Ep 39 - Part IV: “Side Hustle! Ideas in the Era of Livestreaming” Coronavirus Stay Home

Episode 39 and Part Four of Magicians Talking Magic Coronavirus Stay Home we share tips and ideas for discovering your virtual side hustle and how to run a basic livestream.

On this Episode

  • Livestreaming Events

  • Pizza Party Behind the Scenes

  • Tiger King reactions from Kyle & Mistie, Nick Lewin and Greg Frewin

  • Tim Ellis Insoluble

  • Magician’s Essential Website Checklist

  • and more...

Hosted by Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed


Episode 37

Start a Side Hustle

Ideas an Era of Virtual Entertainment

Three Suggestions for Getting Started

  1. Stay within Your Interests - You’ll spend more time working on it than you think, you have to enjoy it.

  2. Develop an idea and process. Think through the idea fully but don’t get stuck on tiny decisions.

  3. Prepare for battle - We all have limited energy. Keep it sustainable and scalable. Filled with ups and downs.

A few Side Hustle Ideas for Magicians

  • Virtual lessons, greetings, and presentations

  • Create an online course

  • Tutor over Skype

  • Sell skills & services over Elance, Upwork, etc

  • Digital product

Beginner's Guide to Live Streaming

  1. Camera - First step to any live stream is obviously a camera and there are so many options from webcam, phone, tablet or connect a DSL or other camera to your computer

  2. Audio - When it comes to livestreaming it is going to be a challenge to control the quality of the video. Audio always takes priority. Make sure you have a decent microphone. We are obviously all limited with our resources right now - your headphones built-in microphone is an okay cheap alternative. We are all performers, consider using your performance mic?

  3. Lighting - On our livestreams, Ryan and I both have lit our sets with a mix of LED lights and production lights. Not everyone has this equipment - your best option would be to use natural lighting. Don’t place a window behind you - place it in front of you!

  4. Have a plan - Don’t just jump on live to say hey! Make some notes before you go live and have a game plan - this will help you look more professional and confident in what you are doing. Instead of just watching someone muddle about.

  5. Enhance the live experience: There are lots of useful pieces of software and applications available to make your Livestream full production. Magician’s Masterclass uses OBS, Cam Twist, Touch Portal, Zoom and Skype to make our live productions happen.

Three game-changing tools for live streams

  • OBS: This television broadcast studio but all in one piece of software. WIll OBS you can add music, graphics, video playback and so much more - you are really only limited by your own creativity. OBS is most commonly used by video-game streamers.

  • TOUCH PORTAL: Touch Portal can be incredibly useful beyond just live streaming. This downloadable app allows you to configure macros or hot key’s for your computer. With Touch Portal, we are able to live switch OBS without touching the computer!

  • Audio Mixer: This isn’t software or an app but a physical audio mixer. In order to be able to control and manipulate your live stream audio - you will need use of an external audio mixer. I have a basic 4 channel mixer from my live shows.

Open Discussion on Live Streams and the Magic Industry


  • First-ever pre-taped empty arena WWE PPV event.

  • Experimented with filming a wrestling match like a movie

  • Some wrestlers reacted like an audience was still there - some didn’t. The ones who didn’t create a better story. The wrestlers reacting to an audience that wasn’t there removed you from the experience.

  • The Sound: You could hear everything. Only a few matches took this into consideration. Everything they said to each other and the sound of the physicality enhanced some of the matches.

  • If this is of interest to you - matches to go and watch:

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

The Boneyard Match: Undertaker vs. AJ Styles.


Took advantage of the empty arena situation and had two wrestlers stare at each other for 30 minutes before actually beginning the match. You wouldn’t be able to pull something like this off in front of a real live audience - be experimental in your streams.


We are testing the waters with all sorts of different kinds of programming to see what sticks. You have to be experimental. You will see failure. It’s about the process - you are learning new skills and exercising your creative muscles!


It has been debated recently that some professional magicians or entertainers have come across as amateurish over live stream were some amateurs are appearing to be pro’s, what do you think?

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