Ep 29 - SAM Convention highlights from Joan Caesar, Richard Turner, Chris Ramsay in the news

In this episode, S.A.M. Las Vegas Convention Updates from Joan Caesar, Richard Turner on NBC First Look, Chris Ramsay in the news and more.

S.A.M. Las Vegas Convention Updates from Joan Caesar, Richard Turner on NBC First Look, Chris Ramsay in the news and more.

Episode 29| Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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On Episode 29

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast | Ep 29 Show Notes

MAGIC NEWS: Magician and YouTuber Chris Ramsay to develop unscripted content for TV and digital distribution.

Chris Ramsay Realscreen is reporting: Tony DiSanto‘s DIGA Studios, has partnered with Diga Studios has made: Teen Wolf, Teen Frankenstein and Hot Ones: The Game Show

MAGIC NEWS: Vanish Magazine February 2020 is out!

Download your copy today!

MAGIC NEWS: Richard Turner is on NBC's First Look

Richard Turner shows his impossible 5 aces to Johnny Bananas??

NBC FIRST LOOK: Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio hosts this experiential travel series that takes viewers around the world in search of the best places to eat, play and indulge.

MAGIC NEWS: Lifelong student of magic is about to open a magic theater, shop, classroom in Wichita

Link: https://www.kansas.com/entertainment/article239531838.html?fbclid=IwAR2SidlQutysweZJAgSXTs0aCS-svtuj6Y9DhM1Yy-schmEZM67Kq6xCRWM

MAGIC NEWS: Joan Caesar shares an update on the SAM Convention in Las Vegas

MAGIC NEWS: Criss Angel’s Son Johnny, 5, Comes Home From Hospital After Chemotherapy: ‘Anything Is Possible’

Link: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/pictures/criss-angels-son-comes-home-from-hospital-after-chemotherapy/

MAGIC CONVENTION: SAM Update from Joan Caesar

At the SAM BANQUET: Roast of Mac King - Featuring: Chris Kenner, Nick Difatte, Amazing J, Penn, Fielding West, Stephen Bargatze, Michael Carbonaro, Harrison Greenbaum to name a few

Magic Reddit: Bill Burr answer a magician question at the end of this podcast!

u/zombioptic Cool Magic Tatoo https://www.reddit.com/r/Magic/comments/eqhil9/it_isnt_finished_yet_but_i_thought_i_should_show/

Magic Video of the Week

Lance Burton FISM Award-Winning Bird Act

FISM Competition Deadline: Feb 16, 2020

Transcribed for the hearing impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic my name is Ryan Joyce. Magic is the only job I've had for the last 20 years and we're gonna introduce this guy.

Graeme Reed: My name is graemazing and a couple of years ago I left a full time career in television broadcasting to pursue my childhood dream of being a wizard wizard.

Ryan Joyce: And that's what we talk about. Magic latest magic news, wherever you're listening around the world. Thank you for being here. We're going to start with a quiz. Let's start with a quiz. Can you name this?

Graeme Reed: There it is. If you stick around till the end of the episode, we are going to reveal what that is from. I totally know what this and you do. This was your, this is Mike Graeme and I know this one as well as a really great piece. It's classic. You know what, if people don't know this one, they probably definitely have not seen it. So they got to check it out. Uh, stay tuned to find out what that is. If you don't know what that is. I know listeners, some listeners out there like I totally know what that says. Triple snaps. If you knew what it was, we will let you know what the end. So it's lots going on in the magic news. Lots of going on the magic.

Ryan Joyce: Well this is episode 29. We are an S nine to nine. That's so crazy. I'm so 29 we are quickly approaching episode 30. That's bananas. I can't believe we've been doing this for so long. How was your week this past week? It was good. A little podcast, news updates, uh, our numbers. We've already had our best month yet and we still have a couple of days left in the month. So this is exciting for magicians. Talking magic thank you so much T for listeners. Oh my gosh. Well listeners, you guys are incredible guys and gals. Thank you so much for being here in Chicago. Magic magicians talking magic.com and send us a voicemail. Yeah. Ooh, you got to try the voicemail feature. Send us a question and we'll feature you on the show and answer your question and everything like that. And if you are currently driving, let go of the steering wheel.

