Magic Drama! Theft and the Evolution of Magic Clubs

On this episode hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed discuss the recent news including Dan Sperry's magic show theft, magicians unite in his benefit, and how to keep your local magic club fresh. We also discuss recent events happening with our friends in Toronto, magic camps, magic festival updates and more!

TOPICS COVERED: Dan Sperry, Magic Theft, Toronto Magic Company, Sid Lorraine IBM Ring, Paul Rohmany, OWOW Magic Festival, Magic Contest, Magic Camp, Tannen's Magic Camp, Sorcerer's Summer Safari

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic. This is episode 11. My name is Ryan Joyce full time professional magician for the last, oh God, almost 20 years. That makes me old and very, very, very magical.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graeme Reed slash Graemazing, level seven wizard and I worked professionally in TV for like a decade and now I'm a recent turned professional and magician doing magic to make a fulltime living just like. Joycee.

Ryan Joyce: That's right. That is my nickname of many. That's the politest of all my nicknames. Uh, we are a busy time of year. This is coming up. This is going to be magical. A lot of people are going to be busy, you know, during the Christmas season and the, of course I'm busy with the festival during the or we all are with the in the Halloween season. But are you guys getting lots of shows? Are you booking? Are you starting to fill up those calendars? How is your calendar looking?

Graeme Reed: Oh my gosh, I am very busy with lots of shows. I have tons of shows going on. Uh, everything in between, from a small backyard private party to those corporate team building events. And we also run our own shows. We did Tricks On Tap just the other night with the Secret Society crew, which was so much fun. So we had Scott Boyd, a Wilbert Cortez, JP Magic and Awesome, Awesome Mike, uh, Down at Grain and Grip Brewery in Hamilton.

Ryan Joyce: Sounds like a blast. I wish I could have been there. It sounds like a ton of fun and the venue look really cool.

Graeme Reed: Oh, it was super cool. Awesome. We hope we get to do this again and as we record this, we are basically exactly one month away, one boy, one month away from the magic festival of the year, the Ontario Week of Wonder happening.

Ryan Joyce: Oh wow. Oh, Oh.

Graeme Reed: Can we do that for more than a second or do you get the,.

Ryan Joyce: (80's theme song) So awesome. So you're, it's been enough time. There's going to have to be some sort of remix of that now. It's been at least 20 years since it's ever been sending over the old.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Oh, there's a lot of versions of those. We were using that as a Noah Nogueira's theme song for the Secret Show for awhile.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, shows how UpToDate I am. Yeah. Let me just skip my record player. Go on here. Yeah. Um, so this week I was on the outside of that, I never had, I had, the earliest technology I had in the show was, um, CDs. I guess that's your earliest technology we use with CDs and mini discs. Shit, no, it was, we use the mini disks back in the day way first tour ever we used mini disks to run the show.

Graeme Reed: Oh. To run the show.

Ryan Joyce: Sony, Sony technology.

Graeme Reed: I remember always carrying a boombox with me to shows and just having a CD that I burned and that was, yeah. And I would go over to the CD player and change hit next. Right. That's what would happen. So yeah, that has, that's fun. One of those

Ryan Joyce: little controllers, a local guy actually created a really great wireless adaptor. It was the first one I ever had for mini disc player actually. And so thing in your pocket would control all the little like volume up, volume down, next track, fade out, etc. Just like you know, Charles Peachock and and a Audio Ape and the the one and the other one, the Media Star. So yeah, they're really good to utilities for magicians that want to be able to run their own show. I use, I have media star, the new and the older one. I would love to get audio ape because it interfaces differently. It really interfaces with with the video. Um, but eh, these are the sort of advanced tools for sure. Two months from now, a days, two months from use, all sorts of this to this.

Graeme Reed: It would be cool if we did maybe a some podcast sessions about all that control work behind the show and that gadgetry, cause I know nothing about this and it'd be neat to do one on one sessions. Maybe share this with our podcast community as well. Our listeners.

Ryan Joyce: Absolutely. And like nowadays with the technology, like these things are so clever, you can integrate video with it. And that's why, I mean video, audio, all sorts of things. PowerPoint. Oh, it's just really remarkable because we are a media generation and our expectations are, are higher now I feel from audiences for sure. So having multimedia, LinkedIn throughout your presentation is always a good way to captivate and to create, you know, more attention.

