Cartamundi buys Bicycle, DIY magic and how to promote your next show

Cartamundi acquires USPCC and is DIY the new essential magician skill, opportunities for modern magicians and how to promote your events with social media.

Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 05 | Touring Tricks Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed

In this episode: Bicycle Cards is getting acquired by Cartamundi, is your Costco bargain threatened? How many decks of cards has Jeff McBride used in his lifetime and is DIY Magician the wave of the future? Ryan and Graeme talk about modern benefits and opportunities for magicians and ask the question "Do most magicians make money with magic?"

Ryan and Graeme share stories about early embarrassing show footage and animals in their shows. Greg Frewin and Wild Magic in Niagara Falls, tiger stories and the challenges of working with animals.

Finally, how can magicians work out new material and an in-depth discussion about promoting your own shows and events. Local and national magician tours. Lots to talk about.

Topics Covered: Cartamundi, USPCC, Bicycle Playing cards purchased, DIY magician, Greg Frewin Magic Show & Tigers, Embarrassing show footage, magician workout rooms, magician new material, Promoting Shows & Promoting Events, Marketing & Show Business | *PG-13 Adult Language

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Table of Contents

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01:06 | Bicycle Card purchased by Cartamundi

03:19 | How many decks in a career?

04:08 | Is DIY the next magician skill?

05:38 | Do most magicians make money with magic?

06:45 | Benefits and opportunities for modern magicians

08:09 | Greg Frewin and Magic with Tigers

11:10 | Embarrassing show footage

12:42 | How magicians work out new material

20:13 | How to promote your next magic shows

28:06 | Promoting national tours and stunts

Links & Resources

Cartamundi acquires United States Playing Card Company

Mario the Maker Magician

Greg Frew Wild Magic Niagara Falls Magic Show

Greg Frewin Tigers & Videos

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