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And you throw something. I threw three of her cats and I don't think you heard it, but they take that. This is exciting podcast step. You have to remember if you have a question or anything like that, you can talk to us at our Instagram account. Magicians talking magic or go online magicians talking magic.com and you can leave a voicemail message, you can send us emails, you can send us questions. And also Ryan takes all this time to make these incredible blog posts where you can see all the video links we talk about and anything like that. So if you are sitting at work and you are looking for that man, you know what, I just got a squirrel ski through some new skis. Magicians talking magic.com is where you go. Hit it up, boom, boom sauce and talking magic headlines. Should we get into the magic headlines per week?

A few this week. I was quite impressed to see the lineup you're starting with. Well the first news, local Canadian, uh, Chris Ramsey. Chris Ramsey. Yeah. This is really exciting stuff. So real screen is reporting that I don't even know how to pronounce the Stade de de de de studios is partnered with magician and YouTube are, we all know him, Chris Ramsey and they are going to start developing some TV shows and digital content. Now, the studio group, they have done things like teen Wolf, teen Frankenstein. So they are into teen horror and other shows. They've also taken hot ones recently, the popular YouTube show where the hot ones and ask hard questions and they have turned it into a game show, which you can now see on TV as well. So this is exciting for the world of magic and also Chris Ramsey who's really kind of changed the perception of magic. He's really made giving it a modern look and feel through YouTube.

And I'm pretty sure that's how we got this connection to get this cool show. Magic has influencers. That's amazing. That's really awesome. And that's great for Chris. Have you ever met Chris bill one? I have not at all. I actually like, um, until recently totally new cause I don't really spend much time on YouTube at all. So I uh, yeah, I would like to meet him some time. I'm, I'm not sure if you, part of, where's he from? Is he Toronto region? He actually lives in Montreal. I'm pretty sure. Oh my drill. And uh, I met him a couple times. Very nice guy and very incredibly good at magic CEO. He's got incredible chops, so well deserved and he is also huge influence in the magic world with all his first playing cards, all his puzzle solving videos, everything like that. If you don't know Chris Ramsey, what are you doing?

How do you find us and not know Chris Ramsey? That doesn't make sense. Yeah, exactly right. Yeah, he's got way more YouTube followers and we'll ever have for sure. Yeah, for sure. Well, it's neat because when I do magic around, I remember when I first started doing magic, people always bring up Vegas and Copperfield and then it switched to David Blaine criss angel and then it's become shim Lim and Chris Ramsey now. So fascinating. So people, these, they're getting exposed properly and I mean, you know what, I'm also like no jab against Rick lax, but I'm glad that it's not. People are like, have you seen this Rick lax fellow doing magic? Because I get what he does too. It's fantastic. How he does is he's doing a great job of his videos. But I'm glad that people, you get people who are seeing Chris Ramsey represent magic and you also get the shin Lim, so people, obviously the America's got talent robe, which is great. It's good for magic. It's great stuff.

Graeme Reed: Are Rick videos are more like puzzle based show? Like shorter kind of click baity is that what

Ryan Joyce: they're more like social media clickbait stuff. Um, in that sense. So maybe a different kind of form of content and views, which is totally fine. He does a good job with what he does too. Great job.

Graeme Reed: I want to skip order of their little news here because uh, it kinda connects in thoughts to this article that you sent me about the gentleman in Wichita. Oh yeah. Starting a magic shop and a little magic theater. And so I'm not sure how to, how to, to take the news because I'm a super excited about magic jobs, but this isn't the first time that we've seen this kind of news article, or at least it's not even the first time we've talked about it on the podcast. So what I find encouraging is it's like, it seems to be the uptake, like uh, magics popularity might be trickling down, uh, on, um, on a commercial level. I don't know, are we at that

Ryan Joyce: spectrum? I think we're in a new time right now where a lot of people are into experiencing live entertainment and shows a lot at some people, especially in the appropriate perfect age demographic, which is like our demographic, you know, someone 25 and up really enjoys an UN a way screen experience. So live theater, live shows, live productions and something like a magic show I think will forever be fascinating. It will always be a fascinating experience and it's so exciting because it was just last week we talked about this on the podcast. You've got to go back and check out the podcast that was said last week. We talked about Brent Brown and his new magic shop and magic theater in the magic from and other great things he's doing. But this is cool to see another one pop up as well. And there are so many pop-up magic shows happening to Toronto magic company.