Graeme Reed: I just got some, each time I came I can add a little, uh, production Ciano into my standup show. Uh, Oh yeah. Nice. Yeah, just even have like a logo splash on a bit on a screen or something like that. Right. Even, that's nice. I'm going to try a couple of things. I think with the, uh, I'm going to try and use a little projector in the next show, I think, which is fun.

Ryan Joyce: Oh yeah. Nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The bummer of course. Is the extra time set up.

Graeme Reed: Oh, 100%. Yep. And w uh, we're familiar with this. Yeah. Jason with this a little bit. Yup. Um, so speaking of all this high tech gadgets in all this equipment and things like that in the magic news this week, huge bummer. Uh, well I guess this kind of last week, this week. But Dan Sperry had his warehouse broken into ransacked lots of his equipment, important things, even specific magical wards and things like that stolen. Um, just recently and also not on top of that, but also his, his production van to you that he would drive what he considered the streets man. Just awful. It's really just awful. Like everything you need to have like a show is gone. Like all, like the basis of his whole career is gone and that's, that's really, really, really shitty. So I so nice to see the magic community coming out and really stepping up. You know, I've donated a way, we encourage you guys to go to the go fund me page and yeah, there's a go fund, go fund Sperry. And currently as we're recording this, he is raised $48,251 of his 50K.

Ryan Joyce: And you know, that's just a small portion of what this stuff is worth.

Graeme Reed: I mean, Oh my gosh, for sure. And in the video and in that he describes, I think this is how we've all, all their careers work, right? You start off small and you slowly build your show up, you build your show up and you acquire more electronics, more gear, more stage equipment. He's got custom built props, custom built cases, all that gun, all of it. Guts. Just terrible, terrible. I guess he was, he would flown to Portugal, uh, to do some shows over in Portugal when this all happened. So he wasn't even around and he just got back recently to be able to actually assess the damage.

Ryan Joyce: makes you draw some conclusions in it. You don't have to be in private introspective to write, dress him the suit. Clearly there must be someone in the know that's really shameful. Yeah. I'm glad to see that everyone's coming together and he's, you know, I what I said in the last message was like, I can't wait to see what he creates for minutes because what an inspiration once all the, you know, the bullshit is clear. Yeah. What are, what, what a hopefully what a source of creativity and inspiration is. You know, and he's a really creative guy, so he'll, he'll, he'll bounce.

Graeme Reed: Have you ever gone through anything? Like, have you ever had your thing stolen? Um, well, no, not stolen. We've had some unfortunate, well, no, no, nothing like this. God, no, we, cause we talked in the previous episode with a about Chris, a Hendricks about losing your luggage and losing equipment, which is as awful, but maybe not when someone steals from me. That's terrible. That's really terrible.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, it sure is. It's, you feel violated as a human. I don't think we've had anything massively stolen. I've lost stuff in shipping and things. Thousands and thousands of dollars in shippings, but I've never knock on wood, knock on wood. Right. And that's because it's expensive. This magic industry is littered with the, you know, expensive perhaps in technology and speakers. And I know other performers that have had their, their shows just like all just gone. Oh, Chuck Jones, Chuck Jones, uh, who did world festival magic for 18 plus years. He flip flopped and did, came up and did the North American tour as well. And Marie went down there. I did the New Zealand two that his whole show was gone and like stolen. Stolen. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: The weirdest thing is this stuff is so specific. It's so specific. It's, yeah. You know?

Ryan Joyce: Yup. Like these people and it's because it's probably because it's in an unmarked truck or something. Right. And just automatically it's a bit of a target. Right. We always had rentals and double locks and stuff, but it doesn't, that doesn't mean anything. If they want to get in, they're going to in, they know what to do.

Graeme Reed: Yep. Yeah. So speaking on kind of this idea of like theft and even I guess lost luggage, we were just checking the recent Reddit topics, the Reddit discussion for magic and two days ago someone posted a deal magicians and share their props and show illusions. This is something that I don't do. I mean most of my props for my show currently, cause I'm in an act building stage or is like, Hey, I can rebuild it. If it was stolen, it's, it'd be a bummer, but maybe not the biggest, not a dance. Barry bummer. You on the other hand have tons of equipment cause you've been doing this your whole life. What's your take on the whole insurance of props and show illusions? I know Dan, by the way did mentioned some of this stuff was insured but not of course everything.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, well he's further ahead on that than I am. I mean we have insurance of course for the, the storage and everything in a year, the equipment in it. But I don't have actual like insurance on any of the equipment as far as like you would do on a baseball card or anything like that. Yeah. And we have client-wise we have always, we have showrunners for the shows, you know, but that's usually I sell something separate. I don't, I've never had to really go down this route unless we were going to, well we did when we went to the middle East. Um, and of course we, it's insured when it, it travels via company. But those are all sort of built in. I've never done it intentionally for my own props. And I mean, I mean, why would you, I guess, I mean insurance is just another expense. It's not like us artists are floating in cash. So it's a hard, it'd be a, you'd really have to have a really expensive profit base in order to do that. I figure right. I guess maybe really dodgy storage location,

