Virtual vs In-Person Performances: 3 Key Differences

Today we are talking about the three key differences between performing virtually and live. We discuss our observations from watching and performing virtual events! If you are a virtual performer there are some key tips in this episode.

Plus, we are talking all about David Blaine and his upcoming special, Ascension that premiers August 31st on Youtube.

If you are just starting out in the virtual performing landscape be sure to rewind and check out episode 54 here. There is a free download with 30 plus trick ideas you can perform virtually!

Listen Here:

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Episode 70: Live vs Virtual Performances: 3 Key Differences


➡ David Blaine on Joe Rogan (Youtube Link)

➡ David Blaine Ascension - Aug 31st on YouTube (Promo Link)

Feature Topic:

Live vs Virtual Performances: 3 Key Differences

1: Pause for reaction

There is a delay in audio and audio cuts in and out, be prepared for that and understand how to best handle those situations.

Remember: the best thing about magic is it brings the kid out in us. The reaction is number one.

2: It’s always about them

This might not fit for everyone but to me - the show is the spectators.

Just like in real-life those interactions are what fill in the gaps and make each show special.

Graeme prefers the private zoom show for virtual shows. He does a 10 minute countdown and as people join the show he does a quick interview with random guests as they join the zoom call. He does the same thing when performing the tricks - asking questions learning about them!

3. The magic isn’t very important

The tricks aren’t as important as we think. We all have tons and tons of magic. We have been keeping the magic simple and easy to reset.

To a lot of us, this virtual show is not our main piece of art. Tinker on your art piece and perfect it for later. Keep these virtual shows, simple, easy. Don’t get burnt out from all the technical, the newest virtual trick, etc.

Focus on your brand, your show and most importantly the people you serve- your audience.

Share your thoughts and experiences about performing virtually in the comments

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