There's ones going on in Boston, there's magic going on everywhere and it's really exciting that this community is all coming together and there's all these places popping up. So this, this is, um, same as Michael Johnson, but he's illegally changing his name to Michael Black heart and it's going to be the Blackheart magic theater and he wants to share when, I guess the idea was when he would go to the magic shop as a kid and you get the old gag jokes and the simple tricks, find the Cantor, but then also have a theater Rican actually have real deal magicians come in and share magic like the popular names that we would all know. Awesome.

Graeme Reed: Watch the video. We've got it on the post page and you can see the, the shops that they're there, they're building already so, so that's super fun. That's really encouraging. Maybe magic is becoming commercially like more commercial. It's trickling down. Do you think? What do you think?

Ryan Joyce: I think so. I think it's becoming very popular with everybody. I think we see that at a lot at Christmas season time. There's a lot more people booking Christmas shows. Again, um, even trade show performers, you see magic is a popular theme at trade shows even in schools. A lot of people like to see magicians and to be honest, even our own communities, we notice there's not many magicians. Uh, I described it the other day to someone at a business workshop as I know all the unicorns in the neighborhood. It's not many of us. What do you sound as a unicorn? Make a unicorn, whatever the scent, I dunno, the sender glitter that it makes when like sprinkles and glitter and magical star sounds there it goes to and a corn.

Graeme Reed: Then other magic news, Richard Turner was on NBCs first look. And um, I mean that was amazing to see Richard Turner on good furniture church, great exposing magic

Ryan Joyce: that's another name I hear a lot too because he is a great documentary on Netflix. A lot of people have seen and it's

Graeme Reed: see him when he was here in Kitchener Ontario when Joan brought him up for the camaraderie convention. Did you know? I didn't know. So cool. And that's why I have to just admit, if you, if the listener is watching this, if you haven't seen the clip, it is on the episode page, but it's a little bit hard to watch I thought and it's not Richard doing it all. It's just the gentleman. He was with the host Johnny bananas. It K, I don't know this name at all. Tell me about Johnny bananas.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, okay. So after a quick Google look, good Johnny bananas, I learned that no one knows who Johnny bananas is, but he has this show called first look and he steps all over his guests. It's very annoying, but you get to see Richard Turner in his prime, but still. Wow. Wow. One of the hardest people to deal with on camera. Like when you're trying to do a magic trick, you have a lot of story that to get magic across, you need to get your story out there. And if you got this Johnny bananas, Oh, it was a tough clip. If you want to watch a cringey clip, this is the cringy clip of the week, I would say. I agree. Can we put a metal like branding, iron, sand effect on that when we go cringey clip of the week. Nice. Well

Graeme Reed: we all know how amazing Richard is, so it certainly is Testament to the production on this because he's amazing and he did incredible.

Ryan Joyce: The shot looks cool. Yep. It was really nice, man. He was kind of given a really bad situation, so, so well done for being so pro and handle them. It's so amazing. Like Richard is such an inspiration across the board, isn't he? I mean, his let alone the obstacles that he faces. His biceps are bigger than ever be right. He's just an inspiration. He's just a great for all magicians to be that talented. I know. It's incredible what he does. And if you haven't also viewed and seen Richard Turner and you're listening to this podcast, still weird, but you should check out Richard Turner because its whole story. Everything is incredible. If you blind magician that does some of the best slide of hand card work better than most of us. And like you said, he's in better shape than most of us and he's blind. So no one's got an excuse.