Graeme Reed: I guess maybe with a story like this, maybe certain professionals will start investigating that whole thing now to maybe getting insurance for some of these things. Scary story, like weird, weird story. Just weird and bizarre and unfortunate for Dan too because he's running a weekly show in Las Vegas right now that he can't do because he doesn't have it. Oh my God, that's so awful. Apparently. So apparently he has like a good case, right? Like it's called a sticker box. He puts all the stickers on it and uh, that's, that's what kind of contains or show that he does. He, it's just like in a one box kind of show like a lot of guys would have and he has a duplicate of it. And both of them were taken like just so specific just, and he said they would take some things but not take other things. Just weird. Um, really awful. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Bounce back. But wow, that's just so awful. And this is really great. I saw Penn tweeted out the go fund me. So he's, you know, he's got some friends. It's just to kind to him. There's a lot of support.

Graeme Reed: Even as I refresh the page here, I think the people keep donating and you'll see like there's all kinds of comments here from just fans, not even just magicians. It's fans. People that cause he's got a huge fan base. Yeah. He's a

Ryan Joyce: great guy for sure. I'm with Dan free for years. He's a great guy. Um, so there to Calgary girl, Canadian fellow. Is that true? Yeah. Yup. Oh, she's a lovely, great people. Great people. Um, I, well it is so relevant. I mean, this is stuff we never think about, but it's so important for us to, to start to, it's unfortunate came at this lesson, but you know, it's, this is helpful for all of us. If we can help pass that information along and help each other out, this is good to be prepared, you know, are you ready if your show is stolen, can you do your show over again? Do you have duper kids in other locations? These are good questions for magicians. Right? I know of other magicians that have their show ready to go with the door that gets a suitcase with a ship return shipping label on it. That's amazing. I wish I was that, I'm not that prepared at all. I actually, I ho I'm, I'm not, but I wanted my show to be like replaceable to dollar store.

Graeme Reed: Like, yeah, all of it. Of course. But, and that's how most of my show exists. It's all can be replaced as envelopes and you know, it's like mentalism stuff and, and things like that. And also a lot of props that I've just built so exists with like comic books. Uh, it's Fen pads. It's an a, I'm not doing expensive. He thinks I have, but I do a lot of our friends we know. I mean we all know people that are doing expensive shows, like even um, a lot of mentalist. They will have a lot of gear that or unique items, limited edition items that are pretty expensive. Pretty, yeah,

Ryan Joyce: it gives it an expensive, I mean it can be an expensive hobby profession. However you guys categorize it in your run users industries. I don't know. I'm, I'm sure most people listening probably make money with magic.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Can, I guess, can I guess who has the flight case at the door that's ready to go?

Ryan Joyce: Oh, well, sure. But I, I don't remember the names. Oh, you one person that comes to my name automatically, which I'm pretty certain this is, this is a given is norm Nielsen. I'm pretty sure norm Nielsen had a case at his site, his second show. I just door ready to go at all times. He was the first one that came to my mind. But I know other guys in my social circle that have it. I just can't remember. Bet a hundred bucks that Peter many has a case by the door ready to go. Oh, I bet you 100%. Remember scout. He's always prepared. I remember the grape

Graeme Reed: Bob Bellini, uh, from Hamilton area. He used to have a little box in the back of his car just in case, just in case he had entertained some kids.

Ryan Joyce: Wow. I see. There was a guy from our local magic club, I think he's since passed on. Joseph hardly was his named Joel with the law. He was very boisterous and very fun. He had a, he had, um, a bad bag, his show bag basically in his trunk. And if he ever saw a place that looked like they was having a party, he would stop in and go and entertain them houses anything. Did people do people like, I think it's different time, but I would also, I'm fairly certain he would also charge for that. That's his services. That's a ballsy nose. Cause Antonius services. I forget who, where the joke came from. But like basically it was like when you go to a party and go, Hey, do you want to see a card trick? No one wants to, no one does. Right. Oh that was that pendula at that catalog. That was the pen watching a magic. That's what that was from us watching Penn. Oh yeah. We've got to do that again because it appears to be popular ish. Like higher of the views from our view counts. So let us go, let us know. Actually we should find out if there's a video that you think would be fun to hear commentary if you want us to do a something. Yeah. If you want us to do the remarks in there. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Again, that'd be super fun. Cause there's even, you know, if there's a lot of bad magic trick trailers out there too that we could talk about, which would be, uh,

Ryan Joyce: that's danger category. Where were we getting really edgy there? We might, we might piss some people off.

