and then with, you know, cause I've got, I've driven across this country 13 plus times, so I spend a lot of time in a vehicle. Um, yeah. So that's uh, that's the, the head technique with Joan. It's, it's great because it, it saves your neck longterm for anyways. So she was in Gina and yeah,

Graeme Reed: when I drive I do the, I actually rest my head on the back of the headrest. Yeah. That long distance for some people that keep the up and yeah. Cause I find myself like all hunched over the steering wheel sometimes and like falling asleep, I guess, smack myself to stay awake. So I do that to like stay away.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, those are, you know what I mean? These are the things, man. I see some of the, so one time we drove from, Oh boy, uh, Brandon. Uh, yeah, it was just, it was Brandon, Manitoba and we were trying to get to it, Tim. And so essentially was where our final destination was and we had to send some of the crew home. So I was driving the car by myself and there was the two truck, it was the two guys in the truck. I remember it was like our 18, we had been driving pretty much straight and I like, I was getting delirious and I, I remember pulling into loose, uh, not most unique eyes. It was up in that, that Coca Hollis or, sorry, not that there's, there's stretch of land where there's like 300 kilometers where you've just nothing, nothing. It uh, this was up in the Timmins stretch. It's, I'm no keep thinking it's, gosh, it's been awhile, but um, and it's pitch black, dark as hell and like seeing a moose with the, like, I was like, what does that puff of smoke happening over the welcome to whatever the city town was. And it was a moose was, the moose was so tall, it was towering over the welcome sign. And I had been like driving for 18 hours. I was delirious enough that I didn't know if I actually saw that moose. And I realized it was at that point

that I shouldn't be driving. And thankfully we were there, but yes, it was the most, in fact, when I pulled in, I talked to the people at the hotel. I remember this it, this is how this moment, how profound the moment was. Like that's how we knew I was driving too long. But they were saying that they, they have these moves that come in all the time and they have pictures like this. There's a pair of them that come in. I mean, this is a different difference. This is North, North, North Toronto. I mean Ontario country. Um, where we don't, we don't live that, but you don't want to hit that, that thing driving 110. No, no. That's like it's life ending right there. Yeah.

A life on the road. Well that's, and that's not an Oh wow. That's, that's the style of stories from the road. Pardon me on that? That's a no, no, that's a no, no. So talking, Oh wow. Festival. We're weeks away. There are incredible shows coming up. Uh, lots of exciting things about to approach us as well. If you're a magician nearby, you probably already have your registration. We all hope if you don't, you are a Dodo and you gotta get on that cause. This is an exclusive opportunity to just hang out with limited magicians experiencing these top quality lectures. Uh, you can see the live shows with real people. So these aren't just like shows from magicians. You get to see them. We always like, there's that term. Like I want to see how magicians dance. You want to see what each other like performing to their stuff. You get to see how they perform with a real audience. And then you get to see how they lecture. You get to jam met with them. And this doesn't happen just in a hotel. It's in Fergus, Ontario, while monster month is going on. So you're in Fergus during the Halloween month with cooler art installations. Get to experience craft beer, amazing local food, all this cool stuff. Um, but you have been working, it's going to be around Fergus, it's going to be great. And I stopped into the theater

Graeme Reed: today, FYI, just to check it out again. A couple of more site inspections and we, uh, this, the screens, we finalized all the screens and everything for projection. So it's going to, there's not a bad seat in the house to begin with, but the theater sent a lot of money recently in renovating and one of the things they put in there, they have two different screen options and the one is going to be absolutely perfect for us. So I think it's about 16 feet wide. Like it, the theater is, it whole, I think is like, you know, maybe 30 feet wide total. So it's just going to be great. We're gonna, we're gonna nail it with the video, so I'm pumped and it can move in and out. So all those things we've chatted about that everybody will look, see and experience live, they, those things can happen. So it's going to be great. So, uh, and we're going to want to see, use experience the video. That is where we going to use that for, for some of these artists, right? Like Rick Merrill, we're going to want to see that nice and big because what he does is spectacular. And for those who haven't, haven't ever seen Rick's act, it's, it's, it's just remarkable to experience that level of visual magic right in front of you. So he's a physical award winner when we talk about FISM today, he's one of those that walked away as a winner. So this is, this is seven and a half minutes. It'll blow you out of the way.

And it's like seven and a half minutes of eye candy with office supplies. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. And he's like one of the funniest guys that you're ever gonna meet, both on and off stage.