Incredible stuff. Yeah. Um, a little bit of sad news to chatter, but, well, sad but good. This is actually, Oh and a little bit of good news for Chris angel. I mean it's on is undergoing some pretty tough chemo and uh, but he's come home. So that was in the news this week. A tweet, you know, a nice picture from, from Chris angel and video actually on his, uh, on his Twitter account. So yeah, cause he's been very active and you can see in all the news recently we were covering this in the past couple episodes as well. You can go back and check those out at two in the archives. But um, no, this is great news for Chris because he's been so involved with pediatric cancer in the past couple of months and you can on his Instagram, he's been telling the whole story there with Johnny as he's been getting all the treatments and everything like that.

So it's amazing to see that he's going home. That's awesome. And also if magic magician people, if you want to support what Chris is doing for pediatric cancer in a way that still benefits you as a magician and you're not totally sure how he has a penguin and we have no affiliation with penguin or Chris or anything, but he has a penguin lecture coming out and 100%, I'm pretty sure 100% of the proceeds go to pediatric cancer. So that's incredible. And it's a sit down interview. It's hosted by Lance Burton and Chris is going to talk all about his career and you know the things, the ins and outs of the things that you should do about branding and character and all that stuff. It looks great actually. It looks like a good buy and if you want to support, you know, pediatric cancer, this is, you can get two Birdstone here guys. There it is. Triple snaps for a great effort. That's amazing. It's really good stuff. That's super awesome. Um, I had a chance this week to sit down with Joan who was just back from Chris Angel's territory, the Las Las Vegas area. She attended the Sam convention, which would have been a blast. I would have loved to have seen the, uh, the roast of Matt King. I think that would have been fun. He was there, she got to catch it. The itself was

undefined: really amazing. There were two gallery shows that stand out. One was something we were bused to the met Franco show at the link and I had no idea what to expect and I came away so happy. He is an amazing individual to begin with and it's just a great kid and it shows on stage as well as in,

Graeme Reed: he seems like he's got a lot of charm to him and so they bust out of it. What was the convention site?

undefined: Well, nugget, the other thing that really stands out was the, um, their gala show. The last night gala show. It was a Chinese show produced by Juliana Chan and she had some amazing acts. The one that of course stands out completely is ding yang. I was absolutely blown away by her act. I'm pretty sure she'll compete at FISM and if she doesn't win a prize, I'll be very, very surprised. Just an outstanding act. Um, mentored by Juliana and Greg Freeland.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, well I got stance to seeds in yang had magic life two years ago

undefined: and Greg really did himself. I was talking to him later and he said that she works so hard. She wakes up in the morning and she starts to work and it gives him energy to see how hard she works.

Graeme Reed: She's so driven. That's really great. It's really exciting and refreshing

undefined: and that's what makes a very, very good magicians

Graeme Reed: they're willing to persevere through the hard work.

undefined: That's right. I'll try it. The other thing that stood out, they do a lot for their youth. The Sam, they had a, a youth show that was just outstanding, such cute, cute kids and it, it makes me realize that magic is in good hands. They also do a lot for their lifetime members. They had a breakfast and along with the magic circle, um, in England, um, this is run bride Bruce Calver. Um, they had a breakfast for magic circle people as well. So yeah, it was a great, a great convention.

Graeme Reed: I wish I got a chance to attend.

undefined: I should also mention Matt King who was the guest of honor and Matt King is always wonderful. There was a roast and for my money, the I'm the best person at the roast by far was Steven Berger taxi. Oh yeah, he, he was wonderful.

Graeme Reed: Sounds like a great convention. Yeah, that's awesome. That's, you know what, it's always great to hear from Joan on the podcast. Yeah. And she is um, Joan drives everywhere. I don't know, I don't think or expect the magic community to know these details about Joan, but I kind of associate Joan in my head with a vehicle. Like it just kinda goes hand in hand. She is driven to Vegas many, many times. So I asked him about driving to Vegas and here's where she is.

undefined: You used to drive to Las Vegas from, from Toronto region. Just out of curiosity, how many hours, how many days would that take?

undefined: Depends how stupid I was. I did it in two days. Once. Oh my God. Yeah. But now I probably, now that I'm older and wiser and especially older, it'd probably take four and I'd, I'd relax and not try to rush it. The next, the next Sam convention is in 2022 also in Vegas, but in January and because of weather conditions, I'll probably fly again.

undefined: How many times do you think you've driven

undefined: to either Vegas or San Diego or down several. Let's just say several

undefined: San Diego. You couldn't get any further for the opposite corner. Well, thank you. Joan for the update. I appreciate it.

