Our Tribute to L & L Publishing: Top 5 List

This week we heard the sad news about Louis Falanga, owner of L&L Publishing. His work has influenced all of us. In tribute, we discuss our most influential L&L Publishing DVD's. How does it compare to your list? Share in the comments

Top 5 Most Influential L&L Publishing DVD’s

Graeme’s top 5

  1. Easy to master card miracles Vol 2

  2. Easy to Master Card Miracles Vol 1

  3. Bill Malone on the loose Vol 1

  4. Bill Malone on the loose Vol 2

  5. Johnny Thompson - Commercial Classics of Magic Vol 3

Ryan Joyce's top 5

  1. Easy To Master Card Miracles

  2. Jeff McBride’s Magic on Stage - The Commando Act

  3. Max Maven Nothing

  4. Mel Mellers - RSVP

  5. Pendragons

L & L Publishing Notable Mentions:

  • Various - World’s Greatest Newspaper

  • Dan Harlan - Magic with Rubber Bands, Pack Small Play Flat, etc

  • Miguel Angel Gea - Essence

  • Falkenstein and Willard: Masters of Mental Magic

  • Gazzo - Tossed Out Deck

  • Richard Osterlind - 13 steps to mental magic

  • Paul Daniels - Bravura

What is your top 5 L&L Publishing DVD's?

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