Graeme Reed: Do you remember when? Yeah, but we're not a store luckily. So that's okay. But do you remember when local shop a kind of magic did bad magic reviews and they would honestly review the crappy magic products they came in, which is so great. I hope that still exists on YouTube. And if it does, everyone has to check out the bad magic views they did because it was an honest, we all know the managing dot com. Yup. Yup. Kind of magic.

Ryan Joyce: So fun. Yeah. I wonder, I yeah, I don't, I don't know if that I have the courage enough to do that cause I don't usually like trash. Well it's not really, you always have to. I know, but truthfully, if it's bad, it's bad. Right. In a nice flight in a fun way. Um, so talking local or if it's shit, I got to say it's shit. It's just who I am. I just, yeah. So I don't, I don't know. This might not be a good choice for Joisey.

Graeme Reed: You know what? Let's you, we should, I think, uh, we'll have some drinks and then we'll do it and then it will be great. Uh, so talking local magic, kind of like a, the store and everything. It's also local club season. Everyone's gone back to the clubs. Um, yup. And Kitchener, Waterloo magic society started up ring two 35 and last year we went through the club, went through, was it last year, two years, two years ago. Went through a big change of the discussion of changing the club name to make it more accessible for people to learn about magic and come out to the club and hopefully keep the idea of magic club going. Um, because what was the former name of the club? The local Kitchener club.

Ryan Joyce: Well, yeah, and this is where it's complicated because we live in an industry that is just inherently behind the times, right? And so we've got these service organizations essentially, which are failing to keep up. I mean, I'll just to be blunt about it, even like co clubs like lions and kinsmen clubs, there are adapting, but it appears magic. Magic as a whole seems to struggle. And so these, these ring meetings and such are what like changed my life. It was all because of those that I became a magician in many, many, many, many others. And so it's, it's time where we need to start adapting in our club. Took it by the, by the horns I'd say. And, and we, we aggressively changed it from, you know, ring two 35 blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah to KW magic society. And the fun twist here, they're really unique twist. Even though it was, wasn't an easy sell apparently. Of course there's going to be people that resist it. The wonderful full circle moment was that the, that was the original club's name when it was founded like over several decades ago, several decades ago. It was KW magic society

Graeme Reed: and the crazy part about the whole thing because a, we pitched the name, I was part of the executive this year. We had pitched the name of the club to be the kitchen Waterloo magic society and it was uproar and a lot of stank. And then we sat down for an executive meeting and uh, Daryl, the secretary of the club, he brought out that original plaque and was like, this is the original name of the club. And like really, really, cause there had been a lot of different names associated with the club and there's a ton of people that have been in the club that also deserved their name to be part of that. But maybe does that, when you think about it in a 2020 sense and if we want to attract some young people to the club, which is what the club has always wanted to do, whether you're a club of like magic or like I used to curl, you always want to get young people curling so you have to make it exciting and accessible and to do that, make it searchable by Google, right? Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Absolutely. Well and the co, the club, even in September, we took some really great steps. I think there was a very productive meeting where we chatted about what we want to do moving forward. And we've been in the same loop, like one of the particular instances that challenges that we have is we're, we're basically in a church at the bottom basement of a church with the club and, and that's not appealing to everybody. No, but not exciting. Yeah. Yeah. And it's also, you know, people just assume automatically based on location that it might have religious connotations, which it doesn't. So it's odd. A magic club in the bottom of a basement. It is not the first time that parallel that, you know, analogy has been drawn that is a little bit weird. But the truth of is it would be so much better in a pub or in some kind of a informal ish kind of,

Graeme Reed: even in like a library or a university lecture room or something like that. Like we're like, yeah,

Ryan Joyce: yeah. So they, they're aggressively looking to find a new location that's free because of course just like every other club we suffer from the same thing that is lack of budget. You know, that's the one, two thing that holds all these clubs back failing membership because they're not evolving and adapting to bring in new and right. You know, therefore just the continual flux of the same problems over and over again. So we're trying to be proactive about it and change things up a bit. I offered to pay all the printing fees for like the any Vista print stuff. They were going to do it alone just to help like anything out that could get out in the, in the open in the year one new entity and of course, sorry to cut you off. Of course. The one thing that we've, we, I was, we all chatted and agreed would be nice. It's like if you were to say, you know, magic club, you would expect that a, they would do a show. And so one of the things that was brought up again is the idea of ending each season with some kind of a show that we all build towards. It's like the season finale of magic, you know, KW magic in society.

