Lance Burton Dove Act: Magic Video of the Week

This week's Magic Video of the Week is Lance Burton's FISM award-winning dove act. Watch both the TV version and World Championship of Magic version here. They are both magnificent!

WATCH: Lance Burton Dove Act & Candle Magic

Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share a weekly magic video on their podcast Magicians Talking Magic. This week Graeme choose Lance Burton Dove Act, the TV version.

Geek out about magic with them on episode 29! Listen below!

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast | Episode 29

/w Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed


Magicians Talking Magic

Audio Transcript from Ep 29

Graeme Reed: Here is your reminder. Do you know it? Do you know what it is? Graeme let's hear it. Do the reveal. This is none other than the Maestro himself. Lance Burton with his classic

Ryan Joyce: bird act man, I reckon to to watch the line you want to do the quick watch along.

Graeme Reed: Let's send them to the episode page so they can experience the music in all its glory and watch

Ryan Joyce: teen phenomenal routine. If I zoom award-winning of course, and I would love to see the undefined: version right

Watch: Lance Burton Dove Act, FISM Version

Graeme Reed: like cause it's seven and a half minutes as a FISM side, but this is the TV version. Yeah. I think actually in the TV version it's broken up into two pieces and that second piece with the rest of the cards and everything else, he kind of broke it up into two segments so that link pops up when you watch this one too.

Ryan Joyce: It's unbelievable. It's such an amazing routine that changed magic for sure. Those, Oh boy. Just the mastery of the dev work. It's just incredible.

Graeme Reed: His level of confidence as he's doing the magic so casually and so cool is crazy. Yes, it's crazy. I just, it's unbelievable. That's, that's someone that has practiced that to an unbelievable amount.

Ryan Joyce: How many times do you think you've watched it? For me, routine. A lot.

Graeme Reed: For me. It's totally, it would be hundreds of times for sure.

Ryan Joyce: Yes. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Great. I would put it in the hundreds. This was one of those VHS records from TV that I had and I totally wore out that tape. That's one of the situation.

Ryan Joyce: Well, this has been a great episode. All sorts of news involved, all sorts of exciting videos to watch. Check those out of the podcast pages, episode number 29 number 29 and we're going to be back next week with episode 30 it's going to be great. We're going to be trying out some new things in the podcast. It's gonna be fun, so you got to stay tuned and thank you for listening to all the episodes. If you want to leave a voice mail, go to

Did Lance Burton's Dove Act get you inspired in magic?

Let us know in the comments!

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