REVEALED! This Friday's final episode guests are...

We are thrilled to announce the guests for our Late Night Magic Touch FINALE! Our host Michael Paul welcomes the incredible Fielding West, Dan Harlan & Dom Chambers AND SURPRISE GUESTS!

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The final episode of the Late Night Magic Touch /w Michael Paul guests are...

Fielding West

It all began in the beginning. Who would ever believe that Fielding West was literally made in Japan. Conceived in the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan. His father, a US Air Force officer, wanted his first male child to be born in America. He was transferred to Boise, Idaho just-in-time for Fielding to arrive.

Ten years later he was introduced to Magic by his grandfather who was an amateur magician. After high school, Fielding put himself through college, paying for his degree by performing in a band as a drummer and doing magic shows for children. In 1973 while selling cars and going to graduate school at night in Tallahassee, Florida, he met an unknown comedy magician named Steve Martin. That's right,theSteve Martin, before he became famous. After seeing Steve perform, he knew that he wanted to be in show business for the rest of his life. The concept of a comedy act began.

Three years later he moved to Jacksonville, Florida and started his own Saturday morning children's show on television with a Post/Newsweek station, WJ XT. The name of the show was Magic Gang and was the highest rated kids show in it's time slot for two years. Not being satisfied with entertaining only children, Fielding pursued a nightclub act.

A year and a half after leaving television, he put together a successful touring show called the Amazing Fielding And Company. The show included illusions and hypnosis, which for after two years led him to Las Vegas. There he met Liberace who helped Fielding get his first break by showcasing his act at the Sahara Hotel. Since then he has been working all over the world as a featured star in large production shows and as an opening act for major stars.

Fielding's career has now come full circle. He has appeared on a multitude of comedy specials and popular sitcoms. His talents go far beyond stage and screen. Fielding is also a successful comedy writer for other magicians and comedians. He is well-known in the corporate market as a fantastic performer.  In a course he created, called Stagecraft 101, he manages speaking seminars for young performers which teach how to speak more effectively.

Dan Harlan

Dan Harlan, one of the leading teachers in magic, guides you through innovative routines with elegant methods featuring sound psychological techniques. You’ll discover an amazing array of miracles with common objects behaving in uncommonly mysterious ways. Harlan personally shows you how to prepare, practice, and perform every nuance of these delightful effects. You’ll learn how to use impromptu magic to enhance any moment, giving you a reputation as a “real magician.”

Dom Chambers

Hi! I’m Dom... I do impossible things. Magic. Illusions. Sleight of hand. All that stuff... But not in the "creepy, top hat, wand, and rabbit" kind of way. Anyway, my agent told me this would be a more appropriate introduction. America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist, Dom Chambers, is an internationally award-winning magician and comedian, known for his modern take on magic, his viral internet videos, and artistic live performances. His internet videos have been viewed over 100 million times and his magic has appeared on many major TV networks, both in Australia and America. He was the first Australian based magician to appear on the hit international TV series, 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us!', and the first and only Australian solo act to make the semi-finals of AGT. His critically acclaimed one-man show 'RanDom' was awarded the prestigious award for "Best Magic Show",  at the Adelaide Fringe in 2019. Charming and approachable, Dom puts on a show like none other.


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