Ryan Joyce: I love him. So we, okay, one little insight insider thing. We're at every, the show, we're giving away a souvenir programs, right? So people that attend can have something really nice and we're putting it, I've always, for the 15, 20 years now that I've been producing events, we have always put a lot of effort in the souvenir program because that's something that we know people keep. So this year we put a lot effort into, we asked the artists to submit, um, we've got a little quick form and I read through Rick's form and he wrote it knowing that it was good to probably rewritten or read by similarly myself. So I just how will through the whole thing. Yeah. You'll never know what any of this stuff that he said it there was, but it was just brilliant. And so let me tell you if he can make relapse through like just the written form. And I've, I've known Rick for a couple of years, so I know how funny he is. But the point being you're just gonna, you're just gonna love him. He's just, he's just a great guy and he's detail oriented. So magically wise he has knowledge to help make your show better, your techniques, your moves, your effects better. So not only can you do that and make you laugh, but he really can help out magically. So lots to learn and lots to do, lots to see, lots of experience.

Oh my gosh. Like to be on it. This States an incredibly stacked lineup for just the Hangouts after an outside of the realm of the shows to have that ability like especially late at night for the cool factor. There are so many people with unique, different things like Chris Hendricks. I don't know if anyone has visited her website. I've been, everyone's talking about Lucy darling, but she has like six. There's so I don't have any characters. She has so many different styles of shows in so many, uh, so much information on just business and how to make it work from a theatrical standpoint. And then you got Paul Romani and he's guts. Oh my gosh. Like we, uh, the giveaway, like we talk about the giveaway, the contest, which has now ended, right? The contest is cook closed. It is closed. And Paul's, I haven't even gotten open it. This is how busy I am, but I have the, the book is here. It's, you have the book sealed and we're not revealing the winner until the festival. That's correct. Right. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. So suspense builds. If you thought that this podcast would reveal the winter, that's cool that you're still listening through all these episodes. We appreciate it. But you have to wait until the festival to find out though was the conditions. I thought that's where we, maybe I think it is a condition, but like I, it could be an assumption that like maybe that

people would find out here. I dunno. Yeah, yup. You know, you never know. You never know. Bomb bomb. Um, but you got like, and you got Steven, you've got so many comedic people like the, after the sh Michael clothes. We've hung out with Michael close. He's a character. He's so much fun to hang out with after all these things. Jay Sankey lots of people and he also have a Peter and own Anderson, which are like top kids, entertainers and hilarious and super nice guys. I need to be able to hang out with them. To just spend local legends a little time with,

Graeme Reed: with Owen. He's such a great guy. I'm looking forward to that. And, and Peter, I mean, Peter has been so heavily involved. Every step of this convention, this thing wouldn't happen without Peter. I'm just going to lay that on the table. He's been such a huge, huge asset and so helpful. So Peter's got knowledge across the board. Right? I've crossed both magically and business-wise. So lots those too, we'll be able to contribute to like people that are working and want to make more money. So a lot, it'd be great. Really great people involved that are sharing their wisdom. I'm most excited. Well, I'm curious to do, I've been working on some of the footage for some of the sessions that are happening. Um, and on one thing I'm really excited to share for sure that I'm not gonna talk about it on the podcast, but, um, the other being the one session I'm most excited for is the last one. That is the, what would you do if you started again? I'm really fascinated. Right. And that's the one that leads me talk to my peers. Yeah. That's the one that leaves me alone in Peter Wood in the business discussion. So, so when I was talking to Michael about it and um, the one of the, the third one there was originally titled just Polish and um, I brought up the idea of changing to Polish and process because those two are really essential and

they're two different thoughts and he agreed fully. And so he would like to contribute in on that discussion as well. And then one of the, one of the little addition, well, I'm gonna save that. We'll say I'm going to keep that little tidbit for later, but, so that's, that's going to be a power pack hour. That's our ending hour of the convention essentially. And I couldn't think of a better way to, to, to end with, with all that wisdom. Yeah. I mean that's going to be a jam packed.

undefined: Weak.

