#44 - Beginning a New Five-Part "Reinventing yourself in 2020" Series

In this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share the latest magic news, magician Roy Horn passes, 100 magicians in one video, Magic for Humans season 3 is OUT NOW and our feature topic and “Reinventing Yourself in 2020” We start a new five-part series for magicians

Episode 44 of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast:

  • Roy Horn RIP

  • Justin Willman’s Magic for Humans 3 is OUT NOW on Netflix.

  • 100 magicians in one video

  • Upcoming Virtual Magic Meeting

  • Reinventing Yourself in 2020. Upcoming 5 part series

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Episode 44

Beginning a New Five-Part

"Reinventing yourself in 2020" Series


Beginning a New Five-Part "Reinventing yourself in 2020" Series

"Magicians Will Suffer!!!"

Watch Michael Paul talks about Friday's episode WILDCARD SURPRISE!


Beginning a New Five-Part

"Reinventing yourself in 2020" Series

Some of us are thinking things will go back to normal, but we need to figure out how to have people choose cards differently.

Some of us are thinking about complete doom and gloom for entertainment as a whole

One week we see a news article that it could take UP TO FIVE - yeah five years for things to get back to normal. Hours from that, we will see a news item that Cruise ships are to set sail in June/August!

Venues are closing, but some are re-opening with new owners. We are in the new Virtual era of magic, with live streams happening every single day.

What does all this mean to us as live entertainers? We need to grow, adapt, change - in this 5 part podcast series we are going to talk all about Reinventing yourself for 2020 and beyond!

Key Points:

Forcing magicians to change

Digital Dominance: Adapt or fail

Will magicians retire? Close shop?

Working from Home Tips. Get more out of your time (ep 45)

As entertainers, we were already working from home. In the past few months, a lot of us now consider our office as a performance venue. Thus we are working from home 24/7, which is a significant lifestyle change for us all! We all miss performing for audiences for sure, but remember all the little things?

  • The meals with the magicians after a show

  • Getting into a new venue for the first time and feeling that space

  • The day of the gig - all those butterflies and adrenaline are running through you.

With virtual shows and performing from home, all these emotions and experiences have changed for us all. Our workday, week and month is an entirely different schedule - we have to keep sight and try not to lose control of our mental health, relationships and business.

In the first episode of this series (next week), we are going to talk all about: Working from home and getting the most out of your time!

Other topics covered on this episode:

Rely on our own motivation

Moments of reality-- anxiety and depression

Breaking bad patterns

We creeped 16 magicians websites, here’s what we learned (ep 46)

What do we expect to discover?

  • Outdated photos

  • Old copy

  • Not mobile-friendly

  • Old SEO Tactics

  • No Blog, or super dated blog

Speed vs Quality: Finding the Balance

We need to talk about the most important page on your website (ep 47)

What is a Landing Page?

De-mystifying Landing pages

The things you must include on your websites landing page

Why magicians need better graphics (ep 48)

Outdated graphics = back button

Three Essentials of Good Design

Free Graphics & Resources for magicians

This one is going to get real. Magicians - a lot of us need a better presentation, and in 2020, there are so many tools to design better on your own! I worked as a professional graphic artist for a decade working with marketers, producers and owners. Developing graphics for TV stations, websites, vehicle wraps, billboards, local commercials and more - we are going to give you a complete workshop on how you can be your own professional designer!

  • Fonts

  • Colours

  • Layouts

  • Free Software

After this episode, you will have the confidence that you can design something amazing for your brand - and it does not look like yikes!

I am going to give you one tip now.


Editing software has a star wipe - that doesn't mean you have to use it. When it comes to design, it's about knowing what tools you have available and how to use them. Look at your favourite brands - Most design follows a couple of simple rules. I will expand on this in MAGICIANS NEED BETTER GRAPHICS EPISODE!

Virtual shows and services (ep 49)

As the dust settles, what is working and not working?

What is the absolute basic technology needed?

What is the easiest way to engage virtually?

This will be the final episode of the series and it’s a month from now. Already we have done live news, live tv shows and magic streams - a month from now we'll take a new look into the world of Virtual Shows and Services.

Graeme’s Perspective:

I have been hesitant to launch my virtual services. I have been hopeful things might go back to normal faster but the reality is setting in that this is the new norm. I keep planning out and re-planning out my virtual services. I am excited to share with you a month from now where all my virtual ideas have blossomed too.

Today this episode for me is the start to reinventing myself with a brand new office space in our house. A fresh space and start. This new office space is a combination of my home office, live stream studio and magic rehearsal space.

One place we can all start with reinventing ourselves in 2020 is our Mission Statement.

First of all - do you have a mission statement in your business plan?

Do you have a business plan?

My mission statement is: To share hilarious magic in a skillful manner.

Now the how….

Join us in the Comedy Writers Room

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