Lucy Darling's lost luggage, magician websites and ten hours to Jeff McBride

Airlines lose Carisa Hendrix luggage, Shin Lim Vegas Residency, creative 'nasty' YouTube comments, and magician websites do's and don't's.

Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed | Watch or listen below:

Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 04 | Touring Tricks Podcast

Graeme shares his most magical experience, Carisa Hendrix and Lucy Darling lose their luggage, Ryan is going viral again hear his favourite nasty YouTube comments, will Death by Magic on Netflix get a second season, Shin Lim AGT Champion is in Vegas until September. A new thing? Introducing Magicians Watching Magic, and YouTube videos that haunt Graeme and Ryan. A discussion about openers, off-stage introductions and Ryan's Jeff McBride experience and a ten hour drive to NYC.

Finally a discussion on business. Two workers perspective on magicians websites, essentials and recommendations.

Topics Covered: Lucy Darling magician, Death by magic netflix, Shin Lim Las Vegas Residency, Magician openers, Off-stage introductions, Magician website, Jeff McBride World's Greatest Magic | *PG-13 Adult Language

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NOTE: We ran out of tape in the last few moments so I assembled a visual story that shares A Day in the Life of a Cruise Ship Magician & Hypnotist. (skip to 45 min)

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Table of Contents

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00:00 | The lost art of mic checking... 1, 2, 3

02:19 | Practitioners of Prestidigitation

03:50 | Graeme most magic experience, ever

08:09 | Carisa Hendrix Lost Luggage

13:11 | Ryan shares nasty YouTube comments

18:32 | Viral Video: Illusionist walks thru steel

20:13 | A magic video I wish I could show

20:51 | Nasty comment wrap-up. A strange hypnosis complaint

21:37 | Death by Magic on Netflix

23:52 | Magicians Watching Magic

26:39 | Shin Lim Vegas

28:55 | YouTube videos that haunt magic career

29:54 | Magician Openers

35:15 | Introductions from off-stage

36:19 | Ten hours to see Jeff McBride

40:12 | Magicians Websites

Links & Resources

Carisa Hendrix Calgary Harold :

Death by Magic:

Shin Lim AGT Champion

Wix ( start creating your site for free)

Magicians Watching Magic

Danny Osmond Magic Show

Penn Jillette reacts to magic :

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