#43 - Magician Flashback: Ten Influential Moments from the Golden-Age of Magic

In this episode, Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed ask ten questions spanning twenty years in magic.  Questions about magic interests THEN AND NOW, influences, books, videos, and flashbacks to the golden-era of magic.

On this Episode

  • Masters of Illusions NEW SEASON

  • This week’s Late Night Magic Touch guests announced!

  • Virtual Magic Meeting

  • MAGIC FLASHBACK!  Ten influential moments from the past 20 years in magic.  The Golden-Era!

  • And More

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Episode 43


Magician Flashback: Ten Influential Moments from the Golden-Age of Magic

Magic News

Join us for another episode of the Late Night Magic Touch /w Michael Paul

This Week’s Featured Topic:


Ten Influential Moments from the Golden-Age of Magic

1) Favorite television magic special growing up and now

2) Favorite magic book growing up and now

3) Instructional magic video: most memorable growing up and most useful now

4) Most influential lecture

5) Most memorable live magic experiences (other performers)

6) Most memorable live magic experiences (our own show)

7) Most memorable childhood magic kit or item

8) Standout physical magic prop growing up and now

9) Most memorable childhood magic music or song

10) Favourite magician growing up and now

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What about you? How does your list look like? Share in the comments below:

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