Graeme Reed: So she made it there in two days. That's crazy. That's crazy. Yeah. I've driven from Vancouver back to Ontario and I think we did it in five but we stopped obviously and, but still, that's still pretty quick. I have motored it for sure. I've done the drive, motoring it, but uh, it was, yeah, it's not something you want to do on the regular. So my imagine in my imagination, uh, Joan Caesar was just always a sitting on the floor in the corner with a book and yeah. Yeah. She's so interesting. Awesome. Both. Just so interesting. Well, you have this incredible video, a better husband, yes. On a different blog that I run. But I mean for any magician, this is super fascinating. You got to tell everyone about this. Yeah. He's so, well, there's two things about, I mean, I'm sharing Joan's husband, he has canoed from coast to coast, from the East, sort of the West of Canada to the East of Canada.

And like two day poor Taj is with a canoe and his dog. And he's done it all of it with several dogs, several generations. Um, and he's still adds to his trip. I believe he's 70 something. Wow. So that's the first thing. That's incredible. Uh, and he, some of the stories I tell you that he has shared are like from an adventure movie, it's, it's wild grizzly bears like stuff you would never want to really put yourself into because it's no communication. I think he has now a cellular phone, but so that's, so that's one side of George. And the other side is for the last, uh, let's say his lifetime, he has made these miniature boats that are to scale. And these are, ah, I do terrible justice describing them, but they're in metal and they're proportionally correct and they're probably no more than a couple of centimeters at best. One. The longest one I believe is an inch. And these are major fleet vessels and they're all in different metals and alloys and things and some of them have moving parts. It's just he has to use very, you know, strong magnifying headwear to even work on them. And he's always working on something new. It's just incredible. So maybe I'll put that, I'll link that video on the episode page. I made that a while ago. Excuse my video production skills now that I would, if I redid it.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, it's still awesome then the story is incredible. So good. It's so you can tell it. Let's go over to Reddit. Boom. Oh my gosh. Did you actually, so did you listen to this before we started this or not? Have you let now listen to this? No, I didn't listen to it. I E

Graeme Reed: I'm friends with somebody on a cruise ship that is best friends with bill. Burr is that real? Yeah, it's, yeah. Um, and he's on one of the voices of Bill's shows. Uh, Al Ducharme is his name. He's really great guy. We always send me and run the ship. So I've heard a couple, yeah. Behind the scenes stories about bill so, but I didn't get a chance to check this podcast out. Um, tell us all a little bit about what, what the question was.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, so this was posted by user puck hose, uh, I guess on Reddit, but on the Monday morning podcast at bill Burr, uh, which he is every Monday morning and it's just bill Burr kind of rambling to himself. It's great. And he has answers questions. But this teenager, I guess maybe like 18, asked about, uh, is it feasible to be a magician? What's entertainment life like and everything like that. And um, bill bill basically kind of summed it up as like, if you have a dream right now as a kid, go for it. That's awesome. Most people don't have dreams and it'd be a magician that's fucking cool. Like David Blaine now goes and does tricks for celebrities and everything. He's hanging out with pro athletes and stuff. Why would you not want to do that? That sounds awesome. So he's very positive at the whole thing.

And then he talks about in the entertainment business, of course you want to do this, this is the best thing on the planet. How great is this? So he kind of finished off there, which is fun because from bill who knows what you could expect, but you got to check out the sound bite, the sound clip. Um, this will probably be on the episode notes to write the page. Um, yes, absolutely. But this link has direct time code to the spot of the podcast. So you can just get this question if you don't want to go through the whole hour long podcast. I mean, bill Burr is great, but this is a fun answer to, is magic a feasible career? Should I be a magician, uh, for life? So

Graeme Reed: let's refresh our video of the week. This is the soundbite.