Graeme Reed: So much magic. So much knowledge. So much wonder. So much stuff. Yup. And the big media note news that I'm getting a local interview with my, my, my, my newspaper tomorrow. That's the big news. No, no. We can say we do have big news release probably on the next podcast, but we do have some, is that the only vague so we can share the other big news you say? I think we should keep it. I've been if you follow me on social media, Ryan Joyce magic, then you'll, you'll start to see a little bit more. But um, we better wait till until the next podcast to just have everything cause that's super exciting. That's really a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big stuff. We shall see what we still see. So that's all the wonder for today. That's a good episode. I'd say we've got 13 reasons in there. If you have counted them up, you might even find 14 I don't know. But there's a whole bunch that said like if this is your first experience stumbling into the podcast because you found out about it on social media because we are sharing about it. I do as a favor. Check back on the other episodes. Good. Back to all of them. Yep. But don't end this one cause I want, I just want to chat about one more thing. Cause it was a real blast. Yeah, yeah, totally. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: I was at Keith Brown's show, the fringe show couple weeks ago and it was just a hoot and I got to meet and hang around with a couple of, well I've met all of them but um, so we had obviously Keith, we had, uh, Scott Hamell, we had Mark Carrera and we had Chris Mayhew and I just had a blast performing with them. It was so honored to be part of this, this, and the audience. So you know, when you walk into like a room and it's just feels so warm and cuddly is like a warm blanket and no matter that like your batteries in your microphone don't, don't work or anything. It doesn't matter. Right. Like that's what this was. It was just a fun, a fun room. And I, I mean I ended, the, Mike did cut out, but I, to be honest with you, I didn't even Dever in register or anything, I projected and everyone was fine cause I'm, I'm used to that. That's one thing that we should talk about in the future is projecting. Cause that's if you can't projected

Graeme Reed: Oh we've all been, I've been there too. When the mic cuts out you just crank it off to the side just in case it comes back and it's weird or whatever and you just steamroll through and just like nothing happened. That's all you lose your voice. Yup. Yeah. That, Oh my voice goes so fast

Ryan Joyce: and there are warmup techniques for is stuff like this that I'm not even super aware of. But, and so it was just really great. And I was, so I started, which I was thrilled about. Um, cause I got to see and enjoy pretty much everybody. So Chris may, he was right after me and I just, how will the whole time, what a guy and I had no idea.

Graeme Reed: which is amazing. Yeah. You've got a standing ovation at Majay Fest a couple of years ago being so incredible.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, at least. Oh it was just a blast cause I, yeah. And I didn't even know he was so heavily involved with video stuff. So it was just a really, really fun night because to see Scott who I haven't seen in forever and Mark as well, both, I mean I've known Scott forever, but they're all camp magic camp sourcers, summer Safari, fiery guys. So it was uh, yeah, it was uh, it was a fun thing. So anyways, I just wanted to mention that cause um, it was just that idea like when you play that one room, you know that G and it was pretty much 80% full and it was just where everything flows. Right. And you know, you're kind of, you the lines come off the tongue easier and every, it was just great. It was, it was a fun room.

Graeme Reed: It's kind of those fun factors. It's like when you throw a show together with your best buds and you have the fun factor backstage, it a, it comes across on stage as well. And that's like what happens I think with a lot of these local shows like what tryna magic company does with newest trick in the book and art and magic and what secret society does with the secret shows. I don't know when we feature and other tans with things like tricks on tap and what Keith just did with you guys when we get together in these small groups we have so much fun stage and I think it projects in front of the stage as well. Like it's so much fun, so much fun.

Ryan Joyce: For shizzle for sure, for

Graeme Reed: I think that wraps it up that that is the end of episode 13 and again if you have just stumbled across this podcast for the first time ever, make sure you go back and check out the other ones. We talk a lot of business. If you are a magician, even if you're not a magician, like a performer and entertainer or you interested in like how to promote yourself. We talk all that sort of stuff from websites to business cards to posters to graphics and all sorts of things like that to make sure you go back and check the early episodes. We also have some of them on video so you can go on YouTube like and subscribe them. They are all on Joyce's YouTube channel so you can easily find those through there. He also has tons of videos about being a cruise ship magician. Things about hypnosis, lots of cool content that you should check out.

Ryan Joyce: There's even a trick with poo. It's true,.

Graeme Reed: It's true. It's, it's real. It's real easy. If you can find it. 402 diesel points. Yup.

Ryan Joyce: And I will do a triple snap, triple, triple snap, triple stamp,.

Graeme Reed: And make sure that you guys are all coming. It's three fingers. Make sure that you all have registered and you are all coming to the OWOW Magic festival happening at the end of this month. It is the first of its kind ever happening in Fergus. It will be the most amazing thing that you have ever been a part of. We hope that you are coming. Um, I think that is kind of it. That is all of it.

Ryan Joyce: All in the basket. My name is Ryan Joyce.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: This has been episode 13. ShaBlazam!

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle.

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