Graeme Reed: Well 19 which is fascinating cause technically our secret show was pitched as a club show and it was also turned down. So it's good to hear that we're advanced, that it's advancing and then more people are open to these ideas and that we want to do this, which is super cool cause that's really what that show was supposed to be about was hosting. Like getting new people out and try things and stuff like that. So yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.

Ryan Joyce: It's a really great club. And I mean that was a question brought up and this is going to be me, man. This, it makes me feel bad. I'm inventing this on the podcast but like I, I haven't, my memberships of everything have renewed. I have renewed to the club of course, but I don't, I mean T X, these organizations have a very, very big problem they've got to start answering. And that question is what value do they provide? Yeah, yeah, yeah. They need to a lot of magicians that are struggling with that question. That's not why I do it. Might as well not, that's not my problem with it at all. It's just literally just expired and I never could have kept up with it but uh, but it is, it is a problem.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, totally. For sure. One thing that's very exciting about the club that's happening next month is many lectures. They're going to do mini lectures in the club. So different people can come up and share, you know, like a 15 minute session on their own scuff magic, which I think is super awesome for the club because sometimes when you go, you just get one guy talking. But you know, there's a lot of information that you never really get to talk to everybody too, cause you got to get in the church basement of the church basement real fast. So I think it's going to be really exciting. All the changes in the club this year. I'm super fun talking about changes in the clubs. Uh, this whole situation, uh, we have visibly bins. It's happening in Toronto right now. Um, yes. Which I think is a really complicated issue that they're sorting through, I guess. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: To speed on it. Just because I'm drowning in festival stuff. I know the basis of, of most of it cause it is shared publicly like this, this journey has been shared openly. Right. So fill us in share cause some of the up to like S

Graeme Reed: so from my understanding it sounds like, and this is just gloss and I could be totally wrong, and if I'm wrong, I hope that these fiery, feisty people on social media come at us cause that'll be fun. Our podcast will get exciting. So, uh, what happened was, it sounds like a couple of the younger magicians kind of took on the executive of the club and they decided to make mass changes to the club. So changing, it's called the Sid Lorraine hat and one club and it's been called that forever, I think, right? Yup. Yup. So just like ours. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, they basically wanted to change the club name just to Toronto magic club for the same sense that we changed our club names. So it's more accessible, easier to find, do bigger things and also be more open and inviting for people to come on in younger people, females, the whole thing, right.

Like a 20, 20 vibe. And I have definitely, it started off with the name being really offensive, that change and that then brought out hate against youth and then a little bit of hate against like some, but it was only like a couple people. It wasn't a bast thing, but it just created a lot of conversation, a lot of stirring. And then I think the club at a town hall, I don't know what the results for the town halls, I think they are going to change the club name back or somewhere in between again to please all parties. Um, but there's been a lot of different comments like I've seen from other magician friends, female friends and things like that, that it felt, uh, offended and younger people of fell offenders. And to be honest, when I was a kid, I've joined the local IBM club in Hamilton and they were not that welcoming for me. And luckily in Hamilton there was another competing magic club called the Hamilton Burlington society magic. And I could go there and learn magic. So unfortunate to hear, and this was my childhood, so I didn't enjoy the IBM ring here in town.

Ryan Joyce: My experience was, was the ultimate best possible experience ever. Like the first person I met was basically Joan Caesar. I mean she's like the godmother of magic. Is she so mean? What a welcoming experience that was. And then Peter Maroochy, you know who wrote for the Lincoln green forever? He was lived right around the corner basically. So yeah, man, that's such a shame that that you and others who've had such negative experiences, because our, I mean our club has just been consistently just filled with such great people. So I feel greatly for the Toronto area because it is a, it's a complicated thing that needs to be resolved. It's a forever battle. We see this everywhere. It's not a unique cause. It's all to them

Graeme Reed: really. Like it's bigger, right? It's obviously a bigger club. It's a huge, hugely popular area, so you're going to have a lot more different opinions, but there is something unique in that kitchen or Waterloo magic club water for some reason. It's way more enjoyable and exciting out there. Then the other tent, like I, to be honest, I don't know. There's something unique out there. I don't know what it is.

