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Here's a little magician humor Three videos to brighten your day. Siegfried & Roy's rabbit speaks out! Top 9 Children's Magicians who aren't doing so well, and some "regular news" with a magic twist.

All these clips were taken from episode three of Late Night Magic Touch /w Michael Paul featuring David Kaye (aka Silly Billy) John Abrams (Variety Artist Podcast, Animal Magic Show) and Joe Holiday (Reading Rocks Magic Show) The full episode is available now Magician Masterclass Inner Circle.

Our first clip is from the most tainted rabbit in show business.

This magician's rabbit doesn't hold back when asked about working with famed illusionists Seigfried and Roy's from Las Vegas. He shares a little too much personal information about Siegfried and why he was fired from their show. Watch here:

Siegfried & Roy's Rabbit speaks out

(Mature Audience, Adult Themes)

Maybe it's branding, maybe it's timing.

Here are the top 9 magicians who aren't doing very well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch:

Top 9 Children's Magicians

Who Aren't Doing So well

Every week Michael Paul shares a few current-event jokes with a sleightly magical twist. Thanks for this week's Comedy Writers Room!

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(We missed the sound of a live audience, these sound effects we did "in post." for fun, it felt good to hear an audience.) Watch:

"Regular News" (with a Magician Twist)

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Watch the full episode on the Inner Circle!

Thanks for watching!

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