Do you know it? Can you name it? Stay tuned. We're going to release that HUD secret information. I also have a little, their little sound soundbites here. I interviewed Matt Johnson, uh, this week for FISM and FISM. Again, don't forget to register and if you're competing, makes sure as you would compete or submit your deadline for February 16th, but do it now. Um, and I always, I chatted with, with Matt about all sorts of things. He's such a fun, fun guy and he was talking about some of his escapes and things, but one thing in particular I wanted to bring up in this conversation was based on something we talked about in the last episode, and that was magic tattoo of the week. Yeah. Magic that's right. Yeah. Yeah. And um, I don't have a tattoo. I have no tattoos. Nope. So I figured this out. What?

undefined: And, and so my wife said, well, what do you want to do? Um, and I said, well, if it were up to me, I cover myself in tattoos, I get a beard. And I, you know, I completely changed, so I can't do kid shows anymore. You know, if I could turn up at your door, you're going to run the other way. You know what I mean?

Graeme Reed: To be honest with you, the first question I asked him when we started to record was w was Matt success directly related to his facial hair?

undefined: So I threw the be it out, I got attacked, I started getting tattoos and then, uh, completely changed my image. And that is what allowed me to, to, to reach the next stage in my career. Um, I'm, I'm, I'm sort of things that and then be recognized by Britain's got talent.

Graeme Reed: There it is. That's a magic sound bite of that cool guy. Seems so nice. And he's, you know what's so neat about him is he's so well rounded is mentalism. He's done magic before this whole new image for him. And he said it was only about four years old doing this. Yep. And the whole long beard and everything. Right. So, uh, and he's just, so he does mentalism he's got all sorts of products out there. So the magic product, which is urban deception.com. He's such a cool guy. Even before that, I remember seeing his old website where he was like a balloon artist and everything. He does huge balloon sculptures. He does all kinds of things. Wow. Yeah. Unbelievable talented. Like you remember, you know how like, um, it's got a great accent too. You know how in the U K a kid's magician usually has almost like a clown style jacket that's colorful and usually a colorful case

Ryan Joyce: and everything like that. Yeah. He had that style of kid show that was kind of the, if you were to look at his website, that's the kind of vibe you would get. And then when you see and you see the evolution of how he's changed himself, it's incredible because I even know that I dealt with this myself because I go by graemazing and I do all this stuff and sometimes people think, Oh, you're type casting. And it's like, no, you can always change yourself.

Graeme Reed: Right? You can always change yourself. It doesn't matter what, even Justin Willman was just incredible before, right? No. Anyways, I just really enjoyed is everything. It was a great conversation. And what he's doing is real man, right? Who, boy, he was talking about. Um, well you're going to hear it exclusively on the FISM page, so make sure and go and watch it. But he was talking about an instance with, with the glass escape, you know the, yeah, yeah, yeah. He did it on BGT. Right. Um, he taught, he shared a story that he hasn't shared anywhere else. So you've got to go and subscribe to Facebook page. Yep. You got search FISM and a 2020, um, and the FISM and a 20 twenty.com is the actual website, so that's incredible. They're going to release those videos, drip them out. And there's some really interesting and fascinating interviews. I've already had people like Shawn Farquhar. Um, I talked with Andrea yesterday from, or sorry, this week from, from Prague. Would you introduce yourself officially

Ryan Joyce: fully paid each niche.

Graeme Reed: Oh, okay. That's, well that's not as difficult as she made it sound in foolish. That is one thing you've got to do and register because it's only a couple months away. It's going to be the most important convention of the year. Yeah, it seems it's like the Olympics. The Olympics. That's incredible. That's so cool. That's, I got to go, you know what got go.

Ryan Joyce: Stay tuned on all those exclusive interviews over there. That's it.