Ryan Joyce: Well, we and we welcome everybody. So anybody in the listening area, our meetings or the second Wednesday of every month, right? It sure is. It moved. It was forever. It was the third. Is it the second Wednesday? No. Or is it the third Wednesday? I thought it was the third Wednesday. Third Wednesday. It is, but okay. Of course the place to go is KW magic society debt. What is the link? dot com I don't know. I don't know. IBM ring two 30 which sounds so, uh, but I think there probably is a better link and that's just the way, I dunno. There'll be a link in all the comments. Everyone knows where it is. All the local people. The club should be listening to this anyhow. Right guys? I wish, I hope the best because I could, again, I don't know all of the hairy details, but I certainly applaud the effort to try to revitalize and try to refresh.

Yeah. He also feel the pain of trying to keep one hand in the past without insulting. But my uncle will have to realize that we, this all has to grow. There has to be progression at camp in order to succeed. We can't be stuck in the past. Yeah. And I get what they're trying to do too. They also don't wanna just start up a new club and kind of treat it like that either, which you're not, you know. So hopefully it all works out. Yeah. I'll just know what you guys think. What is your opinions about the situation? Maybe you know more than we do. Yeah. Yeah. Cause you to be honest, when you get more young people coming out, like um, I mean that's, that's, there was so much youth going to like local clubs and then also camps for awhile here in the local area.

Right. We had really like, and I can't even tell you man, I'll tell you this. I went to, I didn't know about it because of my experience with them. IBM rinks, I wasn't aware of all of it happening cause I had a different growing up but here locally there was always sourcers Safari magic camp and that camp was incredible and this is shame. I really applaud Mike Siegel and Jen for what they did. Really that it was really incredible and I can't remember how many years it ran for, but you know over a decade and I was in the second one. The second one when there was like 20 campers I think 12 something like that. 20 yeah it was just then you knew it was going to be something special and then I ended up being on the road. I wasn't able to go back for it.

I went I think five or six times over the course of the many years that they did it. But really like ma a week where you're just immersed in in camp culture and magic. And I early on I went to tannins too. I would, thanks to Joan, she actually went to, told me, informed me about a scholarship award to go to 10. And so I received the Fred cabs, um, scholarship award. It was, you know, the whole reason I got to go to Tannen's magic camp. It's amazing. Then that next year I like saved up all my dough from all this, the birthday parties I was doing. And I, you know, at that time it was starting to do some of the Christmas shows to this 14 year old kid doing Christmas shows. Right? Yeah. And uh, and yeah. And so the next year I went all on my own dime and I went with a buddy of mine,

Graeme Reed: um, Scott Dietrich, who is, who's actually Toronto magician and his father's Gerard. Yeah. So we, we went the second time and just together and it was just, it was really great. Those immersive experiences where you make any friends that you know and experiences you and you'll remember for the rest of your life. Gosh, those were great times. Yeah. I get these experiences now from going to, uh, I check out the Ohio magic, the magic Fest.

Ryan Joyce: Oh yeah. That's great convention. And that was run by Josh Jay, isn't it? Josh and Andy? Yeah, they both run. That's right. Oh, that, sorry. Of course. That's so, so great in a kitchen. I haven't been since the change,

Graeme Reed: but keeps getting bigger and bigger and better and I'm pretty sure everyone always got, I've never been to magic live, which ah, it'd be cool to go to in time, but um, it sounds like it's comparable to it, the way that it's run in structured the same way with the sessions and, and all these cool sets of lectures and things. Yeah. So the only thing that's negative, the only thing that's negative. Yeah. season. Yeah, I know her. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it took us 13 hours to drive home one year because of the snow, because the snow, it's only like a six, seven hour drive. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But thanks to Alex McWilliams for trooping through that treacherous snow drive. Oh my gosh. It was terrible. I'm talking about conventions though, talking about giving away like things like how you got a scholarship coming up. We have this convention, but there's also this contest. We talked about this last week on the episode and this contest was like teeny tiny small.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. This has blossomed into some, uh, something really quite big isn't it? It's quite, it's, well, it's over $600 worth of where the stuff and a fun little contest, which is crazy. This is, and that's all, you know, this is a lot of things to do with two Lee Asher. You know, unfortunately he can't make it. Okay. But he, uh, he registered and so we decided to make a contest out of it and so we're going to give away a whole bunch of his stuff. We're going to give away, Oh, I was swag over 75 bucks of Oh, walk swag. Of course you get registration, which is a $145 value that we're going to give 'em a a $95 of magic goodies and surprises from the Asher. So really quality magic. And then Paul w this guy has the heart of gold. I kid you not, we, we just Peter just sending a little message to say we're going to run a contest and he threw in a product.

