#41 - Coronavirus Stay Home Part VI: "Social Media: YouTube & TiK Tok”

In this episode, Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about the scary side of social media - YouTube and Tik Tok! Now is the best time to put together a YouTube and TikTok gameplan. This week we have feature guests Josh Janousy and Wes Barker to share their insights!

On Episode 41 of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

  • 5 Reasons to get on YouTube

  • 6 Magic Related YouTube Channel Ideas

  • YouTube Setup Essentials

  • Wes Barker's thoughts on YouTube

  • Everything we know about Tik Tok

  • Josh Janousky shares Tik Tok secrets

  • and more


FEATURE: Social Media: YouTube & Tik Tok

Over the podcast, we’ve shared a lot of information about social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram. In this episode, we dive into YouTube and get an insight into Tik Tok from fellow magician and creator, Josh Janousky.

5 Reasons to get on youtube:

Creative Activity

What a great way to share your skills or explore new ones

Learn and develop editing and digital production skills

Brand Building

  • Build awareness around your personal brand in a new avenue

  • Reach a new audience

  • Provide more content to your current audience and fans

We have the time


Easier than ever - just need a phone!

I was exploring apps on the phone - there are tons of free editing apps

Huge Audience right now

With a lack of content on TV, many people self-isolating. A lot more eyes on YouTube and online content

6 Magic-Related Youtube Channels Ideas:


Review: Books, Tricks, DVD’s Downloads


  • Teach tricks for kids

  • Teach sleights for move monkeys

  • Teach your own unique magic


Do you have pre-recorded shows or magic performances

Reaction Videos

Magician Interviews or Vlogs

Unique Idea - ie Magic Life Hacks

YouTube Setup Essentials

  • YouTube Icon (800 x 800)

  • YouTube Channel Art (2560 x 1440)

  • About & Description

  • Enable Livestream (24 hr)


Talks creating sketches with his wife

Teaching himself final cut and editing tricks

Being Creative right now.

Everything we know about TIKTOK:

No Clue - over to the master - Josh Janousky!

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