#38 - Coronavirus Stay Home Part III: “Essential Website Checklist 2020”

Episode 38 and Part Two of Magicians Talking Magic Coronavirus Stay Home shares an essential website checklist for 2020.

On this Episode

  • Livestreaming Events

  • Pizza Party Behind the Scenes

  • Tiger King reactions from Kyle & Mistie, Nick Lewin and Greg Frewin

  • Tim Ellis Insoluble

  • Magician’s Essential Website Checklist

  • and more...

Hosted by Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed


Episode 37

Magician’s Essential Website Checklist 2020

Here are the important areas of your website that you should focus during this downtime. We’ve included some quick tips and ideas on how to get the best results.

1. URL

2. Fast loading speed (file sizes)

3. Positive experience (visually and accessibility)

  • Relevancy

4. Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)

5. Transparency

6. Easy to update

7. Get Found on Google

  • SEO

  • Site Structure & Navigation

  • Should you have a blog?

8. Quality Photos, Video and content

See Episode 37 Part II: “Guide to Content Creation” Coronavirus Stay Home

  • Step-by-Step Content Creation Workflow

Here are the Essential Content Sections of your website:

  • Home Page / Landing Page

  • Contact

  • About

  • Media / Video

  • Shows / Services

  • Blog


  • Update your home page and photo

  • Clear Navigation

  • Integrate your Social Media

  • Add Calls to Action

  • Include social proof

  • Linking to other sites

  • Sites linking to you

  • Update your Meta descriptions

  • Update your titles

  • Branding & Logo

Resources we use:

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