#37 - Coronavirus Stay Home Part II: “Guide to Content Creation”

Episode 37 and Part Two of Magicians Talking Magic Coronavirus Stay Home shares a content creation process for magicians #StayHome #Magician #MagiciansTalkingMagic


Episode 37

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Hosted by Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

Magic Topic of the Week:

“Guide to Content Creation” Part II Coronavirus Stay Home

  • Social media can be overwhelming

  • Focus on one social media platform

  • Start engaging with your audience.

TIP: If one of your posts gets an above-average engagement, create a spin-off post around it that continues or compliments the story.

Social media platforms by popularity

  1. Facebook - 2.49 Billion Users

  2. YouTube - 2 billion users

  3. Instagram - 1 billion users

  4. TikTok - 800 million users

  5. Reddit - 430 million users

  6. Snapchat - 382 million users

  7. Twitter - 340 million users

  8. Pinterest - 322 million users

Content is Lead Generation

Social media is a funnel that brings people to your Facebook Page, Instagram, website etc.

Content Creation Workflow:

  1. Identify what kind of content (pic, video, written, promo, personal, etc)

  2. What platform (blog posts, video, email, social media, etc)

  3. Brainstorm and research (worthy topics, find your unique approach, be interesting)

  4. Record, Capture, Create (get to work, find the story)

  5. Refine, Edit or Reshoot (try to do less of this each time)

  6. Find consistent ways to spin off content to other platforms (save time)

  7. Refine your content or repackage

  8. Publish (or schedule)

Content Creation Tips

  • Don't overthink it

  • Batching is your best friend.

  • Choose the right social media platforms

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