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What is the purpose of your magic club?

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Tips and ideas for modernizing magic clubs!

Recently, on Magicians Talking Magic, we are discussing the future of magic clubs, why magicians should join their local club, PLUS tips, ideas and suggestions for breathing life back into the magic club.

Magician Eric Jones at a KW Magic Society Magic Club Meeting
Magician Eric Jones performs at a KW Magic Society Magic Meeting in Kitchener-Waterloo

Tips and Ideas for Modernizing Your Magic Club

Here are three areas we see magic clubs can improve. If you have additional ideas or suggestions, please leave them below in the comments.

Be Agile

  • Don’t waste your time planning out the entire year, but plan out your season in quarters and pillar months. Look ahead but not too far down the line.

  • Mix it up! It's not always card magic or mentalism.

  • Offer more than just in-person meetings. Embrace virtual and in-person gatherings.

  • Benefits of Virtual

    • The lecture pool opens right up to magicians worldwide

    • Don’t have to leave your home - parking and commute is a snap

    • Great for the introverts!

    • Potential for your club to make a little more $ by opening up its reach

Listen & Share

  • Ask for input from your members - everyone’s magic interest is different

  • Update your club’s website & online presence

  • Have multiple forms of communication. I bet your members are diverse, so be open to that.

  • Keep in mind not everyone’s needs can be met. You can’t please everyone all the time. Ongoing, open communication is key.


  • Have a project, event or yearly goal. Work on something together as a magic club. Hopefully, it will be something public-facing that attracts new members.

    • Charitable Shows

    • Ticketed Shows

    • Brand Awareness

    • Get your club on the local news!

  • Work with other magic clubs, rings, and assemblies. Link back to them and help promote them. Have magic club meeting exchanges and special evenings.

  • Build local connections and relationships. Your magic club should build its presence within your community.

  • Ask for help when you need it - We all have our own toolkit of specialized skills.

    • Marketing

    • Web Development

    • Team Building

    • Virtual Production

What is the purpose of your magic club?

Here's a simple idea:

We offer a welcoming space to learn, share and perform magic with fellow enthusiasts.

What suggestions do you have for magic clubs?


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