Graeme Reed: Awesome. It's so awesome. And there is going to be more to right. There is tons more. There's still a lot of people have been trying to connect with and uh, there's lots to come and you'll, we'll give you a little hints here and there on the podcast, but all of the exclusive content is going to be on Facebook at FISM and a 2020. So

Ryan Joyce: I have this other last bit of news slipping in here. This, I can't believe this is released. It's not even the next month yet. It's already out. But vantage magazine like just came out,

Graeme Reed: just came out. Amazing sirens. That's incredible. When does Paul is amazing. Before February, look at this guy. He doesn't want anyone to wait another instant for magic news.

Ryan Joyce: I haven't actually gotten a chance to flip through it yet. That's how hot off the press it is. I gave it a quick read, like the quickest, fast as flip ski and read just to kind of get the short digest. We usually pull it up now and we see a fellow Canadians on the cover of the sentimental lists. Yeah. Christmas stereo on and Stephie K that's so, you know what a beautiful cover. I absolutely look so cool. Oh is that your cat in the backend? Your digital cat in the backend is by digital cat in the background.

Oh my gosh. And that cover looks phenomenal. I don't know if Paul designs that or if he takes, I will just post it looks great and retro background. So fun. Their image, their entire image. I know, uh, when I met Stephanie one time, she does say she makes a lot of their own posters, which totally makes sense cause it fits with her, all of that. Like wow, they've got that image down to dreadful. I haven't actually seen them. I haven't watched any like online content at all. Like you know me, I go, I am watching because of the podcast. But they are great. They do the second site act and they come at it from a vintage approach, which is kind of the admitted him a bunch of times. He's a great guy. Yeah. I just, I've never, yeah, I've never seen them work together, so I'm, I'm behind behind the game on this.

Oh, it's awesome. I've had the opportunity to do the newest trick in the book with them before and trout. Yeah. And there is so nice. There's a nice step for, for this. This is really great in all your, their success. Yeah. What else did we flip through? What else did you see in the magazine? So actually the whole feature article was written by another fellow, Toronto Torontonian, James Allen. He rides the whole article on the sentimentalist got shot there. They're spread is incredible. Oh, it looks so cool. And like, so you have to download the latest vantage magazine and check this out. That's such a great job. I also saw that, um, Peter many has a circle in their own business. A boat. Do you have a writer? Which is so important. We just went through the holiday season and I bet a lot of us dealt with things that we don't enjoy and they might've even been in our writers.

So it made me take a look at our, Peter addresses, his, because his is kind of clear upfront. Um, it's a good thing to have that tech writer and to really talk those things over with your client also makes you look more professional so you can charge higher rates, things like that. Um, but this is enough for some of us, especially like me, I'm kind of new to this. I'm learning this as we go. So taking care of the details. Yeah. Yup. And Peter's graded taking care of the details. So great. I haven't read any of these articles yet, but I'm sure it's filled with great information. It's, so as I flipped through, I was there an interest to see the Coke can idea. I'm going to read that later. That looks really cool. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. Some of the trip, the tricks in there.

So there's always tricks and vantage magazine. It's not just news articles and there is hidden gems in there. Oh, I just saw this too. Uh, Paul's new book. Oh, stand up. Magic I'm totally gonna order that. Oh my gosh. It is a, uh, so it has all this pro series routines that he offers on his website plus more. But if you don't know Paul's material, really, really clever guy. Uh, I've been a heat, I mean I've really dove into Paul's material lately actually. Um, yes. And in fact we would like to hear official magic review of the week and yeah, you want to do magic review of the week. I think this is appropriate. All right, let's, yeah, this leads right into, this is a perfect little segue. So this week I'm going to talk about Paul Romani and Wayne Rogers clipboard switchboard, which is a downloadable PDF. I got it from Paul's website and this is an incredible unit.

If you are familiar with the, uh, the, I mean the, we're all, we all know the trick. Martin Lewis is, uh, cardiographic, we all know the famous trick, amazing trick, clever trick. A lot of us do it. Um, we all know how to set up. A lot of us know how the setup works and the reset on it. It takes, it's pretty easy and straight forward, but it does take a little bit of time. What's a great trick? Such a good trick. I mean it's, it's pure magic. It's an animating foot photograph. Yes. That you can then hand out. That's the coolest such magic great visual. Oh Martin Lewis. Brilliant idea. Brilliant genius, genius. And so, but the cool thing that what Paul and Wayne Rogers did is they adapted it from a sketch pad to more of a clipboard folio style. And this allows you to do an instant reset on the whole trick.