We're 250 bucks. This thing will actually make people money. It's a backer rooms, custom DVD thing that you can like literally pitch at the end of your shows. So I mean, my God, it was so amazing. And then on top of it, Michael Close's masterclass, so like learn how to Polish the, that you learn, you get to learn incredible advanced stuff and of course you get to make more money from the shows. It's like a full package deal, right? So like how awesome I feel. We've got an incredible lineup of just really talented and really, really amazing people who want to make an experience worth, worth coming. And it's limited 50 people. That is crazy. But now I'm so the contest to enter, how does this work? Yup. So all you've got to do is register between now and October 4th and everyone that's registered up to now is all automatically included as well.

And so on October 4th, uh, after 1159 so we're going to do this on October 5th and we're going to draw a name, uh, and that person will be notified via email and we're going to give you everything for free. And when you come to the, to the convention, we'll give you your, you could stack a goodies. So it's going to be an easier, just register now before we sell out. And it is going to be tickets because like we're, we're technically in the prelaunch phase right now. We, we, we launched technically on Friday, but we're, we're pre-launching obviously among magicians for the last couple of months, but now among the city and like dignitaries and stuff. So tickets are starting actually to fly. Like I've had at least six orders today. Wow. Okay. Just regular tickets. So this is, this is going to be a really, really, really fun experience because we've kept it also at 50 people, right?

This now gives, gives us like a really awesome mix of, of magicians and public. So both of our performers are going to get to see, sorry, not both of them. All of our performers get to have a really great well-rounded audience. And again, it also gives us the performance performers a chance to perform for these people. They want to see magic. So you know, and it's not just a like a hotel conference magic convention where you're just all hanging out in like the same couple rooms all weekend or whatever, and you're kind of getting stale and put, you are in Fergus going from the cool library for sessions to the amazing theater for all the shows. There's all the cool local restaurants. We were also going to have some fun pop-up shows and there's going to be monsters on the street. Art installations is going to be a full takeover in Fergus with not just the magic festival, but the monster March as well.

So many things. That's right. Yeah. So included in registration is three world-class shows. We've got the Friday and Saturday night shows the Canadian grand illusion or sorry, the cute grand champions show on the 25th international stars. Have we? Yeah, yeah. Well there will be illusions on that show. We had a, we'll talk more about that as we get closer to time. There's a little bit of filming and stuff that's going to take place. Um, and then on Saturday we've got the international stars at magic, which is gonna be an incredible show, uh, included in registration. And then of course on Saturday afternoon we're gonna pop in and spend the afternoon with Peter, Minnie and Owen Anderson, who are going to be on stage entertaining for an hour a the family audience so we can really get a good well rounded perspective about all areas of magic. Because on top of that, there's going to be private events for us, closeup shows in the pub. Brewhouse you remember that? Great space, great space, super close, cloud, fun, awesome space, all that and more at the Oh wow. Magic festival. Magic festival. Dot. CA. Make sure to register before October 4th because you will be included in this chance to win over 600 bucks in prizes and giveaways. It's going to be awesome. Super crazy size. So what are you most looking forward to grazing? What is the one thing you're most looking forward to? You know, a lot of the inner stuff,

Graeme Reed: to me, I'm personally looking forward to the gala shows and also excited like I know there's way too much, but the gala shows, I'm really looking forward to cause a lot of these performers. I've only ever seen them lecture maybe on like penguin or something like that. A couple of them we've had the unique opportunity to work with like only a few actually looking at the lineup, like very few. So this is gonna be super fun to get to do this and be involved in the shows and get to see those shows up close. I'm super excited to see Nick Wallace, Jay Sankey, Chris Hendricks. I've never seen Rick Merrill live in person. That's, I can't wait to see what he did. Like the Sharpies right there in front of your face. It's gonna be crazy. Awesome. I am looking forward also to see Olan and Peter show the family show. Really. Absolutely. Cause you know when you put them on a platform like that, they're just going to knock it out of the park. And they are two of the top family children. Entertainers.

Ryan Joyce: That's right. I Owen was one of the, I think he was the very first magician I ever saw on stage.

Graeme Reed: He would've been one of the first party. Yeah. He would've been one of the first Isiah too. Cause he's a local from the Hamilton region. Right? That's right. And actually he took one of the coolest pictures ever of our tricks on tap the other night. He was driving his bike past the show and got a shot outside the window and awesome. Mike was solving Rubik's cubes and you can see he like focused in on me behind the bar standing there watching the show.

Ryan Joyce: Wow. That's so wicked. So cool. Such a cool shot. And he's a great guy. He's a really, really great guy. Yeah. And also just to everybody, thanks for the feedback. Those of you that are in the inner circle of with the newsletters. Um, we sent out some of the promos that we're launching with this week for your feedback. And we received the tongues, tons of feedback, including the things that people were curious about and like what kind of lectures and things and sessions and with stuff we're going to cover. And so be rest assured you're gonna learn mentalism you're gonna learn closeup, you're going to learn stage, you're going to learn how to Polish those. We're gonna have sessions for, for business topics. We're gonna have sessions for character development. We're going to have sessions to cover everything. It's going to be if there's something in there for everybody, it's really gonna rebel.

Remarkable. Um, so if you want to be on the inner circle here as well, make sure you become a member of magic or sign up for the newsletter. We're not spamming yet. We're just keeping you in the loop with all the stuff we don't want to post down the line cause we want your feedback. We want to know after this festival, what are we going to talk about on this podcast? Joyce, there's going to be no more festival. Are you telling me, are you kidding me? We're going to have 10,000 podcast episodes ahead of us because, uh, first of all, the lessons that we're going to learn from this are going to be phenomenal. We're going to be able to share some of the things that we've learned and that's going to help other people who are promoting events and stuff. I'm doing some really sneaky tactics to promote this thing. So I, if, if some of them work, I'm going to happen.

Graeme Reed: She, you are currently taking over all of social media with all your posts. It's really hard to keep up. You have did so much. Uh, it's, it's crazy how much work you put into this

Ryan Joyce: and it's all scheduled rates. Those, yeah. Yeah. It's all schedule schedule, which we've talked about on the podcast, doing stuff like that. Right? Yeah. Yeah. If there's magicians out there that are curious about it, the software that I'm using is a piece of software. The music, it's not a free thing. It is a paid thing, but it allows you to schedule everything. And we've got a new team member doing social media too and so she can log on anywhere and be able to pop it out. So it's first schedule. So of festivals suddenly this big, it definitely requires a constant drip and we all require constant drip of some nature don't we? But this one has to be really aggressive because you've got to sell it out, right? So those are tactics we're trying to use are mostly free, you know, content driven based. The main purchase that we're doing is Google ads and Facebook ads. So this is all same level stuff that you guys are diving into. So we will have information, ability to help you out, stay tuned to the podcasts, all of your friends about it. Cause there's lots here to learn and to be part of. We want to know what you guys want to learn. So let us know in the feedback wherever that is, smashed those comments and likes, subscribes, direct, match them on into the circle.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I know you said last, I think the best way to get you is through Twitter. Best way to get through me is through Instagram. Amazing. Um, if you've got questions about stuff you want to know that we've ever skimmed over too much or you want us to talk about something specific that you want to hear from grimacing and Joycee be sure to messages and uh, we'd love to hear from you.

Ryan Joyce: It would be amazing and it would be even better if you came out to the OWOW Magic Festival happening October 24th to the 27th. Visit Well, it is the 25th 26, 27 for the convention. My, I'm doing a hypnotic comedy show. You're welcome to come out and be part of that. Especially if you're willing to come on stage and be wild and crazy. That's even better. That's on the 24th.

Graeme Reed: And this is the first, the first time for you in Fergus, isn't it?

Ryan Joyce: It is, yeah. And that might be by choice because there's statistically speaking, the community that live in, you would label it as a sleep over town, which means it's got a lot of young base, but they drive out of the community and they don't really do too much in here. Um, but the people that do are just, they're, they're a little bit older. Um, so this, however, we're going to draw a huge, huge young crowd out. So I think it'll be a blast that you, you know, if the truth is that used to worry me with hypnosis, but then I started doing cruise ships in the average age, there's 77, so I'll, I w I was, yeah. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Awesome. Cool.

Ryan Joyce: Listen, lots to see and do. And Thank you guys and gals for, for being here on the, on the podcast. We're so thrilled and make sure to visit for all the latest episodes. My name is Ryan Joyce.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: We appreciate you being here.

Graeme Reed: Tadoozle!

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