So you could do a whole new level, doesn't it? Yep. So you can just Huck it in your case and easily reset it or if you wanted to do, they actually described doing it at trade shows. They want to do it at trade shows all the time. Quick reset is sell fast. So easy. And also if you like building stuff cause we were magicians we like to tinker easy, build, fun little build. You'll find your own little things that you can do to it to kind of enhance the build too. Like I added a couple other things to it. If you want to know the couple of extra things that I added to it, you can shoot me a message or whatever or send us a voicemail. You can even do a voicemail on our website magicians talking magic.com and ask a question. But I think this thing is awesome.

I tried it out this past week. I got to do our smooth comedy variety show where it sketch comedy comedians, live music, and I do magic and that's where I demo and Tesla and a new material. I try to tell a lot of stuff. But this clipboard thing was my favorite. Just the, you know, when you get a new trick and you like the choreography in your hands and the script just works right and it's just like, it's going to have a great punchline at the end of the audience is gonna respond big. Right? And it's so exciting to find a new piece when you're like, Oh, it's been so long until I th I think I'm going to put this in there all the time. Now I just want to create and get a better different visual that's more unique to me instead of the classic car driving into the deck of cards. But we will get there. That's why you do show time. That's why you put in the hours and you explore and you experiment and try and I'd say you get one routine from something that's, you know, the standard thing to your own unique piece of material. But anyhow, I would give this clipboard switchboard, I give this thing five rising cards at a five rising cards.

undefined: Ooh,

Graeme Reed: trouble snap. All so brilliant. Way to go, man.

Ryan Joyce: He's super brilliant. Half the chat with Paul. See if we can connect with them and get them on the podcast somehow. So you're way, shape or form. Maybe he's going to great stories and everything and so much insight and information because he's literally traveled the world. Yeah. Performing a character act, a magic act. Mentalism acts so many things. He's unbelievable. Unbelievable guy.

Graeme Reed: Sure is. Well, we should figure out the video clip of the week this week.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, we should wrap that up. Do you want to do it? Should we reveal ski it.

Graeme Reed: Here is your reminder. Do you know it? Do you know what it is? Graeme let's hear it. Do the reveal. This is none other than the Maestro himself. Lance Burton with his classic

Ryan Joyce: bird act man, I reckon to to watch the line you want to do the quick watch along.

Graeme Reed: Let's send them to the episode page so they can experience the music in all its glory and watch

Ryan Joyce: teen phenomenal routine. If I zoom award-winning of course, and I would love to see the

undefined: version right

Graeme Reed: like cause it's seven and a half minutes as a FISM side, but this is the TV version. Yeah. I think actually in the TV version it's broken up into two pieces and that second piece with the rest of the cards and everything else, he kind of broke it up into two segments so that link pops up when you watch this one too. It's unbelievable. It's such an amazing routine that changed magic for sure. Those, Oh boy. Just the mastery of the dev work. It's just incredible. His level of confidence as he's doing the magic so casually and so cool is crazy. Yes, it's crazy. I just, it's unbelievable. That's, that's someone that has practiced that to an unbelievable amount. How many times do you think you've watched it? For me, routine. A lot.

Ryan Joyce: For me. It's totally, it would be hundreds of times for sure. Yes. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Great. I would put it in the hundreds. This was one of those VHS records from TV that I had and I totally wore out that tape. That's one of the situation.

Well, this has been a great episode. All sorts of news involved, all sorts of exciting videos to watch. Check those out of the podcast pages, episode number 29 number 29 and we're going to be back next week with episode 30 it's going to be great. We're going to be trying out some new things in the podcast. It's gonna be fun, so you got to stay tuned and thank you for listening to all the episodes. If you want to leave a voice mail, go to magicianstalkingmagic.com

Ryan Joyce: Shablazam

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle

Thanks for listening to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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